Should I take lexapro if I’m not in serious danger? My life is just stagnant with no interests or job

Should I take lexapro if I’m not in serious danger? My life is just stagnant with no interests or job.

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kek no. Your doctor loves pharma sheckles and these are a best seller but they always fail to mention the month long withdrawal "brain zaps" you will get if you ever stop.
Also these don't do ANYTHING that proper sleep, regular exercise, and better diet can't do.

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Should I drink vast amounts of alcohol if I'm not in serious danger? my life is just stagnant with no interests or job.

Should I smoke weed if I’m not in serious danger? My life is just stagnant with no interests or job.

Should I inject heroin? I have no willpower.

Is this the same user that wanted to death themselves?

Should I snort cocaine? I have no drive.

No. That’s why I’m not in serious danger.

Ok just making sure. They've been making multiple threads and mentioned lexapro

What kind of exercise

Walk, run, swim, bicycle, pump iron etc.

I started walking for 30 minutes in the morning. I don’t know anything about a gym.

That's what google is for.
Find one in your neighbourhood.

Just kill yourself

Walking is good.

Those should be used as a last resort. Try exercising and CBT first. It's free and no negative side effects

lexapro is pretty good. the most mild ssri i've taken. i've been on it for probably 5 years. no noticeable side effects of any kind, for me.
i find it removes my peaks. my moments of joy and my moments of sadness do not hit so hard. i'm at this relatively constant level of complacency.
that sounds bad on first reading, but i don't have many moments of joy, so it's a net benefit, which is why i still take it.

you could always try it for a 6 months or a year or so, and if you find it doesn't help, you can come off and you go back to normal (given enough time).

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what did it do to your sense of humor? A friend takes zooloft and I told him that I was considering trying it and he said that my dark sense of humor and relatively quick wit would disappear.

>my dark sense of humor and relatively quick wit


im sure i will eventually.

i know it sounds autistic but my friend on an ssri said that he thought it would alter my personality too much. like the reflex to make a smart ass comment just gets dulled down to nothing

nothing that i've noticed. i started taking it around when i started college. i've always had a deadpan sense of humor. being "funny" in person is different than being a comedian.
i've not noticed that my faculties are diminished. my memory isn't weaker, i don't solve problems more slowly. i don't think slower.

i like to come off of SSRI's every so often. i've done it three times so far. usually during the summer, so i get like three full months of time to compare my baseline. every single time i prefer being on SSRI's, so i return to them. my quality of life is just more enjoyable.

i started on zoloft and it made me very tired. i'd get sleepy in the middle of the day. lexapro didn't have that problem. now that i'm remembering it though, there's a weird effect when you first start taking ssri's where you yawn a lot. you're not tired, but you yawn all the time for a few weeks and it's really strange. it's like a satisfying feeling to yawn, and you know you're not tired, but it feels nice.

tl;dr i didn't notice any significant changes to my personality. then again, your brain is the thing doing the noticing, so good luck getting an objective answer on that. it's hard to notice how your brain is changing.

No! I went through a "down" time and got on it, because it's the most mild and well tolerated of the anti depressants.

It was fine for a while, but about 8 months later I decided I'm good and wanted to get off them.

Got off them no problem, or so I thought. About 1/ 1/2 months later I slipped into a depression that was nothing like I ever experienced before and also went a bit fucking nuts. Thoughts of grandeur and disassociation.

It took months to get my shit back together. It was ugly as fuck.

So I say NO. Meds work Im sure for the right case, problem is they give em out like candy when a fucking good walk and sunshine a few times a week work better.

thanks for the answer.