What was your first gay experience like?

what was your first gay experience like?

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Gay boi touched my willy.

wouldn't you like to know waterboy

Me and a close feiend took turns giving each other creampies at 14

*friend fuck

Older man got me in the toilet, wanked into my mouth, loved it

When me and my friend were like 14, we watched some porn on his computer together, he started pulling his dick out and rubbing it and I'd just ignore it and watch the porn. We did it a few times and he started pulling my hand onto it one day, making me pull it back and go like "Wtf user". We kept watching porn together occasionally, and eventually I let him keep my hand on his cock and I'd stroke him for him while stroking my own.

I was 17, a coworker friend at the grocery store I worked at was a bit of a fem guy rumored to be gay. Got on the subject of sex one night after work. Somehow it veered into the whole "I guess I cant knock it unless I've tried" territory regarding gay sex. We decided to try it, we didnt have cars and we lived a few streets from each other but we couldn't go to each others houses either. We ended up in the woods behind the store. He gave me the best blowjob under the stars I've ever had even to this day. I returned the favor but either I wasnt as good as he was or he was such a total bottom type that he got off more on the giving. Our friendship got awkward afterwards, he went through some family shit and moved away. I still think of him, and I think how lucky we were that some crackhead living in the woods didnt show up.


This. Nearly the same thing for me. My friend was very hesitant for me to touch him, but let me watch him jerk off as much as I wanted. I'd make sure he'd cum first, give him a cum rag, and then when he went to the bathroom, I'd use his cum as lube to finish myself off.


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I like penis but don't like men. How do I get over this?


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Ahhh, luckily, my friend wanted all the attention he could get on his cock and I got totally addicted to it, ended up sucking him off a bunch of times, and got to rub my cock between his asscheeks till I came too, but as soon as my cock touched his hole, he'd freak out, lol.

At first i was like that, then i ended up fucking with even with old fat fucks, good cock and i like that nasty style, cocks are amazing, and beying pounded and beying dominated is something else

Had somewhat involuntary sex with 2 older men in the dunes of a nudist beach.


I'm jealous. My friend's parent's were super christian/conservative. When he was drunk one time, we were playing games online, and he admitted he wanted to do more now. Unfortunately, he's states away and married now.

Yeah, sadly it didn't last, he's told me since then he was just experimenting and isn't interested in gay stuff anymore. But I still remember how good his cock felt in my hand and crave the smell and taste of it.

Not bad. Older kid down the block sucked my dick when I was 12

gay af

I read a couple of pages of Das Kapital

considering I was forced (at first) it went better than I'd have expected.

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>be me
>live in coastal city
>hear rumours about nudist beach
>decide to check out for my self because boobies
>see no women only men
>get naked and mess around on my phone
>men keep walking close to me and try to talk
>one starts touching my ass
>get startled and leave
>walk into nudes and find quiet spot
>spot looks over normal beach
>see boobies and start jerking off
>2 men in their 50s put their towel next to me and start small talk
>I'm rock hard and they too
>one of them starts jerking him self off and asks if I ever jerked someone else off
>say no
>puts my hand on his cock and makes me move my hand up and down
>other man does the same
>tells me to kiss his cock
>do it because I'm really horny
>makes me suck his cock while the other plays with my butthole
>feel finger go in
>ow shit don't want this
>try to leave but they force me to continue
>the one I'm giving a bj starts thrusting it and out my mouth
>feel second finger and not long after dick

Got fucked in the ass and mouth by both of them and had a thing with them which went on for the next few years

I want to hear this story

Mine was OP gif.

When I was 17, I let this ethnic fem gay guy (friend of mine) from school fuck me in the ass and I've been chasing the high of that orgasm since. I am not particularly attracted to men, nor do I want to put my cock in their ass. There's just nothing like getting pounded from behind while getting a blowjob at the same time. Also, I'm married with children now but once or twice a year, I sneak off to have casual anonymous gay sex

I bought a toyota hybrid

my mom's boyfriend made me his bitch when she was at work (she worked at night)

when I was 14 I made a bet with my friend (he was 13) that our school's football team would lose against their big rival. If they won, he wanted $20 and if they lost I wanted a blow job. they ended up losing by six, and the next time he slept over he blew me to completion three times

I let my brother fuck me when I was 14. I got off from him fucking me and basically didn't turn back. For a while I only let him fuck me. When I was 16 or so, he let me fuck him for the first time. I used to love sucking his dick and letting him cum in my ass.

how old was your brother?

I was about 10 and an older kid about 18 was showing me porn, I think it was my idea that we compare dicks.. that was the start of about a year of us messing around a LOT... which included another older kid and my asshole getting really stretched in a big hurry.. I’m living straight but have a few gay encounters from time to time..

Classic sleepover truth or dare scenario in 7th grade. Turned out we both wanted to explore and spent the next four years doing everything we could come up with!

I suck a random stranger that i met online and then he fucked my ass. My first cock, me 23 years old, played with my ass since I was like 16.

>be me 13
>me and best friend watching porn
>watch porn, watch each other
>slide shorts down
>watch each other stroke
>see friend’s cock shiny with pre-cum
>lick lips
>get up “getting a towel”
>sit closer to him
>slowly slide to floor
>here him getting ready to cum
>turn, grab his cock
>suck until he explodes
That was the beginning of some fun sleepovers

>tfw actually gay
>tfw 21 yo and never had a gay experience because nobody wanted to do stuff with me
Life is gay.

