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My guy, she's not even attractive. Why do you guys keep making Millie threads?

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yeah she's so ugly

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k i k?

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Damn, shes so fucking ugly ,hit the wall hard

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mo pussy for us then, gfum

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>2/10 would not bang

deep creep pie



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Can't tell if im a pedo or not

No , your not . But just in case take a seat

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It's time for dancing, not sitting.

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She is growing up so fast

you know, she's not really attractive

lovin myself rn

She went from 13 straight to 30

so the leaks were lies?

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She's only like 16 and already looks like a cocaine junkie 30 yo celeb slut that's fucked half the directors, producers and talent scouts in Hollywood.

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Ewwwww pedo Drake touched that

Of course. Millie is pure.

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you read me

I mean she's not, but ok. those cheeks have been clapped. She's probably had more partners than you.

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>fucked & fucked dozens of circumcised Jewish cocks to get her role on stranger things
>fucked Drakes greasy aids infected nigger ass while high on coke
Oh user, you poor naive child.

You two don't know what you're talking about. Lay off the gossip sites. They're rotting your brain.

oh my God you're serious

if you think at least Drake, who she herself has said hangs out and texts with her (he's 33), has been inside her, then you are an idiot.

Attached: mbb.png (1280x720, 1.74M)

She would never let Drake touch her. Millie is pure. She just uses him for his fame.

What’s yours

Damn, her mound is making me hard

ah ok you are just trolling

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If anyone wants to kik ryanczz20

No, you guys are the ones that are trolling. Or you actually believe this stuff, which is even worse. Two people can spend time together without something sexual occuring. Get over it.

>My guy, she's not even attractive
>you know, she's not really attractive

Are you shitting me? She's the cutest little underage thirty year old out there.

I mean honestly, if you're after a cute teen Millie to follow on instagram, millicentramsey is better than this junkie.

I just don't understand why this chick is famous.

Her "acting" is 99% grunting or making a mad face and pointing at something. Literally anyone on Earth could duplicate her performances.

The only thing I can come up with is that the Pedo-Jews in Hollywood promised to make her famous in return for spreading that skinny ass open.

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She's British, fucked tons of Hollywood Jews & properly parrots all the politically correct woke shit on Twitter. She's the ideal left wing white feminist.

Attached: DeepMiserableIberianmidwifetoad-size_restricted.gif (500x281, 1.37M)

In hollywood?
Thats crazy talk, im sure these kids arent sex slaves

Attached: 01bb0c942d5bcfb29dae169e11ba0ee9.jpg (750x740, 102K)

Any proof whatsoever?

Attached: 640full-millie-bobby-brown.jpg (640x953, 49K)

Yeah im sure all the child stars of stranger things getting pizza tattoos isnt symbolic

I'm not sure how lusting after a horse faced 16 year old makes him a Pedo, but OK I guess.

Of course not. Just sick fantasies.

Why does she always insist on having that showered 2 days ago greasey hair look? Fucking putrid

Damn those lips are made for sucking cock

Black rapper cock, to be specific.

So no.

She's gonna have a easter island looking head when she finishes puberty.

She’s been blacked heavily

Ok then

White pedos be mad a black pedo got there first lol


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it's too bad she's not 18 yet, I bet those tits look amazing

bump. please more Millie, I don't have much

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Bump. c'mon guys

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Attached: 1-6.jpg (4201x1201, 1.04M)

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What a goddess! Uhm... I love her so much!

Attached: part1.png (1768x1661, 1.61M)

Attached: part2.jpg (1726x4586, 1.76M)

Attached: part3.jpg (1890x2729, 1.32M)

Attached: 1510493280688.webm (1920x1080, 1.09M)

>reaing all that larp
nigga you serious?

Attached: 1490295057068.png (356x256, 200K)

Whenever i see these boards i always here of a supposed nip slip, does it exist?

> reaing
> nigga you serious
imagine showing your niggerness twice in the same post.

Yes it was a typo, how is that autism going for you?

Attached: 1387833134625.jpg (1400x1900, 381K)

Help a new fag out.....the fuck is a WEBM?

your mom's coochie

red it
it's worth it

Can’t be. I’m not familiar with it.

look at the author's not tho
the guy was a fucking wreck. there is no part 4, is there?

Attached: 15807396908581.gif (425x281, 1.94M)

Holy fuck

Where’s that from

Cred Forums
I screencapped it way back then. The guy posted it here on Cred Forums but disappeared after part 3

Shame he’s not still around. It worked for me.

At some point he said all he wanted was for Millie to notice his fic. But as said, he was a psychotic wreck. I remember his answers to comments were extremely incoherent.

Attached: 1511362297009.jpg (3024x4032, 1.11M)


I'm too retarded to know this. Pls, anyone?


It's Discord but it's spam

Wonder what her O-face looks like

Attached: 3095ec257711065d6152aab389ae4ad586bf663019d29b3ba3b48407d9d708d2.jpg (4180x1456, 1.12M)

like this

Attached: 1510490438137.jpg (3840x2160, 632K)


Nah I bet she's a screamer

only because I've had this discussion before... I'm assuming you're about the faces?
when I masturbate to Millie content, I hate to have other faces looking at me and judging me in the photos. that's why I censor them. Plus negro skin is a major turnoff for me, so I censor the black kid completely.
Noah is fine though, I think he's sexy as well.

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I don't know what either of these mean.


Too bad man

So yeah I get that she is famous on this board, but why have I never seen or heard her name anywhere except here? Who dafuq is she IRL? Is she on some faggy TV show that you drama fags adore or something?

She was one of the main characters in stranger things. Also main person in the newest godzilla film. Even my normie friends know her. You are out of the loop

No, exactly as I proposed, from some faggy show.

She's a TV and film industry courtesan who everyone on here wants to fuck


I made that. And 24 hours later my PC ate itself. make of that what you will

And exactly like I said, you are out of loop. You are too old to enjoy new media, shoo.

I know who she is here. The 15 year old girl with a body of a 10 year old boy.

No bad guess. Television is the ultimate blue pill. Not much time for it.

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Attached: 6CB1DF3D-3335-4A35-8402-0D4759FDC566-25440-00001033E907C6C2.png (640x1137, 509K)