How much do you tip Cred Forums? And is it mandatory?

How much do you tip Cred Forums? And is it mandatory?
I'm gonna be visiting my uncle in America next week. Will they spit in my food if I don't tip?

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>blames customer for not paying you a decent wage.

yanks crack me up.

30-40% is the new minimum.

I can't speak for the states. I personally cannot afford to tip. I don't see why my wages should subsidize the profits of the company owner.

However, if you've got money, the standard is always 10 percent (before taxes). If you've got more, share more. In the states, many employees rely on tips to get by. It shouldn't be the case but it is. That said, I doubt anyone will spit in your food, in all my years working in kitchens I've never seen that. We don't even joke about fucking with customer food. Seems like a fast-food burger-flipping-teenager thing.

I dont

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This thread again? Please kill yourself

Don't tip. Don't be an Amerimutt.

I tip 10% and resent that the industry works that way. It's fucking moronic and everyone convinced it's a good idea has been convinced by greedy restaurant owners.

How the fuck they gonna spit in your food after you've eaten it? Who the fuck pays for the bill at a restaurant before you've received your food.

OK Boomer. Waiter's wage is $2.50 an hour.
You should fucking tip.

I generally tip between 15% - 30% depending on how much money I have or how good the service was.

I've only tipped 0% once, because this dude was absolutely incompetent:
>never came around for refills
>sat there for ten minutes past the thirty minutes we ate for and had to get up and go for the check
>orders were wrong

Get fucked. They took that $2.50

>employer won't pay its employees the minimum wage
>this is our fault for not giving them free money

Okay faggot

Just tip you fucking niggers. if you genuinely can't afford to tip, don't go out to eat. It's a luxury experience. Currently that experience is subsidized by tipping. Without it, that money would be factored into the food cost automatically.

If you want to change the industry, start a petition and a lobbyist group. A lot of servers will be against you because the current system incentivizes meritocratic payment.

Cool, its this thread again

10% minimum
In Canada too.
But we actually pay our servers so you don't really need to tip. But you're supposed to unless you are expressing dissatisfaction

>person accepts job
>not my problem that they accepted work for minimum wage
Its fucking brilliant that restaurant owners have convinced their staff that customers are assholes for not tipping, when they should be mad at their boss for paying them shit.

The system incentivizes alcoholic consumption and beauty, don't kid yourself.

A waitress job isn't hard like manual labor, but it's not easy either. It's easy enough that most people can do it though, so you don't need to pay that much.

It's almost as if industries do whatever they can to lower their payroll cost. Restaurants use tips, agriculture uses illegal immigrants. All of it is manipulation for profit.

that makes no sense

Yes? So? You can accept a sub-par wage and still deserve more? The labour value is the same regardless of the pay. Maybe I'm misinterpreting you.

america is full of fuckwits in all aspects, tipping....

Bitch got $15 free dollars and complains about it on social media? Typical entitled whore American.

Thanks god I live in a country where there is no such thing as "tip". You mutts are fucking crazy, how retarded you must be to pay extra money to some stupid whore who just doing her job.

Just don't be a poor loser, then you can be a little generous. What's another few dollars? It will make the waitress's day, and it means nothing to you unless you're a loser

>eating at Denny's is a luxury experience
>money would be factored into food cost automatically

Are you retarded? Or are you really this absorbed by the restaurant industry?

How about if they can't afford to pay their employees without having to bleed more money from customers they should rethink their business?

What if you work as a waiter?

I'm pretty sure he's saying that since they voluntarily accepted to be paid that little, its their own damn fault when they don't get paid much. But I'm not him so maybe I'm wrong.

Reminder that girls/women are dum and that it's #InTheBag2020

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Tiping happens at the end, so no they cant spit in your food. When you do return, you will get absolute crap service though. Typically 10% is the standard tip. I tip more if my waitress is really taking great care of me. Pips determine your quality of service on your next visit.

If you can't afford to tip, you can't afford to eat. Make yourself a salad you fat fuck.


It’s not a luxury to go eat. If they don’t like the shit pay go work somewhere else. Usually get bullshit service now a days anyway son

I don't understand it either. I've known servers and they make much more money than they let on with all this whining bullshit. If you're actually good at it, you can clean up with at least a grand on a busy day.

10% cuz im broke

ITT: Entitled waitstaff being entitled

>if you can't afford to tip, don't go out to eat

First things first, whether or not people generally tip depends on the service or establishment provided.

For example.

If you are at a sit down restaurant, tipping between 10-20% is customary. If service was unusually poor, it is not unusual to not tip.

If you receive an uber/taxi ride from someone and are prompted to tip, it is also customary to tip.

If you receive a pizza, it is customary to tip when it is delivered and that the tip go to the deliverh person.

It is not customary to tip auto service technicians or mechanics, artists, or convenience store clerks.

You may donate to artists, however.

In nearly all of the above cases, 70-80% of people do not tip at all.

Them's the facts jack.

The fuck? I can pay like $40-50 for a food, but I don't want to pay another extra $10 just to please some trashy waitress slut. Fuck her and fuck all of you brainlet tippers

Where do you think those inflated worker salaries would come from? You should be happy that they've implemented this system, it means that you can arbitrarily decide to not pay for labor costs on the service you're being provided. Imagine if you were able to just not pay labor to your mechanic.
The difficulty of a job has little to do with the payment for that job. Deal with the public for a few thousand hours and tell me it's easy. I've never been a server but I put a lot of hours into running a service desk. People are awful and smiling at them is not easy after about a year. These industries are just abstracting labor costs. The business owner otherwise would be inflating prices to compensate.
It's basic economic theory. If you have to increase labor costs, you will also have to increase service prices. Realistically, the money the customer pays will not change significantly. You just won't get a chance to dodge paying labor costs like a jew anymore.

Easily. At one of the kitchens I worked in our waitresses would bitch if they made less than $400 a night.

>Plot twist, its really millennials

Don't tip, instead drop 2 pennies into your water glass, cover it with the menu, flip it over on the table and pull the menu out.