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Any other answer is wrong

I know that feel

>be me(22) one week ago
>met shemale on tinder.
>we set up a meeting in a hotel
>she was these waiting
>I bought us drinks
>I didn't knew the room number
>nervous in the lobby.jpg
>she finally told me the room
>went upstairs
>she opened the door
>sat on the bed
>I started stroking her dick
>we got naked
>I we touched dicks
>fucked her in the ass
>took a shower and left
>unmatched her on tinder and blocked her on SC
>kinda wanna do it again

We didn't fuck for the longest time, just messed around. I don't even think either of us had cum yet except for wet dreams. First time we tried fucking was scary but it was really intense feeling his cock sliding bit by bit into me. We would mostly just grind on each others ass though. Big fan of that vasoline jar!

When I was 12, I had a neighbor friend who was around 10. One time I was over, he and his mom left to the grocery store and left me behind. What kind of mom does that to her guests friends? I dont understand the logic of a crackhead, who knows. Anyway, they had this 95 pound doberman, and well, I was curious and let him fuck me. I would then sneak over when they weren't home and get doggie dicked for a couple years. Slightly unrelated, but eventually it turned out their neighbor was a gay pedo, and got busted. I wish I had taken his cock, he was sexy.

i fucked my cousins 16 year old friend. did this for a few months until he found a bf. it started by him gave me a bj in my car when i drove him home once. gotta say dudes know how to give head. anal felt alright, he kind of looked like a girl cause he was so hairless. would try again.

My brother dared me and a friend to get naked and go into a rabbit run together. Then he locked the lid on and we were stuck in there naked spooning, and I totally got diamonds.

Was more than a little awkward. Hot tho.

I was getting a ride from a friend of a friend, I was a freshman in high school and he was a junior. It was a full hour drive, so after a ton of smalltalk and a ton of silence we had a conversation where in a nutshell he said that everyone thinks I'm gay and it's okay if I am. I got really fucking mean and told him I'm not and I don't care what other people think. He seemed kinda sad after that, so I apologized and told him I appreciated it and we talked more about how fucked up everything is for gay guys and kind of bonded over that. And it slowly dawned on me that 1) he was definitely in the closet and 2) he agreed to drive me because he wanted to get to know me better because I was the closest thing to another gay guy he knew about in our redneck town.

So I agreed to throw him a bone and basically confronted him about it, and I kind of led on that maybe I was bicurious so I get it. This really touched something off in him, because he pulled off the road, looked me in the eye and told me to kiss him. Not in a "Oh my god let's fuck now" passionate way, but in like a "You don't know what it's like, prove it or fuck off" kind of daring way. And he was right to, I didn't know what it was like for him.

But I did kiss him. And then I kissed him more. And then I gave him a really clumsy blowjob, and swallowed when he came because that's what I liked from the porn I had seen.

He seemed kind of angry that I did that, but I realized over time that he was very much in the closet still and was very defensive about it. We kept a lowkey fuckbuddy relationship for the next two years until he went to college and split up, but whenever we got the chance we would fuck like rabbits and do all kinds of deranged shit together, which we got away with since being a gay high school couple was simply not even an option in our Christian town.

I never had another man after him and went full straight, but he did eventually come out of the closet so he's doing great.

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Let a trap suck my dick. Fast forward a year after seven other traps and I suck one of them off. Didn't swallow. Big gay. Learned I am just attracted to feminine energy and I was desperate for decent blowjobs. I'm a retarded sub genre of bisexual.

my best friend and i have oral sex i was 15 he was 19, we watching porn togheter and one day hejust pull his big cock and start to jerking off, he said i can do it if i want so i pull my shorts off and start to doing the same, after a few minutes he said if i want him to suck my cock like the porn we was watching, i told only if i can suck your cock first, i always liked him a lot, he was a little surprised i guess when i kneeled before him and start sucking his big wet of precum cock, i think i blow him for like 2 mins and he said he was about to cum but i didn't stop and i try to deepthrat but i gag a little but still manage to take all hos load in my mouth i keep sucking him and massaging her head just with my tongue inside my mouth he was moaning so loud and saying he loves how i was sucking him it was so hot my first time, that everyitme i remember im hard

The gayest thing i've ever did not finding the source of pic related

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Only had one. Posted it here many times over the last last couple years bc it totally messed me up. I got drunk and taken advantage of. Tried to fight him off but my head was spinning I didn't know which way was up or even where tf I was.
Gave in and let it happen. What's more fucked up is I'm not gay but have fapped to that night many times.
Moral of the story kids, if you get totally wasted and someone wants a piece of you, you gotta take some responsibility for that.

met a 45 yo married man online. I lied about my age (i was 14) and he called me out about it when we met but he still made me suck his (pretty big) dick and came on my face and in my mouth. I swallowed what I could.


Shave your ass wash your cock, smell nice and don’t be massively overweight, it’s really not hard

A few years ago I was a bit curious about cock but I don't fancy guys. Was looking on Craigslist and messaged a few people but never ended up doing anything with it. One night when I was drunk and had taking coke, I ended up messaging a guy on there and went up to his place. Went in and sat down, he knew it was my first time so was a little nervous. Ended up kissing, he started rubbing my crouch so I did it to him, he was wear basketball shorts and could feel everything, already hard with a 7.5 inch dick. Getting pretty excited at this point so I get on my knees and pull his shorts down. His cock was right in my face and started playing with it (first time touching another guys dick). Eventually started sucking him off for a while and even tried deep throating. Went on for a bit then he ending up fucking me in the ass, wasnt sure if I liked it at first but got into it. Told me he was gonna cum so got on my knees and started sucking again untill he came. Huge load and swallowed it all.. After that we got up got dressed and I left. Never saw him again but since then met a few people discreetly on Grindr.

