Hidden cam/spy

Hidden cam/spy

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Or what’s you guys go to sites

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Is chicks filming guys taking showers and wanking a thing?

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I have always enjoyed peeking under a bathroom door with a mirror. Maybe I am a horrible dad

Busted ones are fun. Any more?

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if its your place why dont you just set up a fucking cam like a normal person

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what kind of setups do you guys have?

One of these

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anyone ever been caught?

Yup. First time had to move off campus, second time a couple friends found out, pretty much ruined life at the time but I got off easy because I don't think they told many people(if any). I ended up moving away and basically just cut off from all my college friends.

Consider very hard before you do shit like this because you can easily end up in jail. Don't do the lazy hide your phone in the room that will get you caught so hard.

>Don't do the lazy hide your phone in the room that will get you caught so hard.
even if its background recorder? so the screen is black?

anyways i build one in to a shavingcream can, shampoo bottles, baskets ... so many posibilities

any good public places with eye candy?

what were you doing that got you caught both times? i have a cam that looks exactly like a phone charger

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of her, or exposed bitches in general ?

Where is this from?

phones left recording for long times get HOT, its pretty easy to tell somethings happening even if the screen is dark.

its from here

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fair enough - i get your point.
never tried with phone, i like pinhole cams - obviously its not the same quality as a phone cam, but the tech is getting better and its so much safer imo

at least in my country people seem to get more aware of where cams can be hidden or what types of disguise are common. unfortunately that also makes the usb charger thing dangerous. they always look a bit too chunky or out of place to naturally be where they are.

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yeah, you need to do custom builds


>flashes her pussy in public
>gets pissed when somebody notices

its faked... was probably just panties

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I was thinking to use a usb charger with a shaver or toothbrush plug in? Makes sense then why the charger look a lil off/chunky

That's a white whale I say!

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Guess she works for a company named McHeating.

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Changeing filenames is lame ;-)

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Oh no, did the poor whale ever get unstuck from the beach?

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Teacher in thong

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God fucking damn i'd like to fuck that ass, imagine being a student in that class, i'd be rock hard every time.

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what is her name ?

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got a pussy and titties shot ?


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can you post the video in high quality, in vola or something ?
would love to see

If you boys search generic porn sites with spanish/portuguese keywords, you might be surprised and what you can find. Be careful fellas

Got mega?

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Sure user name and I’ll add you


This is fucking gross and sickening. It is very illegal to record in your own home when there is an expectation of privacy especially in the bathroom and bedroom. You can tell that this violates these rights and preys on helpless females. Wow I cant believe the degenerates that do this and shares it to the world to see. Try doing this to my 14 year old hot daughter in public and you will end up in the ICU buddy.

I'm 90% sure that someone has already spied on your daughter without your knowledge. Be it a friend, family, or complete stranger.

is she a hottie?
... you would never see the cam in public user, we are good at this shit...

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Any pics of her clothed? What would you rate her?

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Love this set.

i wrote you

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took me a while to figure out what i was looking at here. nice ass

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yeah, quality is kinda sad

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Holy shit, nice quality. Moar?

Drunk roomie

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that's the only vid i have

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Show her puss if possible.

All good, she has a nice body, but wtf is that thigh lmao

Is there a link for the whole set?

You got more? Thats a nice ass

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i found these with reverse image search. i saved all i could find

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got some more ye

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Thank you kind user.

Not your sister this time?

bro keep going

that was the last one i have

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What kind of camera are you using?

Nice. Whats the threshold of drunk that youre sure they wont wake up or remember anything? Or just let them pass out, "help them to bed" and if no response in the clear?

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A little bit of benzo will make sure your in The clear

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