If the waitress wants the 2 cents she has to clean up a bunch of water, that's the tip.

>I voluntarily take a shitty job then expect people to bail me out with tips

Every waitress or waiter ever.

2.50/hr plus tips or minimum wage, whichever is more.

>Imagine if you were able to just not pay labor to your mechanic.
I can't imagine any mechanic being retarded enough to value their labor at zero

>compliments don't pay my tuition.
Wow! It's almost like I went to a restaurant to eat and not to pay for some stranger's education. I'm so rude!

Normally, I have something like 10 % in mind (for good service!), but I will round to the next full banknote (5 €, 10 € etc.) or (for little amounts like 16,30 to a full €). The higher the bill, the more possibilities to go on full banknotes.

I start at 15% if the server does anything that impresses me positively I add 2-5% more. never more than 25%. Likewise if the server does anything I don't like I deduct 5% per incident but never less than 10%. However if the service is really bad I leave not tip.

Europoor kys

Don't let this bitch fool you, they make plenty. Waitstaff bring home more than the cooks by almost double

>making $1000 a night as a waiter
>live on neetbux do you?

>The difficulty of a job has little to do with the payment
I don't know what country your talking about but that is absurd. Sure there are exceptions where someone lands some sort of windfall, but payment is determined usually by difficulty whether it be mental, physical, experience, or some combination of those. Waitress doesn't stack high in that generally, maybe some sort of high end french restaurant, where they are likely paid properly.

Being served food at a restaurant is a luxury, you aren't entitled to restaurant service. That labor costs resources to provide. If you don't want to pay for that labor cost, go to a business that doesn't provide that service. Or prepare your own meals.
And neither do wait staff. They make a bargain with the business that they will work for next to nothing in exchange for the opportunity to keep tips, which is not allowed in most other jobs. They choose that bargain. There are restaurants that pay actual wages. They're slightly more rare because servers end up making less money and paying more taxes.

10%, often it's not enough, so I tip 15% or so. I go to the same places everytime, so I want people to attend well at my table.

You went to a restaurant to receive service. If you don't want to pay for that service just order it to go and take it elsewhere

The labor theory of value is easily disproven. If a job is difficult, but valuable, it will pay well. if a job is difficult, but not valuable, it will pay in relation to the value created. Otherwise the business will not make a profit and will cease to operate.

Most resturants already charge shitloads and overly inflated prices for food that, let's be honest, anyone could make themselves with some exceptions for the fancier places.

There's no reason they can't slide some of that to their employees, tips are completely outdated and blaming the consumer for not wanting to pay something that should've been phased out as an optional bonus/incentive for a worker to actually work is bullshit.

I've had too many shitty servers to want to tip anymore. I still do, but its a bullshit practice just because businesses don't want to actually pay their employees.

Hey Zoomer, there's this thing called a job market. Choosing a job that pays s nothing is on that person for taking it. Even a shit job at a fast-food place pays better.

>they make a bargain with the business that they will work for next to nothing in exchange for the opportunity to keep tips
Exactly. That doesn't obligate me to do anything.

Meritocratic ?
"hey thanks for bringing the food 10 feet from the chefs who spent their entire lives training and the last 30 minutes preparing, YOU deserve all my gratitude!"

i fuggin burst out laughing, "luxury experience".
shut the fuck up retard.

If you can’t afford to eat out keep your poor ass at home.

I don't tip because I live in a country where its not left to the consumer to pay your wages.
In no other profession does tipping happen.

But then he'd have to do something more complicated than walking 30 ft without spilling food!

So you're saying waiters just want to avoid paying taxes?

You've obviously never looked into the numbers for a restaurant. The net profit margin for most restaurants is only 6% after costs. It's barely worthwhile to run them. It's not a good industry if you actually want to make money, let me put it that way.

If the waitress will give me some extra blowjob service then I'll give her some extra bucks. But bringing me plates doesn't costs even a nickel

>That labor costs resources to provide.

And you literally pay that with the food price. How is it the customer’s fault that a restaurant’s employees aren’t being paid minimum wage?

so you brainwashed asshat think it is the customers job to calculate the products cost including labor?
the restaurants owner has to pay fair and should be able to calculate the cost into the product price. the customer then knows what product and service will cost and can pay more if he was treated well, but that's totally on his own mind if he does.
your car mechanic will get to you with material and labor, too, and if he looked after something more you pay him extra, but if he just did what he was told you pay exactly the amount on the receipt.
a bit weird that a car mech and a waiter have totally different systems what the customer should pay for...

Pouring cents worth of sugar water in a cup or bringing me food someone else cooked isn't worth more than what they get paid.

We can afford to eat out because we're not stupid enough to work for under $3 an hour.


Imagine living in a country where you blame the customer because your boss doesn't pay you enough

Fun tipping story from when I was a teen. Teens in my area got shitty service because most wait staff knew we didnt have much money so we tipped low.

>me and friends go to breakfast place for pancakes.
>see waiter roll eyes while coming to table. >Takes order and never see him again until food comes.
>out of soda, out of water, no waiter in sight.
>Fuuuu, no service, fine, no tip. Pay for food and leave.
>Next few weeks, same shit, different places.
>Get an idea, start saving all untipped tips in the pot. Tips begin adding up.
>go with friends to little mom & pop restaurant and get fantastic service from old lady waitress.
>She earned it, leave entire pot and walk away.
>Old lady chases us down, Youn man, you forgot alot of money on your table.
>explained it was her tip, explained what i did, she was floored.
>She earned the $212. in tips that the other waiters couldnt be bothered with.
>Feels good man

>It's a luxury experience
Yeah, luxury. Did you grow up in a literal hole in the ground?

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Ok, but since the waiter/waitress is not my fucking employee and service is to be expected in any establishment, whatever it is they may be selling, I shouldn't be paying for anything more than what I am buying.

Somehow in my shitty borderline third world europoor country we get both better service AND better wages, without needing all of this autistic tipping bullshit.
Go figure.