homoromanticism was my highschool bf
we'd meet up sometimes and kiss and gay shit like that, no sex tho

homosex, when i was 18 at a college house party, i was already sorta experienced in buttstuff from playing with some dildoes on myself so i drank a bit, met this random dude and got into a room, pulled some condoms out and it happened
it was pretty good tbh


>Be 38
>Met up with a guy I had been talking to on Grindr for a few days
>Went over to his place
>Sucked his dick for not even 5 minutes
>He came
>I swallowed & left


>be me.....13
>hardcore Steelers fan Alpha.jpg
>watching superbowl with dad and uncle
>Steelers lose to packers
>dad and uncle going nuts
>busting chairs
>throwing lamps
>dad goes to garage for beer
>go for badass badge
>tell uncle "only bitches cry"
>backhand lvl 58
>come to with face in couch cushion
>feel heat and pain in ass
>try to get up
>rib punch lvl 70
>see dad holding beers
>reach to him and whimper "dad"
>he shakes his head
>says I told you his hole was mine first time
>uncle unloads hot blasts into my organs
>slips out and takes a beer
>cum/blood runs down my legs
>dad Pats my ass
>says go clean up
>try to stand
>dad hollers "only bitches cry"
>uncle spits beer
>walk to my room head down

Love getting fucked and watching my Stillers kick ass

Dude thats not gay its FAGGOT story made by you
**You FAGGOT**

>be me, 23 years old
>into tranny porn and love cocks, but not so into dudes
>can't find any passable trannies on Grindr, and too broke for an escort
>get message from this mid-20s twink looking guy
>asks me what i'm looking for
>i say i've never done anything gay before
>small chat, he invites me over
>nervous but horny so fuck it, go over
>he invites me in, hands me a beer and we sit on the couch
>asks if i'm nervous, if there's anything i wanna do
>tell him i want to taste cock but still unsure
>he puts my hand over his pants, i can already feel he's hard as fuck
>pulls down pants and out flops this 7 inch uncut cock, slaps against his thin belly
>he's hairless and skinny, just feminine enough for me to be into it
>start sucking, still nervous but the more i suck the more into it i am
>eventually choking myself on his dick, stroking myself
>he cums down my throat
>returns the favour for me until i shoot my load into his mouth

Good times with that dude, we kept meeting casually and got into more and more intense shit but eventually i started dating a girl and stopped seeing him.

it was fun, exciting and nervous all at the same time. i was 18 when i finally came out and explored another mans body. he was a big hairy man, treated me well tho, but i lusted for him day and night. when i finally got that low hanging fruit it was amazing and turned me into a cock slave lol

Went to a parking lot as a crossdresser and showed myself there until an older man came by, which cock i sucked until he shot in my mouth and i swallowed all of his cum.

having a casual friends with benefits without a relationship is honestly the best

For sure, not to mention I missed the feeling of cock in my mouth. Was tempted to bring up to said girlfriend that I'm probably bi and might wanna do a MMF threesome, but alas, never happened.

if your in a hetero relationship, bringing that up would probably lead to a break up. its an odd feeling, id never missed pussy in my life, but you dam sure miss a good cock


this looks just sad...

Always been worried with that. As if bisexual girls are this glorified gift to the world, but bisexual guys should be shunned and shamed. What gives?

I knew this girl who was really in to bisexuals. Wouldn't want to put my dick in that 5'6 crazy bitch ever again though.

some women are down and cool with it, 95% id say arent. shame, but men do sex better than women anyway

horny as fuck and reallly wanted my cock to get sucked. Was not having luck with finding a girl do it so I just hit up craglist. Had guy sucking me off a few hours later. was then hooked to getting guys to blow me. Had a few regs so I could get a great BJ when ever i wanted. One would even jack off while sucking me and I always found it so hot that he came right as I busted a nut in his mouth. Not single anymore so I havent done this in years. miss it.

>not greentext but fuck you its funny. about 14 years ago
First time with a guy was on yahoo chat. He had a basement appt in the next town over. We shot the shit, and he wound up saying “YES,” when I offered to blow and go.
It was a 15 minute ride. The whole way I thought variations on the phrase “I’m finally going through with this. “ I arrive, and his apartment is small and messy. Some small talk happens, and he invites me to his room. Online, he said his cock was 5 inches. In reality, as he pulled down his pants, he said “I have a painfully small cock.” He was not lying. I get on my knees, a combination of lust, fear, curiosity, disappointment, and pity overtake me. He is soft. His dick no more than ¾ inch long flaccid. His balls the size of sesame seeds. I begin to lick his balls, and his tiny cock. He moans and starts to get hard. I am laughing in my head. He’s so tiny, and here I am on my knees sucking it.
He stops me, and lays down at the edge of his bed. I take off my shirt and get back on my knees in front of him. As I take his hard cock, 4 inches fully erect, into my mouth, I begin to gag. His cock is so small, it dawns on me this dude, not fat but not skinny, is emitting a constant anal stench. Looking back, I don’t know why the fuck I didn’t leave at that point.
Instead, I took my hand and turned it upward. Cupping and caressing his tiny nuts. Giving him more pleasure, but far more importantly creating a barrier between his cock and his asshole. My mind is screaming to me that this is what I get for hooking up with a guy I met online. Karma.
I look up at him, and tell him to come for me. He moans, thinking I am dying for his come. What I am dying for is to get this overwith. His hips begin to buckle.
“Suck it hard,” he commands. I have no idea what the fuck he means, I purse my lips tighter. He starts fucking my mouth.

