Hi /b, it's our daily feral thread!

Hi /b, it's our daily feral thread!
Post feral, music, debate, whatever.

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This early?

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Never too early to be feral, my fren

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almost sounds like you are complaining

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Now I'm lost; I don't know what to say

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I mostly stalk feral threads (so i could be talking shit here) but think that most ppl only stay online during night/dawn

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That's what I find too.
Btw It's night where I am, will wait till the others come, or the thread die

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Where i live its still 3 pm. And i've got a question that i never found an awser in these blogs. Why fuck/br fucked by animals?

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Have you tried search for FERAL CULT CLASSIC on Telegram?

I love my girl.
The way she smell, she move, her fur, I love absolutely all of her.
I don't fuck her, and maybe never will.
I just enjoy pleasuring her, orally or teasing her vulva, and she like it a lot.
I think it make my relation with her more intense, and every time she initiate the action, she really like it and she don't like when I don't satisfy her needs.

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You do realize you both are totally diferent species and probally shouldt do that right?

Either way im kinda reliefed bc by your response it didnt seemed like you just have her as simply a sextool

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It's not at all my sextool, or toy, or whatever.
She is my significant other, and I care of her as much as possible.
That said, yes, actually it's bad to do that from the point of society, but it have been there since the dawn of humanity, and it's just not accepted yet.
I have accepted myself being attracted to animals.

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And to precise: I just love giving her pleasure. When she climax she is very very excited, will bite while dashing, grabbing a toy, and this for like 10-15 minutes. It's really fun to watch, and it's the biggest proof that she enjoy that.
I know people find it wrong, but we're all animals, and we all enjoy sexual pleasure


>She is my significant other
Wait, you dont feel the same atraction with humans?

I am more on the fence but i still got some critics/question

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Not the same. I have had some girlfriends, but I prefer to be with my dog than a random human female. I will be ready for the special one, but I don't want to waste time

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bless you feralanon

seen kaiser around lately?

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Hi there.
I'm Dalmanon, And I havent' saw kayser since a week or more.
How's you?

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I have no attraction to humans, I have never gone on a date. Never even tried to get a girlfriend.

I have only ever loved dogs. But after losing my canine lover to cancer after 10 short years life just feels empty and pointless now. I feel like beeing zoophile might be more of a curse than a blessing in that regard.

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Yes I feel that too; it's hard when they go, I hope my girl will be allright and will stay here for a good time.

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It's been a full year, my new boy is keeping the dark thoughts away but I feel so guilty whenever I notice the memories of my old girl slowly slip away.
I read that it's perfectly normal, it's how the brain works to survive grief and trauma but I hate it.

Sorry for being such a downer, too.

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No prob we all have been thru that or will.
I hate to think that my grill will die some days, but thanks she's still young

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my dog currently is 10 years old, and whenever I think of losing him, hes honestly like apart of the family and I feel anxiety when I think of how he'll go, or when

the best advice i can give is to try your best not think about it now, cross that bridge when you get there.

my dad spent the last year before my dog passed away trying to prepare me that "it was time" when he has a really shitty old fashioned view of animals and would rather put them down than get another vet bill, maybe he was well meaning but i still fucking hate that he couldn't shut up about it.
the result was that i still wonder if i gave up treatment too early, that he took away my hope.

ugh, i hope i'm in a less terrible mood tomorrow, see you around zoonons

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I can't give you better advice than See you soon too, take care of your pack

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I work away so I sadly end up missing large chunks of time with my girl.
It stresses me out a fair bit even though I know she’s safe at home with the family.
I honestly have nightmares about what might happen without me there pretty regularly.
I don’t like to think about her eventual passing at all, the thought alone makes me depressed as shit and it almost makes me regret that I fell in love with a dog.

I like to think that at least the larger portion of zoos are legit animal lovers like me Dalmatian and kraiser are.
As far as I know there’s little to no tolerance for actual animal abusers in the community.

Exact, but the amount of people that are into it may be impressive.
We need another study to see if the numbers have changed in the years. Maybe even more people are into it

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Well it’d be an unreliable study though because a lot of zoos keep super quiet about this shit, mostly because of the law.
You can be put away for 7 - 10 years in my country.

