Are there any married Cred Forumsros here? How much should I pay for an engagement ring...

Are there any married Cred Forumsros here? How much should I pay for an engagement ring? Is 100 bucks enough or too cheap?

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Well, 100 bucks won't get you a gold one.
So be prepared for anal irritation.

I know this is copypasta but I'm sure someone is legitimately wondering.
The trick is to know how to shop for diamonds, everyone really cares about how good it looks, not the price. Look up the ratings, and realize that if the flaws are microscopic then it really doesn't matter. If its on gold then the color matters less. What's really important is cut and size.

Just buy a cheap looking imitation for $20. It will look real because the stone is tiny. Just tell everyone it is one is going to question it.

If it all possible get a box and put a small price tag of $1199.00 under the ring holder. Then act surprised when she finds it...say you didn't want her to know you spent so much on her.

Been married 10 one knows but me.

If you're asking why I did this. A friend of mine got a $10,000 engagement ring. When the marriage ended, she went to pawn it and couldn't even get $1k for it. Turns out jewelry stores rip everyone off, which is why they wont rebuy jewelry. Best not to waste your money on worthless diamonds, buy cheaper worthless glass.

ask her what she wants or if she'd prefer to blow the money with you on something more awesome, tho 100 bucks is a good price

The amount spend on a ring does not reflect the stability of your engagement, does it? Also mine were 89,99. Both. Together.

Based on your question I don't think you should get married...

Not good to go cheap on an engagement ring. This is something women will use to show off to their friends and something they will remember forever. A good engagement ring pays dividends and you'll also get your dick sucked better than ever before.

I live in aus so jewelry is bullshit expensive. I went to Dubai and paid $5.5k for a ring that in Australia would cost $20k.

Fiance/Wife started enthusiastically sucking dick and swallowing loads 3 times a day every day up until we had kids.

Depends on your income. Normally two times your monthly salary.

Spent $400ish on the engagement ring with 1/4 karat diamond, and another $400 on a wedding band 2 years after we got married. Mine was $75 I think.

My wife’s sister is a jewelry saleswoman and always tries to get me to buy stuff to “make my wife happy”.

No thanks, Sarah, you be happy with your huge diamond wedding ring that cost $2,500 while you’re cheating on your husband after 3 years of marriage. We’re good.

We’ve been married 9 years, together 11 years. The size and cost of the ring literally mean nothing.

This is very long but worth reading.

Stay cheap... average marriage last 5 to 10 years. I probably payed $1000 for the engagement and ring. For both those women, and all got was great sex for about 3 to 4 years.
This thread should be about... how can Cred Forums talk me out of getting married

If you must get fancy looking stones get lab grown.

Also think about what industry your partner works in. Is she in Food service or painting. Probably better with a plain one.

I got mine for $45 at a pawn shop.

Depends...does your girl have an ounce of sense or are you going to mortgage your future with a huge diamond and insane expensive wedding?

Diamonds are a giant scam

Correct. Anytime I hear sometime talk about them, I tell them to google "have you ever tried to sell a diamond?" which brings up this..

Stonks, you are right though

I have heard that they are inflated by elite families

Post more Emma! More SC girls

100 bucks is too cheap lmao. but if you're expecting to spend a long time with this woman, spend enough to show you care but not enough to clean out your account. You gotta remember that when you get married, you combine finances on a lot of things, so if she wants you to go broke getting her a ring, she probably doesn't expect to be hitched to your cart for long

100 bucks is a very cheap ring. I paid 2300 bucks and is not a very fine ring, is on the mid

Op, best advice i will give is to look at Esty. I was able to get a rose gold band with diamond ring for $150. Shipping takes awhile but it was a beautiful ring.

Just remember, that engagement and wedding rings are CONDITIONAL gifts and get em back / sue WHEN it goes south.

Old timey way is to spend two months salary on it, get a used one since maridge will eventualy drain you life down the drain. Allso preenup is a must.

I heard that prenups are in most cases useless

Depends where you live but usually rock solid.