“Suck it hard,” he commands. I have no idea what the fuck he means, I purse my lips tighter. He starts fucking my mouth, and that actually turns me on a little. My mouth hurts a bit because tightening my lips on such a small dick required effort. He grabs the back of my head. I can taste precum. I can’t breathe. He grunts, and bares my head down as far as it will go. He shoots his come into my mouth. I try to swallow him. The taste is a combination of battery acid and rotting flesh mixed into a tapioca pudding. A fouler thing I have never suffered. Despite this, I try to swallow it. I gag. I jump up and run to the toilet to spit it out. I do, and before I can get back to his room, he is up and fully dressed. I ask him for some mouthwash, and he obliges.
I rinse and spit. Shake his hand and leave. I drive home swearing to myself I will never hook up with a guy again. How wrong I was.
I went home and showered, and got dressed up to take my girlfriend out to celebrate our 8th anniversary. My mind racing with conflicting regret at the experience, guilt for having cheated, and pride that I actually went through with it.

My friend's father fucked me after years of teasing me and obviously flirting

Opening this thread you fucking faggot

Just the other day this really attractive guy flipped with me.
>my dick like 5 inches
>his is easily 8 inches
>dude struggles to blew me
>i throat the shit out of him, and he praises me the whole time
>layed him down and fucked him
>couldn't cum
>have him fuck me
>he couldn't stay hard cuz condom
>said fuck it and had unprotected sex with an internet stranger
>fucked me with a softie until he couldn't anymore
>he says, ill try to blow you again
>sucks the soul out of me while he fingers me
>i cum
>he doesn't
>awkward silent car ride and cigarette
>sorry i couldn't fuck you good user
>sorry you didn't cum
>told me he'd hit me up again
>i said, you dont have to if you dont want to
Rate the whole experience a solid 2/10 gay sex isn't for me. Some things should stay a fantasy. Sigh

>gay boi at work gave me the best blowjob ive ever had
he offered several times, always said no, finally wore me down
>local porn shop has a glory hole, go there for a blow n go about once a month now
hooked up with sissy bois on craigslist a few times
>fuck tight trap asses
popular ruise spot in the woods near me
>in the summer months love to get on my knees and swallow loads

but it all started with "no way dude, im straight" lol

Forgot to mention he asked right after.
>did you feel something in my mouth
>i have my retainer in
Dude. Honestly no matter how horny you are, if you think youre bisexual or gay or whatever, try it with someone you know and trust.

i'm not yuro
sage, hide, burn

Why keep it a fantasy? You tried it and it wasn't for you, curiosity satisfied. There's really nothing to regret

Sucked off a cute 19 year old femboy with a huge cock when I was 30

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Gay porn doesnt make me cum anymore and std fear lol

One time I was OP. Doesn't get much gayer than that

Got my dick sucked by a bearded guy wearing stockings, tried to kiss me on several ocassions, rejected him. I finally came in his mouth and parted ways.

It had been like two years withouth sex, he caught me off-guard, fuck you wanted me to do?

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I wouldn't like getting fucked by a guy but I'd love to suck some dick before I die.

Hitler-sama please make me lose my virginity with my butt.

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>be me 19
>Straight, somewhat bi curious
>Used to jerk off, only showing dick, on omegle
>tbh I just liked the attention
>Craigslist personal classified still a thing
>Lurk consistently
>Finally get the nerve to meet up with a dude
>I drive 45 min to his house
>Pull in driveway on quiet cul-de-sac
>Go inside and find bedrooms
>Dude waiting there, naked, ass up on bed
>Do my business
>He moans like a gorilla
>Literally cannot even cum because his ass is gaped and offers no friction
>My dick isn't even small, he just had a really stretched hole
>He sucks me off
>Talking afterwards bc awkward
>He's mid-30s and this is where he lives with his dad
>Whenever his dad goes away on business, he hosts user sex via craigslist
>Leave and never return
>Probably would've done something like that again
>Craigslist personal ads were taken down 2 years later
>Missed my shot and I don't want to prowl on Grindr or anything
>Just want to fuck a tight dude who isn't a gorilla
>Missed that opportunity
>That's the end of that

i let a dad jack off to my butt online
then i came for him
i wore panties and a long t-shirt
it was fun

I posted a greentext a while back about my wife when she was boy.
Fucked him for the first time when he was ten and I was 14.
Over time I convinced him to be more effeminate until he told his mom he was trans at 16.
Around this time were open about our relationship and fucked on the daily.
Gets on HRT, Trump gets elected, starts at a private school.
She graduated at 17, married at 18.
Now we're waiting on adopting a little girl. Im 24 shes 20.
I hate you faggots and trannies. But my wife hates you faggots even more than I do.
I'm not attracted to men or trannies.
Pic related.

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How did that develop? I need more stories

The sex or the relationship?

Both? Maybe the sexual encounters first?

When I was 14, I was super skinny and shy. I used to ride my bike all the time. One day this truck kinda clipped me and I fell over. The driver was some older heavy dude in his 60’s or something and didn’t speak good English but he was mad. He got out and looked real upset and yelled at me that I messed up his car. It’s real awkward for a while as he just kept asking for money. I told him I had none and that he hit my bike. He said I was a liar and to get in his truck and he was taking me to the police. I got in the car with him, idk why, he just seemed so upset that I believed him that I did something wrong. he put my bike in his truck bed and drives.
After about a minute, he parks halfway deep in some long driveway in the woods. He says I need to pay him or he’s going to the police. He kept saying ‘last chance’ and then grabbed my hand and put it on his crotch. I quickly got the message. I said no. He slapped me. Said ‘last chance’. He takes out his cock and I pout for a solid minute and argue that I did nothing wrong and don’t like men. He keeps saying I’m a brat and eventually he takes my head and leads it down. I eventually put it in my mouth. i sucked his really thick dick for what felt like an hour. He started to hump my face. He came in my mouth. I choked some but he closed my mouth and I swallowed the rest of his load. he told me he will not tell the cops. He tells me to get out the truck and get my bike. I do. I make note of the license plate. But never report it.

