I want her to jerk me off while she tells me how much she hates men

I want her to jerk me off while she tells me how much she hates men

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Oh yes. I want to pump her full of cum while she lectures me about the patriarchy

implying she doesn't like her hair pulled while getting a rough fuck

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>mfw I will never pull her dress up from behind and form a complete seal around her moist anus with my mouth a huff a warm fart and swallow it with pleasure
Why even bother living

Is she wearing an Infinity Gauntlet?

Naw. In my fantasy I’d rather her be the dom

i mean, pretty much an hooker will fulfill this fantasy for you; just find one that looks like her

shouldn't be too hard, she's ugly as fuck.

im in between. i want her to fuck me while she hates on men but i also want to see a fat black dick tear her ass open and dominate her

Ide rather she blow me, and in between gagging/catching her breath after holding my dick in her throat until she almost passes out, and deep throating me again, she can tell me how much she hates men.

I want her to kill off my foot fetish by putting her mangled talons in my face.

It's not about her being attractive it's about her bitchiness that's a turn on. Makes her very desirable.

>her bitchiness
i maintain my point that a hooker would do this for you gladly.

Same, user. I fucking want to suck on her tits while she degrades me for being a white male and jerks me off with a glove.

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She was Thanette all along.
>snippitty snappitty
>women are prahhhhhperty

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it's not the same when you pay for it, doesn't have the required authenticity

>want to see a fat black dick tear her ass open and dominate her

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god she has great tits

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She doesn't seem like she'd let user get his fill of milkies. She'd probably quit after a few minutes after latching on and hand express or pump some in a bottle.

isnt she gay?

Does it matter?

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This bites, can't even post half the webms I have because of the 2mb limit.

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>prolific feminist
>girl power icon
>shows her tits off egregiously every chance she gets

Kek what a piece of work. Probably has deeeeeep fantasies about being dominated hardcore by a man. I have only ever gotten close enough to hear secrets with 2 sjw girls, and they both had impregnation fetishes.

Yeah, I don't doubt it. Submissive or dominant either way works. I'd love to hate fuck the bitch just on pure principle.

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Does she have a bf?

My gf is pretty SJW but I’ll you, she loves it when I take control and go full bore in her mouth. She takes it like a champ. Idk how the cognitive dissonance works but it makes me happy lol

Here's what you really need, young lady.

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Anyone want to see the rest of my Brie collection? Could post on disc or kik

See how much of a strong wimmin she really is.l

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Gladly. Whats your kik user?


Can share all the other vids I have of the dumb slut

I'd love to see a side by side of her on her soap box complaining about the patriarchy and talking about female empowerment, and on the other side a video of her having trembling orgasms over and over again while huge cocks destroy her asshole as she massages their balls to get every ounce of cum inside her cause she knows she needs it

My ex and I came up with an explanation we call "The Box."

When something genuinely upsets you or makes you uncomfortable, we say that's something that's in your box. Say you're a feminist and rape scares the shit out of you and really triggers you. It becomes super taboo, and deep down you may be curious why some people fetishize it. If you find someone you really trust and know would never take advantage or try to expose you for it, you might try to explore that in a safe environment, and find that like most things the more taboo the hotter it is. That was my ex. Rape play, daddy/little girl, impregnation, total sex slavery. We liked playing with the things in our boxes.

how about disc

Wow... you’ve discovered something new that has never ever been seen before in psychology. You guys are really on to something. Jesus Christ, is that really not common knowledge for some people?

I thought the term “daddy issues” was a competent enough blanket to just explain away all those feelings of repressions and failed role models throughout a girls development that would lead to behaviors like that.

We all talk big but at the end of the day we hate her while wanting to empty our balls into her

Moaning her name while she gets pounded, her will overpowering mine


>My ex and I
Aww...so sweet. Any idea why she dumped your weak ass, you gigantic pussy?

Was this while you were taking a bubble bath together or painting each other's toenails?

>We all talk big but at the end of the day we hate her while wanting to empty our balls into her
No. I have gotten pussy before. It's just pussy.