Gimme a rate dweebs

Gimme a rate dweebs

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Kill yourself

6/10 cut hair to be 8

10\10 sexy (I'm a 18m)

Would make a cute trap

look like every guy that uses Cred Forums

prove me wrong

Totally, make a pose ;)

Post butt OP

faggot hair pussy

faggot get a haircut and start going to the gym and maybe you will attract women. you look life a femboy

Are you using some weird lens? Like a fisheye lens. Something looks really odd and disturbing about your face. No offense.

Oh my GOD< what's wrong with your FAAACE!!!!!

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You did this yesterday


Can't tell if you're an ugly girl or ugly girl?

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* ugly girl or ugly boy

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if you have a dick i'll suck it...

Animaterr man the Logposter/10. It's u dude

Kek, trap confirmed.

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It must suck having such a receding hairline so young

You look like a cute guy that lives by me on Heath, I'd do you.