>tfw I never leave tips
>tfw I steal tips off the tables after I eat

You could make it yourself, yes. But you are paying for the luxury of not doing so, and the luxury of a restaurant location to eat it in.

I don't work as a waiter, I'm not some failed whore who is gonna bleed people for money since I have no life skills.

One of my friend's brother used to work at a restaurant and would regularly make between $500 - $1000 a day depending on how busy it was.

Let's do some basic math:
>12 hour shift
>100 customers
>$60 average meal ($6,000)
>15 - 30% tip ($900 - $1,800)
>$1,200 average

A good server can easily help 100 people in a twelve hour shift at a good/busy restaurant.

Imagine living in a third world shithole

If a job is difficult, but not valuable why would anyone do it?

Let's use fruit picking as an example, the job is difficult back breaking labor all day in the sun, but they want to sell the fruit for cheap. The job is difficult, but not valuable. The reason that the job is not valuable is not because it doesn't need to be done, but because the industry can pay people the absolute minimum or if they can get away with it pay illegal immigrants less than the minimum.

If they were forced to pay the actual cost of the labor they would still sell fruit, it would just cost more and they would profit less, the value of the job would increase as needed for the industry. The alternative would be to suggest people would simply stop eating fruit altogether.

10% at most if it's a nice restaurant

few £ for anyone delivering food or taxis

(minimum wage here is between $5.65 for under-18s and $10.67 for adults 25 or over excluding tips)

So why don't you tip the cooks then? They do most of the work and don't get tips. I'd try a different argument

I fucking hate eating out because of this shit. Fuck these whores, I'll gladly go get my own fucking food and pour my own drinks if it means I don't have to "support your tuition". FUCK YOU BITCH.

Found the waiter in the thread

My friend had an interesting system.
A standard 5 dollars.
Coffee with a side of toast, $5 bucks.
Pizza brought to door, $5 bucks.
Fancy dinner with friends $5 bucks.
Surprisingly it usually worked out well. Because he was poor, and didn't really eat out much, especially high end places, and if he did it was for "his portion" so sometimes it was a total of everyone chipping in.

Just always carry a $5 bill with you for tips.
Works for strippers and hotel attendants as well.

this was meant for

It isn't difficult to write down an order, so why are we paying 20% of the food cost for something we could've texted the cook?

But how would I know the percents that I should tip? I'm not so good at math, I mean I'm not good at math at all.

This so much. I'm a cook that spends my entire shift working nonstop, using skills and techniques I was taught, developed and mastered to get shit done fast enough to make sure the line is ready for the breakfast, lunch and dinner rushes. While I'm working most servers are just standing around, joking around, talking about how drunk they got last night then bug/beg me to make them something for free to eat.

Then after a busy day they make more than I do and are the main direct cause for every fuck up to the order because they don't punch in the right order or forget something.

Fuck servers.

In the USA you get paid like shit, so the only way to get people to work there is to promise tips. It’s really trumps fault for for letting the rich get richer and throwing minimum wage at a all time low for people. If you think America is a dream it is not it’s a nightmare.

if there are people really working for 2.50 an hour then they deserve it.

the restaurants pay so low because there are people taking it.

I tip at least 50%.
If your tab/check is $20, so what? What's another $10? Often I just leave a $20 tip. If the server kicked ass I'll leave a $50 or $100 bill.

Why am I not tipping the cook then? The waiter isn't doing shit but writing it down and ferrying it to the cook.

Because it's not industry standard to do so. In a lot of modern locations there's a tip sharing pool for BoH labor too. Indirectly, you are tipping them.


It's you accepting the job. You're always free to say no thanks I'll try something that actually pays.

Because of the tipping system.
What don't you understand about that aspect of society?

Why don’t we actually make the government enforce a minimum wage on servers?

Your telling me Olive garden charging dam near $14 for spaghetti and meatballs isnt a rip off? That they are just getting bye? I used to go there all the time in my youth, last time I went the food was shit quality and for me and GF, almost $45 for the bill. Two basic meals, salad bowl, two sodas. Bill shit

In a lot of states they make that much, but if tips aren't enough they get bumped to the minimum wage, which is what their shitty work is actually worth.

Solidarity cookbro. The least needed and highest paid employees. If I had a nickle for every time a server fucked up an order I could have retired years ago.

Can you say to a waitress that you wanna tip but only to a cook and not her? I mean she doing literally NOTHING. Just bringing the plates, that's all.

>In a lot of modern locations there's a tip sharing pool
You mean they tried it a few places, and their waiters all left to go to other restaurants, and it failed miserably.

If someone is serving you, you tip them 15%. If they are decent, 20%. Tip better for better service. Tipping over 20% is mandatory if you want to go to the same place more than once and get above average service. You must factor this cost into the cost of going out. The ripping system seems like it sucks, but servers would make far less money if they made a static income.

There are people taking it because otherwise they starve.

You are the unsung hero of the restaurant sir, if they split their tips with ya'll (1/4 split with 3/4 towards you guys) I'd have zero problem tipping.

>there's a tip sharing pool for BoH labor too
This is false. A handful of restaurants do this, but its less than 5%. Don't fool yourself.

Do the water glasses applaud when you do so?

>Tipping over 20% is mandatory if you want to go to the same place more than once and get above average service.
Do you also deserve $15 an hour?

It was that way all the way back since Clinton, Hell back to Prez Raygun. aint a new thing at all

If you can't afford to pay a living wage, you can't afford to be in business.

Enjoy the Mexican cum lathered into your sandwich. At the last bar I worked at, we had this guy Pancho in the kitchen who would fart on peoples salads and cum on their sandwich if the servers told them that a guest was a bad tipper. One time he even pissed on a pork chop.

Unless you never go to the same restaurant twice. If you don’t tip. You have probably eaten gallons of Beaner Jizz.

Moral of the story; only NIGGERS don’t tip.

