Loli thread

Loli thread.
>cats and lolis are mandatory
>crossbreed between the two is desired
-Catguy xoxo

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Also, brain-guy, I started building your archive. Stay tuned.

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I want to have sex with Mari.

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Blow your brains out, pedophiles.

Oh, hi there. Ready for another thread of epic btfoing pedos until they cry?

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just let this thread die and make another thread later on

the trolls aren't done spamming political images and telling people to kill themelves

Maybe you should just kill yourself then. It's for the best, really.

Let's kick this thread into high gear with some ROLLS!

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Kill yourself 3D pedo. Go be a fag somewhere else with your CP.

Spammers are the worst reason not to have a loli thread. I still remember the great loli marathon we once got thanks to spiderman.

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Feeding the faggot is the worst that you can do. Just ignore and post whatever you want to post. Talk to the people you want to talk. etc.

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She is becoming more and more perfect loli bros

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Here for the ROLL!

first for fuck you catgay

Hello random person scrolling through this thread. Yes, stop and say hi! You like lolis, right? You better be, otherwise why would you be here? Hahaha.

Be sure to watch out for Discordposters and Wickrposters, they work for a three-letter agency. ;) Oh, and spammers, like . Just ignore them. Remember, your life is worth living! Don't let anyone tell you otherwise just because of a habit they don't like!

Anyway, happy fapping! LLL (Long Live Loli)!

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>Long Live Loli
What does the GN stand for?

glow nigger

Blow your brains out, pedophile.

Blow your brains out, pedophile. This is a loli thread and we don't want your CP here.

Call me ignorant but what does that mean?

KYS, GN means 'kill yourself, glownigger.' these threads get infested with not-so-sincere people posting Discord and Wickr links. it makes a good response to them, like pic related.

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Thanks catguy! I'll be watching for it, no guarantees I'll always be around but if I don't catch it I'm sure you'll see me somewhere


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FBI/CIA/Mossad agent, fren.

be careful.

fapping to lolis will never cure your pedophilia

Blow your brains out, pedophile. This is a loli thread and we don't want your CP here.

i aint no pedophile nigger

I gave up tonight. But if you're around here. I could post it the next days. It has 72h valability (I think, or 48?) fuck it. You'll know when you see me.

I came here to fap. Just drop that lolis already.

Blow your brains out, glownigger. This is a loli thread and we don't want your CP here.

better than real cp. loli stops real kids from being involved. we're not going to stop fapping all of a sudden and we're not going to kill ourselves even if people want us to.

spammers need to consider this.

It's a reference to a late schizophrenic called Terry Davis, of TempleOS fame. In the usual schizophrenic jumbled speech he claimed he ran over "cia niggers" who glowed in the dark. So it's now used as a label to intelligence agencies employees.

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ok retard

Blow your brains out, pedophile. This is a loli thread and we don't want your CP here.

I sugest we go alt...
These butthurt faggots are just anally hurt because you ain't posting blacked toddlers or rape shit.

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Im always on Cred Forums.
Im always watching Mike Wazowski.

rip in peace terry

stopping fapping to it is the best thing you can do. i struggled with porn addiction (i dont mean cp), and went on the rehab which involved not masturbating/ watching porn and it really helped

fren, I am on your side! did you even read my post?

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I'm telling you it's that same faggot who post blacked and 3D that constantly shits up the loli threads
he's a cuck faggot that frequents on /trash/

There is nothing to cure
Any preferences?

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>i struggled with porn addiction
Blow your brains out, roastie. This is a loli thread and we don't want your propaganda in here.

Go alt. It's the same guy that hates the catguy.

Blow your brains out, pedophile. This is a loli thread and we don't want your CP here.

I respect that but not everyone wants to stop fapping.

loli enf or public loli, if you are taking requests

P.S. this thread is getting nuked soon.

1) No.
2) There is no cp anywhere
3) It's not nice to speak for anyone but yourself, we can leave that to the multitude of other mob brewing websites.

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Free from glowniggers and spammers. ALWAYS ANONYMOUS.

What's loli enf?

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How about a hot teen Loli fucked by a little kid.

ENF is Embarrassed Nude Female.
My fetish.

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another example

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Blow your brains out, pedophiles.

Anyway, I intended to make this at least a small dump, but I will not be posting for a while, captcha is being ridiculous again.

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Blow your brains out, pedophile. This is a loli thread and we don't want your CP here.

not loli

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definitely loli and I'll post the whole set to prove it

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there you go

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flat looks good enough

>i'll post more developed women with tits that'll show em

Lolis can be developed too user. Lol.
You can bypass the tits on lolis by adding smol and flat before requesting.

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Flat is justice. Long live loli.

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how tf does she look older than 13 to you?

this is loli

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>not loli
dat 2hu

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Source? Not getting anything on a reverse...

pussy and ass is pussy and ass.
as long as it ain't a goddamn furry.

