All Empires rise & fall. The NWO will be just the same

All Empires rise & fall. The NWO will be just the same.

In this thread you will rise to the occasion. Pull together your leadership, military & sovereign citizens! *Jokes/trolls welcome*

>What is your Family Crest
>Where shall your fort be built
>Will you be a Righteous or Tyrannical King
>What is and is not permitted
>Will you trade or fight with your neighbors

Lastly, if you actually intelligent enough to expand your pool of wisdom then please check out Bill Cooper & his broadcasts.--v

My Kingdom shall be:
>Built in the forest against a cave
>High walls, towers & armed populous protects us collectively
>I shall be King in title alone, all deside their own fates
>Drugs, personal prostitution & Leathal/non-leathal duals are 100%permitted
>Laws against rape(pedophilia is rape), murder of the innocent & theft are obvious immoral crimes
>Peace through Trade with all none slave owning neighbors is our way

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Other urls found in this thread: of the Goods.pdf marihuana the first twelve thousand years.pdf third century kings generals

usd founded by thomas woodrow wilson has fragile x syndrome and 4 more generations totalling 5 after it. as its murdered in tandem with usd the world is corrected.

colonsiing mars titan and europa atm and more to come after

zero place for genetic retard + .gov (down syndrome, fragile x syndrome = permenent ban)


anyone hosting is treason + shares fate

zero forgiveness

hobbes leviathan
eugenics archive subhumanism

This is the real link.
>OP admits foolish error

Based schizo

schizophrenic reprojecting and a cyber stalker, federal felony

ur a targetted individual and need to go have a serious dnm with ur mirror about it, not me schizo fuck, im an innocent

ur being murdered

Believe what you will. This NWO shall fall.

Daniel 3:30-40 this vision is continually correct.
Idol head to toe:
>Gold = Babylon
>Silver = Persia
>Brass= Alexander's Macedonian Empire
>Iron = Rome-SPQR-Catholic Church, Etc
>Iron & Clay = NWO-Short lived & death of Mystery Babylon

Even if I end up wrong, how have you prepared for if I am right?
>Will you be helpless
>Will you Rise like a Phoenix
Choose your fate user.

More entertaining than porn or games built to imprison the mind.

Sanity is for the Weak.

u exchange ur life for fiatized existence because u were NEVER meant to be born IN NO REALITY WERE YOU MEANT TO BE BORN YOU WILL BE UNBORN AND FORGOTTEN


You will be a good goy for the NWO.

I will live freely as you worship at the alter of GOVERN-MENT(Control Mind in Latin).

nigger im 322 666

This is why you are known as the dead by the secret societies. You don't think for yourself & true freedom terrifies you.

Enjoy the Matrix(Mother or Womb of tricks/illusions) Zombie.

Hahaha, good. I'm Merovingian, Grandson to OG OSS/CIA. Your NWO shall fail.

I will see you on the battlefield if you live after the Great Cataclysm.

Sic Seller Tyranis

cia is friend

murder all nsa genetically


i am the sythe of all of histories 100 billion dead

CIA is tool for the El·ites.

I serve a higher purpose. To undo all of the works of Mystery Babylon.

Templars, Assassins, Freemasons, Jesuits, Talmudists, Luciferians, all shall perish in the coming days.

You who feels threatened by this statement are my enemy. I don't hate you, but I will bury you.

I am the sword which protrudeth from THE LORD'S mouth.

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killed her in runescape 1 2003, shes been my bounty ever since. deal with it loser

dont be a problem. discern true history

hancock is a god
u are his vessel

killed her in runescape 1 2002, shes been my bounty ever since. deal with it loser

dont be a problem. discern true history

hancock is a god
u are his vessel

Will you survive the fall of the NWO or will you be lost like the rest of the dead?

nwo isnt the dinosaur falling that u need to get out of the way of. its usd 1913- + nsa the NOT scapegoat

cannabis super cash crop of civilisation

That is one aspect of a larger matrix.

It is easy to escape what you are not under the spell of(Government=Mind Control).
>Agreed on Cash crop
>Trade/bartering will be key
>laws restrict rights of order followers
>No laws but that of morality
What would be your laws?

non aggression principle and dispute resolution organisation

professional accountability

the larger matrix is solved with mass inundation of dmt/mushrooms/cannabis/mdma of the Goods.pdf marihuana the first twelve thousand years.pdf

that and genetic testing
as i said
fragile x syndrome
down syndrome

perma banned from .gov.

any nation who declines is destroyed

rolling for the blackest one

>Agree on Non Agression Principle
>Agree on no laws on drugs
>Disagree with genetic testing
All structures should remain small. Technology, although useful, will be destroyed by the great cataclysm(Involves solar EMP).
I am for people making their own decisions. If people collectively want certain actions to be done; those people must carry it out.