I played dick-fight with boys my age when I was like 6 to 8 yo. had ben molested by a boy from the neighborhood who showed me porn and how to wank. Also he tried to penetrate me analy in a bush in front of a grave yard.

Since I hit puberty I am being exclusively straight though. Still, I like homos. They are usually nicer than the average straight dude. It's very refreshing to hang out with them once in a while.

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Was it the beginning of more?

Haven't had mine yet, but it's going to be at/right after a Kesha concert in a few months.

>feel something bigger than fingers enter my asshole
>pain gets too much and start crying
>guy that I'm giving a bj tells me to try to calm down that way it'll be easier
>remember some liberal article I read about how enjoying the rape is best way to minimize trauma
>start sucking his dick again and calm down
>feel dick going deeper in still hurts but I'm trying to enjoy it
>start licking the guys' balls
>feel other guys' balls hit my ass
>he gets loud and is like 'oww fuck this is the tightest ass I ever felt'
>blowjob guy tells me that I'm a good little cocksucker
>enjoy the compliments and make me blush a little
>try to give the guy the best blowjob he ever had
>this goes on for a while
>feel sperm getting in my mouth
>he tells me to not spill it and I do what I can
>guy fucking cums less than 2 minutes after in my ass
>I'm rock fucking hard
>blowjob guy comes behind me and starts fucking me
>his is smaller
>starts to feel really fucking good
>other guy gets in front of me and makes me lick his dick clean
>don't even care that it tastes a little like shit
>makes me blow him and even learns me how to deepthroaf a little
>they cum again
>I'm really fucking tired
>they sit a little while with me
>ask me for my number
>give it to them
>they leave and tell me we'll do it tomorrow again
>jacked off and left not long after

I was about 11 when I first got used. Uncle fell on hard times so mom took him in and let him sleep in the spare bedroom. As time went by I would wake up with funny tastes or a sticky face, assumed I drooled at night so didnt think much of it. Then I started to wake up with sticky feet and my underware stuck to my ass so I started to get suspicious lol This happened for weeks, until one night I woke up. Found my uncle standing over me with my shorts down looking at my ass jerking off. He panics and tells me hes sorry and that he'll give me 20 bucks to not say anytjimg. I take the 20.

What about after that? What made you stay? How crazy did it get?

Thought that would be the end of that but man was i wrong. Next night, he wakes up and asks if I want another 20, ask him how. Crawls in bed with me and tells me to turn around on my side, say no way. He says it's fine, and instead tells me to lay on my stomach and put my feet together. I comply but tell him not in my butt. I feel him begin to slide his cock between my soles, he plays with my ass and pushes a finger in, he crawls up to my knees and i feel him shoot his load between my cheeks. Not excited about it because I have to clean up now. He gives me my 20 and sneaks out of my room.

second yr of college my friend invited me over to watch some anime but instead of watching anime we sucked each other's dicks


when I discovered Cred Forums

>be me, barely legal twink (18)
>curious as fuck and was always into gay stuff
>i save up some money, buy a jockstrap and go to a gay sauna for the first time
>lots of hot guys there
>get naked and into shower
>rock hard at this point
>put on jockstrap
>all the guys are starring at me
>get into a private sex cabine and leave the door open
>old guy in his 50's gets in and closes the door
>tells me to lay down and shut up
>i obey
>he spits in my asshole, fingers it and puts some lube on it
>i tell him to put on a condom which he does
>he puts it in and it feels so painful but good at the same time
>after 2-3 minutes i start relaxing and actually enjoying it
>he slips out "on accident" and removes his condom without me knowing it
>keeps fucking me and eventualy finishes inside of me
>"is that cum?"
>"stop crying and take it like a man"
>mfw got breeded by a boomer

It was a rough first time, but interesting nontheless

(Pic is of a recent hook up i had)

Attached: 20190509_011537.jpg (1412x2511, 670K)

We had sex the next day again and the day after. Pretty much fucked the whole summer vacation. Also met a lot of other older gay men through them who got to fuck me. The gay scene in my country is both really big and really small. Everyone knows each other. Towards late august they left because their vacation ended and they had to go back to their own city. Would have sex parties at their place once a month and was always invited. It felt really good being the star of the party when you are barely noticed by girls at school. Sucked a lot of dick and had a lot of them in my ass as well those 4 years. Gradually left that word when those 2 guys were caught runnig a pedophile brothel at their home.

Part of me wants to be slutty and try to suck multiple cocks at this concert, and take one back to my hotel.

No, but it definitely developed something in me. I consider myself ‘straight’ but I ended up sucking a couple dicks in college.


It's okay if you're a faggot

Uncle keeps sneaking in at nights and usually does things that aren't so serious, foot jobs, hand jobs or he just jerks off on me. Started letting him cum on my face and ass, he stopped paying up front because he was short on cash but promised he would pay once he got more money. Never happened lol. One night, hes not taking no for an answer, crawls into bed and tells me to get on my stomach like usual. Think nothing of it, pulls my shorts to ankles and lays on my knees. I start to panic but can my body since he's laying on me, I tell him no, but he tells me to be quiet or he'll tell my mom that I asked for the money. I feel him try to push in, but no lube and too tight. Tells me to hold still and grabs a bottle of baby oil from the floor, i feel the coldness of it, immediately followed by the hottest, painful burning ive ever felt.

