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you're literally sexist if you choose buttigieg or sanders over warren

>sexist for choosing man
>not sexist for choosing woman

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homo homo homo

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falling for a bait like this lmao

Poor 38%. He died on his way back to his home planet.


Buttchug is winning?


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Oh man, this is only the beginning too. I can’t wait to see the wacky antics the DNC engineers in order to fuck Bernie over in the other 49 primaries. A shady app is only the start. Maybe have the Hamburglar steal one election.

so the gay guy's name is literally "bootygig"?

that's fucked up


it'll be even funnier when Trump gets re-elected because the DNC can't get their shit together and fuck over their own party, and then they'll all cry about Trump winning for another 4 years

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so my understanding is everybody basically expected these results to be in reverse, provided bernie and warren were switched

everyone expected biden on top, then sanders, then warren, then buttigieg

so these results are jarring to people, also there was some issue with a voting app not working. i don't know if this is voters using a mobile app or people who tally the results using the app, but it wasn't working, and there's some backup service of just casting your vote/reporting your vote over the phone, but now those phone lines are backed up with a huge queue

that's my understanding, someone please give me clarity. i've searched for answers and literally all i see are fucking stupid memes of twitter, CNN flipping the fuck out, and people saying this is yet another rigged primary. maybe it is, maybe it isn't, but i'm still not clear

Say what you will, but China built a makeshift hospital fully functional and hygenic within 8 days, while Trump had close to 3.5 years to build a wall, and still hasn't finished it.

I am sure the great wall of china and the great pyramid was built quicker than the garden fence wall Trump is building.

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>38% of the vote unreported
>de moines all areas with massive bernie support conveniently unreported
>all due to an error in an app literally paid for by buttchug, and created by his supporters
>it's reported like it's the final results
when will Iraq invade and teach these Americans how to do democracy


The Fantastic Four Failures.

yes xD triggered libtard xD blue hair xD reeee xD unlimted gender xD MAGA xD KAG xD Keep winning xD Trump train never stops xD

Hopefully soon.

Not surprising to see Biden in last. 2012 would have been his only shot, if ever.

They real final results will never be revealed. Anything coming out after tonight will just be made up.

The DNC leadership would prefer if Trump won: Trump is carrying out all the unpopular measures that the Democrats’ donors want (e.g. sky high military spending; tax cuts for the wealthy; deregulation across all industries, etc.), but the Dems can point the finger at Trump and pretend they wouldn’t do the same. That’s why they want to fuck over Sanders.

Looking at Buttigeig he would be a great adversary for Trump in the elections he looks a bit like JFK, he is young, he is idealistic views. And he is charismatic. This is someone the Republicans don't want leading the race.

Question everything, believe nothing.
The mind of a perfectly sane person.

The dems are making fools of themselves.

Buttigieg Caucus Supporter Asks to Change Vote After She Finds Out He's Gay

No shit.

It's hilarious how republicans and Trump supporters think Trump is against the "Elite", whilst giving tax cuts to them, giving them more rights as employers/bosses and freedom to expand their empires on the cost of the average American.

Hah haven't you heard? they're recounting 15 different ways so bootyjigg doesn't win

Shill detected... Supporting the guy who funded the shitty app in the Iowa caucus, as well as hiring 2 Facebook execs to help run his campaign

they would rather trump win than someone like Bernie.

Lol you think anyone independent voters will go for a shifty fag who worked as a spook for the cia, he's the most corrupt of the big candidates . Trump will eat him alive. It's going to be great

I've said it a million times and I've said it again: Buttigieg is the most viable Democratic candidate this cycle because he is a white and gay Obama. He is the perfect centrist candidate AND he's not on death's fucking doorstep like all the other 70+ boomers. I've been singing this tune since I first heard he was running (my hometown is 45 minutes from South Bend so I was already tangentially familiar with him) and I'm glad to see people are realizing this

Release the other 38%, Mayor Cheat

A faggot, a jew, an indian and a pedophile walk into a town hall meeting...

Simple misunderstanding between Pete Buttplug and Iowa, when they bonded over their love of cornhole

>Trump says on the campaign "hey I have nothing against a guy who likes another mans penis in his anus, I just don't want him as president"
>Trump wins in a landslide

>implying the DNC primaries aren't always rigged, and that in any way they want what the general public wants
believe what you want

>something, something, family values, only a man and woman

I am British and not Jewish, you can stop with the excuses now.

Why not, people went nuts for Trump didn't they.

*shrug* nothing to do with me, that's your country's politics not mine. I just gave an opinion.

This is the image the government really want in charge. If they get him in, they appease a chunk of republicans if he wins because good old wholesome American white boi. And appease a chunk of LGBT and whatever extra letters there is now also.

Win Win for America. Wouldn't be surprised if funding comes from both sides of the fence for this guy.

Go away, shill.
2020 will be decided the same way 2016 was: whoever can win the Rust Belt walks into the White House. The only candidate who has been consistently against deindustrialization is Bernie, and amount of PR work can convince people otherwise.
Buttigieg isn’t even running a fake Hope and Change operation like Obama. Pete is running on a “I can unify moderate Republicans and moderate Democrats into a winning coalition” campaign. It’s like Mayor Pete hired the Romney campaign people.

And you think that won't sell
>get out of your lib echo chamber

I'll never vote for a straight, binary white male ever again.

people went nuts for trump because he wanted to drain the swamp, pete literally worked for the "swamp" , nobody wants to vote for that

worry about your own countries retarded poltics and we'll worry about ours

Tough, I can have my opinion. And Trump never cleaned the swamp he added to it.

so you wont vote for trump then? we all know your some right wing redneck looking to make fun of democrats even though there's no difference between any of the democrat candidates and 4 more years of donald trump

people didnt go nuts for trump,hillary won the popular sorry you live in some right wing redneck state that nobody cares about,since the only people who voted for and support trump are the stupidest people in america

also "pete"is from a right wing conservative sorry your to ignorant to realize it,maybe if trump put out a tweet about it,you might know.since trump supporters are some of the most uninformed people in america

Mr Moscow ohisashiburi

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Trump is shit, but the whole impeachment fiasco played right into the narrative that there is a Deep State conspiracy that is trying to overturn the 2016 election results.

Gosh, do you think the mayor of South Bend, a large Rust Belt city, can succeed in the Rust Belt?

People don’t fall for that stupid shit.
Pete won’t discuss the consulting work he did while in Iraq for McKinsey. That’s shady, and people would rather vote for a vulgar fraud like Trump than that.

so close

God damn I hope Dems don't win this year, even more than I didn't want them to win last year.

>butt kek

【米大統領選】穏健派ブティジェッジ氏が首位 民主・アイオワ州中間集計



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Da Fukz en IOWA men?