In November, the entire left is going to be in prison for throwing trash cans and attacking cops...

In November, the entire left is going to be in prison for throwing trash cans and attacking cops, and Trump will still be their president.

so it’s cool :)

Rip away, Pelosi. Her party and the Democrats are headed down the shitter and all of America is laughing their fucking asses off at them.

2020 is going to be fucking awesome. Trump is literally the greatest US President of all time

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The audacity of that woman is dumbfounding.
I couldn't believe how she was not only disrespectful, but how bad she was at being disrespectful!

What a clown.

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Just shows you who the real traitors and instigators are in American politics. The Democrats.

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why do democrats hate America tho?

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That's hateful
You must be democrat

This is the new left. That’s what they do now

Soon they’ll be devolved to the point where they’ll be publicly clamoring for mass shootings against conservatives. Give it some time, it’ll happen

The madness has spread faster than that shit from China




>new left
No. They've been that way since Obama's 1st term.
There's nothing new here.


All of America got to see what the democratic party was for and against. They've completely exposed themselves in a pivotal election year.
People aren't falling for them anymore. Unless you count the potatoes and the communists, but I repeat myself.


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Calm down user. Let it burn

Fire is always pretty to look at

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Elegantly put good sir, you must be a communist.

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YOU LIE!! kek

Trump will win because he's riding off the coat tails of Obama's economy (literally tried to say Obama's 2nd term economy stats were fudged cause they were so good).

Regarding being the best president...he's already being rated as one of the worst in history according to non partisan presidential historians.
You will be derided and laughed at in history books, buddy.

And say what you want, but everyone besides Republicans admits that Putin is playing him like a fiddle. You are literally aiding and abetting America's number one geopolitical foe. You are nothing but traitorous scum.
But celebrate away! Since again, he will be re-elected.

Oh look another commie with no ability to elaborate on his/her/its opinion.

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The coat tails of obamas economy... You mean the one that went straight down for 8 years?

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Another commie. Can you formulate a thought?

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It's hilarious watching Republicans like these clowns clutching their pearls acting like Democrats are immoral and meanies. As if they completely forgot Obama's entire presidency and what they did/said

Your comet is coming. Be ready user. You wouldnt want to miss it

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Oh you wacky commies.

It might help your cause if you actually were able to formulate a coherent thought and engage with something beside shitty hateful inaccurate memes.

dude what
she was diplomatic and extended her hand despite being personally insulted by Trump almost every day. Trump refused to shake her hand, pretended to be a conductor during the fucking pledge of allegiance, makes a mockery of the institutions upon which America was founded, etc etc etc

"I love the poorly educated"

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Are you blind? Did you watch the SotU? "diplomatic " was the last thing she was, fidgeting, talking, ignoring him, reading papers, fidgeting with said papers, talking out loud repeatedly a large % of the time.

Trump didnt shake her hand (I wouldnt have either) for MANY reasons. The chief one being the soft coup initiated be her.

Shhh she was a meanie, don't let facts get into their argument!

So you're ACTUALLY trying to say that she was more rude to him than he's been to her. Wow. Just wow. Do you know what Twitter is?

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Your using the S&P 500 as a gauge, shows how uneducated you are in basic economics.

Ever hear of quantitative easing? $20 says you have no clue what it is, so I'll elaborate. Corporate welfare in the simplest of terms.

Lets print a fuck tonn of money, and inject it into zombie companies that are no long profitable but are "pivotal" then call it prosperity.


Nice selfie. Do you wear a fedora? I would if I were you

>Trump didnt shake her hand (I wouldnt have either) for MANY reasons.

I don't think he even saw it.
She extended her hand after he was turning around.
It's almost like she wanted to make it look like he wouldn't shake hands. But that couldn't be true because democrats always behave with dignity and respect.

Don't waste your energy.
Trumpers are willing to defend him till death. He is their dictator thru and thru

comrade keep posting

we get many ruble

I wasnt sure if he saw it myself. It was very fast.

Still, I'd have snubbed her :)


Thats a bold statement.

Please elaborate.

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Soon the party will splinter.

Then things will get interesting.

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Typical Trump follower.

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Try literally burning cities and taking liberals to the wall first and reactionaries to the beach.
They’re going to TRY to go full revolution if they dont get their way becuz “we have to save humanity and the planet.”

At least watch part 1 and 2

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Look guys! The commie who has zero ability to articulate a single point is putting up shitty (And boy are they shitty) memes again!

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The same goes for NASDAQ, which trump tries to take credit for, you mongoloid.
Also, there are technically more federal emplyee jobs right now (2.82 million) than when Obama left (2.81 million)

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discord gg/bARc5p

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I dont disagree that trump using those same metrics is foolishness on his part as well as yours for obamas economy.

Both are flawed analysis

I'm not even a fan of Trump but that doesn't mean I think you're wrong...

You might actually be

absolutely correct.

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For literal radical communist Bernie staffers.

Alright I, as a communist believe we will get our ass whooped
But he's not the best president, that would go to my bruh Truman.

Roscoe Pekoe had cash

Get better memes you fucking boomers.

The commies back!

I included a police sketch for identification of said commie.

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This is one thing me and republicans will always agree on
Fuck Nancy Pelosi

In some atlas somewhere is a geography chart of the basic 2 types of people in the U.S. There are those that live in and surround urban areas who are smart enough to see trump for who he is, a maniacal self serving dangerous egotist....and then there is everyone else, rednecks. Trump them there said that we need us a new govment. I don't uswally vote but isn't that that guy that yells at people on that there tv show.