I'm an active zoo and it's completely legal in my country

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A majority of studies, if not all, have all been in the US, with a fair amount of people. Same for drugs, people talk if they are sure to be anonymous
Lucky guy, there is fewer and fewer countries where there is no law.


Lucky prick
Which is true, like how we are talking here now or on zv, but I’m wondering how manny more people are zoo that aren’t active online.

Sorry I can’t contribute pics with my phone.

Don't flaunt it too much, it was legal in all the nordic countries too until extreme internet activism managed to harass governments into implementing new laws :(

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Yes I wonder too. I guess at least the same amount of people as on the internet at least.
And every times it's a really tiny group of people who make noise about that, very few compared to any zoo group. such a shame
I saw a documentary about it in denmark and you see the people who want zoosexuality banned are all trash with no work, always on the internet looking for zoo stuff they hate. I'll try to find it, was good

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>And every times it's a really tiny group of people who make noise about that, very few compared to any zoo group
>rationalizing degeneracy
>it's everyone else's fault
>a tiny group
>especially coincidental anecdote about people they don't like being framed in a very negative light
Go find that documentary, you degenerate.

Define too much, I like to talk about my girls breed and what we do together and it’s rarely followed up with a picture, even then it’s oc and not a pic also on my social media.
Yeh but the government always listens to vocal minorities, how else does political correctness become a thing

I think it would be a higher number in rural areas too, people are closer to nature than in the city and that would have to raise the number

avoid mentioning which country it is, i guess

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>degenerates mentally masturbating themselves by fantasizing about everyone being like them

one of the large newspapers here held an online poll here if animal sex should stay legal and around 30% said yes

i was really surprised, sure there is a large majority that wants it banned but it is not as universally condemned and taboo as some people try to make it sound

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It was a higher number in the 60-80, I can't remember nor find the study I came across. Still looking

Join now before it's too late

everyone doesn't have to be like me but it is good to know that even if just a little over 1% of the world population love animals like i do, that means there are nearly 100 million of us out there

and research suggests that the percentage is actually higher than that

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All this precautions and some people are still ballsy enough to try organise meet ups.
I honestly could never risk my girl like that

scam spam, don't bother looking it up

This is good and cite some studies
Read the article it may be much more

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Damn it boys you fed him, now he’s gonna stay for the whole damn thread
It’s be nice too read a study on zoos that isn’t just about us all being mentally ill pervs

That's why I talked about the documentary. All I got is it was in Denmark, and with a point of view more against people who want to change the law than the actual zoos, without forgiving telling about the zoo brothel. Very nice, there is so few videos about it

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>dude trust me
>it was this one yuge newspaper and it talked about animal sex
>everyone's into it and it's not that bad I'm not a degenerate it's acceptable it's
A lie.

>a higher number
>no actually it was 300
>no actually it was even higher
>but I can't remember nor find the study
>but it totally exists

>suddenly settling for 1% after 60 to 80 to 30 to the entire rural countryside is supposed to be like them
>but it's actually higher
>100 million degenerates
>not pulling numbers out of their asses
You rationalizing, degenerate pleb.

The only number in that article is 1.2 million. 1.2. Of a domain that was already taken down for its degeneracy. There are barely any other sources to compile data from. Oh, but it may be much more than 100 million!

You didn't even read the scathing hit-piece on your degeneracy, did you.

with that kind of defeatist attitude you'll never make him a convert!

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I was speaking of YEARS.
Time of the study.
Use your brain, leave your axtra chromosome at the door, please
Never, ever. You can't think if your brain is turned off

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Maybe with zoo life gaining more traction we’ll start to here more about it, maybe it’s just me but it seems like zoos are being more vocal now than say 10 years ago.
But I don’t want him to convert, I want him to not clog the thread with text walls so I have to scroll longer to see some cookie

you are talking to several different people with differing opinions in this thread you knucklehead

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Some zoo want to go with the flow of trans rights and all the sexual stuff that is already going on here, while some don't want it and prefer to be in the dark.
I don't know what's better, both parts have their pros and cons

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fair enough

it's oddly satisfying to know someone is really invested in these threads though, even if they are on the wrong side of the argument

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So is it an obscure documentary, then? Or a nonexistent one? Because obscurity is worse.

>make him a convert
I understand that your avenues are limited, and this coping mechanism of yours is your default reflex. But you could never convince me of anything.