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I doubt that they worked an hour's worth of sweat to serve this table. Paying someone $15 to carry plates and glasses of water over the course of an hour is already way too much money.

if they receive 0 tips in a day the employer is forced to pay the normal minimum wage

We do, it's like $2.50 an hour base, plus tips.
If they don't receive enough tips to meet state min. wage, the employer is supposed to make up the difference.
I know a waitress from Chili's that got fired, because they hit a slow month and she had the audacity to ask for what was legally owed to her.

>if you want to go to the same place more than once and get above average service

I'd like to see someplace give me below average service from lack of tipping. I'm just autistic enough to start a scene.

We do. Their hourly has to come out to minimum wage. Normally this is covered by tips, but if it isn't the employer is required to step in and make up the difference

You’ve clearly never worked in food and beverage or ever had a girlfriend.

lmao I love that this is catching on

I live in the deep south hombre, no mexicans or nigros here.

>Going anywhere that has food prepared by nonwhites

No, actually the moral of your story is that all spic motherfuckers are literally subhumans and shouldn't be allowed to work anywhere, maybe only with niggers in the fields .

>people in the industry have no problem feeding people their bodily fluids
>the customers are the problem


>things that didn't happen for $500 Alex

Sadly this is whats going to happen. Dont pay employees, employees cant afford to buy products, employers start feeling pinch, lay employees less, employees cant afford even more things and stop buying. Companies go bankrupt. Its exactly whats happening now. Replacing cashiers all over the place with machines. Machines wont buy your products.

Lol. Keep larping waiter. Anyone who's worked as a cook knows you're full of shit

It’s easy... no tip if shitty service 10% for anything but shitty. Anyone else saying 10% isn’t enough is why people expect more.

>basic math

You already failed, the tip is per table not per head, no server does 100 tables in a shift you dumb nigger

Go tard yourself into an oven and gas yourself

Kind of kills the argument that tipping matters if they make minimum wage if they don't get tipped anyway.

And the busboys and cooks didn't give a fuck about your cunt of a friend getting her whiny ass fired, because for all the other months she was making far more than they did just because tits.

for 2.50 you could easily go to the park and collect some bottles, no need to do 12 hour shifts.

really, you murritards defend a system that totally exploits the people.
uuuuuh socialism bad, but yours is full of stiupid poor people.

If the fruit seller is not making money after paying labor, then they will raise the cost of the fruit on the market to increase the profit margin. This is what's known as a market. A business will not operate making negative money. The job is hard, but does not require skill and labor is abundant. therefore the wages are low. therefore market prices are low. If, instead, the labor was not abundant because people had better opportunities elsewhere, or because there was a smaller pool of people in the labor market, the cost of the product would have to go up in order to attract workers. The business would see less sales, realistically, as buyers determine that cost of goods is too high to pay. Therefore, less goods will be sold, so less will need to be produced. Less production means less need for labor, lowering the number of job opportunities.

This is all basic economics. If a job is more difficult, it will tend to pay more. But it will not exist if it is difficult and not profitable. people do not run businesses at a loss for long.

Don't eat at restaurants where the staff look like a bunch of degenerate nasty fucks so I'm good.

Enjoy being a faggot

WEll actually even if they make $100 per day it's still too much for that kind of work.

Abunch of poor fag anons who live with there parents and don’t have jobs bitching about tipping. What your parents spending money can’t afford you to eat our lol. If so just get it to go and eat at home.

>I want small business to die so megacorps can dictate how much my work is worth instead
Protip: It’ll be less than living wage

>imagine being such a shitty waiter you can't do 100 tables in a 12 hour shift
>$60 average per customer at a high profile restaurant is actually on the low end

You just played yourself nigger

Did this waitress actually do anything a buffet bar or fountain machine couldn't do?

She should have known better. Was she young or what? Most adults would have known asking for money would get them fired. At least here in the states

I will eat at restaurants and not tip and there’s nothing you can do to stop me

oh i guess the police and public health will find it classy to have a plate of jizz served.

I tip minimum 15% and then increase based on quality of service. I don't mind waiting for food, but I really dislike waiting on a new drink. It takes the momentum of my night down to a grinding halt, so I gladly will pay extra if it means quicker service. I tip hard to the bartenders/waitresses at all the bars in my area, so now even if there's a line of people waiting for drinks, if my cup is almost empty, all I have to do is look in a waitress/bartender's direction and I've got a new drink on the way in seconds.

I understand a lot of people will get mad about how I choose to spend the money I earn, but that's what the internet is for.

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$15 is a good amount. If the food is expensive and she not constantly serving alcohol I’d say it’s good. If they were there for 2 hours and drank a lot I’d say a bigger tip is warranted.

Just like your browsing of reddit and being a new no one can stop you

Did you have a stroke?

Also consider, at that high price, the server is working in a higher end place, and most likely had 2 or 3 other tables during that hour window (overlap ect) because the average dining experience is 45 minutes.
So in an 8 hour shift with at least 2 tables, you're looking at 21 tables average (10 low 40 high). Assume the standard spent between 2-3 people is $60 dollars US. After taxes $64, standard 16% tip is $10.50. 21 x $10.50 + (2.5 base x 8) = $240.50 for a single average 8 hour shift.
That's not bad, and $15+ per table is much higher than the average. But then again if this chick could do math, she wouldn't be basically just a pretty face bringing people food.

>I've been brainwashed into thinking you have to tip
>everyone but me is poor

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It's obvious that market forces dictate labor costs, it's also obvious that business will do what it can to defray labor costs. The restaurant industry does this by paying the bare minimum for their labor and convincing their customers to offer higher wages for their workers.

The system works, otherwise people wouldn't do the job, that doesn't mean it's a good system.

ok boomer

Almost like there's a market motive for tipping for laborers in the industry.
Yes. Because you're not paying for the food. You're paying for the owner's franchise license. You're paying for BoH labor. You're paying the taxes to keep the doors open. You're paying the building lease. You're paying the maintenance staff. You're paying the cost of equipment to keep producing food. You're paying for workers comp. The cost of goods to produce the food is only one part of the cost of running a business.

Are you under 30?