Do you think it's too soon to start telling these lying sacks of shit Dems that... wait for it....

It's Over!

Shut up Don Lemon, no one thinks you're funny. Go be a nigger somewhere else.

>all of America

Most definitely not "all"... in fact, not even most. The entire right, and most moderates are fundamentally opposed to Trump. His true power lay in his deep-seated corruption. Trump is willing to shit on the Constitution to win. Trump's fascist party will once-again corrupt the voting process, and if that *still* isn't enough to hold office, he will cry foul-play, enact emergency powers and seize the government by force. That fat bloated tick will not leave the white house willingly.

/thread. The trumpfag mental gymnastics in this thread are perhaps the most absurd I have ever seen
t. has only a slight clue what QE is
>print a fuck ton of money
nope, although it does work by increasing the money supply. I'll give you half credit for that
>inject it into zombie companies that are ... "pivotal" companies
You clearly don't know the difference between QE1/QE2 and bailouts/stimulus packages despite the fact that they function completely differently and were carried out by separate government entities. Next time you try to pretend you're smart on the internet, make sure to do your homework first
>also QE is widely understood to have shortened the length and severity of the recession and functioned almost exactly as intended


They're starting to figure it out.

Funny thing is most repubs I know have known this for years.

Look at the size of his rallies.

Look at the size of any other dems rallies.

You could combine all dem rallies into one and still not have even remotely close to the amount trump gets at one.

Its over. The country loves him. The only ones who dont are the MSM, deep state politicians and the full blown potatoes - feminists, beta male cucks, mentally ill and communists. But I repeat myself again

With the amount of projection in this thread you have a goddamn multiplex movie theater.

> B-but P-p-pelosi was mean to the president

> D-democRAPs L-LOL, I love boomer me-me's

> The Left is dangerous even though most domestic terrorists have been nazi-fascist Trump sympathizers KEK

I am just astonished at the stupidity of posts in this thread. All it took was 1 man of color to become the president, and every conservative lost their damn mind. Now we have a literal lying, philandering, morally and ethically corrupt person in the whitehouse and all you people can say is "LIBRUL TEARS KEK" or "4 MORE YEARS". Its incredulous that anyone can denote this as progress.

How could the entire left go to prison....?

How delusional are you lmaoooooo

Keep repeating that mantra. It's not true in the slightest bit, but if that eases your delicate sensibilities then please carry on. Apparently you really need some kind of safe zone.

"Let's say every thing negative we can think of about Trump. We'll launch a fake Russian Collusion investigation. And just to be sure, let's impeach the fucker. He can't possibly win after that."

Highest presidential approval in decades.
Highest consumer confidence in 50 years.
Record turnout at the Republican Caucus yesterday (and he was running unopposed)
Dems turn a page 10 corruption story about Biden into a headline by impeaching Trump and probably took their only viable candidate out of the running.

Them Dems sho be smart.

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>the President is above the law just because members of his party care more about getting reelected than the founding principles of the United States
>and that's a good thing!
get the fuck out of my country

Didn't those in the Republican party close to Trump get convicted of wrong doings?


dude wtf those look near gangerous

He barely tried to hide it. Right after he was elected he was questioned again about his claims of the numbers being fake under Obama and he admitted that now that he could take credit and wasn't trying to bring Obama down he had no problem with/ didn't think that or care if the numbers were real. He essentially admitted he'd lied just to cast doubt and appeal to conspiracy because he knows his base doesn't care if he lies right to their faces and manipulates them because it's all about how he makes them feel.
Same deal with him calling the election rigged and refusing to swear to respect the results if they weren't what he wanted and pumping up his base for a March on Washington and "second amendment remedies" so basically a coup/civil war but an actual one, not like when Trump's ball-lickers call anything short of supporting the president a "civil war" and following legal procedure regarding abuses of power a "coup"

Typical republicunt retard living inside his fox news fueled fantasy land.

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He's a dictator and should be removed

It was only a matter of time till trump succeeded in his pressure campaign on Ukraine to announce an investigation even if the Dems did nothing, genius.

It was never about "anti-corruption" there's no evidence trump or his shady private lawyers acting on behalf of the government asked for any anti-corruption measures or any investigations at all EXCEPT the one against Trump's big opponent. They didn't even really ask for an investigation, they just wanted an ANNOUNCEMENT of an investigation (VERY clear about the need for an announcement to get support from the US, including the money trump was knowingly illegally holding up) for the sake trying to throw a wrench in the campaign of his main competition.

Mueller: its DOJ policy to not indict a sitting president.

He was impeached and no one expects the bootlicking repubs to do what no senate has done before and remove the potus


Stable genius at work

>Your using
Stopped reading right there. Imagine not knowing the difference between “you are” and “your” please kys

I really hope the the American people just see the left for what they are now, entitled radicals who can’t control their emotions. I wouldn’t trust the Democrats with anything after the last 4 years and American shouldn’t either

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>Liberals are snowflakes that cant have discourse

Republicunts literally having a meltdown because someone doesn't agree with them.

America, land of the mental retarded.

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Don't be mad that it's over, just laugh that they failed!

Not a Trump tard or anything, but that pelosi ripping her speech thing was actually really embarrassing.

Come to think of it literally all politicians are fucking babies.

