New kik thread

new kik thread

a/s/l, what you're looking for, you know the drill

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27 m USA

kik: kramer1337

Like hearing anons describe the gay experiences they had growing up with their good friends, especially if they involved group experimenting. If you experimented with a group of your friends on sleepovers, campouts, school trips etc. and enjoy talking about it, feel free to message me.

Need to jerk off with someone over girls they know or hardcore shit I need anythinf and everything

I love to perve on womans underwear. Anyone home alone and wanna share some live pics/vids of your daughter (perfered), mother, step mother, wife, sister, girlfriends panties and bras??? Kik is slavemaster0808

If anyone can email me some of the Dropbox links they find, that'd be dope. My Kik got suspended. No rules on the links

BTW, my email is [email protected]

Kik: alexvsheenan
Looking for girls to laugh at my humiliating pictures and spread them over the internet


Looking for someone to screenshot pics of girls I know on Instagram and talk about wwyd

Jerking to bratty looking teens.

Send me girls for loyalty tests


23 M

Kik: user_36

Sharing pics of my fiancée. WWYD/Pics of other females in return appreciated but not required.

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let's trade nudes we've gotten from bitches

send me some fatties or older women

24m. Kik is Zeroxes. Femanons dominate/humiliate me to expose my gf to you

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im a white bull with a big dick. looking to talk to asian couples where the guy has a tiny dick and wants his gf spread by bwc.

will humiliate you and make you send me her pics

Kik: Wilbront

Send me anything. creeps, vids, teens, idc


Make me goon out to bratty teens or traps like James Charles

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Add me want to jerk off to your wife, if or other, will swap to get us both going
Killing joniedonie

Mods, there are children and niggers on the board. Get them out of here.

Need someone with a really big cock to make me share my ex. Drop kik

Kik merpman1 and share nudes of your gf, wife or ex


my kink is forcing girls to get their shit together and life in order by force if necessary. It can be diet and exercise, fixing failed finances, being overwhelmed by the idea of moving out or school or basic adulting, whatever.

whatever it takes to get it done. if encouragement is all you need thats all we'll use, but we are gonna fix your fucking life whether you like it or not and if it needs to get intense it will.

kik: glassknee

Add hornethandler to trade pics of my big tit ex I have 700 pics 60 vids and match what ever you send big tits only

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Kik slimydogcocks so I can send furry porn to you. I'm hard, let's jack off.

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Only trading oc of my wife for people willing to share their wives. Live pics daily or don't add.

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Add me to see pics of bitches I know Kik:jbones221


my ex on kik..cheated on me so do whatever you want. she will play tough at first.. kik:woohdakid1017

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Send me your cock

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19 M Canada

Faggot sissy looking to be berated, abused, and topped


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Any more to use against her?

blandispan, send anything
girls, dicks, both, no rules/limits

if you want the vid of me fucking her in doggy respond with ur kik

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Kik evethick
Send my slut ex random tribute videos stroking to her fat tits. Shes unaware of being posted

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SlutsMcGoo willing to trade sluts I suppose

Looking for pics of Missouri girls especially desoto area


Kik: Tinkhat

this useless whore I used to date. Do your worst to get more and post here

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Another to use. Bitch should’ve cropped out her face

Make this bitch cry

get nudes from this stupid bitch

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Talking to her now and need more ammo to get more

KelvinMac69, send me ass pics. Female preferable but if a man got a nice ass I don't judge. No tribs.

I'd cum on her just to cover her up, downy pig

Trading my nudes of my sis for oc only

So..most of y'all r guys using kik?