You can’t stop me from stealing memes either. I win every time :3

usually its:
resteraunt/bar/etc - 10%
delivery - none

bartender in a college town here. this is honestly incredibly fair and i wish more people operated like this

ooh! You called me another name. You're really proving your point now.

Most server jobs in America don’t make 15 bucks a hour

turn your parents bathroom light off when you finish in the bath, boomer

tidy your toys away too

>go ask for what you are legally entitled to
>get fired
>the customers are assholes
you don't see the problem there, do you?
you do realize that the owner was the criminal here by not paying her what he agreed to?


But the system does exist, and while it does you refusing to tip only hurts the laborer, not the business. Because most people are going to tip. Most people is enough to continue to make it make more sense for the laborer to work at restaurants that use the tipping model.

If you want to change that, lobby for industry regulation. Don't be an asshole.

>Most server jobs in America don’t make 15 bucks a hour
Yes they do, unless you're a shitty server or only work slow ass diners.

Back again with another well worded response that once again proves you're just name calling. Got anymore?

I used to repair walk in freezers for a living. Ive been in the back areas of restaurants. Trust me, from what ive seen, the health inspecters dont come around very much, if at all.

That being said, there were two places that you could literally eat off the floor of their kitchen. One was owned by a gay couple, and the other had a kitchen run by this bodybuilder looking German woman with a default bitch face. She would look at you and you could feel ice form on your hair. Came in once and she had the staff cleaning the ceiling tiles. No shit

#InTheBag2020 nigger

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Imagine tipping a baboon 10 bucks for bringing a plate to your table in fear of it spitting ape juice in it

>America, home of the brave.

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I have no obligation whatsoever to the laborer, if they don't make tips they will make minimum wage, which is adequate for their job performance.

If I tip a bartender, however, it's likely I'll get better drinks so that is worth it.

>refusing to tip only hurts the laborer, not the business.
I am not obligated to supplement the wage your employer will not pay you. Sorry.

how about a door sticker
not one that says "here you don't need to tip because we pay them enough"
but one that has "this employer is an asshole and does not even pay the minimum wage so the waiters need you to pay at least 20 bucks per hour visiting"

let's see how long that business is running then.

If you don't value the service of a waiter, don't go to establishments that provide it. If you do value that service, pay for it you fucking mongoloid.


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This nigga gets it

Why are you so upset? Must be a woman :/

I mean, that's not a terrible idea. I'd probably support it.

I never said it was right, just said, thats how shits has worked here in the US for decades now. She should have known better. Employees are considered disposable

I hope you'll die in pain tip loving fag
I pay only for a food, not for some stupid low life bitch service

Thats my take on it, as a cook. They decided to work for minimum, so they should expect minimum

I’d support it for the asshurt alone but that’s some PETA tier shit

Name calling again eh? I appreciate the little emote though, a good attempt.

>Employees are considered disposable
So get skills that make you INdisposable. Duhdoooooooy

You are not obligated, no. And your server isn't obligated to give you preferential service.
lol, don't worry people around you notice. Sociopaths end up with what they deserve.

Is “woman” your name? :|

She should have sued. Thats an open and shut case. The fact that she didn't makes me suspect shes lying to you.

it's not peta tier if it's the truth

Even IT and accounting staff is considered disposable. Ask too many questions they will simply replace you. Come on now, you cant be this dense. unless your not in the US. But here in the US, companies dont value employees at all, no mater how loyal you are. They really dont give a shit

>broke retard having a fit

>You are not obligated, no.
Good, then the tipping argument is done. > And your server isn't obligated to give you preferential service.
As long as my food comes to my table when it’s ready I couldn’t care less

So, she was half Mexican, and didn't find out she was technically undocumented until about 2 in a half semesters into college.
So she ended up getting the waitress job to help pay for legal advice and services.
If the Chili's manager knew of this, yeah, pretty sure he wasn't afraid of her coming back at him, with her legal status in question.

>And your server isn't obligated to give you preferential service
oh so it is not his job to get my order and deliver it to my table?
let's see how long you are in business gnoring your customers.

>And your server isn't obligated to give you preferential service
See, that the difference though. It is their job. They went out and found work as waitstaff.

Should I not do my job unless the customer bribes me? Because that's what you're arguing for

Here's how retaliatory firing works. You piss off your employer. Your employer imposes unfair rules. You get written up multiple times for violating arbitrary rules over the course of a few weeks. They fire you after the minimum amount of legally required citations.

Retaliation is prohibitively difficult to prove in court, and requires an initial investment of lawyer costs to fight, unless they'll work for a portion of settlement. Which isn't always the case.

If I was allowed to get my food from the counter while it's hot, I would. I am beholden to the waitress though so I just have to sit and watch my food get cold. This is before I've even had a chance to tip. Because I am the main source of the waitresses wages, she is supposed to be reactive to the needs of the customer. The tipping system is so automatic that she gets enough tips doing a shitty job to keep going, it doesn't work properly.

Shitty system that benefits only the restaurant owner. I know that the business is extremely competitive and operating costs are razor thin to profit - this isn't a function of the tipping system though, it's a function of how competitive the industry it.

I don't understand this thread. Is it bait? You dont have to tip, it's just common courtesy to do so

Would a business willingly hang a sign that says:
>We don’t fairly pay our workers?
Fuck no. Even if you lobbied for it that shit wouldn’t fly.
>Ask too many questions they will simply replace you.
In China or India maybe

Tips are gay

>doesn't pay tax on tips, makes more than minimum wage


Why not? You get fined out the ass for employing illegals

You can try and spin it anyway you want, you've got no argument aside from name calling. You've proven that with your last 4 posts. Now it's kinda just a game to see how far you will go.

The question is why is it common courtesy?

You all are hypocrites. I bet you tip only to a whores, and the hotter the whore the more tip she'll get. But if there will be a male waiter then you probably will just leave him 1% or maybe nothing at all.

