What does Alexandria Oscario cunt taste like?

What does Alexandria Oscario cunt taste like?

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Spicy shlicky filicheese and second hand pharmaceuticals.

Probably like any other pussy.

trumps dick

Taco farts


Sweet vidalia onion.
I would love that taste.


Like Double A batteries with a hint of nine volt.


Same as any other Democrats who wants to make a name for themselves. Bill Clinton's cock and penicillin. Rules is rules.

Why the fuck has Trump not released her nudes?

Worse than my sister

Strawberrys, cream and freedom.

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Fuck I lost. Didn't know this was a ylyl thread.

Probably not as salty as Nancy Pelosi's.


>What does Alexandria Oscario cunt taste like?
Not as good as Mini AOC.

any ms13 pieces of brown shit selling drugs to any whites without permission on american concrete will be sentenced to death. the white man does not owe you anything, you can ask al sharpton if you do not believe so. and fuck spain, your fascism is a lie.


only in the democratic party a dumb communist waitress can be elected into actual public office

>dumb communist waitress
Ocasio-Cortez truly graduated cum laude from Boston University in 2011 And that's not all

>In 2007, Ocasio-Cortez won a prize at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair in microbiology. The ISEF isn’t your standard panorama-filled science fair: It’s the largest pre-college scientific research event in the world. She entered in her senior year of high school with a project on Caenorhabditis elegan (C. elegan) lifespan extension, with her findings indicating that “antioxidants could potentially help prevent degenerative illnesses induced by oxidative stress.”

>“Alumni of the International Science and Engineering Fair… have gone on to create major companies, win the Nobel Prize, and now Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has become the youngest member of Congress,”

So while you like to meme about "how dumb she is" while making fun of fake quotes, she's actually a lot smarter than you.

Still want to fuck her

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I dont care what university she graduated from. She has said some pretty dumb shit


>She has said some pretty dumb shit
Maybe it isn't as dumb as you think. Maybe it only sounds dumb BECAUSE OF YOUR IGNORANCE.

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Whatever flavor low IQ is


I'm guessing like Altoids or something from all that vagisil.

how do you know what trumps dick tastes like?

Stale bar peanuts and beer.

Michelle Obama's dick.

She is really dumb and only goes to show that anyone can get through college.

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but god she talks like a complete fucking idiot

Like someone pissed on a tire fire

tequila salt and theft

ooh she won a prize? well we should just listen to every retarded socialist thought she vomits forth

nope. it’s dumb

Bro, she didn't know the three forms of government and instead of admitting it she said some off the wall shit.