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y'all need some Kes

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Hello fellow loli lovers, Count here.
Day 51, still drawing lolis everyday.

Gimme prompt, receive drawing. Maybe. Quality totally random

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She could be 13-16 there are young looking teenz, too

My girlfriend really wants you to work on improving your art.


I'm improving, user. Slowly, but I'm improving for sure.
Best regards to your girlfriend

Anyone have sarah from the last of us riding a dick in her ass webm.

dew dees

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Shes an artist too and we both like to look at loli together. She is worried that you are stagnant with your improvement, and need to focus on body shape. She's just too nice to post the criticism here.

cat loli with a collar licking from a pet bowl

A sadistic Mirai!

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Well, thanks for her concern. I'll try to do my best to improve on this.

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Do your best user

this is not loli

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more embarrassed in public pls

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Don't let it die before el count finishes

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wow that got compressed when I posted it

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thats a thing? I thought they just stop large posts


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is eardrum rupture preferable to hymen rupture?

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are they that loud?

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120db of high pitch sound won't do shit, but annoy you.

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yeah, where did you get that info? i doubt they are 100+db

does anyone have the full webm of this part?

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How do you find stuff like this without getting on a watchlist?

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>i doubt they are 100+db
Bought one.
120db is listed on the packaging though there isn't more info besides battery type so might be onto something.
Didn't try it out yet.

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lurk on b

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>You like lolis, right? You better be,
You can't change verb state like that, fuckwit.

>You like?
>To like, to do in an abstract sense

>You better be
>to be

It doesn't make sense.

Get back to the fifth grade and actually study this time in stead of staring at your classmates.

I constantly to music blasting at ~90-100db of actual sound pressure level... It's fine, loud but fine. There are guys on youtube who blast 160dB in the cars at extremely low pressures (which can actually damage your ear) and they're still fine. Most I took was 140 while working as a sound engineer, and refusing to wear protective headphones. I'm still fine.

Alright, I tried to dew dees

lol, don't bother for me, at worst I'll post in the next thread

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>Get back to the fifth grade
You actually wront that in a loli thread... Really? Was it intended as a pwn... or you really want us around lolis?

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It's ok, not good, not bad, but ok. See ya' tomorrow.

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your ears are already damaged for sure. you aren't deaf yet, but you lost some hearing from the constant exposure for sure. i don't remember the exact number right now, but i think electronic hearing protection usually filters sounds above 80-some db,


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Where do these illustrators get these ideas.

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That is shit dude. Don't believe those charts. I'm not telling you that you should go out now and blast your ears with 100+ db... But you're not that fragile as a man. I can hear low noises, my hearing goes from 8hz to 28k... so nothing was lost. When exposed to high pressure sounds the ears will start producing wax to lower the exposure. That's what kept me ok while working as a sound engineer. Never worn protection, and ... at my last test... the doctor was amazed how was I able to hear at such a wide spectrum of sound.

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holy shit he was right


Send me your lolis

Kik tobaggoz

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only use wick

don't believe your case is commonplace, user.
One of my coworker is almost permanently deaf on one side, just for having been near a blasting sound registered at 110db.
Not repeated exposure, one single occurence was enough.
People do build tolerance with time, but for most people, 120db is enough to cause permanent hearing damage.
though it raises the actual question, do kids that use those devices get deaf too?

Censorship rules means they have to be creative instead of just LOOK!! PUSSY!!

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Its the duration at that distance and decibel that determines if there is damage. That said, a bit of ear trauma is better than rape

Rolling rolling rolling

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Bollocks numbers. db is sound pressure level. How can a piezo speaker MOVE AIR when it's not moving?

Yeah, yeah, the standard you get on every piece of shit medical wall because it looks good and scares people.

Your coworker was blasted with SPL... because the pressure wave hit his ears directly. Blasts, jackhamers, etc can fuck you up badly. Because the pressure actually stretches ear drum beyond it's max excursion. Only certain frequencies can actually do damage in a short span. If exposed to just loud, no pressure changing sound, your ears will self-protect themselves and clay up.

For example, I can get one of those devices, blast it up, and wait until the batteries go dead, wash my ears and I'll be just fine.

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dude... if something creates sound... it creates air pressure... Sound is pressure waves traveling through our atmosphere

>How can a piezo speaker MOVE AIR when it's not moving?
you know that by definition, sound is air moving, right?

>Bollocks numbers. db is sound pressure level. How can a piezo speaker MOVE AIR when it's not moving?
How can a speaker make sound when it's not moving air?

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being deaf forever is better than being fucked for 30 seconds

1) Its not loud enough for that
2) Maybe you can only last 30 seconds, but most men are better than that

The Irony is palpable.

