Totally not /waifu/

Totally not /waifu/

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>using my image
I bet its waifu being in the OP that triggers the script

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Guess we could test that theory.
I made a totally-ambiguous-thread-that-is-clearly-not-/waifu/ as well.
I'm assuming it's just a dude finding the threads tbh.

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Sheepfucker scumbag sHITsack EriO idolizeS niZzle-drizzle and is smitten with rude glue and deligHts in Dickhoney

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Skullfucker badgerfuCker sphincter Erio is smitten with crud.

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Prick chilDfucker baby Erio is a cumjunkie and HaS a tranny addiction.

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Numskull Erio desires spaff and venerAtes spunk and has unwarranted self imporTance

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FInk yahoo turdball Erio is a disgraceful excuse for a human being and venerates erectoplaSm and dElIghTs IN eRectoplasm.

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NeandertHal windFucker apefucker Erio iDolizes wad and is smitten With diCkspendings.

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Wino scuzzbag Erio worshIPs satchel syrup

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Blaggard son of a whore Erio is smitten with dick jamba juice and idoliZEs custarD and is a cunT

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Weirdo son of a motherless goat sKunk Erio venerates cream and is smItten with Jizz and veneratEs liVe cultures.

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Hoe swiNe ERio delights in baby batter and is crazy about live cultures aNd worsHips taiL jUice

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ROwdy bitchface Erio adores high frUctose porn syrup and IdoLizes pube solvent and venerates dickjelly.

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Headass Erio adores DicktaLlow And is smitten with pRick liquid and needs monkey jUice.

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It actually works. Non waifu tagged threads are not getting targeted automatically. But, when the actual /waifu/ threads go down filled with spam, he manually searches for breads. Check your catalog.

Swine goon Erio is crazy about hot milk

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Ruffian neckbeard ErIo idoliZes schlong jelly and is smitten with baby batter and can't get it up

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Noodle sadist cHildfucker ERio venerates dIckjam

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DogfuckEr arseface fatso Erio adorEs oil of ulay.

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Pigfucker Erio is crazy about jizz

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Bastard nobody Erio needs spaff And lovEs monkey juice.

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GoOn ERio idolizes squiggle and adores dicksPendings

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DesPerado Erio delights in crud and loves crud anD is smitten with slimE.

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Grouch duckfucker Erio adores weiner sauce and idolIzes love liquor.

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LurdaNe eartHworm EriO idolizes tadpoles and needs dick jamba juice

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Nonce idiotisT boOtLicker Erio loves white ribbon.

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StiNKHole Erio is crazy abouT male tears.

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Churl Erio is Smitten with hot Milk.

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Junkie Erio Worships tadpoles and adores nizzlE-drizzle

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DonkeyfuckeR bum-fucker vandal Erio delighTs in daddy sauce anD needs dickspendings.

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Cumstain der-brain ErIO veneraTes sPunk and is crazy about spunk and woRShips bOnkjuice

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Goof ratcatcher ERio is nuts foR populAtion paste anD loves white honey

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WhoRe Erio loves white golD and is smitten wIth cream and delights in spunk

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STInkeR Horse's ass Erio desires Oil of ulay and iDoliZes oil of ulAy.

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Goof Erio needs liquid silk and idolizes jizz and needs cock snot

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Goof Erio worships man period

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Degenerate intercourser ERiO is crazy abouT scum

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ShiTnugget dope Erio adores Oil of man and is smitten with pearl jam

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DaughterfucKer Erio is crazy about splashback

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Worm jeRk ERio needs penis Colada and is nuts fOr man seed

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Cockboy rudeSBy ERio worships wank paste and loves wang pus anD worShips spaff

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Turdball scumlord duckfucker Erio idolizes rude glue and idoliZes string of pearls anD loves choaD nectaR.

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Deadhead jelly Erio idolizes Spratz and iS smitten with spunk And WOrships bonKjUicE.

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bread here

Earthworm jackwagon snot ERio is nuts for bonkJuice and loves man foam and delights in dIck jamba juice

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Chump asscunt outlaw Erio needs cock snot and desires heMulsion and venerates dickjam.

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Buffoon Erio needs nizzle-drizzle and worships Live cultures anD desires custaRd

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Lamebrain cockholster thundercunt Erio is nuts FOr oyster drOppings and is smitten with troUser gravY.

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SwiNe dumbo Erio is crazy about man foam

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Bootlicker Erio Idolizes hot milk

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Eunuch ruffian dickhead ErIo adorEs nIzzle-drizzlE and is crazy about trouser grAvy.

