Cut or uncut dick

Cut or uncut dick
No religious reasons allowed

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I like to stick my tongue under the foreskin

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Uncut, let the kid decide when he grows up

>haha we saged the thread where everyone overwhelingly wanted uncircumcised dicks we are just going to keep reposting the thread until the ay no real people are online and captcha is being a bitch. Then we will immortalize that one thread and tell ourselves how much we are laughing about it haha lol

Get a life.

whoops, *circumcised

makes more sense now. anywho bye

Literally bumped me to page 1

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This dick is maintenance free. I didn't even know what smegma was until I was like 17.

Every girl I've been with sucks and fucks, always told I have a nice dick.

Nigo is either on numbing drugs or an amazing tolerance
Also why was it bagged? Are they going to eat it? Ritual? Gay fetish?

Retard, no dick is maintenance free. Wash your shit. It's almost like the argument for cutting is to be a retard your whole life.

>Nigo is either on numbing drugs
nigs gunna nig
>Are they going to eat it?
ask the jews

>nigs gunna nig
How is letting your dick be cut off nigging?

Same :). My bf loves it.

cut, because my dad chose for me. I hate him for many reasons, including this.

>How is letting your dick be cut off nigging?
Why does it always have to be about dick with you?
Niggers are always taking drugs.

Also found out it's their circumcision ritual

or another part of African cuisine. quit culturally appropriating people with facts you grabbed off google. you fucking racist.

uncut. foreskin isnt that long for me, best of both worlds i guess. plus i dont even get how you can keep it in your pants without the foreskin covering it, if i get an awkward boner and the tip touches my underwear i cant stand it. keeping it clean isnt hard as well, never had dick cheese and for a while i actually thought its and inside joke on the internet

Cut if you are unable or unwilling to keep your dick clean. Uncut if you follow normal hygiene.
Cutting became normal during WW1 due to trench warfare. Doctors found significantly less dick disease among cut men. They then (wrongly) thought cutting would prevent other diseases, primarily STDs.

Cut, I think it just looks nicer seeing the head always out

-gets dirty, need to wash it more

- Nature™ protection of the head

Shut up nigger larp

don't assume my race, you autistic faggot.


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Circumcised looks better, it's just a shame it causes such catastrophic damage to the natural functioning of the penis.


i prefer vaginas myself.

Uncut and Cut can both be nice if your parents aren't fucking retards about sexual education. Really long foreskins look like someone strapped a weather vane to your head and should just get cut. Same thing with overly tight ones.

Nice clean looking foreskins that roll back easily and dont make that dumb puffy turtleneck around your dick head are the only good uncircumcised dicks.

Cut, sorta because of sanitary reasons but mostly because every girl I have asked prefers cut because it tends to look nicer.

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Cut. I just think uncut isnt attractive. Im glad im cut, and i suck a plethora of cut dick.

retard haha retard

women overwhelingly think a circumcised dick is more attractive. They are predominant in porn. It is more sanitary, and no scrubbing your dick won't prevent some of the complications of wearing clothes and having a foreskin.

It's like insisting people with their wisdom teeth experience life more fully. There is an effective, useful, popular option...or you can be a caveman.

>both, I have two penises

can you be a newage "bi" hipster somewhere else?

>women overwhelingly think a circumcised dick is more attractive
American women who are used to seeing them.
>They are predominant in porn
Most porn actors are american or jewish, colour me surprised. Also, who gives a fuck what's more predominant in porn? It's not an objective reflection of reality, it's a degenerate form of entertainment.
>It is more sanitary
No it's not. Foreskin is there for a reason. Washing your dick is not a complicated process, pretty sure even a nigger is capable of that. Cut dicks lose half of their nerves, dry up and need lubrication.

>you're correct
>you're correct
>i purposely ignored half of what you said

color me surprised

>who gives a fuck what people find attractive?

The thread.

>women overwhelingly think a circumcised dick is more attractive.
Not true, maybe for american women, in europe, being circumcised is rare and only done when medically nessesary. So the majority of women here have never even seen a cut dick let alone prefere it.
>They are predominant in porn.
I've never pay attention to dicks in porn, if there are even any. BDSM porn FTW.
>It is more sanitary
Incorrect, your dick is just as sanitary as you are. Of you don't shower every day, your cut dick dosn't magically get clean by rubbing on your briefs.
>and no scrubbing your dick won't prevent some of the complications of wearing clothes and having a foreskin.
Are you refering to zipper-accidents?
You know what prevents that, wearing underwear.
I'm almost 30 years, and I never had a Zipper-Accident.

I never had smegma, i'm uncut 30, the secret is to shower daily or at least every second day.

I'm cut, but I wouldn't do that to my son. seems like a pointless thing, and it would mean I'd have to let a Jew touch my child, which I dont ever want.

Come on guys. Make it less obvious you're a group of sea cucumbers ready to pounce on anyone overly satisfied with being circumcised or who says they like being circumcised without mentioning the benefits of both like the super open minded, progressive geniuses you are lol

>>They are predominant in porn.
>I've never pay attention to dicks in porn, if there are even any. BDSM porn FTW.
Yeah, this guy
Is probably just gay as fuck.

Rate my Uncut cock ÚwÙ

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I'm cut but I like my boyfriend's foreskin

Foreskin malformation. Had to circumcise at age 16. Else I'd piss and coom blood. Shit sucks.

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Im uncut and hate my dick.

I don't know why people say this stupid shit. You realise you're only supporting the "low maintenance" coping fags' fantasy by saying that.
I'm over 30 and have never had smegma, and I've also never had a shower.

There's no secret. I'm guessing smegma only happens to like dipshit catholics who are afraid of touching it.

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Rate me?

Well if showering every second day is high maintenance to you, I finally know why you're all incels.

Is there even a dick in that bag of skin/10

Way to miss the point you stupid faggot.


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What THE FUCK is that

uncut coz im not american nigga

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Uncut as nature intended

yes hehe nature

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Unless you're in a country with terrible hygiene and loads of diseases, cutting it doesn't get you a lot of benefit. But foreskin does allow you to masturbate a lot easier and provides protection.

It also provides ugliness!

Have you ever seen an uncut dildo? Nope

Uncut. Can fap without lubricants. Feels good man.

>implying cut fags can't

Hahaha, you're the first person I've ever heard give a shit about the astethics of dick

Exactly. Same reason i dock all my dogs' ears. It just looks better and theres no ears to get dirty

You must not get out much

Imagine the mental illness involved in literally shearing off the most sensitive part of your manhood because you think it looks better

I don't, and it seems like you just prefer to cut a piece of your dick as if it were plastic surgery.

Get a life loser.

Ok fag

Penis looks like a sad old man, pulling two equally old leather bags behind. And while this (we have to deal with this redicolus view every day) is the reason men have the better humour, no matter if cut or not, every penis looks rediculous.

Lol it's not like the foreskin is still on the head when fully erect, you stupid dumfuck.