Be me

>be me
>be black
>be at super bowl party last night
>telling someone a story about a story from work about some crazy guy calling me nigger
>some white girl I’m not even talking to flinches and has a disgusted look on her face and says “please don’t use that word”
>I say “what word? Nigger?”
>she then says “you’re making everyone here really uncomfortable by using that word”
>I tell her I’m the only black person here and I’m telling a story
>she say “IDC I don’t like when people use that word around me”
>her three beta orbiters then walk over
>one of them put his arm around her and asks if she’s okay the other two get in my face and one say “hey man she told you to cut that shit out. She clearly doesn’t like that shit. Fucking stop”
>I tell them “fuck you I’ll say nigger whenever I fucking feel like. NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER”
>she got up and left and they followed after telling me to go fuck myself.

Why are white people like this?

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Because you're a nigger.

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get fucked darkness

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>on Cred Forums

Oh so fake story then.

Youre both confrontational bitches

How did I get fucked in this situation. I was just telling a story and they got so offended they left the room

Itt op does what all white anons would do

Just white people being white. Nothing special.

I personaly think its ok to say it as long as you arent insulting the other person in a serious way.

I'm telling you to get fucked. you definitely didn't get fucked. that's a given. I'm telling you that you're dark as midnight. fucking nigger.

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>I did something that multiple people clearly asked me not to do and they got mad at me wtf
The fact that it was the word nigger and the whole who's black who's white thing is kind of irrelevant. Some people don't like foul language at all, even the words fuck/shit/cunt can be "too offensive". In my opinion, that's stupid and oversensitive, but my opinion ain't more important than anyone elses and neither is yours. You can cuss at those types of people anyways if you wanna feel like a cool edgelord who says whatever you want, but don't be surprised when people recognize that you're being a self righteous asshole

I was drunk and I got pissed especially when some guys got in my face about what I can and can’t say. Also just fuck those people in general. Why the fuck did they get offended it makes no sense

Are you stuck in a small town and on probation for being black?

I’m light skin black

I wasn’t insulting anyone. The story was about someone insulting me

it could've been worse, atleast you aren't stuck in the same city and on probation because of god

Honestly, you could have handled it better. You could have made them seem like morons, but what you did makes you sound just a bit unhinged.

Asked/warned 3 times then complaining after the fact.
Sounds like the guy at work was right

We were at a party and I wasn’t even talking to them. In the story the guy said a bunch of fucked up shit to me and she didn’t have a problem until the whole nigger thing. I was telling the story to like 8 people and we were all laughing. She’s the one who tried to make the whole thing about her and then three guys had to come up and basically threaten me. Fuck all 4 of them. They were the assholes

Because we are damned if we do, damned if we don’t.

>am black
There's no point bringing it up in public. Unless your with "the boi's." You just make everyone around you tense and uncomfortable. Regardless of your color or theirs.

They didn’t need help looking like morons. I just hate people like that

"Im whining cause i went out and socialized with people and didnt like the outcome:("

People will be people
Get over it

How light? Do people have to be told that you’re black and not anything else?

Fuck them user. I'm gay, had almost the same experience with the word "faggot". Me and my husband call each other fag and faggot all the time and it's always busy body women and their orbiters who are trying to police what I say when it doesn't involve them. Fuck them user.

No I was asked once. And then had two guys get in my face yelling at me to stop because she got mad that I was telling a story near her to other people and said a word she didn’t like.

They asked me how my last shift was. So I told them what someone said to me

Well, me too.

But, saying nigger over and over again is kinda silly too lol.

Just saying there was likely a more tactful way out of that situation.

ITT a bunch of sensitive niggers

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You're making excuses like a teenaged girl. "Boohoo, they started it, they did this that and the other thing!" You're ignoring the fact that multiple people asked you something as simple as "don't say this certain word at this single social event" not difficult or strenuous. Instead of complying and complaining about it to your buddies at a later date like a normal person would, you threw a tantrum about it and used the word excessively just to lash out at people who had the audacity to simply request you avoid a single word for a short period of time. Again, if that's how you wanna live your life, do it, but don't act surprised when people recognize what a bitch you're acting like

>overprotected roastie used to getting her way
>herd of betas that help her get her way
Sounds like you already know what’s what user.
Kind of reminds me of when a friend of mine was telling a story and a guy overheard him say nigger. It was this short kid we used to call cross eyed rob because he had a lazy eye. He’s white but typical suburban wigger. So he comes over and starts getting in my friends face. “What’d you say? What’d you say?!” And he got in a fight with my friend, who stood a good foot taller and had 150 plus pounds on him. Needless to say my buddy beat the shit out of him. Hit him so hard in the head his eye fixed itself for a week.