Imagine being a fucking tipcuck

Every single day fuck you

I wipe pre cum on my bills before they land on the table

Wtf i said 10% minimum and that you were supposed to do it

In Washington state, waiters/waitresses are paid a minimum of $13.50 an hour. Yet, we're still expected to pay a 20% tip.

the sticker's not from the business, d'oh.
you go and print some and after asking the waitress her pay you leave one on the door(s), eyes height, bright red

Yo spics hate niggers twice as much as you do
Figured youd be buddies

>Retaliation is prohibitively difficult to prove in court
It really isn't though, just document it as it happens. I was in a similar situation at my first cook job, budget was tight and my employer didn't pay me my full check. Took him to court for wage theft and it never actually made it there, I "won" during mediation. He ended up with a court order to pay me what he owed me plus interest.

I tip based on quality of service and like that system. The majority of the people in this thread have obviously never been to a restaurant in a country without a tipping culture. There is a significant difference in service. It's tolerable, in my opinion, but I like to be smiled at and asked how my day is going by my server. I like to be seated more quickly. In short, if you don't tip you get the labor you pay for.

Um, seen it first hand. I was IT, had a friend in accounting. The fired two for pointing out something odd. no other reason, no disciplinary history, no nothing. Just, well look into it, and BTW, clean out your your desk.

>Why not? You get fined out the ass for employing illegals
Holy shit dude, do you actually believe that!?
Do you not know half (well more than half) of our entire food industry from ag to business is done via employment of migrants and illegals?
You have to be fucking naive to not know about that in pretty much any state.
The only time they're fined is when there's so many flaggrant disregards or someone pissed someone off, they launch an "investigation" this requires man power, resources, and capital- to get the employer to admit "they are purposely hiring undocumented workers" and even then it has to be tied with something else like "intent to defraud the government" or "tax evasion".

I don't need applause. I've had a lot of servers in my family and those aren't people living it large. They're often struggling to feed their kids and that money makes a big difference even if it isn't a lot to you or me. I'd want someone to treat my family that way.


>theres illegals working in the industry
>that must mean its fine
You are actually retarded, aren't you cleetus?

i don't care for tits or balls.
if the service was good it gets a tip, if not not.

the pizza delivery guy makes more when the time is late or the weather is bad
the waiter/waitress needs to be clean and friendly, fast, discreet, and there's more in it.

I'm 30 and never was to a restaurant with a service, kek. Only fast food and self service places. No I mean I was at the bars with a bartenders but they didn't asked for a tip.

Because it's nice to do?!

expected from whom?

10% minimum
I usually tip 15 to be kind or if the service was exceptional but thats entirely up to you

It's not that simple, if it was you'd tip everyone who gives you service of any kind. Clearly that is not the case.

You're generally supposed to tip bartenders in America.

i base it on 15%, if they were good, 20% and if not so good, 10%

but if they were super good then it would be more liek 25% and not good at all, 5%

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Unless you get drunk quickly, bartenders end up making you multiple drinks. Shitty tipping could end you up with more filler and less drink, costing you more in the end.

Waitresses feed you once and you're out, fuck em.

I tend to go back to restaurants that I eat at. They do remember the people who don't tip, and they do tell the other servers.

What if I'm drinking beer? How would they put filler in that?

I mean, sure. Just be prepared to deal with the consequences of your actions. like people calling you a dickhead.

Is that what I said you fucking "derr werds r hard" zoomer?
The entire industry is based on illegals, both political parties profit from this.
So yes, IT IS FINE, for them.
Nothing will change, because they know it will affect the bottom line. If someone gets out of line, it's often an excuse they use, because they know its there.
Ever eat fruit? - At some point it was picked up by an illegal.
Ever had food prepared for you? - At some point a foreigner was there.
Ever got food poisoning? - Most likely an undocumented worker was shitting in a field, because they don't have port-a-potties on hectares long farms.

They could pour it so you get more head? I don't drink beer so feel free to not tip the bartender if they can't do anything there.

No tip if it was dramatically bad service. If you go in at rush hour then don't tip because you had to wait 30 minutes for the customers that came in before you you are a dick.
If they literally never come to check on you or if they fuck up your order multiple times or something crazy no tip

You'll be served last, and more slowly. Generally. And other people at the bar will notice. Good way to turn people off.

When I'm drinking beers I never tip because there is nothing to pay for. When I'm in the mood for some fag cocktails I tip.

So you need to tip after EVERY beer? I drink usually about 12 beers, too much money for a bartender fuck for nothing

Nah, man, most of the time when I go to the bar I run a tab. At the end of the night I factor up a tip based on what I bought. That's how most bars in my part of the country work.

You drink 12 beers at a fucking bar? That's a really stupid and expensive way to get drunk, user.

Soon it will be $15.00 an hour and still expecting tips.
This is not where the horror ends
Trudeaus forced diversification of northern communities mandates that participants of the program get paid $25.00 an hour.
Imagine making $25.00 plus tip to carry around a few plates of food.
Fun fact you don’t even need to currently be in Canada to apply for the forced diversification employment opportunity.

We could of had the PPC, but Canada wants the liberals.
Western separation is a necessity

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It is so insane to me that when you're drinking at a bar, you are already paying a huge premium on the cost of the drink, then you are also expected to pay an additional $1-$3 to the bartender for spending 13 seconds pouring a drink. And the incentive for tipping is that he will start to do worse at his job if you don't tip? Imagine if firefighters or paramedics stopped trying as hard if you didn't tip them for their services.

I have never once seen one customer insult another for not tipping, but I guess it could happen.
I'm there to drink and hang out with friends, not to get laid.

Why? I just love the atmosphere, all those drunk people and all that. Drinking alone at home is no fun

Agreed but what can you do? Bar drinks are already piss weak so it's a solid investment.

i usually round up to the closest 1, 10 och 100, depending on my order. If its a place where i sit down to eat. Otherwise nothing. If I have had outstanding service I'd tip more. I'm not in or from USA though.

