How does it feel to know that Bernie is getting cheated out of the next election by his own party effectively giving...

How does it feel to know that Bernie is getting cheated out of the next election by his own party effectively giving Trump the win?

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Feels good man

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Doesn't feel like anything because the illusion of Left, Right and center is just that. It's all the same corrupt fucks running the world no matter what puppet gets put in office.

Also incoming astroturfing shills.

Pay to Play!

Maybe Bernie should join the party first before complaining


I also believe in the false left-right paradigm!

it's amazing, primarily because they're doing it over bet-hedging. they're into Biden because he's a presidential looking white man. they'll lose by giving into the bigotry they accuse others of.

i guess that's the disadvantage to being people who constantly react to reality as it was 40 years ago. white supremacists everywhere! women make less than men! reee! yeah fucking 1980 called and it wants it's talking points back.

Bernie doesn't want to win.
He's "a socialist" with multiple million-dollar houses. He would lose his fortune under his own plans.
He's only there to draw interest to the democratic party. So that he can shuffle his supporters to the actual democratic candidates when he endorses them..

They'll get what they fucking deserve!

Yeah lol, the leading democratic candidate isn't trying to win the election.

Leave here and never come back kid.

Hilarious that Bloomberg's whole platform is just "I don't like Trump".

But then again that seems to be the main stance of the Democratic party.

Bernie will raise taxes on the working middle class. He's neither a worker or middle class. He is rich and will hire cpa to make sure he doesn't pay up.

Low quality bait

If you think Trump is fascist or authoritarian just look up some Bloomberg quotes. Especially his stance on overtaxing the poor on things like fast food and soft drinks.

That's part of Bernie's surge, nobody else talks policy.

Bernie is a nigger, that's why the DNC is cheating him out of the race.

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Agreed, that's why he is the current frontrunner.

Unfortunately they're gonna fuck him over just like last time.

It's already a known fact that Trump pays more in taxes both in dollar amount and percentage than Bernie (who claims everyone else should give the government more)

I'm voting for AOC, they're going to change the rules so she can run bc she's the only one who can beat Trump.

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Hey remember how this time the DNC made Bernie sign some huge mysterious document before he could "run" again? It's his agreement that he's a patsy. It'll be fixed to be Biden, they're not going to take any risks this time as they see it. They're the ones who believe a woman can't win, they're the ones who helped Veritas get videos of his Stalinist staffers.

You're getting Biden, watch it happen.

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I'm voting for Dukakis.

She can't beat a 4th grade math test

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We're getting Trump.

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Correct. Divide and conquer. Keep everyone distracted with non issues while they rob the middle class blind. The real issues are negative interest rates, the fed buying bonds with money printed out of thin air, and an economy based on massive debt expansion. We are in the biggest debt expansion currently in the history of the world. Get ready to lose more purchasing power. Neither the left or the right politicians address these issues

>How does it feel to know that Bernie is getting cheated out of the next election by his own party effectively giving Trump the win?
Pretty good, actually.
Trump's been building up a huge backlog of problems, and if a Dem wins this time, _they'll_ get the blame instead of the Republicans.
Instead, I'm hoping Republicans will still be in power when the coming apocalypse hits.
Hopefully their party will fall apart completely,
leaving big-bank dems as the new conservative party, socilist dems as the new liberals, and McConnell, Grahm, Trump etc. hanging from nooses in front of various federal buildings in D.C.

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Nice robot fan fiction.

He would lose money if he became President?! You know the President and all of congress are immune from insider trading laws right?

You dumb

You can't call it "cheated" if he is in on it.

His job is to energize young retards/ hippie burnouts with the promise of gibs, then bow out and turn them over to the DNC to vote Biden/ Warren/ Bloomburg/ Whoever. He'll get another house and his debt paid off.

Don't believe me? That is EXACTLY what he did in 2016.

Sure, employment is voluntary.
As an alternative, you _could_ just beg, or pick through dumpsters for food.
I'm sure your children will be fine.
Meanwhile, hobo's don't pay taxes.
Taxation is part of what you volunteer for when you get a real job.
Libertarians are children.

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He wasn't the frontrunner in 2016.

You've got to be some kind of retarded if you think the DNC would purposely throw away their best shot at winning. Openly screwing over the candidate with the biggest base causes many to turn on your party or not vote at all.

Thus you are a fucking idiot.

Yeah, you're probably right.

I mean I have been diagnosed as a fucking idiot so if you were able to determine that then the rest of what you said is probably correct.

So basically Bernie is on voluntarily losing the next election, not only for hisself but for the entire democratic party?

You don't make no fuckin sense.

It makes me feel like I'm starting to have sexual feelings for members of my same sex...

That makes sense as the DNC is literally fucking you.

This gay

Half way thru bloomburgs ads, I think it's a trump commercial touring all the good he's done until the end when bloomburgs says, orange man bad, I'm for the illegals, vote for me.

Preach brother. They want it all to be about guns, abortions, and immigrants so we don't ask about the debt. Trump didn't stop it but every Dem running will be worse.

America will adopt social programs very soon. It's only a matter of time. I predict a complete change once all the boomers die off

You are fucking retarded. In this country anyone can start their own business and work for themselves.

the DNC already decided who will win the “election” the rest of this is just theatre for show

the DNC will never choose a socialist to win the election

Good. Breadline Bernie is a closeted communist being propped up by filthy lazy unwashed faggots and hippies who want everything handed to them for free and have no realistic ideas or proposals that arent just delusions of envy and slothfulness.

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He had a small chance of winning the primary anyways, would've gotten fucked by Trump either way.

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Same people who support him spend all day on their phone. Its why you see bernie shit spammed by all the faggots on twitter and reddit.

Biden will be put up for impeachment if he ever gets in office the minute he steps foot in the WH..

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if the Ukraine doesn’t arrest him first
didn’t trump just put a 400 million dollar bounty on him?

Feels like 2016 TBH

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I'm not a fan of Bernie, but if you're going to make shit up can you make it a bit more believable?

Narrator: "They did."

>Libertarians are children.
This this this.

The correlation between intensity of libertarian beliefs and childishness is 1:1.

Don't worry libertariantards, after Bernie wins and we fix this country, we'll give you all the good stuff we'll be sharing too. Solidarity brother.

it sucks but i dont care anymore. my fuck party if filled with idiots and i feel like im the only one who sees what is going on sometimes

grow a pair and stop liking boomer comics you dumbass

jesus christ i need to look over my shit before i post

Indifferent. The USA was always going transform into a dictatorship. It's been flirting with it for decades. Americans don't believe in democratic process. They long to be rule because they are weak.