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YLYL Thread

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very tasty batto sooop


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Actual true story inbound
>be me
>17 at the time
>beta loser who can't get laid for the life of him
>pathological fear of girls since middle school, when some bitch mind fucked me
>have a younger sister, 16 at this time
>my sister is boy crazy, really wants to date someone
>announces that she's "seeing someone"
>father and I start discussing plans on how to shoot the bastard.
>few days later, brings the dude home
>tall, scrawny kid with brown hair and glasses
>visibly nervous
>my father and I sit down and tell him that he's "walked into the courtroom"
>discuss for a few minutes
>they go out
>dad tells me "it isn't going to last"
>sis comes home
>announces it was "fun"
>around a week later, my sister tells me that her bf previously dated a college girl
>she's worried that he secretly wants this college girl back
>about a week later, overhear a conversation between my sister and my mother
>"We're not a thing anymore"
>tell my father this
>laughs uncontrollably
>mfw my dad predicted exactly how his daughter's first relationship would go down

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why is he so mad?

I had this template years ago haha

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It's from a preview video on PornHub, check the webm's meta data (title etc).
("Himiko can't resist herself")

FUCK! i wanted to not jerk it to Cred Forums tonight! hints why i came to a YLYL thread! thanks for the lost ass hole >.>

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>thanks for the lost ass hole
Just use a finger?

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there is a stock market for this lol

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This Degeneracy Can not go Unpunished

Good maybe they will die off

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disturbing new study shows that parent-child and sibling inbreeding reduces the risk that their child will die from cancer by 25%


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>white again

Ha ha, it's funny because America never *was* white. Never. Was. White.

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a lot of nerve for someone within crushing range

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PieAlltheTime - Himiko Can't Resist Herself

Cant seem to find a Full Version without a PriceTag. Tried the usual Torrent places.

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Is real??

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This thread blows dicks

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Coinbase is processing my ID

I have seen this same fucking story about 80 times now

Fuck off

Finally. Someone who understands the Irish are niggers

> See more New Imageboards list


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I created this one

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god damn it.

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You sir are awesome!

I don't blame muslims, I'd say no to Valentine's Day too if I had to buy gifts for 9 wives

And drink piss

9 year old wives are easy to buy gifts for

Anything for the pussy nowadays

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Even easier when they're family

I thought she was falling down some stairs or some shit

I dont doubt he does.

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Man my old WoW Classic GM would love this... he had shit taste in waifus.

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Just goes to show nobody actually gives a fuck about football anymore.

Have you ever been black enough to attack a train on the actual train tracks?

10/10 your cat would be proud

So true that's hot

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Why put 5'10 when everything else is alpha?

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Wtf this is not cringe thread dude

>80 times today

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if goats are considered family

Is that Den?

Why did the train stop?

81st time seeing it was too much for him too bad

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Fucking cyclists thinking they own the road.

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Nose check and of course he is.

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JFC lost hard.

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this is the mother of all boomer memes

do continue

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is that Home Basic?

This man found the cheat code!
Also, kinda proves that all those traps who became the gf because they couldn't get a gf really just did it because they're gay

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Can't tell if troll or real but holy fuck

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>the purity spiral is real
If you have your way at some point even my german genes are nigger tier since i lost my blonde hair color when i was a kid.

Thanks Dan Schneider, as if we Zoomers weren't degenerate enough...

Can we ban and possibly rape this faggot with a rusty pipe already


>greatest ally
I still can't deal with the fact that anyone actually believes this

As an Irishman, I've been trying to tell racist black people this for years... but their goal isn't equality; it's to get free shot... whether that means something physical or a free pass to or on something.. like acting like a racist cunt

Yeah sure, I grew up without a father, but at least he worked an honest job and provided money still, mother was also a hopeless drunk so yeah.. on par

the head rag , makes women look like huge human sized walking clitorises

I'd rip it down


>I grew up without a father
>He still worked and provided money
Fuck you and your whore mother for screwing him for child support. You're already worlds apart from nog family values where the dad doesn't exist at all.