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Attached: 1579731562221.jpg (1024x1024, 124K)

Attached: 1578960001698lost life masturbate.webm (1278x718, 909K)


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I thought you'd get it... but now if you're getting technical, I'm getting technical.

The piezo has a very small vibrating surface, barely moving, thus creating a high pitch sound so it can be heard.

A speaker, with motor and cone that's actually moving a large amount of air.

A pulse at low frequency carries more punch than a squeak at high frequencies.

Now going back to what I said. The piezo doesn't move (enough) air to make the 120dB claimed by any of the chinese that's selling them.

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Id take her home for pets

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if you haven't played it yet, Wanko to Kurasou might be something for you.

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Attached: 1579998446078.webm (1280x720, 1.99M)

Attached: 1580130780447.png (1000x1100, 677K)

>Wanko to Kurasou
Thanks for the suggestion, I have not played that one!

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Attached: 1475943967289.png (700x700, 430K)

nice trips
just made a quick search, and this guy
test piezzo speaker. At 9:40, he records one of them at 120 db

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I love how this have become a loli and sound technology thread

Attached: 1572221379911.jpg (640x1023, 468K)

tbh, you nailed almost everything but the butt

Attached: 1579117650786.jpg (800x599, 185K)

Attached: 1578111597095 lost life teaser.gif (441x640, 1.87M)

tbh, I redrew the butt like 50 times and never managed to get that perfect delicious curve right...

I'd nail that butt

Thanks again Count!

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wickr really that safe?

Just keep at it. I hope the motivational posters aren't getting annoying, but in two months you've come a long way. Read those resources I posted a few weeks back from exhentai and maybe take some time just copying a style you like that already exists. It might help you with proportions and extremities (hardest things to draw imho)

Attached: 1571637362497.jpg (1024x999, 91K)

Be smart like always, Wickr is kinda like Candid from years back

Attached: 1572221405682.jpg (1200x675, 487K)

you're welcome.
I guess I'm done for today. I'll probably drop by later than usual tomorrow, though, but I'm not planning to break my streak yet.
That was day 51, and I plan to do this until I reach day 100

safer than discord or whatsapp for sure. not sure how it's compared to torchat.
if some agency wants to crack you, they will. you can just make yourself a more difficult target.

Attached: 1579131684129lost life sfw.png (392x425, 120K)

see you then. so it seems the goal has grown from 100pics in roughly one month to 100pics with no breaks.

Attached: 1579136938291.webm (720x480, 1.96M)

Attached: 1578960729039.png (1136x1500, 1.68M)

I keep at it and yeah, the extremities are my biggest weakness...
I think I'm getting the gist on hands (though they could be more delicate) but feet are still a nightmare to me...
As for motivational posters... well, it's nice knowing people enjoy original content, so they're always welcome IMO


I think hes right to do 1 a day to try to avoid burnout. Hopefully in a few months time we've created a new loli artist!

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His voice peaks the meter at 80+db? Okay, let's carry on.
Those are not simple piezos, those are compression based piezos. They only produce that kind of sound in the extremely near vicinity. The sound gets compressed in that plastic enclosure and only escapes through that small hole. It's only mono-directional, so that's why you can get outputs like that.

But let's not forget you get 120dB right near the source, at less than 5cm. At 10 cm double the distance, you only get maybe 70-80dB which is still loud, but won't do shit. And let's not forget that's a quite expensive compression buzzer.

Look, here are the insides of a shitty rape alarm. Just a piezo, no compression driver, no nothing... just a covered piezo. That shit can barely do 90dB with a meter right up to it...

The whole point of the rape alarm is to produce high pitch sount that'd attract other people's attention and scare off the aggressor.

If you want actual damage to the aggressor, you should strap a 3kW band pass sub woofer to the loli + an amp + batteries and produce 50hz kicks. Damage will surely happen, and maybe his lungs will fill with water and he'd die.

Attached: 71+tIIG3seL._AC_SL1500_[1].jpg (1500x1500, 158K)

Attached: 1578791491110.jpg (744x1052, 613K)

the first goal was 100 pics before new year.
The second is drawing every day for 100 days in a row.
The 3rd one is getting 100 followers on pixiv (but surprisingly, I'll get there before 100 days at my current pace)

I keep 100 as a motif, it's a nice number. I'll see if I'm ready to start working on games when I reach this milestone

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Attached: 1578103219786.gif (400x360, 1.18M)

nigga where do you find that shit?

Yes, and 120db is a good range to get people up to 100m away to hear the siren

Attached: 1580107629548.png (900x1200, 463K)

Attached: 1579305243204.jpg (677x960, 79K)

Attached: 1579734161074 boobies chart.jpg (720x508, 131K)

Name pls.. how can i find?

