How to cure someone of gender dysphoria without transitioning. I am willing to drug my daughter for this

How to cure someone of gender dysphoria without transitioning. I am willing to drug my daughter for this.

Inb4 love you child no matter what
Inb4 transphobe

I don't care I want my daughter back, and what is it with art curriculums attracting the degenerates of society?
Help a fellow user out bros

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You should have raised her in a supportive, loving environment instead of ignoring/ emotionally abusing her until this shit happens.

Could that be one of the reasons she wants to be a man?

nice trips

yes, if you had raised her to believe the thing she actually is is an acceptable thing to be, she wouldnt want to change it.

transphobic pig. not letting your child transition is literal abuse. you're torturing them for your twisted ideals of gender. and now you're willing to drug a child, a freaking CHILD, so it can conform to whatever your delusion is? you should be locked up and your child given up for adoption. hopefully it will be adopted by a group of trans polyamorous parents, so it can grow up in an inclusive and understanding environment free of genderisms. you fucking pig

Nice bait retard, i hope you didnt spend time actually typing it up

On a side note check

what a waste of a get

You fags are of no help

there's nothing to help you with idiot. at this point you can either take her to shrink and start getting used to calling her bobby, or take her behind the shed and put a bullet in her brain.

I read epilepsis medication could help but that was on Cred Forums so im not sure of the legitimacy of that claim

just kill yourself. your child will be better off

chris benoit it

Transitioning is the medically appropriate treatment for gender dysphoria

how the fuck did Cred Forums bait start involving families? Sure tranny shit is fucked up, but a Cred Forumstard raising a child? fuck off.

Don't worry, she'll be part of the 41% soon enough. Make sure to buy her some extra strength rope in case she's fat as fuck though.

Cred Forums has been infested with normies since 2007, nigger.

I think the most likely thing to lower her chances of most certainly offing herself is to put her on doctor prescribed and controlled hormone therapy. But most likely she'll still off herself cause of mental disorder

Are you married to her mother?

ftm are disgusting anyway. let them an hero all the want

Move to the countryside.
I'd never raise a kid in a city in modern society.

Is this shit legit or did I have a stroke?

Daughters aren't raised by the father. This is your wife or ex-wife's fault. Look at your son to see if you failed as a father. If you want to help your daughter, it's probably too late, but give her good female role models.

the only reason people want to 'transition' to the other gender is because they don't like their own gender because they didn't have good members of their own gender to look up to.

Media won't help you in this. Get your daughter around some other healthy females

Slowly and carefully place your entire arm into a blender and then gently turn it on to the highest setting

Should do the trick

Literally disown her, there's nothing you can do

Do they even have a decent rate of suicide? Women have a lower rate of suicide because they're pansies and less likely to actually go through with it so I don't think an FTM would " have the balls " to follow through

It's probably just a phase, let her grow out of it.

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Take her fucking punk ass to church. Religious people do not have these problems (inb4 the random cherry picked extremely rare example). That’s where you fucked up.

Show her "is this normal?" type pictures and explain to her that there is no such thing as transitioning.

Show her Metokur's tranny vid on bitchute

She's too far gone. All you can attempt to do is convince her that no matter what she does to herself she will NEVER change gender. It's fine to dress up or whatever floats your boat, but don't let your sexuality be a lifestyle. That just makes you a huge faggot.


How old is she?

I wanted to be a girl as a kid, now I don't.
You might want to wait it out, support her in other ways

Please for the love of god be true, shes 16 however

Shes an athiest of course

You're going to have to bump up her estrogen intake. Soymilk and get birthconrol and make her take it. Just put it in her food.

Will it truly work?

Now I'm not going to tell you how much to give her but it will have side effects. This is park of how I'm turning my wife into a fat cow. It's been two months and she is starting to produce milk and her tits grew from C's to E's and she is 27

Most people with gender dysphoria have an deficiency of estrogen for women or testosterone for men and just need a increase to feel normal.


>How to cure someone of gender dysphoria without transitioning

There was never a succesful answer to this one. It tended to backfire and cause self hatred.

The only current solution to alleviate gender dysphoria is to become the preferred gender and to no longer perceive yourself as the other gender.

I suggest you act like you don't give a shit. Has a good chance of her not actually going through with it if it IS just a phase.

No it's not. Suicide rate tends to stay the same after reassignment surgery

Quints of truth.

The Heritage Foundation is an American conservative think tank (wiki)

this will sounds mean but I don't trust a word any conservative has to say over the LGBT

Impregnate her. The rush of female hormones and the motherinstinct will cure this nonsense.

Underrated post.

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A Dr in the US treated a violent schizophrenic 'trans' person with the medication used to atop them offing themselves/others. The idea of being 'trans' or suffering any gender issues vanished along with the blood lust

true cure

Yeah, that's right in the age range where these phases happen. They're walking hormone storms, they don't know what's going on. IIRC something like 90%+ of teens with "gender dysphoria" are magically cured by their early 20s.

Why trust data, if it destroys your argument? Makes sense.