>Their goal isnt equality, it's to get a free shot
While you're palming straight cash from a man who doesn't even know you.

Stopped reading as soon as I hit "yikes", fucking feminist and soyboy buzzwords.

He was technically around, but ceased being a father and would only use me for my sports activities so he had excuses while cheating

Then I lived with him when I nearly died because drunk mothers negligence

As I said; he was responsible, but he was no father... and my mom made enough money, so I don't think she was ever worried about money, and was more than capable of providing for me financially

P.s why are you so mad little boi?

Grrrrrr genetic diversity bad! Science bad! Fire..... Fir.... Fire bad!!!!

He chose to bring me into this world, I never made that choice.. it is your responsibility to make sure I get a decent start... but all I had was pocket change and all the wrong friends, I became pretty reckless with no guidance

You sound like you may either be a shot dad or generally triggered

He doesn't owe you anything but the money he provided. He never wanted you, get over it.

>why are you so mad little boi?

Not mad at all, just hate leftist man-hating fucks like you. Your father did his job. You're absolutely worthless.

>He chose to bring me into this world
Trust me, life isn't so black and white. He never wanted anything to do with you -- but he still did the right thing and paid for you.

Which is more than your whore mother ever did. The alcoholic bitch was lucky that your man decided to take you in, even after all of her bullshit.


>palming straight cash

Are you retarded? If my mother was a dumb whore alcoholic whore, how would I see any of that money?

..idk, is it one or the other.. you tell me lol

You sound deluded by personal demons

Way to not take responsibility and blame someone else.
You clearly "know" right from wrong now, change it or shut up and live it faggot.


He wasn't there? Why are you so mad lmfao, his job was to be a dad.. something your aggro ass never received or received it poorly from an aggro father, whom you probably hate, or love blindly, and are also a closeted homo who "hates fag shit"

O so now shit isn't black and white when it fits your narrative? Damn boi, u gei.

>leftist man hating REEEEE
I grew up with the absence of a father.. shouldn't I be the whiny bitch? Lol

P.s mum was far from a whore, which gives me insight to where you're coming from

kill yourself

it's so funny watching the US collapse.

Yall gonna cry about communism and socialism all the way into "line up on the wall" fascism.

God it's like watching the special Ed class get power for the first time and no one stopped it before they mad maxed the school.

i never last 5 whole minutes so they got that part right.

Looool what... how can I blame myself for not having a father? rofl you really are dumb af, whiny in approach too...

I learned more from not having a father than you did having/not having one I suppose; at least I didn't grow up to be anything relating to you

Sure, buddy.

Do you even hear yourself?

>My father provided for me but I'm a little bitch because my mother was a drunk
Your problems aren't even problems

>I grew up with the absence of a father
>But daddy always paid my way
>And even took me in when mommy was a drunk

Oh your poor little faggot. Must be hard coming from such a broken home.

GR8 B8 M8, actually got reply to your obvious trolling. Have a (You).

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I'm simply against child support. Cry more, leftie.


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Nah, far from a bitch, turned out pretty hardened, as after 15 I was on my own

..yeah it was pretty hard, but I figured it out/still figuring it out, wish I had a dad to do son and dad shit with.. but it will just make me a better father

I don't think anyone could mistake his sperg flailing as anything, but a troll.. but the motives for so uncontrollably going out of his way, would lead me to believe he feels very small in life, and that he should take a deeper look at himself, and where the questions and statements he makes, come from

check'd and kek'd

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You're so clearly under 6ft, it hurts.

I'm sure you'll be a great father. Many reddit users will thank you for your cringey r/funny posts about your tiny little autistic child.

I wish I had a father who paid for everything that I could complain about.

I thought you were sick of leftist beating up men, but according to you, a man's only job is to provide money and fuck off

So he did or didn't do the right thing?

Regardless, you should give your dad a call, sounds like you miss him.. or he hates you, and I'm sorry for that. At least I can say mine wants a relationship with me, probably since my success


>so he did or didn't do the right thing?

I've answered that multiple times now. You're the faggot crying out for him to throw you a baseball every so often.