However, I blame most of the genetic problems of today on radiowave technology(radiation) & poisons littered in our food, water, toothpaste, skys, etc.

Once everything goes back to non ma's production, problems in genetics will solve itself.

Also, death is only for Pedos, psychos & slavers.

War can only be carried out by those willing to fight in it.

Good choice.

My wife is black & white! *Wink-wink to you Masonic fuck-sticks out there!

thomas woodrow wilson had fragile x syndrome him + 5 generations(inclusive) have caused 2 world wars and global depression to date

the grandsons name is johnathon sitting in pine gap australia right now reading subvocalisation thought and mass shooting civilians with emf/emp

google thomas woodrow wilson
hp lovecraft
fragile x syndrome

thats what he looks like.
(confirmed 2015 have visual)

having sex with a minor UNDER PUBERTY breaks natural law because they cant form contract law
also in common law dredd vs scott (natural law = gov law)

you can see the law bastiat pdf on this

caused bnecause signed federal reserve act

creature from jekyll island pdf g edward griffin

both wwi+hitler was a response to such

world got bamboozled by genetic retardation

genetic testing stands

100% ban on fragile x syndrome + down syndrome from gov

any who host are murdered with it


ur nation dies usa

jews opted out of usd in 2001 thats the diff. no assasination threat etc this time. ur cut to ribbons schizo. standing alone coddling a schizophrenic down syndrome retard

ur fucking murdered

I know what you speak of. Problem isn't simply genetics. Free will exists. Otherwise we would be like animals.

Secret societies do exist. They exist in all power structures which effect the internal & external affairs of the most powerful nations on earth.

So, no, wars are brought about by secret societies, bankers & war profiteers.

no they are brought about by economics.

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it is math, not art, that is the cake, the latter the icing x

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low interest rates are only sustainable with zero government waste

so that instantly disqualifies a single .gov military person outside contiguous home nation borders

thats why nations were created. boundaries. borders.

usa 100% to blame. 1913usd-

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so we lead to anarchism/societal topple over and collapse into totalitarian dictatorship

third option is usa doesnt go home and everyone nuke murders it

which is likely because they are cancerous managerially entrenched schizophrenic pigs at the trough of fiat fractional reserve banking and again the difference is genetic mental retardation wilson-johnathon etc

I will check it out. However, Government requires Master slave relationships.

You have those making decisions for the rest of the community whilst the military arm(includes LAW enForcement, ment=Mind in Latin) conforms the rest society to the wills of the Political or Wealthy Oligarchy.

Bankers & secret societies brought that about. Woodrow Wilson was a Freemason. As were most of our presidency & founding father's.

Chabbad helps influence all Jews & Works alongside Bankers/secret societies.

Trump is a Jesuit who's in debt to Rothschild bankers. Rothschild founded Israel & USSR Bolshevik communist Jews filled up the breeding stock of Israeli Oligarchy.

There is always some group maintaining a power structure. Yes, all factions use genetics to divide each other & us from them.

Economics is controlled by bankers, secret societies & Royal bloodlines. Bankers own Wall street & Fed Res. Secret societies own the Bankers. Royal Bloodlines rule the hierarchy of the secret societies.

Freemasons from BLUE LODGES fill the BLUE LINE.

A cross is Power(The line from top to bottom) & Authority(The line which separates master & slave, thin blue line).

Ill check your sources. Try checking out mine. Bill Cooper was legit. Even my OG OSS/CIA Grampa said so.

Rome's Emperors eventually were just figure heads put in olace by a Merchant/Military elite.

That is the fear being produced by the same elites/secret societies. True anarchism or Republics have never formed.

USA was the closest to having a republic. Which was founded by the same secret societies which rule in Europe. They play against each other in public but are planning together in private.

>Left & Right are of the same body
>Politics is drama for the masses
>Those who rule are those who we almost never see
>Small scale is the only safeguard from NWO tyranny
Anarchism means no Masters, no rulers. Would you rather be ruled?

I am saying we work together to fight evil in all its forms. But if we have a system which can be corrupted(ie government) then we are just going through the same cycle which has continued throughout mankind's history.

