Why are you afraid of angry minorities?

Why are you afraid of angry minorities?

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im not

what beaners forget is that there are so many different kinds of whiteys that really everyone is a minority.

Best answer.

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Because whites won literally every battle for 3 centuries straight. They're a minority, but they're tough as balls.

They're no big deal unless they're hungry or have a gun. Then they become dangerous savages and any sane person is afraid of them.

White people are faggots that don't know how life really works, once the system breaks down that protects white people, they're going to go extinct.

>once the system breaks down
>the system that's currently protecting literally everybody from angry white people
>that system
>once it goes down
>and whites are no longer restricted
>it'll somehow be good for nigs

Deprogram everything.

Deprogram a racist makes a greater effort.
Find out the problem of their insecurity and since they are cluster B types tell them to cum on a picture of their parents, their religious advicer, a cross, a swastika. Make this to a hennatatoo and fuck the bitch with the autoritarian shit tatoos.
Racist often recrute minorities like italoniggers from Jersy.
So lets talk about deprogramming cults like the Freemasons or the Cia.

Just imagine to sexually abuse their symbols like an eye. Imagine cumming on an eye, a pyramid.
Sexually abuse their symbols.
Works for churches and cults like scientology, corporate identity, and government loyalty (cum on the flag)

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I'm afraid for my wallet, I don't want my tax dollars on a nigger

Someone post that imagine.

You know, the one with the dam.


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This is bait, right? People aren't actually this fucking stupid?

It’s bait. Rich and deliciously gay, but bait nonetheless.

Careful with that edge nigger.

>White people are faggots that don't know how life really works, once the system breaks down that protects white people, they're going to go extinct.

Have you seen the state of Zimbabwe?

This, this is why : youtube.com/watch?v=mnU_saQUC0w&t=305s

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lol although technically we are the minorities here imagine when the minorities become the majority in the west lol, can't fucking wait . What comes around goes around.

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I talked to a journalist that was in Rhodesia during that time, didnt catch his name in the bus, but he told me the shit they did. Shot down planes full of women and children. One flight attendant survived. Both legs blown off, they ganged raped her as she was bleeding to death. Another story is during the reconciliation trials after apartheid. This white female American activist came to help the blacks during apartheid. They gang-raped her and killed her. I watched as they explained how they did it in front of her father. He FORGAVE them, liberals never learn from history.

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>>Some regimes/ideologies on this planet are cancerous
>>Shouldn't be mixed up with race
>>But when someone is taught to respect or even appreciate ideologies that don't respect you at a naive age... the education system is retarded:


nice try nigger

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niggers are fucking stupid. shitskins in general are stupid. given the "kill all niggers" button in front of me I would press it until it breaks.