Well gay porn doesn't get you off anymore because you're not gay. The STD fear is a bit silly, if your practice safe sex you'll be fine

So the stories of the perverted Uncle arent just a myth?

I don't get how you guys are all fine. I experimented blowing and getting blown 2 months ago and I'm super scared of HIV

When I was 16 I got super shitfaced drunk at a party. There was this 22 year old guy there who was rumored to have messed around with another kid my age. I went up to him and whispered "So I heard you messed around with so and so" his response was something like "yeah ok so what?" I respond "So I want to suck your cock" We went around to the side of the house where I got on my knees and gobbled down that cock and swallowed his load.

you look sexy as fuck in a jock strap love seeing you take raw dick.

Probably because we're not all fucking around with strangers

Thank you, i take it raw there because that was my ex-daddy who was negative

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Exactly, you can just hookup with one guy you like and start getting bred if you know his status

Being on Cred Forums

I immediately tense up and can feel his cock inching its way further and further. He didn't go easy or slow, he pushed it in as fast my ass would open. I could literally feel my ass being torn from the inside. Can't think of speak, hurts and burns too much. I can feel myself push him out every time he thrusts, but he just pushed in harder. Start to feel like I'm going to pee myself but hold it back. He's at full thrust minutes in and I feel him cum inside of me. Very warm feeling. He pulls out, tells me he'll give me 100 on the weekend and good night. I can feel his cum dripping out of me so I head to the bathroom to empty out. Warm coming out followed by more pain, wipe and see blood. Oh no. He moved out the next day while I was at school. Made sense.

>Meet up with an internet friend at a furry convention
>He turns out to be a fucking adorable twink
>We have a pretty good time for the first few hours go to a hotel room with like three dudes and a girl to get into costume and have a few drinks
>Have to explain to everyone there that we're just friends, not dating, because he is getting really frisky after drinking
>He goes to the bathroom to change, a minute later says "Hey user, can you help me with my costume?" Alright, sure.
>Go in, he's wearing an anime girl outfit with cat ears and needs me to zip the back
>I shut the door behind me and after I zip it I lean in and kiss his neck
>He says something like "Finally" and is down on his knees blowing me in maybe thirty seconds
>I am adoring it, using the kitty ears as handles while he just continues to give me the best head I've ever had
>Up until I realize that I didn't lock the door
>And I realize this because someone opens the door and basically yells "user'S GETTING HIS DICK SUCKED!" and everyone rushes over to watch
>Basically think "fuck it I'm all in" and get even more into it, practically facefucking him until I cum
>He swallows and then gets up off his knees
>Turn over to everyone and play it off nonchalant like "Yeah we're totally not a couple."
>Proceed to spend the next few days doing all sorts of wild sex

Did you not tell your parents that you got raped? There's no way this isn't bullshit

If his uncle paid for it? Also even if something like that happened to me i would keep quiet, things like that can destroy the whole family but maybe that's just me...

Me and a close feiend took turns giving each other creampies at 14

Older man got me in the toilet, wanked into my mouth, loved it

I fucked a 15 year old faggot when i was 17, best Sex of my life honestly

Got on the subject of sex one night after work. Somehow it veered into the whole "I guess I cant knock it unless I've tried" territory regarding gay sex. We decided to try it, we didnt have cars and we lived a few streets from each other but we couldn't go to each others houses either. We ended up in the woods behind the store. He gave me the best blowjob under the stars I've ever had even to this day. I returned the favor but either I wasnt as good as he was or he was such a total bottom type that he got off more on the giving. Our friendship got awkward afterwards, he went through some family shit and moved away. I still think of him, and I think how lucky we were that some crackhead living in the woods didnt show up.

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I did when not too long ago, part of therapy lol cant have normal relationships because of it now, not to mention a hyper sexual drive. I kept quiet because i took the money and didnt want to get in trouble for that. Also thought I was tough as shit for a long time and it wouldnt affect me lol I was pissed for a few years about it, now it's just in the past and no sense in hurting from it.

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in my early 30s I visited a few adult book stores while traveling for a job

This led me to sucking my cousins dick in high school.

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enjoy aids

Atleast you kept quiet back then, you're a good boy. Sometimes it's really better to just shut up. I learned that the hard way.

The guy was right, he was negative but it still was scary af. Now i always check it and take Prep.

Wolfman entered me quickly fast without warning.

I want to hear this story

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Wolfman entered me quickly fast without warning.

Gave me AIDs

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Older kid down the block sucked my dick when I was 12

You're fucking disgusting, child molester

when he is giving you the looks

how old was your brother?

Im 19 myself and have been molested myself you retard, i'm talking out of experience

Yea there was no way I was gonna say anything back then, didn't even want to say anything now but therapist are tricky fuckers lol hes nowhere to be found these days so its just a memory now.

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I'm a retarded sub genre of bisexual.

Did you ever notice how fine Hitler looks on lederhosen? I've made lots of cumtributes to him

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I hope you are recovering well.

Why are teen girls in kneehigh socks considered hot but not hitler? what has this world become?

But, but user... That takes discipline!

Same lol and not really recovering from it, just learning to have normal relationships without the crazy sex shit

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Now you know what bottom faggots like me go through just to get fucked by some fat joe

My father fucked me after years of teasing me and obviously flirting

Hitler was a bisexual.

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sex with 2 older men in the dunes of a nudist beach

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We have to take everything

I'm 36 married and stopped at a rest area to take a leak. Ended exchanging hand jobs at the urinal. I can't wait to do it again

huge cock when I was 30

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My father fucked me after years of teasing me and obviously flirting


I'm so jealous of so many of these stories. I've been bicurious for ages and too scared to do much about it. I did hook up with one guy once but I was too nervous to enjoy it, and I had to break ties with him after that because he was super clingy and annoying. I've logged into Grindr a few times but can't find anyone sane or interesting. Sigh.