Im just gonna leave this here

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I think more and more are waking up. It's becoming easier to talk to some of them and point out that they've been swallowing a lot of media shit for several years now. Even my shithead California lefty brother is listening to reason and getting facts from aggregate sources instead of just CNN. it's actually possible to have a conversation with him now, even if we don't see eye to eye.

sure kid

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I thought she showed amazing restraint not setting that pack of lies on fire .

>What a clown.

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Fuck that bridge. I never use it, I'm not helping fix it

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>potatoes refusing to acknowledge that they're potatoes


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>this triggered over torn paper

ah man RIP "rip" pelosi, there goes your last chance to meme. you really don't know how to meme

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>the truth hurts my butt

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Attached: trump_lies_economy.png (639x611, 1.12M)

Democrats, like any other hearing in court, have to submit evidence before hand that they wish to be entered into the courtroom.
Calling for more after the fact because you realize you didn't have a case is just stupid and no one is obliged to entertain you.

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>i will double down syndrome my fake news memes

The problem with Socialists is that they still don't fucking understand Socialism.

seriously, are you retarded or just a russian with no understanding of US law?

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lol saved

>my fake news

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cant wait to see the next dipshit idea this retard president can impress us with. maybe bring back debt slavery? or remove the fda? Patriot act mk3 where saying a negative thought about soyboi donski is prison time? Stay nigger conservitards.

so the fat one is nadler or schiff? they're the ones who had no material witness

>buzzword orange man bad the drawing

If he's reelected, I will kill him on inauguration day.

Nice one Ivan

Prove me wrong or eat a dick. I think we all know you're just thirsty for dick so...

Can't wait to see a retard take the second term and not-so-retards act like it's the best thing happening.

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I've never seen people so upset about a piece of paper being's like someone shredded a winning lotto ticket in the center of a trailer park...but yeah, the left are the overly sensitive "snowflakes" I guess.

#Justice4Paper #ShredPelosi #thinkofthetrees

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Hey, buddy. Just wanted to check in and see how you're doing with that universal health coverage and a 10% tax cut that Trump promised.

Back to red.dit fag. Lmao obama dindu nuffin. His legacy will go down as a fucking joke. That dumb nigger did not do shit

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An awful lot of samefagging going on in this moisture farm of a thread.

Donskoy one pump is our first nigger president

Holy shit. Ive been seeing this all night. The left can’t meme for shit. The irony is this is you because she’s nothing but a pissed off cunt because the dems exhausted every attempt including impeachment and they have NOTHING left. Go drink cum out of your boyfriend’s ass you little twat

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oh no, here comes the SS

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Also fuck twitter faggot. You think anyone cares about FUCKING TWITTER? its all dumb libtards and niggers with retarded names and bios sayin shit like “YASSS KWEEN NANCY”. Imagine unironically caring about twitter?

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Shit meme is shit

See you on here when he wins again

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>Meme indicates lack of 'Care'.
>Post indicates high levels of buttpain.
Oof. Yikes. Oop. Whew.

Typical left piece of shit that cant meme and is ignorant

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Nigger why are you here. Go back

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Let the adults handle the politics. Go back and fucking pay attention to what the House Democrats did. And while you do that, ask yourself why did Democrats prevent the court from ruling on the merits of the president’s claim of executive privilege? Because the ruling could have undermined their impeachment case. They purposefully made their own bed.

In October, the House subpoenaed deputy national security adviser Charles Kupperman to testify in the impeachment investigation. After the White House invoked immunity to preclude Kupperman’s testimony, he filed a lawsuit to ask the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia to resolve the conflict between the two branches of government. John Bolton’s counsel publicly resolved to be guided by the court’s ruling in Kupperman’s case.

But before the court could hear arguments, House Democrats short-circuited the judicial review.

When you think you can fuck with this... This stupid bitch is getting her pussy sued off two months Trumps lawyers will have her penniless and on the street.

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>calling someone else stupid

2020 and the left still can't fucking meme, kek

Get with the picture. You know they were trying to prevent the Republican party from dragging a circus out... That's the exact same playbook from the Nixon impeachment.

Lmao if the left put as much time into learning to meme as they put into their twitter bios,they might be at a 9gag meme level

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Bro I voted for and still support Trump but to say he’s the greatest is fucking dumb.

Attached: 201888.png (750x547, 672K)

It's a main republican talking point though, not a democrat one.

Someones got the butt hurt bad

seems to be a stupid American on our hands boys

You keep acting like I'm going to go out an instigate some sort of riot. I will not need to anything of of the sort. Someday Republican militants are going to come and try kill me. People like you promised me that every day for the past ten years at least. According to you all I need to do is wait, which is exactly what I'm going to do. You can pretend you're winning, and I will kill you or doe trying when you interfere with my ay affairs. You will inevitably and I am happy to die defending myself from you. Start anytime. I'm free now.


Where do you live? Do tell. I bet it’s definitely not this amazing country kek

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Hes right. You fucking morons still cant meme

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Nah i'd rather mess your head dickwad, cos its cheaper than a movie and theres free coffee

nothing more based than being a cuck for the wealthy huh?

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>this is what retards really believe

Attached: trumptards1575233437326.jpg (737x722, 45K)

ever hear of John Bolton?