No I’m clearly black just not midnight black

Do you fire back with “shut the fuck up breeder”? That always seems to put them in their place.

>don’t be a bitch and have a temper tantrum
>be a beta little faggot who whines later to his friends in hushed turns
>don’t be confrontational at all
>things are scary
>be snarky
>I’m smart
Fucking kike.

When iI was a boy, there were Negros and then niggers.
Now there are black people and the damn niggers.
In my life I have know some fine black people. Now all I know are niggers.

>>be black
>why are hwite people persecuting me
fuck off racewar sparking cunt, go eat your kosher

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This has to be bait

Blacks aren’t allowed to have non nigger culture anymore.
Some are trying their damndest though.

>makes up stories that didn't happen about racist white men and their made-up actions

>hates white men and want to murder all of them, yet hangs around them to try to get white poontang

no wonder you're so conflicted OP. do your WM "friends" know how much you really want them all violently dead?

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There are times to be confrontational and there are times were it's stupid and not worth throwing a fit over. Some girl asking you not to say nigger ain't worth a fit. OP got triggered because a couple people asked him to exert the bare minimum effort in a social situation, that's not a proper confrontation, that's being a bitch

Why should I have to censor myself that makes no sense. Should I just walk up to random people on the street talking and demand that they stop because I don’t like what they’re talking about? How do you think that would turnout? She wasn’t part of who I was talking to. It was a story to my friends there. She forced her self into the situation

Sadly it’s not. It was my friends Super Bowl party and he had a shit ton of people there so his sister invited a bunch of her friends from college to come by too to drink and watch the game

Dont listen to the american soyboys in this thread. The chick had the option to ignore and fuck off, instead she had the dumb idea to barge into a conversation where no one adressed to her.
And even if it was an open forum, if she got upset by the used vocabulary, she can go fuck herself.
Context matters.
This whole point is null if you went on a hate tyrade against niggers, kikes or whatever other ethnic group you talked about however. But I assume this is not what happened.

However, there is not much you can do here. Just accept the fact that many people are just some dumb flakes that deserve to get fucked because they never attempt to focus on the important aspects of (social) life.

Well to be fair, neither one of us was there. We don’t know what kind of party it was, how old everyone in the story is, ect. It’s situational sure, but we don’t have a complete view of the story. You keep saying social situation like it’s an ice cream social with waiters and shit, I’m picturing a bunch of teenagers drinking cheap beer and flavored liquor in someone’s basement/garage.

Women are stupid my nigga, but they have too much power, is called sex. Beta orbiters should be shot on sight. It was a mistake having given them rights

You could have just straight up said 'OK' and turned back to the group you were talking to. Something to say would be 'Okay, well I am telling a story and I don't feel the same way about that word, and neither do most people here. if you have such an issue with this word, maybe you should walk away?'

Surely that would be better than saying nigger over and over?

Everyone there was in there 20s and it was a super bowl party with a shit ton of liquor

Get offended by white people using the word nigger.
Get offended by white people being offended by someone using the word nigger.
Maybe some people don't want to listen to your vulgarity ? I have a penis, doesn't mean it's appropriate to tell cock jokes in the middle of a party.

based take

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You'll notice it's all just left-wingers that act like this.

hahahah this just made my day!

hahahaha this just made my day.

