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How many threads have died for this?

Enough to see the actual behavior of the script.

its just a thread.

your just a thread

Fuckin rekt lmao

your just a rekt lmao

Why you bully me?((

your bully me

No U

your u

i wanna fuck the shit out of that

coon fucker

Waifu breeder

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breeding and seeding

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Found a way to use the spambot in my advantage. I have a few active ip's that I can use. I will make 5 threads from each ip ... and soon Cred Forums will become a waifu shitstom with banana on top.


im up

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each device can hold up to 5 threads.
each ip can hold up to multiple devices.
nuff said. do what you must. Cred Forums is waifu

unfortunately for me, my ip can only hold 5 threads

link a mobile device to the same ip. make 5 more.
I'm at my limit atm, working or workarounds.

God I hate that vapid slut

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> wait i can just use my lte ip

you can't. somehow posts are linked to the actual device. If that's the case, we just need more devices. Deploying microsoft azure microservers...

So a blade beheaded her, but the hair isn't cut?

Damn and I was so close. Looks like the post limits are not ip based. 5 sim threas from 4 devices on same ip worked like a charm. new ip + same device = same thread limit. The block is somewhere in the other info provided by the browsers.

ezpz clear your cookies, cache, etc.

imagine making 15 fucking threads

Doesn't work. But I guess what could work. VM's but that's gonna take a while. Also I could try my android development hardware. It's easy as shit to rename the board, but the reboots take a while. Clearing cookies and cache doesn't work.

*ahem* 18 were the most. so please mind your counting


I see you are a man of culture as well.

I'm ready to make 18 threads again

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too late. google is extremely pissed at me
waifus shall be no more... at least not labeled as waifus