Watch Nancy; all she’s doing is looking at blank papers, and pretending she’s reading stuff

Watch Nancy; all she’s doing is looking at blank papers, and pretending she’s reading stuff

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Yep watching it now. The Democratic party is having a meltdown. Just goes to show what shitheads they are.

Own the libs !

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She represents EVERYTHING that is wrong with your country.

Watch Donald; all he's doing is looking at blank faces and pretending that he wrote this stuff.

The semicolon makes you look like a cunt, mate.

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You are a sheep

Nancy is a cancerous slug. Like any other liberal scumbag.

Keep drinking that Trump Kool-Aid, kiddo. Keep sucking on that Trump Tower too. We all know how much you like the taste of the Donald's golden phallus. It's always in your mouth.

He's still impeached. He will always be impeached.

Actually he’ll be acquitted tomorrow.

I know it’s a big word, look it up libtard

and it changes nothing. he'll still be president.

it's like when you were in school and were told that something "will go on your permanent record". doesn't mean shit.

Who cares? It's not like Trump ever says anything true or important.

No, you nigger. He's impeached. The Russian owned senate won't remove him.

First, look up 'Impeached'. Retard.

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He's impeached. Enjoy it, faggot.

Like a trumptard ever tried going for higher education.

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Seethe much tard? Must suck to see all your childish dreams crushed in front of your eyes

Still your president, till Trump Jr gets elected in 2024

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That is the problem, my man. Trump never says anything true, and that IS important.

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It’s called politics. Both sides do it.

>Still your president, till Trump Jr gets elected in 2024
>Trump Jr
>not Ivanka

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shes pissed

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Meanwhile Pence is sitting like his center of gravity is fucked up. Tilting like a motherfucker

hemorroids perhaps?

Her butthole is the size of a dinner plate tonight lol

Tearing up her papers like a little bich lol


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stupid bitch struggled to rip two pieces of paper

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She tore up Trump's speech.

Woooooooo that'll teach him!!!

Yeah she showed that mother fucker, pussy power yasssss


>being this fucking dumb

look up impeachment idiot

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she ripped up the speech behind him...

its a known fact that autist cant read facial expressions
she sure does look owned huh?

>He thill yo prethident
So, he's got the black vote too.



Only you and your 48.6% care

Did the suicide rate go up?

kek being this fucking stupid

lmao man the left really dont know wtf to to say,trumptard here with higher education,whats your gender studies degree doing for u nigger?

Imagine saying "trumptard" wow...

Bernies gonna be president and trumps gonna be in prison

nothing to see here, move along

you got a few of these going at once eh?

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Nancy has been in a coma since 2010.
They just shoot her full of adrenaline to keep her in a semi-awake state.

>#Inthebag2020 retard