What makes life worth living ?

what makes life worth living ?

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The inevitability of death.


Cumming inside of a vagina

sauce or name of the girl standing?

You decide


To crush your enemies. See them driven before you and hear the lamentation of their women.

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good friends, good food & drink, seeing all of the beauty in the world, and, if you're a straight dude, having a nice, warm, loyal pussy to nut in every night

looks like malena morgan. also everything gets lame eventually. havent tried having a kid tho. maybe thats the secret to staying happy after your 20s

Raising white children who may one day live Turkey free among the stars. Or their children will. Or their children. But one day, no more subversive Jew. One day.

Their women are too distracted by my superior english shaft stirring up last night's haggis.

for me? making people happy. being happy...and hoarding guitars...

I found pleasure in deprogramming cult members like the freemasons, christians, brits and such.

The fear of potentially going to hell as a direct result of killing myself and yourself.


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The feeling of getting closer to your point of focus, whatever it may be. Not where you are, but where you know you are going. Its a matter of decision, and there is no wrong. 444

My Dog and my woman.

Don't know how i'll cope in a few years once my Dog pops it.

Follow twitter accounts which post cute animals that keeps the thoughts of suicide/depression at bay.

As a hyper depressed piece of shit, the only thing that gives me a modicum of regret free time is, good vidya sessions with friends.
Though its very rare.
I'd say eating favorite foods is worth it, but then the lingering knowledge of how bad it can be ruins the enjoyment. Donuts and cakes for example.

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