You have two options in life. A) "censor" yourself and earn respect from people who appreciate it or B) say whatever you want and deal with when people occasionally get pissed at you for clearly not caring about them or their comfort, even if they're obnoxiously sensitive. I'm not saying you have to do one or the other, I think both options have their time and place, but I'm repeatedly saying that if you choose to act like an asshole towards people, people are going to think youre an asshole. Either learn to cope with people getting frustrated, or stop frustrating people. You did exactly what they asked you not to do and did so even more aggressively once someone called you out, and then came on here acting like you did nothing wrong.
The type of social event doesn't matter. It could be a roaring adult party, it could be a middle school sleep over, if someone asks you not to do something and you do it more aggressively, they have every right to be pissed off. Either don't piss them off, or don't get your panties in a twist when they do get pissed off

You don't have to censor yourself just don't question why some people don't want to be around you if you insist on being vulgar.

Bro I'm white and I would've defended you. Anything goes when you tell a story. The fact that those disgraces even said that to you proves that deep down, the only thing keeping them alive is the attention that so passionately lust for.

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Yeah, pretty much this. You have the right to be a vulgar faggot, and I have the right to avoid your presence, or worse.

Libs are racist. Non racists wouldnt give a shit.

You showed her how rude she was by yelling "nigger" multiple times in the middle of a party? I'm sure the person across the room who heard you yelling "nigger" over and over again fully understood your view.

Don't you have a blacked thread to jerk off to?

They’re the ones who got aggressive first though. I didn’t get in anyone’s face until these guys came from across the room to yell at me. I didn’t get violent I just talked. I’m sorry I wasn’t going to sit there and give into their intimidation tactic.

You're a modern day rosa parks op. One day we'll tell our great grandchildren the story of the man on the 5 dollar bill who had the courage to yell " nigger!" At a super bowl party.

You're still leaning on "oh yeah well they did this and that!" It doesn't matter. Have you not heard the phrase be the bigger man? The elementary school school lesson to not hit someone just because they hit you first? You're trying to blame them because YOU lose your cool. It doesn't matter what they did, that's not your responsibility, your responsibility is responding to it and your choice of response was to repeatedly snap the exact word they asked you not to say. Like many anons have stated, you could have just as easily told her you'd avoid the word, or even that you would NOT avoid the word and that it would be best she stayed away from you. From the start you just keep whining about "what they did". No one cares. People are shitty and annoying, that's how life goes. Learn to cope with it, or you'll continue making a public scene out of yourself whenever someone bothers you

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Again fuck that. I refuse to be forced to censor myself anyone or be intimidated to be quiet. I don’t need to be the bigger man if someone hits me I’ll hit back. When someone yells in my face about what I can and can’t do I’ll yell back. I’m not gonna just sit there and not defend myself. If you want to live your life just cowering because someone confronts you have fun but I’m not going to go through my life like that. I’m not gonna learn to cope with people who spend their whole life looking for something to be offended by

Cred Forums sucks now. There are just too many soyboi cucks

white niggers

Are you even reading my messages? I never stated you HAD to censor yourself or that I censor myself all the time, just that if you choose not to censor yourself then don't act shocked when people get pissed off. That happens to me a lot because I don't censor myself unless the situation calls for it. When people get mad at me I state my opinion and make it clear that I'm not changing my mind and it's best they don't talk to me. You don't have to censor yourself to not be an asshole. Sometimes it's a serious matter where you need to stand your ground, but sometimes it doesn't fucking matter so standing your ground looks like a spastic overreaction in certain contexts. You don't really need to "defend" yourself from everyone and everything all the time, it makes you look paranoid and temperamental. The bottom line is not every situation calls for a vulgar and intense resolution. A drunk girl and her nonviolent friends don't seem like a call for serious action. I even stated that I think that while there are times to censor yourself, there are definitely other times where I agree, fuck that. If someone is causing real trouble, I'll confront them on it, I'm not a stranger to fights, but the point I'm getting at is that some girl bothering you at a party isn't worth the same reaction. It was just some sensitive thot, you couldve given a respectable response to her, dismissed her, and continued on with your story. Instead you yelled nigger at her. Yelling nigger at a girl isn't as noble and courageous as defending yourself. If you want to handle every social interaction like a confrontation then that's your choice, but it makes you seem like you aren't aware of yourself or your surroundings because you're just so focused on making yourself look big and tough. No one gives a shit. If you beat the shit out of a guy who was throwing hands, you'd have my respect, but instead you went NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER at some white girl. Not exactly the same level of honor.