Payed a tranny to suck her dick
10/10 would do it again

i had a micro dick until i was 29 then it started inexplicably growing

How do you even get to do something like this?! Like, how can you go for a piss and wank a randomer off?! What are the tricks?!

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>be me
>15 at the time
>Stayed at a friend's home
>His and my parents are friends
>Never really hought about sex with guys
>Only sexual experience was a blowjob from a girl from school
>Late evening, parents went out
>Playing games till we got tired
>He asked if i ever had sex
>Say no, only oral
>Tells me he would love to try it
>Yeah me too
>He asks if we should experiment a little
>Kinda nervous
>He undresses and starts masturbating
>Not sure what to think but look at him wanking very curious
Tells me to relax and join in, so i do
>Minute later he asks if i want to suck him off
>No, not really
>He sucks me off instead
>Alright i'm gonna do him too then
>Not a strong pee smell but felt weird to suck in another guys penis
>Actually don't mind doing it, akward but start to kinda like it
>He wants to fuck now
>Am horny now , so i say sure
>He tells me to turn around
>Actually though i'm gonna do him but comply and let him touch my ass
>After wetting my hole he tries to put his dick in
>Too tight, he pushes harder and continues to try
>his penis starts to go in
>Starts to hurt but not as much as expected
>Really horny and curious so i just endure it
>He akwardly thrusts in and out
>But it starts to feel better and better
>He says it feels really good
>Hearts beating faster as he gets more confident in fucking
>I'm basically on cloud nine right now
>Never thought a penis inside me would feel this good
>Whole act didn't took long
>He came inside me, i didn't but was satisfied
>Layed in the same bed together for the rest of the night while touching, cuddling, kissing
>Next morning, feel really ashamed
>He doesn't, want's to go again
>Refuse, rest of the day goes akward till my parents and i leave
>Was thinking and jacking off to this night for the next days
>Did it again with him multiple times
>Am be now, like girls, boys ans enjoy receiving anal alot

>Be in school
>dying for piss
>maths finally ends, run to toilet
>stand at urinal, sweet release
>older guy enters, always hassling me
>oh fuck
>try to finish pissing quickly
>hey user
>stands next to me
>insecure about my cock
>try to hide but he looks
>hysterical laughter ensues
>finish and try to run past
>blocks me and pushes me into stall
>hit my arm, get deadarm
>feel tears
>he sees and laughs again
>dont cry user
>he closes the door
>says he just wants to show me a real mans cock
>whips out thick uncut dick
>pikachu face

When i was 6 my grandpa would guide me out of the guestroom late at night an finger me while i blew him

that’s gay?

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>He gives me my 20 and sneaks out of my room.
I take the 20.
hm, just my 2 £$235
it seems you're hating
him way more for being
poor than for raping you

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go to

Swam naked with two friends. Our bodies inadvertently touched.

>cant believe the size difference
>(dont understand growers/showers)
>says he can make it bigger
>tells me to hold it
>scared but also curious, grab his cock
>he puts his hand around mine and starts stroking
>feel him nursing a semi
>pushes me back onto the toilet so im sitting
>tells me to keep doing that
>big cock right in my face now
>keep stroking, he's diamonds in seconds
>dick feels twice as big
>actually a bit scared
>wow user you're really hard
>he laughs again
>tells me to suck on it a little

go to

go to

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when I walked in he was already at a urinal, urinals have no divider. as I was pissing I could see a lot of movement out of the corner of my eye. He was jerking looking down at my dock area,I was close to urinal. As I finished pissing I pulled away some and let him see. he then put his hand out halfway towards me and then I moved my cock into his hand

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Guy on guy so id say that's pretty gay plus majority of these stories are being molested confessions anyway

go to

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Attached: BCC8B75D-1A6A-41E4-B183-A5705B7965C2.jpg (200x250, 10K)

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>what no way
>beg him to let me go
>tells me to do it or he'll tell everyone about my baby dick
>don't want that
>still got hold of his throbbing cock
>try a few licks
>its ok, doesn't taste like much
>tells me to suck on it
>what the hell
>take his head in my mouth
>can barely get past the tip
>just move around, licking and sucking
>no idea what im doing
>think my braces catch him
>grabs my head and forces himself to the back of my throat
>cant pull away, too strong
>feel him at the back of my throat
>finally pull away choking
>tells me to shut the fuck up
>say im sorry ill do it how he likes


>take him in my mouth again
>try to deepthroat him
>slowly bobbing on his cock
>trying not to gag
>hes moaning now, calling my a good little girl
>can taste his precum pouring out
>suddenly feel him harden in my mouth
>nuts right at the back of my throat with no warning
>instinctivly pull away but he grabs my hair again
>empties his balls all over my face
>mainly goes in my hair which was annoying
>cant beleive the amount of cum
>mustnt have fapped for a week
>finally ends and wipes his cock on my face
>he laughs again
>says im better than his gf
>tells me not to tell anyone or they'll think im a faggot
>leaves my covered in his cum
>try to clean up
>run home
>jump in shower before my dad sees
>sit down to dinner
>how was school user
>can still taste his cum
>strange erection

fuck a shemale?



