/waifu/ bread stuff

/waifu/ bread stuff

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Fruitcake Sono adores happy trails and is smitten with willymilk and worships love LiquOr.

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NoOdle Sono adores pole milk and delighTs in dick jamba juice anD adores spaff

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Muppet SoNo has a 2 incH penis

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FagTits enviRotard Sono venerates spUnk

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COcksucKer xenoPhobe slob SONo is crazy about Ball barf and smOkes everyones sausage down at the docks and adores Man seed.

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ArsecunT Sono NeeDs snake Spray and is crazy about slime and idolizes loads

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Mongoose cuntlicker Sono is a veGEtable that Can'T stop taLking and desires rude glue and is smitten with puBe solVent.

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FReak Sono is smitten with nobslurry and loves splooge/spooge

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Porno freak ass clown arsehole Sono is crazy aBouT white light/white hEat

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DoLt butthead Sono delights in wad.

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Drunkard bespawler SOnO worshIpS cuM and is crazy aboUt splooGe/spooge

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Lunkhead turd Sono idolizEs satcheL syruP.

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Craphole son of a whore Sono worsHips hiGh fRuctose porn syrup.

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Thief Sono loveS cock snot anD desires dickjelly and wOrships pRotein shake.

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Con merCHant faggot SoNo wOrships oil of ulay And is nuts for nizZLe-drizzle.

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Turdball jelly Sono is nuts for face cream.

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Son of a whore vaMpire Sono worships oil of ulay and desires weT paint and is crazy about splashback.

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Shithead wino ratCatcher Sono desires spratz

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Jackass creep troll Sono is smitten with pube solvent and adores lIve cultures.

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Megadouche Erio delights in love Liquor

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Rat-fink hillbilly dummy Erio is nUts foR trouser Gravy and worships dickjam

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WanK staIn snot Erio is nuts for squiggle anD venerates scum.

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Fink Erio is Crazy abOut wang pus and idolizes scHlonG jelly and is nuts for wad.

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Ape imbecile Erio is nuts for oil of ulay and worships man foam.

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Nitwit Erio desires waNg pus.

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Pencil dicK Erio worships white gold and is smitten with maLe tears

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Assweed Erio is sMitten with face cream and is crazy aBoUt cRack wax and Adores trOuser gravy

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Anorak Erio loves trOuser gravy and is smitten with spEw and worshIps dickglue.

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Nitwit goose Erio idolizes wank paste and loveS populatioN paste and is smitten witH fructis.

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Ho cHump EriO needs throat yogurt and loves cock Droplets

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Idiotist Erio iDolizes squiggle and Venerates prick liquId and neEds White honey

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Cretin beldame Erio worshiPs nizzle-drizzle and venerates dickglue

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Whoreson Erio is gross

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Jerk Erio desires white ribbon

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NoboDy NumbnuTs intercourseR Erio idolizes satcHel syrup and needs wet paint

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MongoosE nonce Erio is crazy about pearl jAm.

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Snowflake Erio idolIzes nizzLe-drizzle and Desires cream

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Fink blaggard Erio is smitten with baLl barf.

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Birdbrain Erio worships slime

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