Attached: trial_1309649130435379200_o.jpg (1080x813, 204K)

Why is every thread a gay trans mental illness one? we need a containment board.

more accurately

Attached: fox_10156185955.jpg (960x584, 34K)

Trump (stroked out on amphetamines): trillun trhee inish tive


Attached: left_meme.jpg (480x843, 53K)

Democrats are only as bad as the Republicans. And if you think Trump is truly the greatest president, then you shouldnt be allowed to vote

Kansas City, Kansas.

Bahahahaha I see what you did there!

A typical Trump supporter

Try insulting me back when you reach double digits for your IQ.

Attached: 572ED85D-76D2-4BF1-817F-D4D878CB70BF.jpg (812x1024, 61K)

Attached: (you).gif (480x238, 415K)

This attempt was pathetic.

Attached: D0977FD8-544F-4D53-8768-4ECB26604940.png (244x348, 131K)

I want you to screencap this and put it in a time capsule for yourself to open in nine months.

Not the guy, but that sentence is fine except for the comma. Linguistics professor here.

>Your using X proves you are Y.
The dependent clause 'your using X' is a fairly old way of saying it, but it is not an incorrect 'you're'. It is saying the ACT of using X, which you did, then proceeding to the subsequent clause 'proves you are Y'. The sentence is a form of misleading mixed tense, where 'using' appears to indicate present tense in the dependent clause, and 'proves' is a clear present tense, but the slightly unusual but still fairly prevalent use of 'your' transforms the sense of 'using' to 'having used' which is a past perfect. Nitpicking over a your/you're distinction when this usage is still fairly common in the world today just shows that you wanted desperately to argue over something. The sentence is perfectly acceptable, and means "You having used X proves you are Y". If he just removed the comma it would've been perfect.

I don't disagree about the use of stock markets to measure economy being a bad idea, still by pretty much all measures it's a "thanks Obama" situation. I mean, we are on the longest economic expansion in American history, and the majority of that was under Obama.

$72k would barely pay for a trailer in most states, certainly not that $million property.

Your idea of poor is skewed towards the incorrect.

yeah obviously you blatant fucking retard, the fat one is the one who isn't clearly labeled "bolton"

are you actually so fucking retarded you could not tell which one in your shitty fake ass news cartoon is fatter.

god damn you fucktard liberals are dumber by the day lmfao

Sorry brah its hard to insult someone when you know there IQ is around 20


Can’t even use the correct tense. Thanks for the kek.

Attached: 3DE0EF10-C0E2-4D49-9938-28EE5B154073.jpg (250x235, 8K)

>when you know there IQ is around 20
you're right

hopefully your tard wrangler puts you to bed soon, i won't pick on you anymore

Woah thats a pretty intense post, I remember reading an article about how folks who get super upset about grammatical errors as having a form of OCD and thats good enough for me ignore and pity them

It's more embarrassing that anyone believed he would have any say or pull in what any company anywhere would decide to do with its workforce. It's more likely that I would have the authority to tell my neighbor when to take a shit.

Jesus. Did anyone pay attention in 4th fucking grade?

You people are on another level of stoopid.

Attached: A1FEE7F2-816A-4D55-81BA-3443926EE4AE.jpg (2000x2700, 599K)

Attached: GW1UNCy.png (1350x1350, 770K)

My my, did you suck a bit too much off your moms manky dildo this morning sweetheart?

lots of niggers in here

That would be fair in a situation where the accused didn't just completely prevent the prosecution from investigating him by blocking all their subpoenas. There was good reason the house should have allowed additional witnesses, and the disallowing of further witnesses only proves concretely to everyone that the second charge is true. The investigation was stonewalled. They have no evidence because they were not allowed to do their job. Contempt of congress is one of those misdemeanors the constitution talks about.

This president is trying to be above the law, and that should not be allowed to stand. In a normal court the Jury (the senate here) are not the ones who decide whether additional witnesses can be called, and it is entirely up to the judge to determine if late submissions are allowed to stand. This is not just like a normal court. The Jury is demonstrably, admittedly biased, and are making the decisions a judge should be making. Trying to compare this to a real trial is like trying to compare a tomato to fruit salad ingredients. Sure it's a fruit, but it doesn't behave at all the same way in a fruit salad.

Artifacts from the future.

America from democracy to dictatorship a brief history 2000 to 2100
Revitalized Edition


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Save trees. Use

Attached: TRUMP_FREE_EVERY.jpg (610x500, 65K)

Grammatical Pedantry Syndrome, hmmm so that explains most of the btards on Cred Forums!

It depends on the disagreement, if you agree with bernie’s literal radical communist field organizers saying they’ll get armed, burn cities, murder dissidents and “save humanity and the planet” then I might have a more than enthused disagreement with you, becuz that’s a five bridges too far.

I thought it was a sweet gesture. Pelosi thought Trumps speech was so epic that she ripped up the articles of impeachment on camera.

We are in a new era.

>4 years of ineptitude and failed foreign policy time and time again
>Trillion dollar tax break for corporations
>Slashing medicare and social security
>Taking funds from military families to pay for a wall that blows over in a strong wind


>Voting against every war since Vietnan
>Established record to ensure Americans dont have to choose between bankruptcy and death
>Wants to abolish slave wages
>Wants a stronger push back against wall street

Oh, yea this one is EXACTLY like 2016.I'm sure Trump's got this one in the bag

Attached: Obama_knows_you_mad.jpg (300x313, 21K)

Yes it was! Mainly because they didn't go large and infect all of the gop tards with a novel virus that rewrote their computer/mobile wallpaper with this meme! bloody amateur!

this should help you

Attached: your.jpg (960x943, 87K)

I don't care about the politics, but just so you know that's not how you use the word incredulous. Incredulous is like "dumbfounded." You could say "I'm incredulous," but "It's incredulous" doesn't make sense.

sounds like virginia last week, oh wait that was snowflake wiggers

Linguistics professor guy again.

