Be me

>be me
>30 minutes ago
>pick up girl for date, she wanted to ride in my car cos fastboi.zoom
>on date with said girl, pretty cute, likes anime, based and redpilled, likes Cred Forums
>hit it off, talk about obscure Cred Forums shit
>leaving the restaurant I take my hat out to put on
>fiddle with the hat and rotate it so the tag is in the back
>she looks at me like I'm retarded or something
>"what? The tag has to be in the back"
>look of disappointment
>turns around and walks away without batting an eye or saying anything

Am I retarded? Is wanting the tag in the back actually autistic enough for her to do that? Or is she just a cunt

I've never been told by anybody that I'm on the spectrum, and I've never done anything in my life that would entail I am in fact, rarted.

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bumping with tits because I want to know what other people think of this

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Sorry mate don't know anything about your hat but I need the source for this please good lord

Wtf is the tag on the hat?

What type of hat is it OP. I'm struggling to imagine the type of hat you would own wear you need to actually check the tag on it to immediate tell which way round you need to put it on.

Putting something on the right way isn't retarded or autistic, but there are plenty of hats that are definitely for autists

it's an OCP hat with a F-22 I got for free. Lockheed came by my place and gave them out to everybody who was part of a 'project'. I like the hat and it's free.

kalysta mallory on ig

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to clarify it's not a ballcap, but a winter style beanie

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So it has a design on one side of it yet you need to check the tag to know which way round to wear it?

Also a beanie? How old are you?

I gotta rotate my beanies because I dont like the sewing lines being square with my head. Im probably also autistic, but anyway. From the sounds of it, she was probably a dude. Whatever. Nothing of value was lost.

It's cold outside. I don't know what style hat it is, just a regular winter hat I guess.

It has two designs on it, one says F-22 Raptor Lockheed Martin and the other is a picture of it with my squadron. Can fit either way, but I like to have the tag in the back
reassuring, thanks man

Can you post a picture of the hat?

Are you in the air force? What car do you drive?

yeah i agree. gotta see what to bully

it's in the car in my garage which is far because I live in an apartment. It looks like this. One side has F-22 Raptor Lockheed Martin on it, other has my squadron on it.
Only difference is it doesn't need to be folded like this one to wear, it's a lot shorter. Can pull it down all the way and it touches my eyebrows
Yes I am

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and it's OCP, not tiddie cancer pink

She probably saw your deformed head and left. Respect for her

I considered the possibility that she is anti-military and had a few guesses during the lunch that I was, and seeing the hat confirmed it?

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hey ever thought that despite you being autistic and retarded, that you dodged a mother fucking bullet? if all you wanted is a fuck, sorry that it turned out this way, if you wanted anything else keep on trucking and ignore this event of glorious autism

just because she puts the fault on you for wearing shit wrong doesn't mean it's not her fault for being utterly autistic

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If it's the first time she saw the hat, I think she didn't like the hat. But leaving just like that for a hat is idiotic. Did you pay the entire bill at the restaurant?

No we split it. I paid for myself and she paid for herself. I've talked to her a few times via other friend get togethers. First time she seents the hat
I was considering this as well, that maybe she is autistic and seeing me wear the hat that way struck a nerve. I probably did dodge a bullet if something so little bothered her that much. I was just confused and wanted some other peoples opinions on it.
Thanks man

there are so many things it's possible to be this autistic over and it's not restricted to that, i mean mostly people don't clash over it until they're in a relationship and in a bad mood but often enough it happens in that phase before

it could be that you open the banana the wrong way

or that she did

some things, as ridiculous as they are, are absolute signs to some people that the other one must be retarded and a lot of those are not anchored well in reality, probably true for you and me as well just less autistic than her, but who really knows

Maybe it was the color or the hat completely changes your appearance. I know a guy who never wears one, even if it's freezing. Asked him why, borrowed my hat, he looked really bad in it.

Anyway, I think it's better this way.

well thanks man. It helps hearing input from other people on this. I would have liked to continue hanging out with her originally, but maybe if something like what you mentioned earlier with the banana bothered her that much, it wouldn't have been fun.
After talking with you guys I have to say that I agree.

Again, thank you guys!

fuck you bitch

HEY i also have a problem. Like my gf wants to have a lot of sex but my dick cant handle it yo so it starts to hurt. what do?

I suggest wearing thicker condoms if you want to go longer. Slowly start wearing thinner condoms (or wear a number of then and lower that number over time) to let your dick adjust.

i dont have sex with condom

well start doing the sex with a condom on, it helps with sensitivity. There are condoms specifically meant for sensitive dicks, and those who cum early. They have some that numb the skin, and some that are thicker to null some feeling out. Or start beating off a lot to build up a tolerance

i hardly feel a thing with a condom on. without it i atleast feel something.

well some people take SSRIs for sensitive cock syndrome

are you circumcised?

no just dont have a sensative dick i guess. i am so fucking envious of people that can cum fast during sex

wait I don't understand, didn't you say your dick is sensitive and it starts to hurt?

no its not that its sensative its just that she wants to do it too much. i barely feel a thing of the actual sex except pain in penis cause ive been having too much sex with her

Can someone tell me what ocp is? I feel like op is speaking a different language

just put a condom on when you're at the point that it starts hurting, assuming you've already cum at least once. Sounds like she is hornier than what you can handle, so you have to make sacrifices.

Operational Camouflage Pattern, US military uniform.

use lube if you fuck a lot, human genitals do not wet themselves well enough to fuck 18 hours a day 4 times a week

She probably had bad experiences with other military guys or is some anti war chick. On a purely moral stance she may just be tired of military guys looking for one night stands and they clearly wont turn into a long tern relationship. My guess is that she was on the fence about you and the hat just sealed the deal like omg yep confirmed dbag fuck this im out. Some chicks would feel the opposite. But regardless she kind of acted like a child walking off.

youre a genius. why didnt i think of using lube...

if it's something you tried out and do, mention it to help people with assessing your situation faggot?

it's your fault for being an utter retard and that came back just makes it worse

lash out at your dick and destroy it with a hammer or shit

i was serious. i have it but didnt think to use it.

>wanting the tag in the back

I don't want any more fuck em n dump ems. It's exhausting, I've had my fun with energetic girls and I'm tired now, just want to have a nice relationship that lasts. But yeah, it was probably a combination of things, anti military, or assumes I was looking for a one night stand.
lube helps a lot. I used to slobber my dick in it a few years ago when I would hookup with chicks who seemed interesting, but were really just very shallow. It helps you last longer before any pain sets in.

like fedoras