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I saw a girl in here once, but she left pretty fast

I like showing off to girls and jerking off for pics and vids. My Kik is Blazeman0

Send me your teen gf, ex, sisters, daughters

She is a bitch. I txted her a few week ago

You're new here aren't you?

shes pretty

Pretty fuckin ugly

Yes, just dld kik

discord gg/bARc5p

That explains why your confused about a bunch of men being here

digits of truth

anyway who's gonna pretend to be a girl while I pretend to be 15 years younger and attractive

A lot of fags would pretend to be men, if you see any claiming to not have a Y chromosome then that's just a dude faking it

18 y/o german trap into feminization, forced chastity, anal, degradation, beastiality, noncon and most other stuff aswell


%99.9999999 of the time anyway. On the very rear occasions a girl will post, but mostly guys pretending, posting ex's or pay girls

I'll have you know I am a girl and I send my pics to the gentleman in these threads, but say its my ex for plausible deniability

I get into girls' Snapchat accounts

I also enjoy trading pics/vids of teens. HS freshman/sophomore is my specialty

Kik: snapchathackservice

you're wrong, this whore is at least a 6

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Guess that is a way that people wont think your fake as well.


trading nudes of gf, ex friends for your gf, ex, etc

Yo, send me shots of your ex.

it works for me

sure thing handsome xx

any Tennessee trades? Drop kiks

Anybody got that webm of the teen begging you to rape her little sister? Pls send it to me I just fucking deleted it on accident

Kik is LewdHentaiLover69
M/18 looking for traps, sissy’s, shemales, and F’s
Feel free to hmu

Send me anything. I need to fap.
Kik cotolettaalvapore


Send me your gf/wife/mom/sister/etc and I’ll describe what I’d do to them


fuck I have never heard of this but it sounds amazing

If only the supreme gentleman Elliot could be here. But you can send me your ex

KIK: Sayto9


Exposing/sharing a hot thot snapchat included

looking for mom son/ incest
kik: dinggles

I dont know how it works

814 recognize? Kik jimjub

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Super high and horny Looking for some help cumming, wouldn't mind showing off cock to some girls or dudes for oc

Kik is Blazeman0

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Damn I want all you have!


BarnacleBoyX looking to trade megas.
Got 48 gigabytes full of juicy cheesy content.

20m NC trades or if u want to see my dick that's cool too

Kik: Nerdknight7
M29 US
LF Females or traps for some fun lol

kik: Krillern

30 M bull

Doing WWYD and jacking off to your gf/wife/sister/fiance/friend etc.

Risky rare swaps

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Hung and horny looking to stroke and or share pics/vids of hot amateur sluts...Kik is Jsptresbien

Kik: jandersfort /28 / m
Precum edging is my fave. I can basically make my dick drool for ur pussy. Mainly looking for F, but really into FTM and MTF recently. Hit me up, let's make how u call? The digital sex times.

We have the same dick wtf

22 m
kik hungryrick77
I'm a pathetic little sissy slut who wants to talk about how much I love black cock

Need someone to do loyalty test.

Kik jvurn.


Sharing pics of this local whore lolitsbrit7

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anything really...share what you like..creeps, stories, cheating, moms, daughters, pawgs, petites

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Shit sorry johndoe2831

Still waiting on those photos


showing off my thick cock. feed me sluts and traps

Tinycocc on kik expose me tributes this was me daring outdoors hope neighbours didn't see

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Kik is a wasted of fucking time. I dont even know why people keep posting kik on Cred Forums

Will add your girls nudes to my mega collection, each contribution gets a link to the mega, ordered by country, state etc. Kik is cgr941

add me on kik and I'll tell you

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>gf/wife/sister/fiance/friend etc.
Cuz everyone wants those so send them if you got them and if you don't have any make a post asking for gf/wife/sister/fiance/friend etc.

gross dick bud, no wonder you do that sort of thing to chicks

Keep going

She stopped responding

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No wait I'm actually retarded horny its 2381

Will fap to your girls nudes and save them to my mega collection, kik is cgr941


Thepatsfan1 on Kik and wickr
Looking for tribbers
Or send me ur teens to get me horny



I'm 30/m/EU
Here to fuck around and have fun with you assholes, I'm into everything, prefferance to submissive people.