You're the idiot here. Both the 'you're' in his first sentence and the 'your' in his second are correct.

>You're right
You are right. Perfectly acceptable use.

>your tard wrangler
The tard-wrangler appointed to wrangle you, the tard. Perfectly acceptable use.

Meanwhile (the tard in question) fucked up his own shit by using the wrong 'there'.
>Sorry brah its hard to insult someone when you know there IQ is around 20
The word 'there' is the answer to "where?". The easiest way to test if you have the right 'there' is first to ask if you are talking about a location and change the first letter to w. Of it becomes the question word, then it's the location word. The other two are easy, apostrophe means abbreviation, 'you're' is 'you are' and 'they're' is 'they are'. Meaning the last remaining 'there' is their, meaning belonging to them, which is what fucked up and didn't type.

>I'm sure Trump's got this one in the bag
Economy is good, crime is down, employment numbers are awesome.
I hope you have someone to talk it out with when you get 4 more years.

Attached: 1476021697463.jpg (750x537, 129K)

I see the 2am shills have clocked in.

Im sorry WHAT? Thats was literally 100% peaceful, do you even know why that rally happened to kool-aid sipping Nancy plugging, piece of NPSHIT?!

How’s that whole ‘lock her up’ thing going?

Attached: 0D77DA5B-D236-4041-BB3B-292A974E7680.jpg (600x600, 287K)

ITT trumptards screeching cos a woman tore up a page of retard ramblings

>Economy is good
Thanks Obama.
>crime is down
Thanks Obama.
>employment numbers are awesome.
Thanks Obama.

He was never actually going to lock her up, he’s literally been friends with her and Bull for 30 years.

thanks Obama

Attached: econ1575856832735.jpg (750x780, 77K)

Just sayin...

Attached: C916A001-9C99-4B61-BBFC-FE432C7A6E31.jpg (790x960, 69K)

Nah America is now firmly an oligarchy with corporate interests controlling the show, started with Regan and Trump was the final "people's election" can't really see much good no matter who wins. What you really need is a good old fashioned invasion! Give the Chinese a decade or two to watch the US slide further downhill and might be there

lets hear it soi boi, WTF I CANT BUY 200PISTOLS A DAY! get wrecked crybaby

They”re all zionist puppets

Attached: 43FC34CD-1662-4223-9EA2-2CBB63634525.jpg (500x500, 37K)

employment is only good because everyone has to work twice as much to earn more than a slave wage

See my post here nerd boy

Just sayin.......

Attached: 21B8DDC2-B7E4-430E-8CF4-0A7CB5F17D30.jpg (960x960, 63K)

Attached: trump_winning.jpg (764x960, 87K)

I’ll just leave this here

Attached: 23A6A405-49A6-43EA-A5D7-D8C566E2BAF1.jpg (950x959, 95K)

Whatever you have to tell yourself so you can sleep at night fren

Attached: 1477665478627.png (700x700, 208K)

give Pelosi credit, she was uncouth during his inauguration and has continued that way since. Her distain is comparable to the north star. I think she is wrong, but if you can align her to your values she can be one hell of force.

Nacy peliso reping cali persistence.

Shut up AOC

Attached: impeachd.jpg (680x472, 30K)


Attached: 0C997AD5-BAAF-4D91-A622-D0BC07C7B409.jpg (480x456, 33K)

>Muh Obama
What're you faggots going to do when the numbers keep getting better through his next 4 years?

Attached: 148345144745.jpg (1134x1126, 307K)


Attached: 82505040_3400561650036865_1614372112284254208_n.png (640x614, 361K)

DNC is wasting a ton of fucking money on this thread lmfao

She needs to expire

Attached: snowflakes_1537975582.png (640x640, 296K)

Attached: 5175C5B2-4E9E-47ED-87E8-A87BC8FEBCB4.jpg (1016x698, 197K)

Attached: F7F9E181-367D-45EC-A12A-B2FDB5E9D580.jpg (1397x929, 603K)

Attached: E1FCEF24-FA22-4BCA-9DDB-927E3BEC0918.jpg (841x1024, 127K)

Attached: A0EEAA52-0DCB-46F4-9E58-8C061E273B9C.jpg (1309x730, 93K)

prob watch as donki takes credit for every slightly positive thing on earth.

i have a ukrainian source who can confirm adam schiff has a micropenis that curves to the right

you seriously dont know?! I knew the media was trying to cover it up for the couple months it was happening, but I figured when the rally happened they’d have to air the motives behind the rally.

You genuinely have no idea, do you? YOU IGNORANT ILL INFORMED NPC?!
You dont even know. Its genuinely baffling how ignorant you are of such a serious situation.

Vriginia, the blue state with black facing, KKK robe wearing, literally “Coonman” college nicknamed Governor Northram, did it again with the another radical play where he was going to enact red flag laws, those things Trump teased that are literally pre-crime straight out of minority report.
But the police chiefs refused to comply and so Northram threatened to bring in the National Guard to confiscate guns under pre-crime.
So the police started deputizing conceal carry license holders.
And all that time the MSM was silent, they had to gun rally to spread awareness of the literal fascist shit that literally, LITERALLY Hitler did.