>Bankers & secret societies brought that about. Woodrow Wilson was a Freemason. As were most of our presidency & founding father's.
woodrow wilson had fragile x syndrome and under basic 101 contract law could not form contract formation. usd illegal because of it, as is its presidendency.

jews were genocided by romans 700k/1m citizenry dead 2000 years ago

khazar bulan converts are pontic slavers being expelled out of the slave fields for 1500 years
why? as earth cooled over last 2million years it dried, people pushed out of africa, up levant, into europe via constantinople gap, slave fields taken from superior genetics->tech->anything west of this since.
look up xat history of money read the rothschild bit at least
rothschilds red - shield, vault holders of gold for the kings of atlantis,
gold = good in movement
silver= 1:1 with no movement
rothchilds rockerfeller etc are market facilitators, kings of england arent real, caesars/imperators are
1913usd is a helot rebellion. nothing masonic about it. jfk was a mason. rest is double talk. brzezinski was a redshield. no one else of interest on the continent in 107 years.
ff's were cannabis planation holders
world got fucked when annslinger under wilson fragile x syndrome illegal usd dollar outlaws weed cause mixed with mexican tobacco, unfiltered tobacco=psychosis=reefer madness propaganda

jesuits are friends
rothschild are friends
balphor signed israel into effect to give them fucking territory they could legally claim and be done with it, no albert pike 3 world wars conspiracy bullshit. tahts been rewritten. im illuminati bavarian grandmaster. end is on usd1913 + nsa =caused every problem in world in last 107 years. not on me nsa. murder johnathon pine gap fragile x syndrome australia. 18 years of criminality off this. done with u and it.

the world is beyond dualism. its called adwaita philosophy. its not red v blue shit aristocracy v fascism etc ur wrong

its about geolocality effeciencies

yeah caesar was the last one

geolocalities go where the money is. when a region is exhausted power bases move. see medici power brokers rising as bankers in the power gap/vacuum 1000s->

anarchism means no fucking government waste. managerially entrenched lazy cunts

im owed money. time to beat a nigger. its usa.

anarchy state and utopia shed good light on why anarchy doesn't last long and how few people it takes to completely destroy any anarchy and replace it with something
the best way to introduce anarchy somewhere is be a faggot and bomb them into the archaic culturally and then give them lots of weapons and keep education and literacy from reappearing, at least judging modern times and those times all the high cultures fell, all the way back to the akkadians

Are you a Qanon? If so, this explains your programmed beliefs.

If not, why have you sided with the same people causing global wars/economic downturns?

>Friends don't enslave friends with debt
>Balfour declaration was for Zionists not Jews(read it & weep) Albert Pike is considered neigh godhead by FM's who were og founded by Templars.

usd1913 caused it because wilsons fragile x syndrome wasnt acknowledged now we have that blowback all fxs perma banned forever more in .gov off it its done. we get genome testing out of it. new wave tech.

i am q=666 yes. i am grandmaster, son of hitler, son of edward7 emperor, son of ernst 1=original illuminati grandmaster, not what u read on google.
my fathers mothers father is also kaiser wilhelm ii. etc.

the turmoil comes as a price of ineffecient arbitrage removal. its a matter of behaivoural finance, mises: "homoeconomicus" if u look that up.. comes about as always from removal of the guilty in positions of power so better decisions(ones) are made

trying to remove this..
see: managerial entrenchment
the host atm is johnathon pine gap australia, grandson of thomas.. attacking people with satelite. so pathetically stupid it would be ignorable if the damage wasnt so great
options are cia sog execution team, sas nemesis execution, vanguard trident nukes/bunker busters, janitor with a handgun.

pikes a frontman. ernst I of saxe coburg gotha is original gm.

i can disclose this because im gm, father died in 1998. miilitary has been declassified since 2013. due to these fucking fragile x syndrome retards. wasnt my pick or call. we deal with the cards dealth.

Anarchy has never truly existed. It cannot exist due to the existence of order followers, sheeple & outspoken leaders/Secret Societies made up of psychos & socios.

But, government is Latin for mind control.

I am saying we stops treating a non conscious system (which can only be run by conscious adults) as morally good or as GOD.

I am saying we work together to not control others. We collectively combat rape(includes Pedophilia=Child rape), slavery(Wipes & Chains or Debt/ignorance) & Murder of the innocent(self/Community defence isn't wrong).

A Republic which can be abolished by the people & work for those who actually want it is what I am suggesting.

But what we have is no where NEAR freedom(Domain of being unchained, not controlled or coerced).

This takes Wisdom=The domain of intellect.

Your lineage seems unbelievable. Your being a Grandmaster, even more so.

If this what you believe is true, then I pray the right path will be ahead of us.

But if what I say is true, how will you survive the Noahide laws? Freemasons won't just be the axemen bringing blood atonement. They will be thinned out as the Cataclysm occurs.

