ITT: Wait

ITT: Wait

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What are we waiting for??

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First one sitting down, nice

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This better not take as long as s it did last time

*uncomfortable rustling*

I have all day


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*stares at phone*

>door creaks open
Jones? Mr. Jones?

Ill be over here playing with the change in my pocket staring at you with minimal blinking if u need anything.

so uh how about that uh weather

>that double wide seat

The mentally disabled need chairs too user



Can I go pee or do I need to wait and do a sample? I need to piss so bad

god it's too fucking early man I planned on sleeping until at least noon today

hey there fren

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don't tell conan where to sit, rahhhh ! oh hi you

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nice quick shoop

Good to see more people join in, so what are you guys waiting for?

Just waiting to see some inimies to crush their skulls.

Oh no, baby yoda is getting pissed on off screen by someone. Who could it be

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How much did you guys pay to get in?

the wait is the for

that little bistard asking moni on the intrance won't be a problem anymore, here take back your cash fren

Drake Rolls in

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Hello everyone is this waiting room A?

>coughs constantly

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I see him rolls in, I'm waiting

yes, yes it is

>Gerald Walks out of the bathroom

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-Drake pulls out a gun and shoots gerald for no reason-

Cuz Gerald a fuckin snitch yo

S'up guys, what's going on over here?

-Drake Reloads and coughs-

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Nothing Much

Conan prefer sword over pewpew... rah.

Well if I had a sword he could have ran

Yes user {hands over clipboard}, I just need you to sign here and here, okay, great. {Motions to NPC of your gender} This is Nurse user. They will accompany you into the bathroom. Here is your cup {unwraps plastic}. I want you to pee a little bit into the toilet first, then fill the cup to this line, and then hand the cup to Nurse user. You can then finish up, and we will get that off to the lab, and we should have the results in X minutes - Y weeks. Any questions?

*Any questions so far?

Oh no baby mr peanut is getting fucked by a large kool aid man dick

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I brought my sperm, where do i deposit it?

This guy choking on batsoup help him

-drake pulls out his penis and starts furiously masturbating -


an anti-vax mom casts a 5th level essential oils on gerald to bring him back up

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-Drake falls down and goes to sleep-
>gn boys