You should genuinely be ashamed of yourself for being so ill informed, you literal NPC

You can keep posting about OCD (is that supposed to be an insult? The author of that article clearly has no idea what OCD is. Like some teen "lol I'm so OCD I need to have my bedroom neat", just another example of actual mental disorders being cheapened by self-diagnosis and overuse in popular culture), but I'm not the one who STARTED disagreeing with other posters based entirely on their grammar or using grammar to ignore points.

I'm only pointing out where the retards trying to argue SpaG get it wrong themselves and look like idiots even as they try and, guess what, be sticklers over grammar.

your mom told me it curved to the left

BREAKING: Jerry Nadler has a yeast infection in his fupa after SOTU address



Attached: mad hoe.jpg (814x639, 59K)

He had surgery to make it curve to the left but embarrassingly, it turns right

wahhh literally hitler wahhh, stay gay fleshlight

>Trump: these jobs numbers are fake, fake news, made up numbers, Obama is making up numbers...
>Gets elected
>Look at how many more jobs there are now!
Stay mad.

LMAO wow. Is that all you got? Notice how you didnt deny not knowing anything about it? Thanks for proving my point.
Fuck off, NPC, you dont deserve a say when youre THAT ill informed.

i bet you're sad there's not an olympic event for mental gymnastics

Seems like a certain cartoonist was bullied in the locker room for being a nerdy art-fag...


Attached: 785C6E6D-D7E3-44FA-AF3E-947E2EABC92C.jpg (600x703, 51K)

I'd be fucking amazed if they did considering the slowdown in the trends of nearly all economic indicators over the long-term.

But stay mad Trumpanzee. Aren't we on a record economic expansion? When did that start again?

Fuck, that koolaid must be some good shit

Attached: 1477915202489.jpg (1024x576, 36K)

holy fuc cry mor bebby

you know that just eats away at his precious little ego.

Attached: 8090410.jpg (587x960, 71K)

Lol you’re so transparent and pathetic.

Get a better script, NPC

>Tons of retards 'correct' others grammar.
>Not a word from this retard.
>One linguistics professor slams the correctors getting it wrong.
>Woah we got a grammar police officer on our hands lol so OCD!

Fucking hell what a troll.

>Bbbuu-but muh Obama!
It's obvious why there's been such an improvement to the country

Attached: 1484962647803.jpg (960x728, 89K)

Love how the right wing shills are running this propaganda 24/7 here.


Attached: trump_koolaid.jpg (910x878, 153K)

That he beat the dems again? Idk how he will overcome.

Keep crying retard. That's literally all you're good for.


You would know. You drank the Trump look aid so long ago actual facts and figures mean nothing to you.

Attached: TRUMP-OBAMA-BUSH-EMPLOYMENT-CHART-2005-TO-2018-JOEL-SHORE-.png (711x509, 65K)

haha stay mad blackie

Attached: lol.jpg (750x718, 96K)

Is that footage of the last Trump rally?

When did the expansion start?

Answer the question.

Attached: impeached8275450.png (720x693, 394K)

Wait you’re not even a libtard and you didnt know about what was happening in Virginia??? Fucking kill yourself, you NPC.

You are clearly RETARDED. You are excused.

Attached: 0098D98C-7535-4AC1-B710-21AA20587E17.png (640x610, 247K)

he’s not wrong though

to be fair, most Republicans are extremely stupid and have very short memories. Fox News has managed to convince about a third of them that Obama was the president during 9/11.

checked and lmfao

Attached: 83318765.jpg (858x959, 82K)

As soon as Trump started making changes.
Now tell me the one about how the spirit of Obama has guided the hands of the Trump administration.

Attached: 1477329200401.jpg (826x743, 343K)

It’s shows how desperate they’re getting. If they think they have to win over b for the racist fuck then imagine how fucked they must think they are going to be in November,

You mean like the birther thing that Hillary started?

If Cred Forums agrees with Trump as president something is definitely wrong.

locking someone up for using a cellphone to answer emails.
I fell victim to this chant and rhetoric it wasn't until Ivanka Trump got accused of the same thing before I realized that a smart phone is a server and Clintons spoke in favor of blackberry pda early on, they tried to move congress into the future, but 'have-nots' latched on to bill clinton, getting his cock sucked.
Oh well United States gov is well built hard to break and as long as we don't have a political scandal say a fucking impeachment or government shutdown we should be fine. checks and balances plus capitalism being uroboros keep america on cruise control suprme court steers legislate is the dirty engine room executive is the lidar system able to see great distances in all directions at once by their powers combined we are the greatest and if you don't believe me go look at every country we have had a war with and tell me that the logistics in the country did not improve because of our Presence.
for fucks sake china is a power house because america titled it a developing nation and subsidized it ship and now look at it. being built so fast that it has started devaluing it's own people in favor of americans


Attached: 3o7s26.jpg (750x499, 102K)

He is wrong. I didn't correct out of a compulsive need to structure language. I corrected because I thought it was fucking hilarious that retards were trying to argue a point they clearly didn't understand.

Why did he not call any of the retards incorrectly calling out grammar mistakes that didn't exist grammar police? Because he was one of them and didn't like someone calling him out on his mistakes.

Wait, I thought Trump was an anti-semite?

