Deaf waifu thread

Deaf waifu thread

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BanGsat ErIo nEeds fructis And venerates cock snot and is nuts for Splooge/spooge

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Chicken country bumpkin EriO needs dicktallow and loveS scum

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Wacko crook fuck ErIo adores tadpoles

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CUnt fArt Erio is Smitten with dickpuddinG and idOlizes satchel SyruP.

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Thundercunt Erio idolizes loads.

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BaCkwoodsman scumhead Erio adores wang pus and is nuts for happy trails

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Fuckbucket lamebrain blaggard Erio worshiPs love liquor and is Crazy aBout dicktallow.

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Dirtbag simpLEton shitter Erio is smitten with maN foam.

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Ho shyster robot Erio adores erectoplasM and worships white light/white heat and worships white ribbon

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Fagtits rowdy ERIo idolizes liquid silk

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Bonehead Erio loves squiggle anD is nuts for crack wax.

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Roaster slave Erio Desires face cream and delights in oIl of ulay

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Oaf neckbeard ERio loves crack wax and venerates schlong jelLy and is nuts for spunk

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Douche bag Erio idolizes Throat yoGurt and needs splooge/spooge.

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ChickenfUcKer oxygen thieF ass Clown Erio is crazy about populatiOn pasTe.

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PiSSfaCe Erio is nuts for erectoplasm.

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Apefucker Erio loves splooge/spOoge and is nuts for protein shake and is nuTs for high frucTose porn syruP

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InTErcourser Erio adores dick jamba juice.

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Bugger arse-licker dumbass Sono desires weiner Sauce and idolizes daddy sauce and desirEs pEnis colada.

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Oxygen thief bitchwad Sono is crAzy abOut cum and is an awful person

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MoNkey bitchfAce twerp Sono worships wad and woRships erectoplasm

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Missing link quack SoNo is smitten with Slime.

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Country bumpkin scumHead Mucky pUp Sono needs pearl jam

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Son of a bitch shit stain monkeY Sono loveS loads and loves spew and idolizes nizzle-driZzle

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Loser wino Sono is nutS for white gold And idoLizes turkey spit and desires jizz

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Mutant fuck noGgin bozo Sono is nuts for custaRd and venerates penis colada

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Helldog pinhead cocKboy Sono is nuts For protein shake

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Vampire badgerfucker Sono is nuts for throat yogurt and loves jIzz

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Dolt boZo fatso Sono is nuts for rude glue

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ChAUvinist oaf clOwn Sono needs white ribbon

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Fuckhead ass-kisser sHitaSs Sono desirEs liquid siLk

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Bell-eNd Sono desires dickjelly and vEnerates crUd and needs slime

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Roaster dick Sono is smitTen with rude glue and adores cOcK dropleTs

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Whore Sono adores man seEd.

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Bag of dicks fishwife Sono adores snake spray and adores throat Yogurt.

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Yahoo quack Sono desIres male tears.

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Wino hilding fucklord Sono venerates nobslurry and needs popuLation paste and loves hemulsion

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Homo con man cuntsucker Sono needs pube Solvent and adorEs satchEl syrup

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