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>with chicken

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She has one of the most punchable faces I've ever seen.

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Yes. All white people are racist. But I'm not paying you

Man, that's the dumbest stuff i heard all day.

Hi. Cum on that fat sluts picture without thinking about her beeing black. Just think of her beeing worthless.

Deprogramming aggressive competative turboantihedonistic bitches with watches like Scientologists.
Make a hooker wear that watch and cum on her face.
Find out the problem of your insecurity and since they are cluster B types tell your work collegues to cum on a picture of their parents, their religious advicer, a cross, a swastika, a watch, a minority.

So lets talk about deprogramming cults like the Freemasons.

Just imagine to sexually abuse their symbols like an eye. Imagine cumming on an eye, a pyramid.
Sexually abuse their symbols.
Works for churches and cults like scientology, corporate identity, and government loyalty (cum on the flag)

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Area51 is not pleased

We already pay for all of your medical bills and foodstamps with our taxes, what more does this obese nigger want

Oh dear she's right, I'm so sorry for being white. I'm going to PayPal her $500 right now

Can we flood her site and make it crash

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What the actual fuck is a nonbinary shapeshifter

It also means mentally disabled

You spelled fat filthy bigger wrong

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what in the world are you talking about user??? are you ok?

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So sad to see someone post rape here, not funny. Go get raped user.

Not shocked
>nonbinary shapeshifter
Is this fucking for real or is it satirical? I can't even tell. What the fuck are those labels? Trying way too hard to sound "qualified" or of possessing some sort of expertise.

It's not that she's a fat black woman, it's that she's a vapid, selfish, aggressive person. I would avoid this person in any situation.

Them bigass bbw titties tho