Me too lol

Sounds like the only one blaming their father and life around here, is you?

I think this all stemmed from black people asking for free shit? So I suppose you're 2 for 2

>fatherless+gib me's=???

I don't get it

Your mother was the one who set his purpose in stone. He wanted to be a part of your life, but for legal faggotry -- he was nothing but dollar signs. Fucking women dominate the courts.

Nope, my father was awesome. Unfortunately, the courts didn't mandate that he paid my mother every dollar of his wage. I wish I had a cucked father like yours who was a bitch to the system.

Why are cyclists fucking like this? Everytime i see one on the street i just want to collect a bunch of sticks to toss into the spokes as i drive past them.

Yet another ylyl thats wrecked by american politics and other social bullshit

You fucks are doomed and you're literally digging your own cultural grave. The shits I see here are horrendous.

Post some funny shit then, faglord.

All I see are a couple of australians arguing.

>american politics

fucken sperg

Fuck! any more about this story???

For some reason I also thought chiefs were from Kansas.

Attached: ylyl.png (644x782, 457K)

O shi incel is showing.. blaming women now too

Lol she was a hard working woman who gets all the benefits you could ask for from a job and made a proper salary.

She cancelled court ordered child support because he was whiny bitch--like you--and only did it initially out of spite after he screwed her over...
little men like you always making so much noise

You need to get over the money aspect of it, being homeless at 15.. I didn't see much money lol you broke ass

lol. kek'd and saved.

Doesn't sound very awesome to me & your mother was a slag.. regardless, somebody fucked up raising your parroting ass
You'd die well in the army.. you're already an incel; whattya gotta lose?


... more please

It's a 'cute' universal marker to notify the useful idiots of what exactly they should recognize to be the problem of the moment.

For the rest of us, like you, it's a 'cute' marker signifying time to leave and move onto something else.

Why do you keep chanting those words?

Incel. Incel. Incel. Like you're not the only scratchy-bearded faggot here, still worried about your parents. I'm entirely too old to worry about this millennial bullshit.

>M-muh parents was troubled
Nobody gives a shit in the real world...

You're in your early to mid-twenties, and still worrying about what your parents "set you up" for. You did above-average in school, but now you've found out that you don't exactly matter in any shape or form.

Your shitty job isn't taking you anywhere, but you're making a comfortable wage. You'll most likely stay as you are for the next decade or so, before you really start to worry about your failure to launch.

Despite your anxiety, you'll still amount to nothing. The fact that you're ever-so-aware of your futility won't actually change the outcome of your life.

Your siblings will marry, but you never will. You'll chalk it up to some higher meaning that you never wanted to pass down your genes -- but even coming up on your fifties, you'll notice that the people around you are so much happier than you could ever be. You'll suppress it with everything you have. You'll never admit it to anyone, even your closest friends.

In your mid-to-late sixties, the cancer will finally rear up. It doesn't exactly surprise you, because your parents and their parents died in the same way. The only difference is -- you have nobody to sit with you in the hospital. You still won't admit that you're so painfully alone. Your sister-in-law will come to visit, just because she has to. Back when your brother first married -- you imagined that she loved you more than he. Based on nothing but your faulty ego. In all reality -- you've barely ever conversed with her. They had two beautiful children and are living a great life together. It took you decades to realize that she never even noticed you -- no matter how much you thought of yourself.

It comes suddenly, one night in the hospital.

You're still doing this shit, I last saw this in 2016 before I left this shit-hole for four years. What the absolute fuck?

Ooga Booga din du nuffin

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>Falling this hard to obvious trigger bait
You're projecting yourself, user.

Attached: 135.jpg (490x625, 40K)

So new.

Why would you ruin your pillow like that

Fucking dumbass beaners

Underwear so good it's like there isn't even any periods

Fucking surprise boner

Gay Fag

Attached: 1580704540599.jpg (342x1136, 436K)

What the fuck is that thing?

Is this real?
If so: Good.
If no: It should be.

The nigger goblin or the man with tits?

