Anons last night I was raped (am a dude) but I came during it. I feel pretty ashamed. Am I gay now?

Anons last night I was raped (am a dude) but I came during it. I feel pretty ashamed. Am I gay now?

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No, just emasculated. You're not gay until you start actively chasing cock in your ass.

Damn, have you ever had gay thoughts before that? or rape fantasies?

>Am I gay now?
No you were a faggot the entire time. Now you just know it.


Rape implies you had no choice. So logically no.

The male g-spot is located inside of the anus, user.


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I did but it was never something I actively sought out. It was just the occasional fantasy. I'd never even been with another man before last night.

No. It was forced pleasure. You should SERIOUSLY talk to someone about it if it was unconsentual at all. Like the authorities, a hotline, or something. You need some help with dealing with whoever raped you.

No you're fine user. You're not gay until you willingly buy an Iphone

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Do you think you are in a state of trauma? Do you have rectal bleeding? How are you processing this experience on a emotional level?
Also, yes talk to the authorities

I don't know. I don't think so. It kind of feels like the first time I ever got into a fight. After it was like 'oh okay that's a thing that happened to me'

I'm sore but there's no bleeding.



No, neither erections or ejaculation are signs of being turned on. I'm sorry to hear it happened to you, I can understand why you'd be hesitant but you should report it.

I was at a urinal taking a piss when the guy walked in. Didn't think much of it and kept pissing. There was only three urinals so I didn't think it that weird that he came so close but then before I knew it he was behind me and had grabbed me. He twisted my arm up behind my back in a very painful way and told me to do as he said or he'd break it and then yeah he raped me

jesus man take a kemp class ffs. How can you be that much of a pussy you just let a guy rape you?

It's not hard to get out of that hold.


Did you get a look at him? You should probably go to the police. They can give you a rape kit which they can use to catch the guy, but it's pointless if you wait too long

No. He had me face on the wall and then pushed me into a cubicle when he was done and ran off

If this was in a public bathroom like you say it was, theres bound to be street cameras or something like that in the area. Report it regardless, at least then there will be a chance of him being caught. If you just sit and do nothing, he'll never be caught