Plot twist, call the white dudes butting in niggers as a black guy.

They're you, in white skin.


Translation: bla bla gooogoo gaagaa bla bla bla bla blublublub bla bla bla bla gagagagagagagagaga

Proper response. Good on you user.

Also, does it annoy you when people say 'The N Word' instead of Nigger?

Imagine caring this much


LMAO almost retarded enough to be pasta

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You're a nigger


Personally, I think it is very important to take into account the fact that our subjective perception of objective reality is in agreement about one single true fact, which is: You are an autistic nigger.

Whoa, I'm not even invested in this argument and I can tell you mad.

If we don't get to say "nigger" then neither do you.

Good on you for not letting some autistic snowflake get their way.

If she's the only one giving a shit and acting like it's everybody's problem, she doesn't deserve consideration.

Because they were sensitive beta males

You. Your behavior is why white people act like this.

Stop being such a nigger. mean to say: what you did makes you sound like a nigger

>why are stupid ass white people SJW
Your question answers itself guy.

Use a knife to peel that filth off.


wypipo gonna wypipo

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this is why segregation needs to be reinstated
shitskins ruin everything by trying to interact with the humans

Keep saying nigger based black user

If only black people didnt make such a big deal about the word Nigger to start with.

A lot of anons are clearly stupid, because; if you were telling a story, and she was eavesdropping, shes in the wrong.

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They are pissed because you, like many other blacks think that it is permissible for you to say the N-word for being black. Then you get all self righteous and violently pissed off if any other race were to say that word. You are a hypocrite and a racist. Additionally, no one wanted to hear your sob story about someone being racist towards you. Fuck you.

I personally would be careful if I were a nigger, so yes I suppose you're right.

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Not OP but does my cock look small and white to you

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All off you damn ugly niggers get the fuck off Cred Forums! This is a no niggers allowed place. You dirty ass shitskins.

Ive been here since before you, be quiet boy. You pathetic racist cucks have nowhere to run.

You're alright.

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You sound like a cunt.

Because shes right. You dont automatically gain the right to say racial epithets because you are the race currently being denigrated by you. That just makes you a self-deprecating racist.

What are you lazy ass dumb poor nigger gonna do? Have your fat mama chase us?

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>be me.
>be girl.
>a nigger confronts and says nigger.
>be disgusted.
>feel uncomfortable.
>please help he hurting my feelings.

Based nigger.

You're 100% correct. Not having a shitskin is something to be proud off.

sure thing kyle

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Why are all niggers so damn dumb? Is it genetics?

Because they just want to say nigger too bro

Aah! Somebody quickly kill that damn thing. I almost puked!

You need to steal more nyukka!

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Were not all like that, just like not all blacks are niggers, nowhatimsayin?

Lol. That's one damn ugly looking nigger!

Unironically based black man
get rekt roasties

do you have a BBC?
How do white girls acct around you?

because black people keep telling that word but when a white tells that you beat him to death. that's why we feel uncomfortable around you. we just never know what to say, everything we say can be racist for you

He is a good boi, he resists the urge to steal bikes and he suffers for it.

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>Niggers don’t like whites saying the nigger word.

>Niggers are allowed to say it to niggers.

>Goes to party and complains about white people not wanting to hear to his boring story and the nigger word.

Whites go off and fuck the girl

Nigger gets triggered.

Wow nigger supremacy bbc yeah cock fuck me yeah girl want black cock nope.

>triggered for not getting what he sees on b threads.

Pretty much this.

Those people are racists, they hate the word because they are better than black people and therefore need to be offended on their behalf.

It's a pathetic far left thing.

because cultural marxism
>must protect lower class citizens
>blacks are being descrimanted against
>thus we should protect blacks of "discriminatory" content (even if they want to use this content)

Tell all these niggers that they should take a knife and try to peel that shit off themselves.

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So cute. Give it a banana.

>expecting a female to behave logically
>especially an oversensitive sjw

What does nigger mean and why is it so bad to use?

yh its not like afikans get offended when others say nigger even other afikans get offended. Man to be honest you seem rather stupid

A nigger is a failed attempt at a human being according to the dictionary.

because using a derogatory term endearingly still promotes its usage in the future

in other words if black people stopped saying nigger it wouldn't even be around today

It's the same like retards can only say retard.