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Attached: 0871FC94-501F-4D60-A068-D195EBDF1B58.jpg (600x325, 50K)

Attached: 9666628D-0608-42B9-BEDB-8E5388EB564A.jpg (860x483, 66K)


Attached: 05B85535-B930-4AEC-80AE-9D5E458FBCE3.jpg (1300x649, 100K)

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I know this sounds fake, but it's not lol
> Be me, almost 19 years old
> Been masturbating to both gay and straight porn for years
> However, I considered myself asexual because of low libido due to depression
> Flatmate next room gets a girlfriend or something because he starts to have loud sex a little before my time to go to sleep
> Too horny to sleep many nights, even after jerking off
> Start to think for the first time about having sex
> Browse tinder for a few weeks, usually after my flatmate has had sex and I can't sleep
> Get some matches, but too socially inept to hold proper conversations, so they always ghost me after a few words
> Install grindr, and agree to meet with the first guy that wants to have sex with me
> At first, I wanted to top, because I figured it would be easier for me to top than to bottom on my first time
> However, after meeting with a bottom guy, I'm not capable to get hard (now I know because of depression)
> He sucks me a bit, but I'm not getting hard and I leave
> I felt bad, I wanted to loose my virginity that day, so I decided to try bottoming
> Go to the car, spend like an hour on grindr trying to find someone who would top me
> I find a guy eventually, and after some time (because I got lost in the city lol) I meet him
> First I sit on top of him, he's already hard, we don't do any foreplay, we just get naked, he offers me lube and I ride him slowly for a bit
> Well, I guess I'm not a virgin anymore, and it doesn't hurt that bad
> Then he tells me to lay in the bed facing downwards, and he fucks me in that position
> It feels slightly better than it hurts, I like it but I don't understand what the hype is about
> After a few minutes, he stops moving and I realize he came in my ass inside the condom

> Don't think much about it because I'm retarded, and I think that it went pretty well
> I go home, and masturbate thinking about it until I cum
> Awkward the next day, I can feel a slight discomfort in my ass, and I can't stop thinking about that guy fucking my ass, even when I'm talking to people

My best friend and I drank a bunch of tequila when we were 17. Inhibitions down, we decided to 69 each other. I swallowed his load and he let me give him a facial. We never spoke of it after that, but I still get super hard every time I think about it.

non-consensual: my brother sucked my dick and fucked my ass when i was little. I can elaborate if you want

consensual: I met up with someone on Whisper, we jerked each other off and made out. Honestly that lasted all of 5 seconds before i came and it was over. It was wonderful; i loved holding his dick and want to do that again. I want to press it against my face and make out with a beautiful cock.

My wife has a trans friend. Very feminine, great fake tits. Pretty face. "She" expressed to my wife that she thought I was hot. Wife told me. We invited the friend over for a bit of play time. Let the trans friend fuck my ass while I fucked my wife. The next morning, I got horny and sucked the friend off while my wife sucked me off. Fucked the friend later that day. Would do it all again tomorrow.

Watching sissy porn together with fren when we were like 16. Now I'm like this.

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That requires a prescription of futa hentai

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>Live in the same block as my friend (23)
>I live with my gf, he lives alone but he has one too
>Get together when we can to drink beer, watch stand up comedy on Netflix or skate
>Often leads to talking about our gfs
>Both our sex life barely existing
>I'm very horny all the time and I'm secretly bi
>Heard him say he's bi a couple of times but it's always "I could kiss a guy if I was drunk on a dare"
>I think about sucking him dry constantly for a year
>On November 3rd he asks me if I lost NNN
>I never stopped jerking off but I tell him I'm good but it's getting rough
>He says: "Let's tell each other if we lose"
>I joke about jerking each other
>He responds with a gif of cream being poured and I send one of a guy pouring 2 jugs of milk in his mouth
>He ends up telling me "Let's lose together" and immediately after "Not together but you know what I mean"
>I send him a sad emoji
>He texts me "LOL"
>I tell him "cockblocked yet again"
>He then asks if I'm doing anything
>"Not much"
>"You can come here if you want, I'm not doing much either"
>Go downstairs, knock on his door


Not painful but distinctly uncomfortable. Made worse by the fact that his dick was in my mouth for all of 1 second before I knew that I wasn't into it, but I didn't want to pussy out after having gone that far already so I let him fuck me too since that was what I was more interested in trying.

Are you guys still fwb or in a relationship?

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I skipped class in secondary school 10th grade I think for us so I was 15. while out I needed to pee so I went to a nearby pub to use their facilities. As I was peeing an older man in his 40s started peeing beside me and I caught sight of his hog. he caught me looking and asked if I had seen a cock that big told him no and offered to let me touch it. after some quick convincing from him a few seconds later I'm in a stall with him jerking him off with him cumming in my mouth specifically on my teeth before swallowing it. before we parted ways he gave his address it was 10 minutes away from there and told me to meet him around the back of the house.

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ask ur dad he can explain it better than i can


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Younger cousin sucked my cock and i came in his mouth
...but it was before i could actually jizz

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Attached: CDAD7934-41D9-4D19-943B-0C33B25C2FB9.jpg (1480x832, 144K)

























I didn't perform well. My 4-inch penis barely reached his anus because of his fat ass. He ended up mocking me :'(




it happened right after I entered "Cred Forums.org" into my browser and clicked on b

it was the most offensive and revolting experience imaginable







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19 and in the military. Contacted a dude who lived in my barracks on CL. Met up with him one Saturday night. Once he gets to my room and sits on my bed, he tells me he is a bottom. I had no experience but I was certain I was a bottom too. I sucked his cock for a while, then he sucked mine. He then wanted me to fuck him, but I just couldn’t get hard, maybe it was the nerves. He then decided to eat my ass. I tried so hard not to laugh, it ticked more than anything. He asked if he could cum on my belly and lick it up, and so he did. Never saw him again.

Tell me all about it

getting drunk in a gay night club and making out with everybody