Attached: 1576851437867.jpg (960x686, 166K)

Nice quads nigga
Yes. But not to actually do any damage. You can make damage with sound if you produce enough energy to actually move shit around. So unless you want a 60kg woofer to actually protect you + the weight of the driver circuits and power + compression enclosures... just make loud squeak sounds so that people can help you, or just carry a teaser. Sound can't do damage unless it's producing enough energy.

Attached: 1580078935508.jpg (1000x1414, 149K)

boy I said boy, where did you find that

Look at the file name next time.
Lost Life. Current version is 1.16, but the developer promised updates.
The offical shop site is .
If you want it for free, ask the duck.

The point of those buzzers isn't as a weapon to deal damage, but a signal to others. It is produced at 120db in order for that sound to carry as far as possible

But also... 100m is pretty large... I'd say more 30-40m directional (not all around)... after that, it would just be background noise... because absolute 0dB doesn't exist, at least here on earth... Idk what's the actual sound of space, but I guess from all the electromagnetic waves that's out there, not even the space is absolute 0dB

Old anonymous app

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Attached: 1579137200606.webm (640x340, 1.88M)

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Attached: 1579469760084 head pat.gif (220x337, 260K)

> for that sound to carry as far as possible
Not happening... at least in a real life situation dude. That sound only traveles extremely close. about 10-20m at most in those chinese shit, and maybe 30-40 in those compression buzzers. That if there isn't an obstacle in front of them. Someone here said that they have one in their home, ok? Take it, keep it tight in your hand... and boom the sound is almost gone in the silence of your home. Not take it out on the streets and grab it tight... look, no sound.

Attached: 1580078909989.png (1582x1877, 1.28M)

image cap

But let's stay here if you wanna talk about sound and shit. Let the new thread with lolis and cats. This thread was allready fucked by that frust guy.

120db at a distance of 100m would still be an 80db sound assuming relatively standard conditions



I wish this was real.

Right in theory, but wrong when you mentioned
>standard conditions
Standard conditions imply a lot more than just free air propagation.

Okay, let's just say that you have a compression buzzer that can actually produce 120dB of sound. That sound is extremely directional because of the compression chamber. This means that... if you are in a perfect straight line with the source you get your 80dB. Cool. But remember, that's ideal contition, not standard condition.

In real life, even the attackers body could attenuate the sound to less than 40dB if the direction the sound is blasted through is directly at the attacker.

For the sound to travel you need a direct line of sight OR reflective surfaces. Surfaces that can resonate and reflect the high pitch sound. If the surface you're pointing at isn't reflective, the sound gets attenuated. Chinese products use non-compression because the sound is wider BUT lower intensity on the dB scale. It can be heard even if it's pointing directly at a heavy, non-reflective surface to bounce.

It's not hard to get it... but you need to know how the world works and you also need to know that nothing is ideal. That calculator is ideal math.

And that's not it... Like I said, you won't just calculate a 120db sound at 20khz like you'd calculate 120db sound at 20hz... that's just incomplete data... and we're just playing with words.

You have to know air density, air temperature, air humidity, frequency of the sound, etc. High pitch sounds gets the most attenuation from these factors.

I'm almost tempted to prove you wrong using my firealarm but I don't have time for that. Yes, there is a degree of directionality, but it doesn't emit like a beam and even with someone in front of you the sound still propagates in all directions. Even if we assume poor conditions and say it is attenuated down to 40db, that is still an identifiable sound 100m away and at any lower distance it only gets easier


40db is literally the sound of silence...
>I'm almost tempted to prove you wrong using my firealarm
Well prove me. I have experience in this field so I tested this shit myself already. That's why I can agree to some point with whatever you're throwing at me. Like i said, if I take your fire alarm and squeeze it in my hand, you won't hear it at all in a street with minimal sound background. In a silent room you'll just hear a slight sound... not louder than a pc fan... but higher pitch.

Also that sound isn't directional? It's directional as fuck if the driver is a compressor unit. Just by putting your hand between the unit and you, you'll disrupt the sound by half. Try it out.

Also you may correct me when I say that 40db is the sound of silence. It depends where you live. I live in the city... and with windows closed and with nothing running I never got anything lower than 36db, when no one is on the streets. If a car passes on the street, the meter goes way over 50db.

I never tested the sound of silence outside a city... but I don't think you'd really want a device like that rape alarm if you're not in a big city. Where, judging by all the factors... it's useless.

0db is the sound of silence, but I'll agree that 40db is about the norm for urban chatter. That said, a high-pitched sound is identifiable in relation to general background noise. Hell, we inherently start tuning out common noise and what is more common a noise than urban background. That'll make unfamiliar noises stick out like a sore thumb.

You say it is ineffective in a big city, but do you think no one at 75m would hear? 50m? 25m?

You also keep saying "if you put your hand over it" but that is irrelevant to what we are talking about. I mean, unless you are now talking about its efficacy at stopping crimes rather than its sound propagation