Can someone please give me a reason not to kill myself...

can someone please give me a reason not to kill myself? its been tough seeing anything positively lately and I'm about ready to end it

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because instead you could suck an old guys cock in a public bathroom and be doing something good with your life

We all go through lows in our life. We just got to carry ourselves through it. Do you have any hobbies?

none whatsoever.

before you gave up hope, what did you enjoy in life?

metal music, star trek, other nerdy shit that I'd rather not say..

Give me everything in your will

7 of these apply to me including free space. Wtf is wrong with death metal

Well say the other shit because the two things you said in that post need to stop immediately
Music effects your mental state and escaping to a fantasy world on TV takes you away from fixing your reality.
TV is a distraction.

Write. Write everything you think, write your feelings, emotions, thoughts, ideas, whatever. Listen to new music at least once a day. Start doing some exercise regularly. Study a culture. Do something that interests you. People call other losers because they can't handle someone being different and being successful or happy with it. Opinions of others only serve to drag you down at worst and enable you at best. Don't get down because some idiots can't get over their narcissism. Love yourself and go from their, don't be complacent and just improve at your pace.

>can someone please give me a reason not to kill myself?
Because you're asking us. You don't have it in you yet to actually do it, it'd only be a half-assed "cry for help".

Depressing music makes you depressed, big surprise
Stop listening to that emo crap
You need to find some new music to enjoy
A good start to getting your life back on track
Find the music for the happy you

You write about it instead of doing it. Means you have doubts or are afraid. Hence you will not kill yourself and continue to suffer. Eventually you will abuse drugs to make existence a bit more bearable, shortening your life until you will after even more suffering eventually die in misery.
You know this but still cannot kill yourself. Life is hell.

The guy who made this uses < and > wrong
Reciting Shakespeare is a stupid point, i mean to be or not to be, that is the question, but how does this make someone less or more of a looser?
Classical literature is not relevant in modern times aside from some philosophical stuff
Also its 8am, who the fuck sleeps outside on a workday aside from loosers?
>owning formal clothing is top cringe npc stuff
>shaving is boomer stuff
Have some different music, its beautiful
Also be reminded this is a horrible place and pictures like this are created especially to hurt people, just dont give a fuck

>Listen to almost exclusively to Metal or Black Metal
Nothing wrong with that
>Have said more than one Internet meme more than once in real life
Your a loser if you haven't said at least one meme in real life (or say over 10 memes a week)
>Cannot recite at least two lines from Shakespeare
These fags are meant to be bullied and ridiculed
>Consider video games to be on par with literature as an art-form
There is some shit-tier literature that even the "complex" story of Bubsy surpasses
These choices look like they were written by retarded literature boomers who are incapable of coping with the fact that their "advance English arts and studies" are just as flawed, if not more so, than the modern culture.
Everything else is fairly accurate.

I quit listening to emo stuff at age 15
most emo shit i listen to now is when i went through a dsbm phase after my most recent breakup

Why do you want to kill yourself?
Because an image called you a loser?
Everything you checked in that image is no big deal.
So what's really bothering you?
Let me tell you about myself a bit.
I live with my grandparents and I am a 28 year old Virgin, I basically check every box on that image except I'm not fat and I hate anime//comics and I'm NEET
But none of that makes me want to kill myself
The love of my life thought we were just good friends and had kids with a guy who used to bully me in elementary school
I caught my brother molesting a girl with a brain disorder that we were supposed to look after
A cousin of mine died of a drug overdose after his parents kicked him out at 18 years old
Another cousin of mine is trans gender and is using the family for money
My grandmother, the only person who loved me, had a stroke, heart attack, and brain bleed the same night and I found her on the floor
Half her brain was lost and for a few years she turned into a nasty hateful person who left all her money to her husband that she hated
He also hated the family, mocking me and my bro our whole lives even as kids
He would come home drunk daily and verbally abuse us
I watched my dog die from unknown illness
My best friend was murdered by my other friends over accusations of stealing a few hundred dollars of marijuana
My father was shot to death in a hotel unprovoked on his way to meet me for the first time
I'm leaving a few things out
But whenever I'm feeling depressed it's usually one of these things
Right now I'm crying because I remembered my dog
What's really bothering you?
Or are you just being a little pussy?

Do people actually bathe more than once a week?
For what purpose?
It seems excessive.
Like you have an obsession with filth, a phobia of some kind.

>My best friend was murdered by my other friends over accusations of stealing a few hundred dollars of marijuana
Just for the statistics, what color does you skin have?
Also sorry for you if that shits all true
I shower in the morning because it helps to wake up
Also because of sweat dirtyfag, i bet you smell

I can't believe you made me a loser

We are all white
We found a grow op in the bushes and stole it all
A buddies house was broken into that night or the night after and he blamed us
My friend went over to his place to try and talk to him and he went missing for weeks
I told police everything because I'm white and it still took them 4 years to find his body exactly where I said it would be buried
The guy literally had a 8 foot deep hole in his backyard ready for if anybody crossed him


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pls give me the original

Meh. Some of those I wouldnt count. I know plenty of people that are an exception to a lot of these.

Just make your own

I stopped showering last year. Haven't noticed any side effects.