Say something nice about her or you'll die in your sleep tonight

Say something nice about her or you'll die in your sleep tonight.

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Flat-chested and ugly. Also why does her pussy stick out like that what the fuck?

Nice feet

Yummy body! Would french kiss her vagina!


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She's hot

Def lickable feet

nice about her

warning warning we got a real fuckin' comedian over here got the whole fuckin' board laughing.

Something nice about her

I bet she is cute I wanna succ them itty bitty titties and dinner blast her ;)

she cute

ill take the second option

nice cunt

Between her and nothing, I'll take the razor blades...

Bald pussy is repulsive

Nice color

Good skin, lickable pussy

Looks like my manager.

Nice pussy but I wish she had a dick

Excellent choice in chair. The blue and white contrast great and I really appreciate her artistic liberties taken with the furniture.


Nice pussy

OK grass muncher

Her snatch is very very nice

Yummy. Glad I’m into actual vaginas as they’re supposed to look on sexually mature humans and not vaginas altered to look prepubescent as promoted in Jewish porn.

She seems tight

she has nice legs

Found the virgin

Oh yeah. They don't allow porn on Cred Forums. I am so sorry for you.


Flat chested hoe, fyi I hit the sack around 11 P.S make it look like natural causes op

Decent tan lines


Something nice about her

Nice hands

nice toe

I would hit it

nice legs.

nice hands

Tan lines are cute

Cute feet

Seems like a nice person

I dont like her cubic face its not good for blowjob. But seriously i cant rate a girl if i dont see her face

nice pussy

Pretty nice pussy

Fuck you bitch, dying in my sleep would be a pretty good way to go.
>another work related dream these suck
>weird shit going on now

She cool

something nice about her

dying in your sleep is the dream :)

nice innie

I like her nails.

I like her block face.

Cool legs

Is this the too soon girl?

nice toes?

Nice about her.

For real would eat and bang...

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She seems like a dumb cunt and op is a perpetual faggot. Welp hopefully i won't wake tomorrow.

Nice feet

feet are nice

She did a good job shaving her body. You can tell she really tried.

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nice nails

smoov legs

she's not fat so that's a start

sweet clunge babe

nice pussy

nice arms

You better make good on your promise OP. The genie still hasn't granted my wish.

Firm body

cool legs thanks

Promise? That would be wonderful.

She has some very strong shoulders, also man hands

she looks acceptable, despite not having a dick.

fuck her

She’s got nice nails

Eh, not the worst i guess

id fk

She's average and I mean that in the best possible way.

N n nice suit

I would make her eggs

She's hot

Nicee feettt mmmmm

Nice clam

> She'd be really, really good at poker

Nice legs

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Nice legs

nice pussy

Good pussy

She got really nice hands

Nice cooter and no tats. That's a win

pussy is tasty