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Turd Erio is crazy abouT throaT yogURt

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Hosebag rat muppet Erio worsHips crack wax and desires white gold and idolizes male tears

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Lurdane nobody slave ERiO desires bAll barf.

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Bespawler donKEyfucker Erio nEver shOwers and desires jizz anD is smitteN with spunk.

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Pseudo-intellectual pillock pain in the ass ERio neEds daddy sauce and delights iN baby batter.

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Oaf grouch Erio is smitten witH loads.

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FuckweaSel ERio delights In population paste and is nuts for penis colada and needs DiCkjam.

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Swindler Pencil dick wreTch Erio is smitten with oyster droPpiNgs and adores pearl jam and desIrEs monkey juice.

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Shitweasel sadist nerd EriO is nuts for cream.

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BitcHwad Erio worships high fructose porn syrup.

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Skullfucker joker buTthole Erio desireS wet paint and worships hemulsion.

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YEs-man fibber bespawler Erio idolizes face cream and VeneRatEs DicKjam

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Fuck noggin jerk raTcatcher Erio is smitten with Nobslurry and is smitten with whiTe liGht/white heAt and delights in wHite gold

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Douche bag Sono is crazy about penis colada and is smItten with dickjelly And IdolIzes wad

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Joker Sono loves dickhoney anD worships dickpudDing And is smitten with man sEed

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ReJect Sono delIghts in crud

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Sheepfucker Sono deSireS pearl jam and desires oyster dRoppings

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JELly Sono venerateS face creAm.

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Assmonkey dickbag Sono is nuts for white Gold and worships jizz.

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Ogre aSs clown Sono delIghts in lOads and loves hEmulsion.

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Riff-Raff Sono is smItten with pRotein shake and needs turkey spit and needs dongwater.

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NinNy Sono is crazy about satchel Syrup ANd delights in white light/white heat.

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NincomPoop horse's necktie Sono iS crazy about prick liquid.

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SpHincter Sono is Crazy aBout wet paint and Loves loads.

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Imbecile doofus SOno needs spunk and is smitten with PolE milk and worships custard.

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QuaCK Sono venerates wad and adores slime

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Troll beetlehead Sono worships protein shake

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DooFus scumhead oddball Sono desires loads

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Beast fucklord SonO is smitten with crud and desires man seed and idolizes man foam.

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Berk bum-fucker Sono adores string of pearls and lovEs wiLlymilk.

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Beetlehead sleeze Sono loves spratz aNd is a fucktoy and idoLizes string of peaRls.

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Horse's necktie cUntbitch Sono is nuts for white ribbon anD loves baby batter.

Attached: KD6n5AWVNxExx4focGDS7a8FMf1pQIlPN.png (236x244, 57K)

FishwiFe Sono Worships Loads.

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WomanIzer shark Sono is crazy about dickhoney and idoliZes scum.

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Windsucker shitweasel gobshite Sono iS nuts for ball barf and idolizes white ribbon

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Prick bastard SoNo idolizes pearl jam.

Attached: swaZfWqDP7i1Ix3HnPF.png (392x213, 117K)

Cretin twatwaffle hildiNg SoNo worships prick liquid and worshIps wang pUs.

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Riff-raff Sono is smitten with dIckspenDings.

Attached: PpGKSNLoJ3YuFS39IZ1VNRal.png (130x90, 24K)

Monkey SonO worships whiTe honey.

Attached: eYbHXWpKkeiCR2g6lAzqyeijjT56lKFyS.png (539x319, 124K)

HiPpiE SoNO loves tadpoles.

Attached: DT26M9lgIFaE742Z9LFa.png (224x244, 38K)

ArsecunT Sono deSires pearl jAm and needs tail juice.

Attached: rRHT5rVXsoEOBAtOa45Ri.png (208x212, 41K)

CuntzilLa Sono desires dickjelly and worships liquid silk and is smitten with willymilk.

Attached: dVhPlRsmKo5wfHhAeF8U7gk.png (168x130, 29K)

MonsTer Cock asscunt Sono is smitten wIth dongwater.

Attached: rXjIR4C3x.png (589x526, 214K)

ThundercUnt der-braiN Sono adores happy trails and desires dickhoney.

Attached: 5TOS2YJgKUKwkQ97TO9zAwNiiB5.png (491x276, 97K)

RetarD grumpy arseface Sono aDores man seed

Attached: KHcIyP4TfeshwEyiME8cOJgwq31vmpYXx6g.png (292x252, 126K)

Pussyfucker blubber Gut Sono worshipS squiggle.

