Why wh*teoids are such pussies

why wh*teoids are such pussies

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avoid being lit on fire = pussy

got it niggerlover

Niggers are often to dumb to get out of harms way ,they equate this to bravery

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The hell is a "wh*teoids" ?

the pose of the black guy is just hilarious
>stay back whiteboi i Don't want to be forced to hurt you

hey asshole is a spray not a flamethrower

that's understandable taking in consideration centuries of low access to education

I think your still pissed about this are ye lads

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Lol dumb niggers

An african raised in sweden only scores 2-3 points more then one in nigeria

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we can and have defeated niggers when outnumbered 20 to 1, the last time an ethnic group severely pissed off the white race we split the atom and was fully prepared to wipe them of the face of the planet

if we go then everyone goes

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you mean 10 to 15 points wich close the gap between American blacks and whites to only 5 points do your research idiot

So it's not throwing flames in a direction?


Idk about pissed. Ashamed definitely

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You cant close that gap without race mixing and thatd just produce and ugly dumber "white" person .
Niggers are just dumber you know it i know it thats why they need to always lift of the outliers like neil degrasse tyson

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Reddit called. They want their safe space faggot nigger lover back.

IQ tests are inherently racist.

Hur durr if it doesnt match my preconceived notions it must be wrong

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They should be giving them street/hood iq tests to make the testing grounds equal.

Based how will blacks ever recover

>Believing IQ means anything

I'm not black, I just think you're retarded.

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Iq is probably the most important thing in modern society, it correlates to income, wellbeing, Life expectancy ,divorce likelihood, crime ,number of children ,etc ,etc . Wtf do you mean i has no effect ok lets just send the 60iq retards to med school , why not if it doesnt matter ?


Nah this is bullshit . Also same publication says homosexuals and trannies arnt mentally ill