Rekt thread pls

Rekt thread pls

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Go go



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wait WHAT???

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Please do this.

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At least he was considerate enough to put up a tarp

That poor little disease vector :(

I hope she caught something from it

Jabba the Hutt

Why suicide because a goat was born with defects?

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>lands a accurate blows
cunt pussy destroier

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wrong file name, has to be mgs5 intro, red mage is clever though

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aimbotting motherfucker

That instant karma though...

Thats a fucking strela, retard. It locks onto aircrafts with built in targeting system.

So it turns out /b can count to 10

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pretty sure its bait, but its not talking about the rocket shot, its about the fact that a helicopter gets disintegrated. so yea your a retard and you should feel bad

Did people breed this thing? Or is it a natural mutation?

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Holy shit, that skull/jaw structure... that's a literal ape...

Anyone know the actual procedure going on here?

If i remember right..

Guy needed a metal rod in his leg. Doc fucked up and put it in wring leg then realized half way through they put it in the wrong leg.


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I watched a guy hit a parking lot pole with his catering van, and he wasn't wearing his seatbelt so he hit the windshield and crushed his skull. Died in front of me as I watched.

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That cs:go mod looks lit

I didn't know Trump even fucked dogs...

Is that like a deformed dog or goat or something?

The sounds that dude made haunt me

Is this the jump for Trump thing all the liberals are doing to protest?

Wisdom tooth removal

chek'd and kek'd

Nice social commentary

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"Instant Karma" is white woman culture
You have no idea what the word means or it's origin
Karma is from Hindi religion
Are you Indian?
Karma means what you do in this life effects the NEXT LIFE
It doesn't specify that doing bad means bad things will happen and never says it effects the life your are living
Your idea of Karma does not exist, you are saying a word without it's actual meaning
Like clapping your hands at a funeral
You are a bafoon

Human fucked a goat?

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kys faggot

Animals can be born with disfigurement just like humans?!
More obvious info at 11


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Some Arab fucked a goat

I gotta hand it to you user

Rolling like a boss

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-1 karma

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>That guy trying to rush him at the end

The fuck did he expect?

That made my pee pee hard

Okaaay.. why am I diamonds?

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MEGA OOF how does a surgeon fuck up that badly?

Story? What what are they trying to shove up his ass?

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Is she ok?



Every time I see her it makes me even more sad. Why is no one helping that poor angel...

That's why if you want to anhero by train just fucking lie on the tracks. I can't remember if that guy survived or not, but he'd wished he hadn't.

But he still got shit on the ceiling.

Hi Colin how's your so- daughter by the way?

Was that A nigger?

she was a coccaine transport mule and they got it out


$15 Dollar phone bill / month
I get FREE phone for a YEAR if FIVE of u faggots sign up

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Her brain is leaking out of nose

Richer and happier than you'll ever be.

Guy fell on rebar at a construction site. He impaled his leg. They cut the rebar off and took him to hospital. It's gotta come out somehow.

Ummmm. No.

You know what they call the guy who graduated last in doctor school?

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Until recently most medical fuck ups occured because they didn't check if they even had the correct patient.


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Who gives a shit Pajeet, aren't you supposed to be on facebook right now asking women for bobs an vageene pics?

what in the motherfuck is that

What exactly are you going to do to 'help' her? In situations like these, not fuckng touching them until the professionals arrive is the correct answer. If you don't stabilize the spine properly, you might paralyze them by changing their position.

This is some Game of thrones shit right here. I wonder how they got the dog started on that specific region; peanut butter?

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That file name tho top kek

probably the corona virus

Hence the modification “instant“.
Anyway, don't you have a street to shit into right now?

literal shit eating face

KYS you dumb butt fuckin faggot

kek, he pocket picked he

They're banging that stuck piece of metal out of user's knee

We wuz kangz

Just your average black person

back to twitch and fageddit nigger

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Eat shit cum stained furry

>your a retard

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you ok?

this is Britain, story?

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Damn now that's crabs

that is some prime faggotry right there chaps.

Holy shit that's funny.

what are these things called again?

It's a common mutation found in a lot of animals. Search cyclops shark. The goat mutation isn't as pronounced as others.

>only one race, the human race

fucking kek

Broken corrupt file?

What's the story behind this?