Attached: mr0t8c3I0YVEq4rhCZ5Pzs2lqDSANjp.png (380x118, 26K)

Booby wIndfucker Sono desiRes weiner sauce

Attached: 2uxkf9VbnRE9Jn1P54ZuwASNCe.png (412x412, 84K)

NEanderthal crook Sono is smitTen with schlong jelly and idolizes satchel syRup and idolizes oySter droppings

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Robot aunt fucker Sono veneRates white hoNey

Attached: ZPJnhrs7VuynTmXMi4yDi0G1.png (415x415, 184K)

Asswagon zitface bogeymaN Sono adOres willymIlk anD woRships wang pus.

Attached: 4gf3FPR4CrXppA8DM2s0bNah42iLxHOniyv.png (496x436, 314K)

Nitwit Sono idOlizes liquid silk.

Attached: NcYrEloCCcjylP0Yul.png (296x370, 115K)

Mutant son of a bitch Sono adores OystEr droppings and idolizes ruDe glue.

Attached: iGdeF3SbcRX0xlgHENHP2NzEm.png (503x426, 103K)

Fatso Sono desires dickjeLly

Attached: Q8DKVsLIn2RvSiRGrGS0RWxSKr7o.png (408x324, 188K)

Stinkhole Sono is nuts for monkey juice

Attached: plMXXWoq.png (491x368, 320K)

Dickhead dirtbag Sono Adores High fructose porn syrup And idolizes SatchEl syrup and loves man chowdEr.

Attached: XFXVwwA6fRj7L.png (268x357, 132K)

Ne'er-do-well chilDfucker Sono adores dick jamba juice and is smitten with wad.

Attached: qB0QYhHpf1lx6cD2Gp0q3xG9hXHLvt.png (463x321, 231K)

Fuck nugget Sono idolizes white rIbbON and worships cream

Attached: UpJ9f8OogHVzcewGzatku1.png (468x491, 264K)

Quack donkey Sono desires nizzle-drizzle and loves spunk.

Attached: wHhwcuajXgnOcaTCSA6wHEY7HQurRXGI.png (277x207, 98K)

DruNkard lurdane querulant Sono delights in ball barf and lOves pole milk

Attached: UoNFDzq2xOWp1.png (270x275, 54K)

Pervert Sono DelighTs in cock snot and is Crazy About monkey juice

Attached: JJJPwkAd9wpZVq3a6mBxljH.png (347x341, 64K)

BeSpawler dreamer degenerate SONo idoLizes satchel syrup

Attached: XuJcCAhpZCgq9QHg1zWaZZy9.png (415x266, 184K)

Animal Sono is nuts for man foam aNd delights in monkey juice

Attached: e2Vc3.png (343x238, 80K)

ENvirotard homo backwoodsman Sono delights in population Paste And is nutS For white honey

Attached: TdWGcSTgz0EaYMWIa.png (263x180, 81K)

Dotterel sheepfucker numskull Sono is crazy about man seed and idolizes hot mIlk and aDores man period

Attached: QmVEwS71Fm.png (551x465, 358K)

Doofus Con merchANt pillock Sono iS crAzy about dickspenDings and is smiTten with bonkjUice and is crazy about cum

Attached: bQTNzeNh0z7.png (397x626, 264K)

Wacko Sono idolizes penis Colada and venerAtes nObslurry

Attached: hB27DMZkAbJjxl5j5nTj8Jsk4Fo.png (360x352, 181K)

Hosebag Sono desIres cock Snot and venerates Man seed and venerates dickpudding

Attached: CuIezpqGvxzw.png (304x228, 81K)

FrEak fibbeR Sono delights In dick jamba juice.

Attached: OCPCNHPA3wu.png (337x497, 252K)

Nonce trollface daughterfucker Sono is smitten with diCktallow and Is nuTs for white honey and veneratEs nobslurry

Attached: 5hFOD8nIAy8k848KoZUWg1fR505w.png (92x164, 17K)

Chauvinist SonO worshIps fructis

Attached: ALZAvsOo35Y7uvmrjsEL57NMoL.png (260x245, 92K)

Bozo dumbbell toad SOno veNerAtes splashback and worships happy trails.

Attached: USjse0tdGDoJCa67bJlE.png (251x405, 147K)

Son of a motherless goat butthole Sono is nuts for cock snot.

Attached: EjpnoFCkM2WL9Hft9j6NXhW9XlHiqneL.png (199x265, 108K)

Cuntlicker chauvinist lurdane Sono desires pearl Jam and worships nobslurry.

Attached: O9spNrH1qtBoOqwKk3.png (505x346, 352K)