Attached: 1580664646597.jpg (648x629, 29K)

>Och Glenda you're covered in spunk

>It's space slime y'bampot

Attached: 1580656004943.png (737x900, 970K)

France, Arab
offcourse, what did i even expect

I knew about the he-she.
The nigger goblin is what caught my attention.

anyone to explain me that pasta? Or just pure unfunniness is the thing. goddamit im confused

You see, when a nig and a nug love each other very much. . .

Attached: 1580667648819.png (310x391, 134K)

The JIDF is must have rolled out their most pathetic recruits today.

Attached: 1569539609982.jpg (750x750, 89K)

Better question: Why was it permitted to live? I thought those people aborted like crazy.

Just us whites here friend

Attached: 1440137390725.png (115x120, 6K)

Attached: 1563771124283.png (680x904, 472K)

Lmao he's wearing a tracksuit of one of the most famous football clubs in Italy. I don't like that team and I will use this video to taunt my friends since a nigger's wearing their tracksuit. Ty user

To make money off of horny fapbois.
The pillow cover is also removable and machine washable.

Attached: 1305622669_1.jpg (500x351, 34K)

Just a shitposter spamming the same unfunny story everytime. Nothing remotely funny about it.

Imagine liking Toga over anyone else though

they die from hunger or thirst first

veronica is still saying no isn't she ?

Attached: 3jaoae.jpg (500x500, 63K)

based and autismpilled

Fuck you

Attached: 1580369774509.gif (404x416, 204K)

>flat GLOBE

except for sand niggers

Goddammit nigger why are you spamming this 3+ y/o copypasta in every thread on Cred Forums?

Attached: 1580666712227.jpg (720x642, 103K)

anyone have that big post about the guy studying african languages that basically discovered they really are sub-human?


Considering I've been hit by cars driving illegally multiple times, I don't want to hear shit about how it's a cyclist issue rather than Niggeria


He still fucked it up.

No you wouldn't.

nothin here is funny
kys ami juice

Kek, if you have ever used a dating app you know that most "big tiddy goth gfs" thay are into all the same cool shit as you are actually landwhales that either use old photos from when they were skinnier or closeup face shots with killer makeup

Longer the lifespan, more likely you'll get cancer lmao

Wow this thread was really good until it turned into a battleground of armchair psychiatry.

Irish user, hopefully you have learned today that while your suffering is valid, you shouldn't bring up your absentee father on Cred Forums. Blood in the water for trolls.

Troll-kun, I'm sorry your dad sucked so much. Nice trollin' though

Attached: 1579085128379.jpg (700x726, 53K)

I thought this was a YLYL thread and not Cred Forums Goes Wild

Big if true

How did they get the ages? Did the coomers fill in a survey or something?

train-based anger is not limited to black people

Attached: tumblr_o3hazxEs9n1rtd4n3o1_1280.jpg (938x1275, 233K)

>coomoonism no food
retarded american

Are you okay, my nigga? The meme is making fun of goth girls and doomers alike, what's with the rant?

Attached: IMG_20200130_101913.jpg (1120x1125, 199K)


Attached: 867109B8-2C59-4615-97CE-C215619B4FE1.jpg (413x395, 79K)

I have a dog so he can bark at niggers if they tryn' break into my house

>faggot's only heritage is being mad about not being allowed to have slaves and getting his ass kicked for it
You would like touching children's asses, wouldn't you?

OK commie

Attached: 1578685856487.jpg (253x199, 9K)

Incest cures cancer?!?!

Attached: 1580565021554.jpg (480x567, 34K)

Cancer cures incest

Attached: 1580325601530.jpg (720x720, 48K)

Every male boomer Facebook group

There’s gaming the system, And then there’s winning then system.