How old is your daughter? Women are the most susceptible to propaganda and easily influenced by their peers. Cut her off from the internet and pay attention who she hangs out with. "Gender Dysphoria" is a meme. Typical from a degenerate offspring. Do a better job at parenting.

This is the basic difference between left vs right. It’s not inherently anyone’s fault it boils down to how your brain works and we need both. The left makes decisions based on emotions. The right makes decisions logically. This is also why there are more women on the left than the right.

MOVE. You need to get her away from the people she is friends with and who are probably encouraging this behavior. You need to fucking move to a new state as soon as possible.

Based quints post

100% this. Trans is a MENTAL DISORDER. It was your responsibility from preventing this and it’s your responsibility to fix it.

This is some retarded fucking logic. Daughters need their fathers too. All children need both parents to have a chance of being fully functional human beings.

Yep, it's definitely both parents fault.
Kids are growing up in a fucked up society with little to no bonds with their parents.

Name me one tranny who's father took him fishing/hunting/hiking, whatever, on a regular basis, I'll wait.

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Name me one tranny who's father took him fishing/hunting/hiking, whatever, on a regular basis, I'll wait.
Fucking retard.


The majority desist and become merely gay. If she has tranny friends, or just lefty(they exalt trannies), get rid of them. It's a social virus.

Consider this
Awareness that this is Cred Forums and any advice is either explicitly wrong or retarded for the sake of causing you or your son harm.
Either take him to a gender shrink to get all that shit properly figured out by a trained professional, or an hero yourself.

>mentally ill
>also exhibits mentally ill behaviors

He is right. Just because you can find some cherry picked example doesn't completely disprove his point. You would have to make a case for the majority of trannys coming from a home like that. Which they do not.
Did you ever notice that when the rate of divorce skyrocketed so did the rate of people afflicted with LGBT issues? There is a correlation there. It's children that are not raised in a nuclear family have more behavioral and mental disorders (inb4 you cherry pick someone successful who had a broken family, you need to realize this is not the trend).

My dad liked carpentry since he was a handyman and I loved building stuff with him, or helping him remodel a house, or do landscaping.
Still a tranny.
Seethe harder.

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Alright, you got me. But this has to be the exception, not the rule.
Dysfunctional families and the normalisation of this modern degeneracy is clearly what's at fault.

>Tranny and Gays increased because muh archaic ideas of family
Or you're too retarded to see the survivorship bias of the internet and modern awareness of queer people.

Real shit though, I'm in college and you absolutely don't fucking want her spending time with her classmates.
You can't order her not to bc she'll obviously rebel. But you have to try and maximize positive influences in her life, whether that's you or female or whatever the fuck.

Those leftist faggots at her school will continue to brainwash her and make her part of the cult. You can't stop that. You can only try to counteract it with positive influences that are real human beings, not leftist pseud monsters.

Social contagion.

>survivorship bias
Can you please explain to me what this fucking means? It's the first time I've heard that term.

And did you dad kill himself before or after you become a mentally ill faggot?

Were you raised in a nuclear family? I mean a real one, not a step family.

>get all that shit properly figured out by a trained professional,

lol you can't prevent it you are born with it
your brain development is impacted by hormones in the womb

If you take her to a shrink, make sure it's a normal one and not a gender shrink. They're more likely to push her or approve of the transition since they might not be able to identify the root of the problem. It's happened to a couple people where it turns out they were just normal depressed and not transgender.

I would not trust you as your child since you come to Cred Forums for parenting advice out of all places.

Sorry your child couldn't fit your idea you had in mind. Cope with it and help them or an hero yourself.

Lol no,
You should read "The Madness of Crowds: Gender, Race and Identity"
by Douglas Murray

yeah that's a good read.. i was talking about gender dysphoria... which is quite rare, which means that the increase of people transitioning is due to three possibilities (in my opinion)

>they can transition with less stigma than before (unlikely)
>teenagers are entering a difficult part of tehri lvies called puberty and sometimes we don't make the best decisions during that period (very likely)
>mentally sane people don't go online and make their entire existence based on one single trait of themselves. they go to a doctor and live their lives (most likely).
And the others you see, such as the GameStop MA'AM guy, are the ones which must be stopped.

based quints

>yeah that's a good read.. i was talking about gender dysphoria... which is quite rare,
Agreed, dysphoria is definitely a mental issue ( or as Douglas would say, a software issue ).

>And the others you see, such as the GameStop MA'AM guy, are the ones which must be stopped.
It's quite humorous to me that they're incredibly adamant in that they ARE women, yet at the same time have redefined the term and stripped it of all its meaning.
Yea, sure you're a woman if if the word doesn't mean woman.

Best strategy would to convince her to see a therapist, otherwise dose with lithium

There is no cure for gender dysphoria, I'm not saying this in a judging way, but "accepting" her is the only thing you can do to help her. If you don't want her to commit suicide, some kind of transition will probably be needed for her mental safety.
It is not uncommon for trans people who can't transition to fall into deep depression and it might even drive them towards suicide. I know having your daughter become "your son" is scary, but having them kill themselves is definitely the worst outcome.