I'm into the occult and great music, but also will do wwyd's to your gf, daughter, etc.


just chat if you're bored.

detailed rates/wwyds for your gf/ex/wife/whatev, or trades, if you're horny

Kik: piuyl2

Kik me with your gf/wife and I will do wwyd, set as background and caption

Send me zoo

kik andilovelisasomuch

Sharing pics of girls I know. Let's talk about how we'd rape them

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Send me girls kiks


send this to alex_sweetness please

what's your kik?

based alex in the house

19yo bull here. Straight and huge dick. Kik ziguuum

Kik sweetgirl2507 to wwyd my female german friends


Ex gf, want to swap for other tits

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Send me any kind of porn/nude pics. No rules


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send me hella zoo and c h e e s y stuff

23m i would like to be more like a girl in private. i dont know where to start and what to aim for though, looking for someone who can help me out! kik: justsomeone235

Kik me - WilliamJ182020

If you want the kiks of my sister, mom, aunt etc

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Teddywiggins1 tributes for her. Cock this pic and Kik to me for more

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Sumbubby, massive sub for BWC, also into being humiliated and degraded about my tiny cock, also into talking about me being a cuck

Wickr/Kik thepatsfan1 I’m horny and want to see how fast someone can make me cum. Also if you cum tribute one of my girls I’ll cum immediately to it.


seller, her fb is gianna talley

Niggerfaggot, soc is literally a thing

18 f uk.

Love attention. Let's make a group chat so can get loads :)

Kik boopboop789

Send me your saved sluts and I’ll send you mine

Teens 18+


No result for that user

Not found

send teens, or to chat about incest , and girls

Or this pic if u like it better. Cock and Kik teddywiggins1

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Tel me how you’d rape and humiliate my gf. The more brutal the better.

My kik: jessiecali951

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kik: shayville2

anything goes let’s chat kinks

Bored and horny, kik me husky706, I have stuff I can trade

Will add your girls nudes to my ordered mega, kik is cgr941

Looking for: German Teens / German Leaked vids / German Ex GF / German Sis or Dauthers
to Trading

kik : Andre..P

mental retard alert

looking for anyone who wants to talk about my hot sister

reply with your kik and i’ll message you





30 m Ontario
Trading Canadian girls

Swap some fucked up porn?
Kik yourown10


Hopscotch2020 from another thread

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Mostly into teens, but show me what you got. Trade for ex

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Looking for someone to rp with. Would like to do something involving my thick blonde gf, possibly from when she was pregnant but I'm open to ideas.

Kik - anon12244

Discord - anon12233#7085

Live fag ready to do and show everything, kik me: WI1991

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Always horny 22 m

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Crossdressing femboy here, looking for someone to buy me hormones

Send for rate, wwyd or really brutald wwyd to your friends, exs, gf, wifes, sisters, moms, cousins.. any female you know.. say what you are looking for.. g0sunnyg0


Trading hidden cam oc

Cuck- anonbg609

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Who wants to share his sis with me


Bump.. cmon and trade

Wtfpics17 trading California girls especially 818

i love you guess who i am

Looking for: German Teens / German Leaked vids / German Ex GF / German Sis or Dauthers
to Trading

kik : Andre..P

Ladynaliau 17 f usa

Cuck here. I need a bull to show me his cock & shame me

My KIK: Johnmaslet

He unironically texts you back if you ignore him for a few days




Trent s415

Looking only for anons who like to repost



i wanna see some young girls fucked

How young?

sharing asian wife kik suy29126

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Slut with a nice pair
Her kik: woahkie


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23 m uk

Send me girls naked/flashing/fucking in public voyeurdude24

Still want to trade fucked up porn.


I know both bitches and i have the kik of both. Which slut yall want first ?

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She is a psychopath haha. Great tits though


rebeca Stones kik?

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Cuck here looking for a real man to be in me and my girlfriends relationship! Kik: SunBoy145

Still looking for a hung bull that I can jerk off to and shame me

This my KIK me: Johnmaslet

M23 German
Kik: topliner96
I searching for f for some fun, I also rate your nudes

hablas español?