It is insane. Makes them come off as greedy and lazy. Hopefully we get rid of it, like the rest of the civilized world, but you can see how many brainlets defend it so I'm not holding my breath

They might not insult you, but I sure don't want to be friends with the rude motherfucker that doesn't tip. Don't know about other people. When I find out someone doesn't tip I generally don't hang out with them anymore, you can tell a lot about how they'll treat you by how they treat other people around them.
Because it costs multiple times more than just pregaming. Personally I like mixed drinks, but if I'm just drinking beer I'm going to have a few before I go to the bar and then a few while I'm there.

Most people who go to a bar to have fun and not drown their misery go there with friends

You're not paying a bar for the cost of the drinks, you're buying the atmosphere one drink at the time

All you have to do to get a job that pays a normal wage (not fucking 2.50$ as a waiter) is graduate highschool. You don't even need college just go into one of the trade schools. It's cheap as fuck and you end up making enough. If you choose to be a waiter that 2.50$ wage is between you and your boss leave me out of it.

I was thinking that too!

lol wait until they just include the tip in the price.

As of now many restaurants will automatically add 15-18 % gratuity to checks of 6 people or more. Its stated right on the menu btw. Its seems most of you eat shitty inexpensive food anyway. 7.50 added to your 50 dollar check shouldnt be a fucking issue.

Why do you equate not tipping with treating someone poorly?

"We reserve the right to add 18% gratuity for parties of 8 or more."

That's a standard disclaimer. And it's because large groups will sometimes stiff the waitress or food slut that gets stuck with them for an hour.
It's rarely enforced in reality, but if they think you're shitty people or stiffed them before they will add it.

Here's how much food for 6 costs and that will be +20% extra because... well.. err...

"because i cant be fucked paying my own workers"

Because where I live people depend on tips to live, if they don't get tips they don't get enough to pay their rent. Until there's actual regulation in place here I will not support not leaving tips.

In places without a tipping culture that price is included already. It's called labor. They're actually removing tipping by enforcing it.

There are a few restaurants here that add 10% to your bill to "pay increasing wages" but there is a disclaimer that says this does not constitute gratuity and you should still add 18% gratuity for your server.

Don't go to those places. Vote with your wallet. Going out to eat is a choice.

Americans are so weird with all this tip culture bullshit.

Tipping in America started during the depression when people couldn't afford to go out to eat, so diners charged less, and you gave the server what you could. The standard of a 15%- 20% tip didn't come until later when restaurants continued doing this. It's a sick cycle that can only end when the restaurant industry decides to stop it. If we simply stop tipping or boycott restaurants, then that only hurts the waiter who has no say.

This is getting more common here as well.

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New Yorker. 10% before tax for shit service.
15% before taxes if they were alright
20% before taxes if they were amazing.
It's only right, but they should really pay their waiters far wages.

>There are a few restaurants here that add 10% to your bill to "pay increasing wages"
Pizza chains do the same thing, they tack on 2-4 dollars for "Delivery" but don't give it directly to the delivery driver. Sucks for the delivery driver, because I tip maybe 10% extra ontop of the delivery fee.

>They might not insult you, but I sure don't want to be friends with the rude motherfucker that doesn't tip. Don't know about other people. When I find out someone doesn't tip I generally don't hang out with them anymore, you can tell a lot about how they'll treat you by how they treat other people around them.

This x infinity

why bother adding this and just charge the difference in the menu prices?

That's with tip included dingus.

Do you tip busboys, or fuck them they're shit tier it's only the waiters who deserve to live in nice places

Just order grub hub, and tip your delivery man instead.

>Drinking alone at home is no fun
You're wrong. Drinking what you want, at the pace you want, without anyone to disturb you, is ultimate comfy. Are you afraid of reflecting or something?

Oh shit I forgot, some places add a service charge, if you see that on your check, don't worry.

How is tipping weird? I swear people bash on America for literally anything

No, it's not. Any tip is tacked onto your wage.

BoH tends to get pay that reflects the lack of tips. They make less overall, but usually slightly over the local minimum wage, which is the federal minimum. If they stick with it I have friends that make more than the local average for low skill labor working BoH.

The reason I said a minimum of $13.50 is because some parts of the state, the minimum wage is actually $16.39 an hour.

Because everyone has agreed on a price (cost for meal) and then there's some awkward fucking cultural-only expectation that *maybe* more money should be exchanged but not for anything tangible

how is that not weird?

I do two dollars fuck the police

No, they don't. They basically get typical shit tier wages, while waiters rake in the bucks through tips. Waiters usually get far more than the much more highly skilled and important kitchen staff.

You're supporting discriminatory wages, favoring waiters over all other low-skilled workers because reasons.

>be a bartender
>Guy comes in
>Orders a few drinks and a sandwich
>Time to pay
>He starts frantically looking through he pockets
>Only has enough to pay for his meal with a 10 cent tip
>Tells me he's sorry and that he'll make it up next time
>Okay pal
>Comes in a week later.
>Same thing, few drinks and a sandwich
>Dipped my balls in his gin and tonic after making an excuse that I had to go into the back to get something and smeared some dick cheese on his sandwich.
>Time to pay.
>Pays and leaves me a $60 dollar tip when the tip for both meals he had would have been like $7 dollars each.
Petty assholes like me are why I tip when I go out

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Please don't get the impression that this is how most Americans operate and live. OP's picture is clearly from some dumb young broad who's mother was an equally-dumb, if not dumber, version of her. The caption also implies that she expects other people to pay for her own college expenses. This is the mindset of the Bernie voter.


This is just lazy bullshit.
Like hotels that advertise "$99 a night" rooms.
But when you confirm, it works out to 140 a night, because tax, fees, resort fees, bs whatever fees.... it's basically false advertisement.
The food says "$9.99" They you should pay price (and legally) the tax on that food, and you choose the percent of gratuity.
I would get the manager and tell them to stop being lazy fucks. Adjust the menu prices to reflect the actual costs and not try to steal.
Instead of the 9.99 dish... just fucking charge $11.00. $5.00 for drink? No it's fucking $5.50.
This is how built in expenses work, and how it has always worked. This is just faggots trying to be all "poor me" political bullshit. Fuck those places, you legally don't have to pay more than what is advertised and the tax on it.