Suicide is preferable to faggotry of the highest order. Fuck you faggot

Your inability to love your own fucking child is incomprehensible to me. I actually cannot imagine that a parent that truely loves their child could want to mentally scar them in a way that will likely make them kill themselves.
If this is actually your opinion, you are a waste of space, a literal oxygen thief, please don't spread your garbage and use your time for something more productive.

>There is no cure for gender dysphoria
False. A change of lifestyle will cure this issue.

Any proof for that? Scientific Proof that is. Don't you think that psychologists would recommend that lifestyle change openly if it was a proven fact that certain lifestyle choices cause and abstaining from them will cure gender disphoria?

Sure. This is a modern issue. It did not exist at the rate it does in the last centuries that it does now. Do you ever wonder why that is?

Transitioning helps but if their family and friends reject them especially after they’ve achieved what they see is their true selves, they’ll suicide. Who wouldn’t

Look those rates up again but the study that looks into whether they have family/parental support or not

I think people in the past were probably mentally fucked up in all kinds of ways. People killing themselves back then because of gender disphoria or whatever would probably not have been that unusual. I mean that stuff happens. Not to mention that you might just die on the way of even figuring out what is happening to you.

You're all the kind of idiots sitcoms will have violently stupid caricatures of in 50 years.

He was born this way, and you're more of a faggot then they are for acting like this. You don't get to choose if you have a son or daughter, and you sure as hell don't get to choose after they're born either. Get fucked, OP.

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inject them with steroids

>People killing themselves back then because of gender disphoria or whatever would probably not have been that unusual.
Yes it would have been EXTREMELY unusual and probably recorded. But it wasn't. Ever. There is a reason for this. Their lifestyles were different. They were generally raised in nuclear homes. This created less behavioral and mental illnesses in their children. This is why a change in lifestyle will fix OP's issue.

For some reason a dumb user thinks it’s unlikely that trans people would come out more since it’s more accepted. It must be something in the water instead, or their home lives, or the lack of religion, anything but accepting it!!

>>Name one!

>>Trans come out of the fucking woodworks to disprove it

>>...But there are always more factors, it's still definitely unstable home life, totally

Nigga the majority of the western world doesn't have a nuclear family. There's no correlation, you just don't know any trans people.

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It wasn’t recorded because you could be killed for being trans. Some things that were recorded, specifically in Germany, were burned. You could do research and find out that trans people have existed for a long time, some even making famous contributions like dr Alan Hart
But you’d rather live in your box of opinions

Tell her it's okay to be a tomboy.

Tell her that until recently trans wasn't even a thing.

Tell her to do the things that she wants but drugs and surgery won't change who she is on the inside.

Tell her that she has a lot of shitty friends trying to make her into something in order to fit in.

Let her play sports with the boys and hang out with the boys, but let her know that doesn't make her a boy.

LOL JK rape

Beat her half to death, rape her. itll help

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Dr Alan Hart

Your son should disown you. You're clearly a piece of shit and if somebody went around putting down people like you I honestly wouldn't be upset.

How old is she? I'd

You're not okay with drugging a child but ok with life altering and unnecessary surgery?

Someone who was thwarted from doing that things that she wanted as a woman. Kinda proves my point.

Why is Op so bad?

It started in his childhood, wasn’t anything to do with wanting to get ahead in the medical field
Continuing warping the world to fit your views

I mean he's doing this because he loves his daughter and wants her back

If he loved his child he’d support them
What he’s trying to do now will only drive them at best, apart. At worse, to suicide. That is not love


So OP what are you going to do

Says the newfag

Thats not love if youre a liberal soyboy beta cuck. real love is being the alpha male of your family and doing what you know is best for them, even if they don't like it.

If your kids vote differently from you, think differently from you, or still talk to you when you're retired, you failed as a parent.

Honestly, I feel for the OP here. I'd be fine if my daughter was lesbian or bi but being trans is just delusion. There are only two count 'em 2 genders. If my daughter said she was trans, I'd be resurrecting Hitler so he could reopen Auschwitz. Unless she pulled her head out of her ass, she'd be dead to me and my family.

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Basado y rojopastillado

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Once she graduates she'll be out of that disgusting art school, and I hope it will go away

>you're willing to drug a child, a freaking CHILD, so it can conform to whatever your delusion is?

Hey, guys, should we tell him?

>alpha male
You run your life by a myth? Pathetic

Then you clearly don't know what trans is you uneducated buffoon. Even your boy Araki knows better than that.

Ftm, normal family, went to art and then programming, didn’t tell anyone for years. It doesn’t go away. He trusted you enough to tell you and all you’re trying to do will hurt him

How long till she graduates? Is her degree something that's not just going to put her back around the same type of people?

Other parents give puberty blockers so what’s the big deal?

I mean same way you'd cure any other mental illness, I guess...

Shoot her in the head. Get it over with.