31 year old software developer making over 6 figures with 26 year old girlfriend...

31 year old software developer making over 6 figures with 26 year old girlfriend. Both of us are above average looking and fairly fit. We live in an offgrid RV currently on a plot of land. Childhood was stolen due to cult and I no longer speak to my family.

I personally want to build a huge family to replace the shitty one I left. My girlfriend just really likes women. Both myself and my girlfriend really want another woman or two or more in our relationship. We haven't gotten married yet because we are considering buying a mail order bride as a last resort.

It is extremely easy for me to pickup women at bars when I'm alone or with a guy friend, however, the second they find out I have a girlfriend they literally run. How can we find women who want to be polygamists and even raise children with us?

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please help /b!


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Not to hijack the thread but could I ask you a question? You sound like a very successful individual and I'd like your input.

I'm a 22 year old NEET, interested in data science and cybersecurity. Took a semester of classes a few years ago and aced them all but had serious anxiety issues so haven't anything since. I've got the anxiety mostly under control now and ready to go back to school. Any advice for me?

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If they literally run, just literally chase them. You should be able to catch them.

I have anxiety all the time. I wasn't successful until I realized I just had to take what I wanted. I got a entry level software developer job before I finished community college and got several certifications after that. You just kind of have to do it and not be afraid of rejection or failure. Keep failing until you don't.

Feel like I'll get maced... They usually get pretty pissed when they find out. Last one asked me immediately and I turned it into a joke to redirect her attention.

It wasn't until I had her number and was feeling her up before she realized...

>feel like i'll get maced
Always wear goggles when on the hunt. Stay safe.

>You just kind of have to do it and not be afraid of rejection or failure. Keep failing until you don't.
This is exactly the kind of attitude I've been cultivating while trying to manage my anxiety and it's relieving to hear that it helped you professionally, too. I'll keep working on it.
Thanks, user. Hope everything goes well for you.

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>wants a bunch of wives and kids

you never truly left that cult did you op?

Also I've been programming since I was 7 and I am the most ridiculous nerdy/corny movie hacker person you'll ever meet. I'm obsessed with being the best developer on the planet and I usually don't fit in most social situations but I'm really good at being blunt which works well when picking up women at bars. Though the money definitely helps too... lol


Honestly, I kind of really want to start my own. I'll be a nice cult leader though.

I'm also a software developer making six figures. However I have no idea how to pick up women. What's your technique? How physically attractive are you? Most burger flippers are far more successful with women then I am, so I don't know how exactly the money is an advantage.

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I agree with the anons saying the cult has an influence on you. Don't repeat past mistakes user. Seek therapy.

It's really strange but you just have to be like, "You are mine, woman!". They will either beat you away or get hella turned on by your assertiveness. Again, keep failing until you don't. I don't think I'm really that attractive but I do notice a distinct advantage when I'm clean cut and wearing nice clothing over when I'm not. Literally, I think women just want clean manly men who aren't fat. It appears to me that facial features don't matter much. They do seem to like full beards though.

But evolutionarily that doesn't make sense. I would argue that the cult experience is the key to my success in life.

Ever get #metoo'd with that approach? I'd be worried about trying that on the wrong woman and getting labeled as a creepy rapist.

You'll know if they aren't interested. haha...

discord gg/bARc5p

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I honestly have no idea how to tell if they're interested or not. Women generally seem to enjoy talking with me, but I don't know how to go from that to finding out if they're actually interested in me as a potential partner. I'm so oblivious I could easily cross some unwritten line while trying to hit on someone.

You say, "Hey, I really like you. Can I get your number?" Then if you are really daring, go in for physical contact. Alcohol helps a lot. hahah

Joined you Discord as SteveTheMan. Did you just post the link beause you are trying to raise an army of neckbeards? lol

I don't know how this comes so easily for everyone else. I can get numbers, but only as friends. Then we hang out and talk about how hard it is to find a partner. Then we both go home to masturbate and cry.

You aren't being assertive enough. They literally don't want you if you aren't assertive. Touch them or tell them you want to fuck them. Whatever you do, don't wait for her to show a sign of reciprocation before making a move. That's how you get into the friend zone...

Beyond that, most women literally have rape fantasies. Now don't take that as me saying you should rape them but you should really only stop if she says, "No" or "Stop". If she doesn't, don't be afraid...

But if you make a move and she's not interested you're a creepy weirdo guilty of sexual harassment. I don't know how men can even survive in modern society.

Don't even think about doing this with a co-working or someone you have to see on a regular basis. Just go somewhere that you probably won't ever see her again if she isn't interested. That way, you get rejected, but that's the worst that happens.

It's one thing to hear that from an anonymous stranger online. But you'll absolutely never hear it from a judge. That sort of thinking can easily send you to federal pound me in the ass prison.
My problem is I don't even realize I might be attracted to someone until I've gotten to know them a bit. By that point, it's already too late.

What is the judge going to say? You can't hit on women at a bar? That's literally why women usually go to bars just like men.

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Problem is I don't understand what's ok and what isn't. I'm obviously not assertive enough, but I have no idea where the line is. Apparently men have to take the initiative to touch a woman, but she could easily interpret that as rapey and ruin your life if you're not careful.

I just told you the line, "No" or "Stop"...

Definitely don't proceed if you hear, "No", "Stop" or "Don't". Don't stop until you hear one of those. If you can't bring yourself to go that far, drink more.

There's a huge movement going on now to switch the line from "no means no" to "yes means yes".
I don't know to what extent they've taken over the legal system, but the seem to be making great strides in a lot of areas, including the court of public opinion. But asking "can I touch your arm" kinda kills whatever mood there might possibly have been.

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No advice?