You were the first so enjoy! Dont forget to send her a big one... its what she likes after all

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Kik bigdadscuck

Exposing a tight thot

Got any nudes?

My crush just ghosted me. Distract me with hot slutty girls and slurry girly boys.

For f nudes Kik billythegoatmans

The right one pls


Just a sub bottom looking for cum and cock pics and a daddy to tell me when I can cum

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20 m swe love showing off my ex to pervs and hear them describe her body, how they wanna fuck her
Or help me exposé her/trib her.
Kik adahjj

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Want to see how ur sis or gf would react to a 9 inch dick ?

I'll share the results with u

I wish. Only hot clothed pics

Kik. Jaytt22

Pm me to chat about this sexy youtuber

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Jerkymcjerkin80 m/40 fap to my wife

looking for bi to jerk of to my gf and me or bull to humilate me and make me expose her
kik cirkelis

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Anyone get more?

él no pero yo si, pasamos algunas putas?

Love to watch

dome tu kik

Its me again, im horny as fuck, kik me: WI1991

anonthread espan

sin el espacio

Anyone know how to hack a password on wix? Kik me jjstamos

for celebs


Looking to cock tribute celebs and teens with my reasonably sized dick. Reply with kik if interested

Big and uncut european dick looking to show off and have some fun with a couple. Ideally would like to forge something worthwhile, not just looking to cum.

kik: erpapanatas

19 m usa

If you have a young daughter or sister you'd like to share, kik me at bjim7942

Tell me how you’d use this tied up chubby slut
kik: dlbw1234

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Cuck here need bulls to tribute my gf. Kik: SunBoy145

Into milfs? I have pics and videos of my buddy's stuck up bitch ex. Dumb unaware bitch thinks this was all deleted and would be beyond ashamed and embarrassed if anyone saw her like this. I'm sunnymanner on kik. Who is going to repost Patricia?

Actually dlbw1111

18/Bi/M kik:Tessa_Slut_
Like to be Sent pics/vids of Trans,futa,older women/milfs,celebs, incest (mainly mum/son) and some other taboo stuff

Experienced Dom bull in Vegas looking for your sluts and meets Kik vegasrod ,pic related

Attached: 20190819_025829_compress94.jpg (807x1546, 143K)

Straight bull, can brutaly degrade your close ones if that is desirable. Trading megas, dropbox, pics/vids no limits.
Femanons can hit me up for chatting and fun.
Gay/bi can see more for something in return.
Loyalty test and sending girls body amd cock pics/vids on snapchat etc.
No limits chat and story sharing.
All saved for saved, live for live.
Currently looking for snaps, will trade for those.
Kik : lovesick9797

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Still no wins from NinouSardoux ?
bitch blocked me

how old is she?

BBC user here

Message me on kik with girls you know to do loyalty tests or if you think they need BBC in their lives

Kik: poeticsuperhero

29m USA
Send some good jo material. Really horny and need to get off

22 m uk

Just want to jerk to anything you send me

Kik is jerker425


Send me your sluts

Attached: B488722A-7951-47E3-910D-49172F1554C5.jpg (670x670, 76K)

Hey I talked to you in dec

Kik: Throwawayjsan
Looking for megas and just not supposed to share intimate shit

M18 Bi, Horny and just want to chat, rp, or jerk off together


idk send me somethin exciting

Provolone or Swiss please jordanseyah

Send me your wife/GF/EX/Latina/Redheads


7" here, I'll comment your gf / wife / sister / whatever. Can degrade and jerk off to her. If I like what I see I can do tributes.

Kik micob1996

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catfish me

got this from her, but got blocked. can you share the other girl know?

