Hey so I'm 18 and in the EU getting an escort to lose my virginity, should I?

Hey so I'm 18 and in the EU getting an escort to lose my virginity, should I?

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Yes. Because once you lose it, you’ll realize how stupid you were stressing about it.

Will it be worth it though?

no, you retarded fucking porch monkey

It depends. Wanna know what it's like to see another woman naked and put your penis in her? Go for it.

Wanna be so turned on, your quaking with desire? No, wait for a GF for that. If you go through with it you probably won't even get hard seeing her naked right away, because even though she is hot she is still a stranger. Eventually you will get hard but it's not going to be as awesome as you think.

Do you really give a shit about your first time? Don’t be an idiot and think it has to be all special and with the girl you love blah blah blah. That’s childish. Most first times are awful. That’s a fact. Better to get it over with than stress about it any longer. Go fuck the lights out of that escort, user.

You’re playing that second part up so bad. I did it the first time with the girl I loved. I lasted a while, but it was still pretty bad. I wasn’t “quaking with desire”. I was just focused on not seeming like a chump. Experience is worth it.

Do you guys think she will let me take pics/videos?

No point in doing it now. The option will always be there. If you're still a virgin at 20, then go ahead. I didn't lose my virginity until 19, and that was to my first girlfriend. I'm glad that it was with her instead of a prostitute.

No, have some fucking integrity.

Ask her, don’t ask us

And wear a condom for fucks sake. How old is this escort?

Like 30 or so? This is her face

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If that really is her then you HAVE To fuck her doesnt matter if shes a prostitute or not lmao


plow a girl your own age. and never pay for tail.

The first time is always the worst and most awkward, whether you interpret that as not worth it or worth it to make it as enjoyable as possible with someone who knows what they’re doing is up to you, either way just be safe about it.

That bitch hasn't been 30 in 15 years.

Prostitution is legal in my country, and there are reviews and LOTS of pics of her, and she is a bit close to my house too.

Just go for it man. Worst case you regret it and move on.

You'd be surprised at how common it is, especially in countries where it's legal.

Shes hot in a ugly way right?

Yes. You fuck her. You fuck her ASAP and you never look back, user.

I will :)

She is escortibiza [dot] info/cristi/ and yandex image search finds other sites too.

Probably in her 40s. Nice flat stomach, the plastic tits aren't really my thing.

They are always older and fatter than the pictures, but she looks OK.

Probably she won't let you film or take pictures, if she does she will want more money for it.

If you want to do it, do it. You'll always remember that your first time was paid-for, which might bother you later or might not. Don't expect it to be amazing.

IME escort experiences are roughly one third each:

"really good sex, felt connection with partner, would go back"

"meh sex, balls empty now, urge satisfied"

"awful, no connection with girl at all, hard to cum" - which can be she's ugly, or huge, or smells, or whatever.