Your of course assuming i give two fucks about what you or anyone else from Cred Forums thinks of course, but I guess there is that saying about assumptions! perhaps you didnt get the memo nerd boy

you can tell when the new batch of DNC employees start their shifts lol

A third? Thats a stretch. I think I’ve seen one person say that bullshit.
I could spend hours on 9/11, to think Obama had anything to do with it, besides when he said he’d let the Patriot Act expire but the same day it expired sign the “Freedom Act” into law.

>Okay guys, remember, Orange man is bad! Also use white top text and yellow bottom text, we surely got it this time around!
Did you faggots do jazz hands for yourselves when you made these?

Attached: 1484007857722.jpg (992x744, 302K)

>he thinks Trump's retard rallies have a lot of people

Attached: Beavis butthead laughing.jpg (525x809, 131K)

Anyone else think trump couldn’t seem to read the auto cue properly? Is he fucken illiterate or something?

wow, careful don't CUT YOURSELF on that edge

Thought it was 2020 though?

Attached: 1580192382934.gif (540x540, 359K)

>As soon as Trump started making changes.
such as?

Attached: trade_war.jpg (676x676, 109K)

Oh, so we ARENT in a record period of economic expansion? After all if it only started when Trump started making changes then it's only a 37 month economic expansion.

They've been bitching about it since Clinton. You're just too young to remember.

Notice how you have to photoshop and caricaturize the dems to make your retarded fake points, whereas we can use any regular image or video of Republitards for ours.

>bailouts/stimulus packages
You mean like the big bank bailout during the obama administration?

Attached: 25209270-6190-4123-BEDA-1D4F4C20766C.jpg (270x337, 98K)

It is. The trend in jobs started a long time before 2020. Keep ignoring every fact you dislike though.

>record period of economic expansion
Thanks, Obama

I've been voting since Reagan son.
(I voted against him too)

Attached: reagan161041408_n.jpg (960x944, 193K)

>Trump is literally the greatest US President of all time
...and still a lying asshole...

DNC shills being flagrantly obvious


We got a true believer here

Attached: 1557870731279.jpg (576x768, 127K)

Personal point of privilege, they arent allowed to cultural appropriate the jazz hands that we cultural appropriate because clapping was too offensive.

Republicans are homo

Trump built fences and hired security to keep pantifa rioters out
Obama was anti America so no borders were made and no security was present

Attached: d82.jpg (615x996, 192K)

You clearly do. Still super salty that your wrong calling out of others' grammar got called out for not knowing even the basics.

Oh you.

Attached: 1580165566365.jpg (734x760, 460K)

Too many btards bitchin about spelling there n their, all the while ignoring the ass raping thats goin on in the usa today


>jazz hands

Attached: trump_guy0.jpg (316x421, 17K)

Why don't you broke faggots ask Soros for a raise? Surely your contributions are worth more than $0.02 a post?

Truth stings a little bit, doesn't it?

Best part of that speech was finding out Rush Limbo has terminal cancer. I hope it hurts a lot, and he dies screaming.

Attached: trump_cheesehead.jpg (960x960, 51K)

>"impeach trump"
Why is it that democrats simply feel that disagreeing with someone gives them right to override millions of american voters valid votes?

Nah not really! more fun watching you spaz out n writing extensive posts about some elses grammer

>Too many btards bitchin about spelling there n their
still not getting it, you needed to use "they're"

God fucking damn did you eat lead as a child

Was it you?

Attached: cry why.gif (500x365, 406K)


Attached: mfw_dick-cheney.jpg (1200x797, 236K)

Oh, I just got here and didn't really read your post all the way through. I meant to troll the Trumptard you were arguing with.

fake news
Trump lowered the debt and Obama doubled it
My sources: none
Still more trustworthy than cnn

Who am I to question the Grammar Police? I’m not going to get on their bad side.
Just accept you broke the laws of proper English, pay the fine and move on.


come on dude are you even trying

Dude Trump has issues speaking full sentences and you think he's the best president?

How do you manage to type and breathe at the same time being that fucking DUMB?

>DNC shills being flagrantly obvious
They're paying a shitload of overtime trying to cover for the caucus fiasco and Pelosi acting like a 6 year old autist.

he’s not wrong though

Vote for the scum of the earth. Friendly advice.

You know hes going to get one more in. Top kek.

Attached: 2jrxma.jpg (804x500, 121K)

Nice projection, Ivan.

Stay salty. Remember, next time you try and call someone else's grammar out, be sure you know something about it.

Shills I have a couple questions
1. How did you get the job, and could I have it?
2. How much do you get paid per post?
3. Do you get paid more if you get "yous"?

Yeah, because its Trump.
Dont forget that time Obama said “you cant just wave a magic wand and raise the GDP.”

And then Trump did that his first year in office.

Will biden even get to the election though?

Yes my parents let me chew on lead top nails, bite off the mercury bulb from thermometers and mutilate the neighbors kids in my spare time!

It should have an Israeli then CNN than this Muslim here

God is an awesome God. Nothing feels better than being wealthy, white, and Republican in the good ol' USA.

Socialism will never get a foothold in our country.

Trump is the best President in our lifetime by far. He's saved us from the brink of communism and unpatriotism that the left has to offer.

Attached: Mfwimasaltpoweredreactorbringmemoarsalt_96f970c2e7a2342131b0893f9ed5c1e2.jpg (326x263, 35K)

You have to be Russian or Macedonian.

not sure if trolling or just retarded

Attached: DEBT_3789815778337882112_n.jpg (680x680, 70K)

It depends if one of his victims while finally grow some balls and finger him, they’ll probably have to hit puberty first tho.