Attached: 1c2ae5ad-5630-4498-ae55-a7fa408b0bce.png (1215x1600, 1.01M)

lol same one i got


Attached: 8907AA78-E1C8-4FF3-B428-64CB901146F9.jpg (1125x1410, 1M)

any others? what's your Kik?

got blocked too

did you send her a dick pic? she was hot

Send me white girls for huge BBC

nah didn't get a chance

Send me gay stuff

If you are doing tribs hmu, steve5steve5

23m i would like to be more like a girl in private. i dont know where to start and what to aim for though, looking for someone who can help me out! kik: justsomeone235


Horny and want to fap to whoever you want to share/expose

Send me your sexiest female family members for me to jerk to.

Also, I’ll try and help you bm some people over kik or snap.


looking for traps
or share pics of milfs in your life. mom's, aunt's etc

Anyone that wants to put their gf and/or exes through a loyalty test should contact me. Kik is mageknight14.

Attached: B9938904-89AF-4B22-9BB7-C165B8BAF733.jpg (640x480, 98K)


Anyone got the video?

if anyone has a hotlink or k2s premium acc pls drop your kik

Shoot some pics my way.
Kik alsmith89

Cucks looking for some uncut european dick hit me up. Kinda new to this..

Kik: erpapanatas


Still want to trade hardcore vids
Kik yourown10

send or talk to me about Argentine sluts


Im serching A female, which want to do wwyd to my gf (18yo, tinny and sexy)
Kik anon179179

Uhhfck10 I’ll send nudes to girls you know through messenger also trading teens

rush_dog will comment and rate your girls! Send me anything


I want to jerk to your family.

Sharing pics of my gf, cuck here
If you want her discord HMU lol

7perv need to cum to weird shit. Help me out

Ya discord lol

Here to rate, wwyd or really brutald wwyd to your friends, exs, gf, wifes, sisters, moms, cousins.. any female you know.. say what you are looking for.. g0sunnyg0

I want to cum to pics of your sister or gf. Nude preferred.

Send me your wife/gf/whatever..want to stroke this dick off, pic related. Kik is Jsptresbien

Attached: B5C668E8-2CD9-4963-A64A-36A78ADF5A98.jpg (1080x1920, 452K)

stevert55, send me your wife, gf, and girls you know



joeblow19823 for ontario canada trade

Pics or info?



Making comics of your ladies. Kik kate105105

Attached: PicsArt_02-04-09.27.44.png (1080x1392, 1.85M)


Looking to talk and share gay OC

34/M/OK, USA
straight, going through a divorce, looking for girls to chat, flirt with
sexual component not required but won't hurt my feelings if it gets there
kik - an0n98765

Open for whatever, hungover

piss playing for a little, also need to cum to who u share, cheeko556


Live fag here ready for exposure, i show everything, kik me: WI1991

Attached: 44EDB658-4C99-4AD4-9F90-CADE2A5B994B.jpg (750x1334, 147K)

I want to talk about my friends fiance. No nudes, Kik is dickley92. Would be cool to talk to that one guy who knew her from school

Attached: 1503409322551.jpg (573x432, 48K)

29m USA
Send some good jo material. Really horny and need to get off

Kik jss24241 if you want to share your ex/gf/wife or family members with someone who has a great cock


looking for my new obedient and submissive kikslut. Must be curious and into limit testing, openminded, no face needed, I accept male, femanon and sissy.

just be obedient and submissive, bonus if you have kinks, I will train you to realize them.

kik ID : benaugthy

Attached: 089EAF13-3099-4781-B933-8EBDD5413B3B.jpg (622x631, 80K)

Use my gfs body as your phone/pc background add me on kik anonbroszz


Attached: Screenshot_20200205-084914_Kik.jpg (1080x1411, 208K)


Attached: Screenshot_20200205-084932_Kik.jpg (1079x1310, 300K)

Attached: Screenshot_20200205-084945_Kik.jpg (1080x858, 203K)


Live for live family taboo stuff

20 m us
Kik elderminer223
I’m a little sissy bitch, I want to be humiliated while I feed you my sister and you tell me every way you’d abuse her.