What's your favorite site to visit?

what's your favorite site to visit?

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There are no other websites.
>you're here forever


youtube, if you go deep enough you can find anything there

tbh I'm a reddit fag. There's just something for everyone there, man. There really is.

Poptropica.com when Yotsuba wants to game out with her brain tuned out!

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Oh that's so damn true tho. Entertainment for fuckin' years.

Fixed that for ya

Love the fact they get real girls to show their tits and sometimes go further.

Poptropica is pretty dope

Poptropica was the shit when I was a kid, man. I fuckin' loved that game.


I'm dead, old and gay

This is now a poptropica thread. BITCHES DONT KNOW BOUT MY AZTEC CHEETAH MASK!

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If you enjoy other sites. Don't.
Fucking new fags everywhere.

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only oldfags know how shit this site really is

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>calling yourself an oldfag
how to show you're a newfag 101

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you arent funny

It makes it even more funny because you're reacting to it

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10 year old logic lol.

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Good logic

> chatpic.org/r/15min

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Shut the fuck up bogfags

>thats a nice 886655 tho, blessed dubs

Newgrounds and 8kun. And then programming/hacking sites like overthewire and hackthebox are great.