Diaper thread time

Diaper thread time

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Anyone padded up rn?

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You disgusting faggot.

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Always fun to put on a bunch of diapers like that. So thick you can hardly walk

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source plz

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Got home recently, will diaper up soon

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Run out, but will definitely be buying some more soon

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ITT: closet pedo thread

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gf in pullups

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It's not pedo to like wearing diapers. In fact it's the opposite of pedo. The hotness is because adults are wearing them.

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What is everyone's limit on using diapers?

Just wearing?

I mostly wet with the occasional mess. Next time I have some time off work I'm going to try 24/7 for a week or so.

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I don't like messing at all, but wetting is amazing

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I have no limit technically. But cleaning a mess sucks. So I tend not to do that all that often. Although if someone else is dealing with it, it's no issue whatsoever.

Diaper trap OC here

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Abena, Euro Tena, or Rearz today?

I don't mess often cause it's a pain to clean up, but I like wetting. I also wet the bed almost every night, so diapers for bed are a requirement

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Yeah wetting is fantastic. I love wetting when lying on the couch enjoying some TV. The relief of going then and there without having to move is amazing.

I just have a shower like I normally would whenever I mess. I've never been bothered by rashes so I can stay in a messy diaper for a while.

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I've never managed to involuntarily wet my diaper overnight. Every now and again I've fallen asleep before changing my soaked diaper so I've woken up still wet which I love

To me it was side a effect of meds I was taking, which caused me to start wearing every night. Eventually my body got used to it and even though I'm off those meds now, the bedwetting stayed. I really don't mind though, it's fun & also a good excuse to have diapers in my house.

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Personally dislike messing, tried it a couple of times and it just felt weird to have solid shits sitting in it. Also shit is inherently gross. I might try the oatmeal and banana methods someday but it's really the wetting m, how they feel and look and the AB, aspect of the thing I like.

That statement makes no sense.

Weirdly I find the fake poop methods to be more gross than actually messing. I do have a mild scat fetish though which might explain it.

>it's not pedophilic because I like adults
>doesn't make sense somehow

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>it's not pedophilic because I like adults
That's called denial my friend.

are you fucking retarded?

Dressing up like a baby doing baby things acting like a baby and you think I am the retarded one.
You serious right now? Can you not see how this could look kinda pedo?

has a valid point

>Dressing up like a baby
who? and who is attracted to it? are you so fucking retarded that you think "diapers" equals every piece of ageplay someone can cook up? how fucking retarded are you? they are completely separate fetishes that sometimes overlap and none of them have to do with wanting to fuck kids because normal adult men simply dont see someone that hasnt gone through puberty sexually or as a viable sex partner

>You serious right now? Can you not see how this could look kinda pedo?
>you think I am the retarded one.
I dont give a fuck about how it looks and yes you literally are retarded with a brainlet tier understanding of very basic psychology

the vast majority of the people who actually like the more extreme "baby" ageplay are women or men who get off on being the antithesis of a responsible adult with adult problems and someone who gets off on the complete dependency those people have on them as a caretaker

liking "diapers" has literally nothing to do with wanting to fuck kids and I can fucking guarantee you that your average pedophile feels about diapers the way that any average person does

Diaper lovers aren't always adult babies. I like diapers, but I'm not into people acting like kids in every other way. This is effectively a bodily fluid fetish. I like adults wetting and messing themselves while padded

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I don't even know where the fuck to begin... What the actual fuck is wrong with you guys? This is very fucked up, yet crazy assfucks like you are posting these degenerate things like it's nothing. So you want to come on an imageboard to be an asshole about things like this? Let me tell you guys, you are all fucking sick. You would never be useful to the world with such behavior you present. Honestly why do degenerates like you even exist?
Sick fucks, you are the lowest of the low. Worse than niggers who cheat the system and drain tax payer dollars. Worse than inbred rednecks who think car racing is a sport. Worse than furries who jack off to anthropomorphic animals. Worse than skinhead pussies who think they're real nazi's. Worse than violent arabs who blow themselves and others up over a fictional book. You need to take a long look into the mirror and reevaluate your life.
If I had it my way you would be stoned to death and left on the ground to decompose - no burial would be permitted, Antigone style.


Sounds like someone needs changing

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Anyone else love to do a CD diaper meetup? DLs always say you shouldn't mess in public but that's the fun of being padded outdoors

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Sounds like you need to find yourself a hobby.

I'd love to organize a diaper meetup. What's CD? Crossdressing?

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love this. is there more?

>What's CD? Crossdressing?
Yeah, Wouldn't have to be though I just like crossdressing

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CD = Conduct Disorder

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Yup, Abena M4s for the win.

Ok. SJW. Sorry other people's kinks are so triggering for you.

Love those diapers. Can hold loads

Are the diaper games on /aco/ or whatever any good?

I'm not a fan. They're way too thin for my taste

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I hope everyone here stops looking at degenerate stuff like this and tries to find more normal/less deranged hobbies and subjects to turn you on

Your life is worth more than this debauchery.

I hope you stop looking at things you don't like and tried to find a more normal hobby than bitching about other people's kinks and interests.

Your life is worth more than sitting in your mom's basement complaining about things.