If you can't gauge what will satiate your titty bitch, your in for a bad time.


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I would rather smash 'n dash

nice try, Habibi

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She looks perfect, we all know no one is (especially females), but GUARD yourself and your assets (even if you only have 20quid)

The old guideline was the engagement ring should cost 10% of your annual income.

Which is frankly, bullshit nowadays do the to difference in income and products compared to the time that was common.

Married 9 years myself and spent $1700 for the engagement ring and wedding band combo and had a diamond mounted in it that belonged to her grandmother. The diamond was fairly shit tier quality, but you can't price nostalgic/family value.

Spend as little as possible and don't get emotionally invested, have a couple of kids, divorce will follow soon after, if you are lucky the kids will be alright

You may want to get a paternity test on those kids, You were fucking the wrong hole for them.

Bait but for the non fags: I bought a great diamond online from a reputable site and had it mounted in a ring she picked out. Spent 2k and it appraised for 6k(appraised by home insurance co. so not inflated).

1 months salary is apparently what you go by

I spent around $2000 at a jewelry store. It is certified or something and it was on sale. I saw one I liked better at Sams club later. Wish I would have gone there. Anyway the ring sits in a lock box now. Waste of money

Ring aside, I would give a great deal of money to fuck her for a night.

Consider the ring an investment into fucking her for life, or until one of you fucks up and divorces.

Too cheap, I think I gave $2,000 for the engagement ring and $500 for the wedding band.

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quality ≠ value, annon.
find her a good ring but it doesnt need to be super expensive

Lol what a fucking pathetic cuck. $2000? really? To buy some ring? Thanks god i don't have no girlfriends or something, that's disgusting waste of money

It depends on your girl, honestly.

My wife didn't want an expensive ring but I knew her family would shit all over me forever if I didn't get her a diamond. I think her engagement ring was about $2700.

If your girl is frugal and doesn't want you to waste money on a stupid-expensive ring, then don't. Though, if you think her family will give you shit about it, then pay for an expensive ring.

Eat her ass and when you stick your tongue inside her butthole, say with the ring I do thee wed. Its been proven legal see Roe v Wade

FYI - my wife is Asian and her family is uber-traditional.

There's a stereotype that white people are "cheap" so tried to do some damage control on that end.

$2000 is about what an average white guy will spend. I doubt you will ever have to worry about a girl or have $2000 to blow, so dont worry about it

It's not going to matter in the end OP because your going to end up cheating on her with your friend while shes abroad

Two cheap. A $100 bucks tells her you don't think she is worth much. I spent $3,000 on a ring. And I'm not a rich guy. A lot of guys will give you bad advice here. That's because they are losers who have no women in their lives. I'd recommend paying no less than $1,000. Most places will let you pay it off in installments.

Who cares?

I couldn’t agree with you more

OK but be sure and get yer mom something nice if she keeps the tendies coming on time.

Installments are fine, but try to see if the place has a 0% interest special going on. I was able to pay in installments with no interest, because I bought during the holiday season.

Highly advise not getting into debt for an engagement ring. It's a massive purchase and interest is an assload.

go to a pawn shop - you will get more bang for your buck and she wont know, most rings can be resized .the more expensive the ring is the more likely it will break or loss stones.

Also, make sure you get an insurance policy for it after you buy it. If you have renter's/homeowner's insurance, they'll have options to insure it. I have USAA and pay

Bought this one for engagement.

Our Wedding Rings were like 1000€ each. Platin with a small diamond for her ring.

But in Germany we just wear our wedding rings after the wedding. Maybe thats the reason the engagement ring is kinda cheap.

you know that doesn't happen to the other 50 percent right?

Case by case basis user. Do you make good money, can you afford a better ring? I dropped about 25k on mine. For women it matters. When her and her girlfriends all sit together they talk about dick size and stone size...this is likely why a handful of her friends have flirted
Save up buy the best you can. Clarity over size. Make sure it's a style she will like. As another user said shop overseas. with what I spent I could have bought a monster diamond in the Caribbean...and do you really give a fuck if some little niglets died mining it...