Trust you me, I believe in what I speak. But in this case I shall agree to disagree.

cataclisms a false flag of usa trying to extend itself because its current iteration of usd was founded on genetic mental retardation thats 5 generations deep atm. rest of the world better be reading these words: murder all americans until i say otherwise (they kill internally if ever)

grow cannabis raise livestock read books

library is mises hayek rothbard menger at

read every book by those titles(authors)=work and value

silver if ur not moving
gold if ur moving

1:1 weight after that

learn combat sport
self sustainability
opt out
texas and cali are greenlighted

ohio iowa virginia newhamp are alright

gl shitters

maryland hosts nsa capital cancer of the world

true mecca of true terrorism, not doubletalk that i even have to clarrify smh

murder all nsa genetically


Disagree. Cataclysm is real, why have DUMBS if not so? Nuclear attacks may be a problem. But I don't believe they will be used before:
>West coast fault line pop
>Solar EMP
>Polar shift
>Comet dings earth separating core from shell
Look at China, the last bit happened already long ago.
Lastly, a minor IceAge will come. Lasting 40-60 years(estimate).

The Order of Brothers of the German House of Saint Mary in Jerusalem, commonly the Teutonic Order, is a Catholic religious order founded as a military order c. 1192 in Acre, Kingdom of Jerusalem.

if u want a free finance course take CME course (chicargo mercantile exchange), or do a tertiary online/physical if u can even show ur face in public.

dmt/shrooms/joe rogan/randal carlson/graham hancock/mckenna/food of the gods/magicians of the gods

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tech exists to swing space rock into ur living room /w precision.

Lol, solar slap deals with that.

>Electronics vs Solar EMP

yeah thanks tesla. u can also man make solar slaps.

>my face
>I’m fortifying a building and decorating the walls with the charred skeletons of liberals who created such a possibility with the psychotic level of forcing acceptance of minorities.
>near a lake where the ground is fertile
>I’m a Cred Forumstard so obviously tyrannical
>contribute or leave, forcing others to accept anything is grounds for execution
>depends on them

Semi serious, semi trolling with my comment.

Part of the matrix but not its over all structure.

Catholic church is just Rome trying to survive the ages. Pope is a shit emperor.

Teutonic order is but one order of many. Mystery Babylon is the Whore upon the beast. The beast is the system of dogma which controls the masses.

Daniel 2:30-45 is about the Empires of Babylon(Gold head), Perisa(Silver arms/chest), Alexander's Macedonian Empire(Brass Stomach & thighs), Rome(Iron legs which shatter, the pieces do bruise-Catholic and later splinter churches) & the NWO(Iron Rome& clay Talmud do not mix) which shall use technology to try for global domination.

The Solar EMP will subdue this beast. The Mystery schools will try to bring blood atonement to have order out of chaos.

But I will be there to push the masses into fighting the wounded beast. We cannot kill it entirely, but it will fall in due time.

It will die with the rise in Christian beliefs. Luciferian doctrine can only work when a form of slavery is in place(hence the fed res +Civil War Marshal Law=Policy/LawEnforcement).

Atheism will kill itself & Islam will die in time as it fights Zionism/Talmudic Judaism.

Banks are entirely tech based now. So is NSA & other Gov systems.

Jesuits are just another antichristian mystery school. Adam Weisshop was a Jesuit. Need I explain more?

Millions will die in the coming days(year/decades). Only the smart & capable will survive.

no theres been a continuous y-line progression since atlantean since younger dryus since lacedaemon of sparta since caesar into carolingian into holy roman into emperor of britain and then to hitler then me

rest is a funnel

millions will die they will 100% mostly be americans because they choose to harbour genetic enemy. this is new meta info thats come to light 2002-2010-2012-2013-2014-2015-2016-2017-2018 since.

johnathon fragile x syndrome pine gap australia nsa is the reason ur murdered usa

nothing else.

murder usd. = illegal currency.

tww=fxs=cant form contract

law theory


hahahahah oh man the fucking curb stomping ur getting for this down syndromes psychic profit oh lord..

The one guy to actually bite. I like it. How big will your harem be? Slave VS free folk, how many of each? How will you maintain it?
>Drugs is a good choice, was for the Druids of Europe
True, but this is so big is cannot come from man made technology.

Well, you enjoy that. Ill take my Merovingian/Giant/Fallen blood & start a new kingdom where THE LORD JESUS CHRIST is ruler. Effectively ending any or all forms of Governance.

80-90 percent will die in every nation on earth. I will enjoy my fort, weapons production, weed & Free·Dom.

Gtg do dad stuff. Good debate, peace.

no aliens.
murder john.
did jew touch emm?