So is retard or autist but people don’t have problem with that. So why is nigger not allowed to be used by whites and when it’s so bad ?

>be me
The only true part of that story.

wasn't at the party so I cant really comment on that, sounds like alcohol personality conflicts cocked up some shit, and yeah, bossy cunts and their entourage, etc.

Something I've noticed though.
It's really not a law of nature or anything, more a general trend.
At least in my own personal interactions, and those I've observed, black people tend to be more boisterous while whites tend to be more subdued and restrained.
It's neither a good nor a bad thing, just something that, in this case, may have led to a bit of culture clash.

And yes, before some faggot says it, no, not all white people and no, not all black people. I'm not even saying op did it, I'm just saying it MAY have played a role.

That being said, unless the noisy bitch was directly in the conversation, she could have just given a dirty look and walked off, she didn't have to insert herself like an unwanted cock into someone else's twat

The same reason you don't eat shit. Even the word nigger is disgusting to say. A true white man shouldn't be messing with shit in his life.

Yes it does.

what makes me curious
how would you have reacted if the guy/girl you were talking to said the word too? Not in a derogative way, but something along "wow, can't believe he called you nigger"
would you have been angry? or more like "I know, crazy shit, right?"

I don’t care who says nigger. It’s just a word

Fucking based

Not a sob story. It was a funny story

How else should they react? Something like, Oh yeah homeboy this is the nigger fucking shit right here nigga.

No. Again it is just a word and I’m not a child. We say nigger all the time and I don’t get offended. My story was basically something a psych pt said to me and I thought it was funny

They should’ve reacted by not forcing themselves into my conversation just to be offended

>why are white people like this.
White people are generally way more offended by shit. Like say someone walked over to you and said
>shit the fuck up nigger
That same white girl would be more offended on your behalf, than you would be, having it actually happen to you.
Idk why. The race to be the most woke I guess

dubs checked

Because just the word nigger is already disgusting to hear. It's like smelling shit. And looking at a nigger and hearing it talk requires an extremely strong stomach to handle.

white guilt is a thing, unfortunately.

Also, some circles earn reputation points by being offended over trivial bullshit, rather than just trying to get along with others.

something something slavery, something something racism, something something "our word", etc. I think that's how the spiel usually goes...

if we cant use it. you cant either.

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But I don’t care who uses it

that's because you're an adult

Just because you're a filthy cotton picking nigger, doesn't mean you can say it. I'm not allowed to say it in public, why should a filthy fucking fried chicken, watermelon eating kool aid black bastard to able to say, nigger?!! Do us all a favour and fucking kill yourself, take the rest of your jungle bunny nigger friends with you. Black bastard.

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Agreed. Anyone on the girl's side is a raging faggot.

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Look everyone!! A faggot!

You're are the faggot. Nigger loving cuck. I hope a nigger rapes you

Very well said!

just shame that white whore by telling her that her ancestors used that word hatefully towards your people, then proceed to tell her that you have the right to say that word, and any attempts to silence you is oppression coming from a white girl who has white privelege. use her own bullshit sjw tactics on her, works every fucking time. watch how fast she shuts the fuck up when you do this.

Nice larp op

Do you even know what a faggot is kid? Google it, then you know how dumb you sound.

Yikes! A cuck and a good ol fashioned rape. Very clever fag.

"You're are" lol

The girl was just disgusted by the word. If you hear it's like smelling shit as if somebody farted. And then her stomach couldn't handle looking at this disgusting nigger.

I used Bing. Pretty sure you are also a huge massive dick eating faggot. But you could also just be a regular faggot. My research is ongoing.

I already knew you Google that shit.

is this ylyl you lose you lose?

Living niggers aren't funny. They are fucking disgusting. A dead one, now that's hilarious!

Dubs of truth

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Shut up you fucking homo

You're not even black, just a mongrel mystery meat mutt with no identity.

If you want to refer to yourself as a nigger, go for it.... I refer to some of my closest white friends as 'my niggaz'