Feet thread

feet thread

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Mailed her the keys to my chastity cage yesterday. I sure hope I get them back at some point.

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Wife's slutty feet

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Some candid feet from todays class :)

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More coming. Man as long as i've known myself i've been obsesses with feet.

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One more. I think it must be so sexually energising to smell those nylon feet after being on call for 24h. I bet they would just melt in my mouth.. My dick is diamonds just thinking about it.

Btw. Does anyone have any link or video wherena guy cums just from sniffing or licking feet?

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Kick those damn crocz off her feet

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more ?

anyone have that pic of her with a cock on her face?

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I really wish she'd drop out of school and become a full time Goddess.

Crummy toes??

she's a junior finishing up in finance. her income after grad + tributes must be insane.

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It would probably take at least a year to get going but she could easily make over $100K a year as a findom Goddess.

ever steal a girl's used socks?


anyone have info on where she's based/her college? want to see what it would cost to pay her tuition

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Who wants to see more of my ffs feet

GF feet* pic didn't post

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Some user said he was going to send her a debt contract drawn up by a lawyer. I'm sure she'll be happy to lock you into one.

lots more please

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yeah I'm honestly getting more obsessed day by day

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Pay her then! Take what you can send her a month and multiply that by at least 12 and ask her for a debt contract. You'd need to include a copy of your id so if you don't pay, she can take your ass to court!

maybe I should. anyone in a debt contract to her? would I have to involve a lawyer?

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its autists like you that give us footfags a bad rep. fucking off yourselves you fucking lonely virgins.

You won't need a lawyer unless you don't pay her. You'd have to sign the contract. ID is to verify your identity.

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How should I msg a girl on Instagram to buy feet pics? She's got great feet so I don't want to scare her off. Anybody with experience want to help me out? Of course I'll share here if I'm successful.

>buying feet pics


post ig link

Greetings m'lady. It has come to my attention that your feets are rather exquisite. Goddess tier tootsies if you will. Might I interest you in an exchange of a currency of your choice (USD, GBP, BTC, etc) for some photographs of your feet? The going rate is $3 - $5 per pic but I shall let you decide the price. Thank you for your time!

so I'd just need to sign it and send her a pic of my ID? No lawyers involved unless I fail to pay?

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Correct. Let us know how much you did it for!

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Got lots of these girls feet which do you prefer?

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right soles

I did steal my girlfriends socks when i was in highschool, just before i told her about my foot fetish. And those socks were ankle nylon socks while she wore ballerina flats, they were wet from sweat.
An then when she went to her house, barefoot in ballet flats, i pulled them out and sniffed them jerking my dingjs, i came buckets.
Every women i was with ended up indulging my foot fetish with joy and i consider myself very lucky for that.

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Any long toes?

any soles/toes with face?

No sorry, would you fuck those piano toes?

alright, should I email of what

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yoursolegoddess is her twitter. I think her email is listed there too.


I'll keep everyone updated

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Love them

How did you normally bring up your foot fetish? That's my biggest worry

And how did they react to it

me too

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You fuck those?

She is perfect

foot job pics?

Come trib my feet
Kik FootAnon69

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