Waaa Waaaaaa Waifu

Waaa Waaaaaa Waifu

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Crack whore caveMan dimwit ErIo deligHts In Live cultures

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INbred ignoramus Erio delights in faCe cream.

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Amateur Erio adores cum.

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Quat thiEf Erio worships wEt paint and is nuts for prick liqUid and is crazy about turkey spit.

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HorsefucKer nonce numBskull Erio is crazY abOut baby batter

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HillbilLy headAss womanizer Erio venerates wanK paste.

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Dirtbag Erio is smitten with satchel syrup

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Pillock chauvinist oxygen thief Erio loves penis colada and Desires Erectoplasm And idolizes cRaCk wax

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CheatEr horse's ass Erio is smitten with sPratz

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Cuntsucker sphincter bandit Erio desires spaff

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Shitter scumhead Erio idolizes hemulsion and idolizes spUnk.

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Booby bOnehEad Erio Is crazy about spratz

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Nerd cuntbitch Erio is smitten with turkey spIt and is crazy About oyster droPpings.

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Whorefucker drunkard Erio is crazy about poPulation paste.

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Trollface pissface Erio worships love liquor and Is crazy about monkey jUice and is smitten with tUrkey spit

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BiTCh Erio needs rude glue

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Wank stAin wIndfucker broTherfucker EriO desires baby bAtter

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Bespawler rowdY bloCkhead Erio is incaPable of intelligent thought.

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Sadist monster Erio is nuts for dickglue.

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PencIl dick bonehead KYS venerates crud and neEds jizz and Loves wang pus

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BIrdbrain KYS loves male tears and adores wormGob.

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Pain in the ass goon megabitch KYS venerates Cream and can't get it up and Is smitten wITh turkey spit

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Wretch sheepfucker slutfucker KYS venerates snake spRay.

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WretcH KYS adores dickhoney anD Can't get off excePt From garGlinG cum and adores splooge/sPooge.

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Quack bLockhead KYS idolizes white gold and desIres mAn period and needs dickjelly

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Anorak freak KYS needs white light/white heat

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Horse'S necktie shitbucket KYS is crazy about nizzle-drizzle and loves scum

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Chump skunk KYS Desires dicktallow and iS crazy aBout cocK snot and is smitten with splashback.

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Fish ChaV desperaDo KYS is smitten with penis cOlada.

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Mucky pup doofus KYS idolizes live cultures and Is a cockbAg and idolizes custArd.

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Querulant KYS needs ball baRf anD adores onWard christian soldiers.

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Windfucker KYS is crazY about onward christian soldiers and venerates wank paste

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Jackwagon megabitch pseudo-intellectual KYS worships ball barf.

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Prick gold digger KYS loves slimE

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Bell-end KYS worships spew

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Whorefucker boOzer KYS is crazy about ereCtoplasm

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Wino KYS worships white honey

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Farmer country bUmpkin KYS is sMitTen with pole milk and loves oil of UlaY aND LOves dickpudding.

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Cretin KYS delights in cock snot and is crAzy about dick jamba juice

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Wallflower anorak KYS idolizes protein shake and is smitTen with dicK jamba juice.

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Hooplehead blackguard KYS is smitten with rude glUe and delights in turKey spit.

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Chump deaDhead oxygen thief KYS worships nobslurry

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Sadist asswagon KYS is smittEn with pole Milk and loves cock snot and is smitten with rude glue.

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Wanker sycophant crook KYS idoLizes wet paint aNd lovEs cock sNot

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Witch son of a whore KYS idolizes dickhoney and idolizes trouser gravy

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Monkey KYS adores hemulsion and is nuts for satchEl syrup and aDores whIte gold

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NobodY helldog zounderkite KYS needs snAKe spray and needs tail juice.

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Chauvinist Troll dumbo KYS is nuts for crack wax and is nuts for sChlong jelly and worships pole milk

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DeAdhead sphincTer bum-fUcker KYS Worships white ribbon and Sucks dick and adorEs spew.

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Sewer rat muppet Fugly KYS loves white light/white heat And IS smitten witH cum and idolizes dickspenDings.

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Quack KYS delights in string Of pearls and loVes woRmgob and loves erectoplasm

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CuntbiTCh wank staIn sphincTer KYS desIres nobslurry and loves loads and is smitten wIth willymilk.

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Keyboard warrioR KYS desires higH fructose porn Syrup and is nuts foR fructis

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Cheater KYS idoliZes spunk and needs spratz and is smitten with male teArs

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TRollFace sqUare KYS venerates Dickhoney and delights in custard

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Nimrod KYS worships cum and delights in liVe cultures and Is nuts for willYmilk

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Beginner KYS veneraTes man seed and deLights in happY trails

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Dick KYS is nuts for turkey spit and iS smitten with crack wax

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Assmonkey KYS IS smitten with face cream and loves splashback.

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Slag horse's necktie KYS loves man chOwder.

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TrolL nerf herder KYS is a fucktoy.

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Eunuch KYS is crazy about rude glue.

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Buttfucker bangsat KYS worshipS man foam

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Gorilla KYS needs weiner sauce and Delights in Dickglue and delights in cock snot.

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Cockroach pillock trollface KYS is a CunT and deLights in face cream.

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SlutfuckeR KYS is nuts For dickjam anD venerates throat yogurt and worships erectoplasm.

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Bangsat sewer rat KYS deligHts in jizz and worships snake spray.

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Shit-eater KYS is crazy abOut fructis and adores penis colada and deLights in white gold.

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Liar KYS delights in prick liquid and delightS in man perIod

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ClOwn jackass asswagon KYS needs tail juice and loVes tadpoles anD delIghts in cocK dRoPlets

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Dummy KYS adores nut butter

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Idiot brotherfucKer motherfucker KYS vEnerAtes slime and venerates coCk snot aNd idolizes monkey juice

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SKunkfucker KYS is smitTen with spaff.

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JACkwagon assHat KYS is smitten with wang pus and is crazy about willymilk

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Fuckweasel mongoose ninny KYS iS nutS fOr face cream and desires snake sPray And Venerates dickjam

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Craphole dogfucker KYS loves dongwater

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