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Why is the red text in the fucking Yakuza font?

nice try faggot dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3894806/Woman-alleged-raped-Donald-Trump-13-Jeffrey-Epstein-sex-party-DROPS-case-casting-doubt-truth-claims.html

Couldn't impeach him so trying anything you can

Seriously, what is wrong with the left

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Not once, but twice - once for her dismissing it after finding out the court didn’t believe the proof was there, the second was dismissed due to lack of evidence even after a venue change. When NY & Cali won’t even listen to a woman screaming rape, you know that’s some weak sauce shit she presented.

Can't blame him, just look at her. if i were rich i would only fuck girls 12-14.

It's a shame that Trump is so incompetent and incapable of delivering his campaign promises, because I would have loved to see Hillary Clinton thrown in prison.

To answer the red text.....yes. yes she does.

That girl doesn't even exist lol

Here's something important youtube.com/watch?v=9f6ygMtOR-g

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Actually, a lot of people drop their case bc the person is too powerful and they can't do anything to win against all of the lawyers and shit the "rapist" does

Okay, you want to know something lefty shill?
Your tribe is promoting pedos and molestation and calling it MAPs
You can't drag the man for being just like you and yours you dumb fucks.
Give it a few years when you finish normalizing this and it won't matter.

>Here's something important youtube.com/watch?v=9f6ygMtOR-g
holy shit based af

It's almost like those people are literally demons...

They need the full and final erosion of the human spirit to finish damning the planet to Moloch. Whomever kills the most humans and leads to our downfall wins immortality.

That's the best part. They won't even get it. They've been serving something that's been lying to them the entire fucking time lol

The sad part is that we have still had to suffer for their ignorance and greed.
I'm all for "Positive" suffering
But this "Negative" suffering sucks bad.
Feels bad man.
I don't have a Pepe for this.

How much do you get paid? Per thread? per day? I'm curious. The attempt to associate trump with pedophilia has failed horribly, yet some of you keep trying.

Great job, you got someone to look into it. I found nothing to make me believe this is based in truth.
Deliver on the details, or fuck yourself.
Otherwise, people will actually search for evidence and be thoroughly disappointed (suck I'm sure is not uncommon by your performance today).

It's cute how republicans literally always project what they do on others, isn't it? What's it like knowing all your propaganda techniques are becoming ineffective? You nazi niggers played your hand too strong and it's all falling apart now. Soon you will be ruled by socialists and I will laugh and laugh and laugh.

Sweet conservitard tears, mmmmmm

Just trust in the good Lord my dude.
All will be good in Christ, I promise.

Fuck yourself. Christardation GAVE us the republican apocalypse. It's not going to fix it. YOu christians should all be gassed for the sake of humanity. Hitler tried to purge the wrong kikes.

Comic Sans and Papyrus weren't sophisticated enough

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>bottom left
Fucking hell is she grinding on his lap?
That’s fucking sick. Fuck this pedo cunt of a president.

I'm not saying it justifies every action, but she's DEFINITELY been groomed. This poor woman was brain washed by her pedo sociopath father. I bet we don't even know the half of it!

I bet he just watched Epstein fuck her like the worthless cuck he is. Probably jerked his tiny little dick while Epstein ass fucked her and had her mock his tiny hands.
And you know after Epstein filled her little ass with cum Trump was sucking it right out like the pathetic cuck he is

Now that he has shown he cant be impeached just wait for it. All political investigations are on the table now

Yeah ive always thought that too. She’s been fucked up since she was kid by her sociopathic pedo father. I fear for her children around trump.

And we know that the Jews have a copy of the tapes. No wonder trump bends over for Israel every chance he gets.

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I bet he jerks off imagining them releasing them and humiliating him, while his wife leaves with the Biden’s to get double teamed in Ukraine on top of the server while Rudy films it for him