I fucking miss countries like Korea.
2000 won for soup 1500 won for beer, total bill 3500 won (tax, service, food all included). Fucking simple.

Then they should work front of house. Or go to school to learn to weld. It's a labor market, they aren't obligated to work that job. Being a likable waiter and getting good tips isn't easy either. You have to convince the chucklefucks like the ones in this thread to leave tips and try not to shit on the table.

I never tip I don't give a fuck. If you want more money get an actual job instead of fast food which is meant for kids.

And the tip is based arbitrarily on a percentage of the check. How is a server working at a $40+ a plate restaurant worth more than a server working her/his tail off at Applebees or Red Robin?

Where I live, people in the service industry get the same basic wages as any other job.
Tips are mostly reserved for a very good service experience.

double the tax; pretty standard. some smartass places omit showing tax for this reason, hoping you'll tip higher, in which case i totally lowball it, for my inconvenience. sometimes i go 20-25%, depending on bra size.

They charge more per plate because in a merit based system, the better service staff and bartenders will move on to the higher end places.

I remember my mom did wait staffing during the summer when she was teaching.
But she'd only work at upscale steakhouses. Laughed at the people working at chain places.
She would work at diners though, because "Yeah there's only half the tips but three times the turn over"
But she was also good at her job. A nightmare to take my family out with though, because she would complain about how shit the service was, then add or subtract from %18 percent.

So you're an asshole holding out for higher wages for one no-skill job, and fuck all the other people who do far more work, because reasons.

I don't think he's being an asshole. Just adding his opinion to this conversation. A counter point to people complaining about "having to be" a waiter.

No, if BoH had more valuable labor, they could charge more for it. A good server has more earning potential, even if the job isn't as intense. Difficulty of labor has little to do with the amount of money it pays out. Market forces are more important.

Oh, bullshit. If it were a merit pay based system, then they'd do it for the chefs, first. Carrying plates deserves more money than actually preparing food in what world now? It's just exploiting the fact it's harder to say no to people in front of you, even if they did shit compared to everyone else.

No, it's basically a variation on price fixing. It's a certain people demanding a special cut for nothing.

15 to 20 percent

Dealing with the public and getting repeat business are the valuable components of your FoH staff. They're soft skills. Try getting your chef to serve the customer, see how long that lasts.

If you don't tip you will always be a cunt.

So are you being purposely obtuse or just retarded?
Nothing you're saying is in reference to what I actually said.

I would assume the place to pays more to cooks, will have higher value cooks. What don't you understand about merit?
Oh right, just sit in your basement and collect your government tendies.

Quality of food and price are also very important for repeat customers. In many cases, they are more important than service.

Nonsense, carrying plates to a table and maybe smiling or showing cleavage isn't nearly as a valuable as cooking the food. They're just exploiting a weakness in social behavior, where it's harder to to say to someone right in front of you. This is a quick peculiar to exactly one industry, because cashiers at WalMart don't get a tip. A commission makes sense for a salesperson, but not for a waitress at a chain restaurant. It's just a weird custom that distorts prices in favor of one particular class of low-skill worker, which artificially suppresses the pay of other related workers like busboys and cooks.

Tipping in my country is not expected, but it's appreciated. There's no set rate here. Whatever you feel like I suppose.

You're right, which is why the shift lead usually makes more money than the bus boy. There's pay determined by market forces in BoH too.
Exploiting weakness is a skill, user, and the sooner you realize that the easier you life will be. No one has chained those cooks to the grill.

My favorite "restaurants" are all counter service. No wait staff necessary to drum up repeat customers.

This is it right here. If no one can understand this they are literally retarded or have no real world experience.

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That's one model of restaurant, yes. If they were universally more profitable and popular then you wouldn't see as many restaurants with servers.

I don't tip. Those greedy capitalists need to pay their workers a living wage, not me.

Give all of your money to bernie, vlad.

>Give all of your money to bernie, vlad.

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Then why aren't WalMart greeters or cashiers paid more?

Cashiers are the best paid people at walmart outside of management. Greeters are superfluous and a good will token used by the company to keep the regulators off their back. In a more free market they wouldn't exist.

If Yang won, and got the 1,000 dollar freedom dividend passed.
Would waitresses still need tips?
Or would more people be eating out, increasing a need for food sluts, driving up the amount tipped to good waitresses?

Because they're stupid enough and low skilled enough to work at wal-mart.

You may have got trips but this is not truth

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You're clearly being both purposely obtuse and retard at the same time.

Merit isn't this magical thing where the people who provide more value are paid more, there are all kinds of methods for influencing pay. For instance, unions supporting minimum wage laws, because it forces people with skills worth less than the minimum wage out of job, which creates scarcity, and by the laws of supply and demand drives up wages for other relatively low skilled jobs (like those held by union workers). There are all kinds of ways to manipulate the market, and many are based on deliberate manipulation that have become established customs, like waiters (and nobody else) getting tips.

Adding money to a system doesn't increase quality of life. It just increases money in circulation. Likely you'd see no effective change to tipping culture. You might see a decrease in the extreme low end labor market, or an increase depending on how existing state labor subsidy (welfare) is handled.

Exploiting weaknesses isn't a thing to celebrate or revere, unless you think kids cheating at tests or thieves stealing cars are both great, as long as they don't get caught.

Sounds like a waiter, except for no rational reason whatsoever waiters get a cut of the take.

The waiter has identified a more profitable, and therefore more competitive, industry. If the waiting job is so easy, why isn't BoH doing it?

Some people want their weaknesses exploited. I know the waiter doesn't give a flying fuck about my day, or the weather, or really how i'm feeling. But when they ask me how my day is it makes me feel better. That will encourage me to want to come back. I like it when I get seated quickly. I like it when it isn't awkward to ask for things. The waiter has to have a personality and social acumen to do this for 6-12 groups of people concurrently while communicating with the BoH. The job has a skill compenent, and the labor market has determined that those soft skills are more in demand than the line cooks trained skills. It's not fair but it's the nature of our reality.