I got the late night munchies. Want anything user?

I got the late night munchies. Want anything user?

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One thing, for you to kys yourself

Yeah, could you get me some funyuns? The flaming hot ones, not the regular

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Kill yourself yourself? Are you a fucking retard?

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No money user but these are usually free so I'll take a few if you don't mind

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I want a box of donuts and some chocolate milk

Chili cheese Fritos with added chili and cheese. I’ll give you the extra .50c they charge.

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yeah man could you get me one of those buffalo chicken taquitos

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I want them motherfuckin cheeseburgers they sell in the tinfoil.

Tastes just like HS lunch cheeseburgers. Brings me back. Thanks man

I need a big gulp and a slurpee



Hey there, could you be a lad and grab me some chips ?

No, it can't be, Darth Sodius was destroyed...

ranch corn nuts and a 6pk

Bro, dip your corn dog's in your ice cream or wrap it and bacon

beef jerky