You like eating cum?
That’s pretty gay.
You must be republican.

Who said I called out anyones granmar, language is fluid. Writen language more so. Sigh speaking in English is so complicated, the sooner you all migrate to binary the better

>meanwhile, Trump is an Epsteinfag and is known to sexually assault minors, lust after his daughter and has a pending lawsuit against him for raping and threatening a girl when she was 14.


Thats pretty homophobic of you, dawg.
You must be a nigger. They’re notoriously homo and transphobic and also criminals.

Epstein didn't kill himself

dirty don had him killed

Attached: trump_and_friend0.jpg (500x723, 156K)


fucken Grammar PoPo all up in this bitch

That’s alright fam, we looking after all your wimmin.

Attached: 2383C34C-4D1F-4BE7-BCFA-7BD88226D862.jpg (1024x1018, 161K)

Yang is proof left has no idea how economy works
Free money?
Get real
It's the Harambe vote
You're more likely to win voting for vermin supreme, at least he makes promises he can keep

Attached: 13FF1DA8-453F-48BA-B6C8-F51F62ED573C.png (960x720, 590K)

Attached: A92BA179-D351-4523-93E0-EA92641F4206.jpg (675x1200, 91K)

Once again you get it wrong.

Attached: D57BD434-5014-49FF-924E-8B0F7D9A3562.jpg (640x640, 103K)

Absolutely based because it wasn't like Clinton or Prince Rapist of United Kidnappings didn't have a reason to do so

Yep he is, Not arguing against that, i dont take either side, they’re both filled with disgusting monsters that should be at the least locked up.
Dont forget A.G Barr worked for the law-firm that got Epstein off the first time he was accused and then Epstein Epstein’d himself and Barr and Trump said that Barr would not recuse himself from the Epstein investigation or whatever.
Aaaand Trump and Epstein were both intimate friends with Bill and Hillary for the last 30 years.

But go on a keep believing all this political shit is real and not reality tv they’re in control of and manipulating to distract and divide everyone with chaos and confusion.

>argumentum ad hominem

yup, trumptard at it's finest


He didnt deny he was a homo transphobic criminal, strike tream move it.

Attached: A6E2B65A-804B-4549-9C75-12D7856D7069.jpg (564x560, 68K)

>trumptard isn't ad hominem

kek, fucking brainlets man

I believe you meant "contraction".

"But", "and", "for", etc. are conjunctions.

Abbreviation. Not conjunction. Also the sentence:
>You are wrong calling out of others' grammar got called out for not knowing even the basics.
Makes no sense.

So you got it wrong while trying to call others out, again. Stay salty.

We’ve moved from grammar police to grammar nazis.
Godwin would be proud.

NOPE, you're wrong too.


Not an argument

Freemiums, like Obamacare?

Attached: obama_free_democrats.jpg (752x500, 113K)

Nice meme image bro
You get that from readit or make that yourself?
Source: Impeach Trump
Looks legit
The fact is he lowered the debt and much more

TRUMP 2020!

I’ll cunjunt in ur butt

Tfw educated comfy and suburban, as is my family. The biggest trump donor in my area? A Pajeet. Trump even came and filled a stadium with them

Cope harder faggot

made me lol

Attached: 812.jpg (400x443, 21K)

Isn't it disgusting how women abuse their gender nowadays?
Just buy being born female they have the privilege of being heard over others
Just because they have a bleeding hole means whatever they say is truth and they have no motives whatsoever
It's no wonder so many men are choosing to be women

But it's also America First vs. Tax payers paying for illegal alien healthcare.

What’s wrong retard I thought the house proved everything without a doubt?

Attached: 1574182859661.jpg (1024x576, 97K)

they did. most of the reps even admit he's guilty. they're just too scared of getting voted out by trump's tard army to do what's right.

Attached: trumptards_charge.jpg (499x488, 51K)

and YOU, sir, don't seem to understand, that bailout goes directly against the core principles of capitalism and fair competition. Yes, they averted the bigger crisis, but now the bubble has grown even bigger and you know what they say - the bigger the bubble, the louder the pop. It's gonna pop sooner or later, economy is cyclic, that's a fact, and when it does, the bigger the bubble, the more painful it's gonna be.

I don't even care who runs your shit show of a country, but I hope bernie wins so these shitty trump sucking threads stop.

You can't expect them to keep all their shit straight. They are just throwing it all against the wall and hoping a couple peanuts stick.

Wouldnt it be diabolical predictable and tasteless if they cause the greater depression to happen around its 100th anniversary?
And then once they destabilize the worlds economy they’ll finally get their “new economic world order” with their “one world bank” and then go full “Technocracy” and instill a digital currency based on energy, controlling and monitoring every aspect of people lives in the Smart Cities that are already being built.
Whats that? You’ll escape to a hotel or an affordable condo? Nope, Amazon partnered with hotels and condo owners to install Alexa’s into their new rooms/condos.
Whats that? You’ll just move her into a cabinet or just not activate her by calling her name?
Turns out the blueprint explain how Alexa and everyone other voice activated device how to be constantly listening in order to hear the trigger word.
There’s also blueprints for Alexa’s built into smoke detectors :D


Attached: 22C2EF98-61A9-454A-BFDF-84478431587F.gif (500x375, 1.74M)