> france : arab and cuckhold

of course

Attached: dae.jpg (980x1040, 138K)

Somebody do this one but with the self suck pic

Fucking lost hard right off the bat. If this is OC, great job m80

Attached: F5AF18AF-6A7B-4A31-A599-92DC220A1B00.png (600x630, 426K)

Sadly I didn't make it myself, but goddamn I love it

Attached: PicsArt_10-05-09.51.49.jpg (750x654, 87K)

Still thanks, made my fucking day. I’m laughing like a retard in my office and people are starting to look at me like I have stage 4 autism

"his" bike

Congratulations, you determined that people who die of incest related diseases don't live long enough to get cancer

I gotchu

Attached: PicsArt_02-03-10.48.58.jpg (1316x1563, 184K)

Sabin Figaro ftw


Attached: hugefag.jpg (500x500, 93K)


I don't know why I find this funny.

How is Trump ever going to recover from this?


Where the fuck is the penis?

I was thinking about getting these but now not so much. thanks, Cred Forums!

probably in your mouth

You right!

Guys who do crazy shit usually aren't the tallest, pay attention to it and you'll notice.

Did you all watch the super bowl last night it was nothing but Niggers niggers niggers niggers niggers niggers niggers niggers niggers niggers niggers niggers niggers niggers niggers niggers niggers niggers niggers niggers niggers niggers niggers niggers niggers niggers you get the idea...

Attached: 1580702374049.jpg (460x530, 64K)

I am a eurofaggot, so someone please confirm this. Is it true that NFL stands for Negro Felon League?

This may shock you but no, I did not watch niggerball last night.

Black face'd midget with a blue mohawk. Star trek shirt and has a bitch on a leash. This man is more badass than 99% of Cred Forums

dubs confirm
Don't forget the gays user

Attached: 1561261763337.jpg (320x282, 25K)

okay my foot fetish can be chalked up to my german genetics. Nice, it's not my fault.

I need to get off of the internet. Apparently the general consensus is that this is super hot. This is degenerate and weird.

It most certainly does, when the negro football league started they played with chains around their neck and the ball was a watermelon

A nigger's idea of winning an argument is whining to the mods about racism until everyone that disagrees with them is b&.

Cringing so hard

The longer I look at this picture, the angrier I get.
The fuck is going on with her abdomen?

>closed captions


Diversity is our strength ;)

Attached: jew_basic.jpg (220x220, 19K)

That's lacist! So vely vely lacist!

> Look everyone I replied to someone and took a screenshot!! Sick burn!! LMAO

Bad shop is bad. kys

I have almost threw up

It will be everywhere

Attached: D46D1788-1684-4397-B571-1C449ECC270A.jpg (459x499, 44K)

that is a good reason. what an infuriating webm.

>united states of america founded by whites
Never white
Bruh how'd you fail history this bad?

Attached: Resized_1579927804673.jpg (1242x903, 244K)

Anyone have that webm of the girl who gets her lipstick messed up cuz of an earfquake it something and then it cuts to the movie clip of those Nazis doing the chair dance around the table with the "head will roll" some playing? Much appreciated.

how is japanese so popular explain. chink girls are like 4th down the line of hotness.

after what, in your opinion?


Attached: 3320011254.jpg (717x1115, 260K)

Shiiiiiit. At least that little nigga gettin some.

So the whiteness of a nation is determined by the skin colour of the founders? By that logic almost every African country is, or at least was at some point, a white country because the founders were some white european colonial powers


that's true, those countries are presently occupied by blacks. but, as soon as we get rid of our pussyfied politicians we'll be taking them back.

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Trips of truth!

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How high is your retard level? The grammar and sheer stupidity in that post goes way beyond regular variety dumbfuck.

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Seems your personal ratings don't really affect the rest of the human race

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Arthur is a joke
He lives in Sweden

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i am in love

I mean, you are the one implying it is sexual.

why would a company owned by kikes post that misinformation?

Ah yes, gloryous jewnited stades of jewmerica. So much (((independence))) and (((freedome)))

Which one of you penis pirates is this?

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>Flat globe
Imagine being that fucking retarded.

Lignan my balls.

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is this esperanto?

Let us know how importing all those muslims go. So brave and ((("diverse")))

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white latina arab

I remember that gif!
I whunna find that again, but I forgot what I need to goggle search.

Nah, They are just as much disgusting sandniggers like (((them))). While I at least now that you prefer to suck some (((greatest ally))) cock, megafaggot :*

Lost it at windows vista