You don't have it in you. You're not capable. And there's nothing about your proclivities that can be made right.

Oh, you were speaking about years? That was extremely clear and communicated, how could anyone misinterpret that? Probably because this is another ass-pull.

I don't see any clear communication about 1960 or 1980 in the thread. You definitely kept this obviously talked about piece of information to yourself until just now. And you'd better use your brain, because if you try to suggest that you were talking about the unreliable study?

Then you've got no place trying to insist that everyone else is a mongoloid.

Did you get the impression that I was talking to one person? Those are all clearly different replies. Irony comes in the phrase
>You can't think if your brain is turned off
because it's one of your ilk that uttered it in this meandering coven of degeneracy.

You're all beyond reproach.

Holy fuck you seem so butt-hurt that it made me laugh.
Now then for the information this is the article I cite relating to many studies. Maybe I'm right about this extra chromosome.
Try to learn about your subject next time, now you got some input

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Sure man you do you but he seems like an angry baby too me
I just don’t really feel the need to share my sexuality with the world.

Those are all still the same site. You linked the same site 3 times, you dysfunctional dullard.
>right about this extra chromosome
>psyche defending itself against unconscious impulses or qualities by denying their existence in itself while attributing them elsewhere
You don't even know how to wield that insult anymore.


I don't feel the need neither, but I would be curious to see the real number of people, by country and area, to have a real impression.
Plus, if there is a big amount, maybe the laws can be changed, and meeting another zoo will be easier.
Would love a zoo gf

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Going to bed Anons, take care of yourselve, see ya

KEK, yeh I would like too see the numbers as well.
But I’m also pretty content as is, me my dog and my life already are great and I don’t want to disrupt that.
A change in the laws would be nice though, it can be exhausting trying to hide it all sometimes.
Night, I’ll be back on my lunch break or if I stop for a shit

If I had a gf that was comfortable with zoo I know she’d still get jealous because I spend a lot of time with and do a lot of things for my girl, I cook dinners for my girl, brush her teeth, brush her hair, hunt rabbits, she even goes walking on the reef with me in the early morning.
My dog eats crayfish with me.
I can not stress how spoiled she is

TBH it's legal here but I'm still keeping quiet. It's still widely regarded as abuse (and there are plenty of zoo porn sites showing actual animal abuse)


I have seen, I don’t know why people think tail pulling is hot, no dog likes getting its tail pulled

There was a tumblr blog called theydeserveit1
all the way to 17 I think

They posted videos of abuse from tying the bitches up to anal-ramming them lubeless and then shoving their cock into their vaginas which is a big nono due to the bacterias in the colon

Person like them deserve the same sort

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Degenerates like you belong on a cross.

Degenerates hiding behind crosses deserve to be burned

I agree, degenerates protesting abuse while abusing animals deserve to be burned. You uncultured swine.

Crosses hiding in front of degenerates deserve to be burned.

Sage goes in all fields.

That get interesting

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Fucking a dog isn't animal abuse you dipshit

They can express enjoyment from the act. Hell, my girl sometimes wakes me up in the middle of the night with her tongue up my throat

It's already been argued why it's abuse. You're just a degenerate.

My dog mounts me regularly, more times than not he initiates it. I don't see it as abuse unless i force him or of anyone forces their companions.

It's already been argued why it's abuse. You're just a degenerate.

your mom is a degenerate newfag
gtfo back to twitter

>gtfo back to twitter
>unable to summon a better response

>>GtFo bAcK To tWiTtEr
>>UnAbLe tO SuMmOn a bEtTeR ReSpOnSe

And I'm supposed to go to Twitter.

>And I'm supposed to go to Twitter.
aNd i'm sUpPoSeD To gO To tWiTtEr.

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Well, that was easy.

>Fucking a dog isn't animal abuse you dipshit

From a welfare perspective it depends whether it involved cruelty.

From a religious perspective it harm the human being by violating human dignity giving to us by God

From the capability approach, well let's not talk about that.

IF there is no cruelty, it's not abuse at all. Especially those cases where the dog is the one who started the sexual act in the first place. See: girls fucked by dogs doggystyle (and I mean fucked, not that gay doggy-dildoing bullshit)

Dude stop, he thinks an imaginary entity has given us dignity.

Wrong. Suffering can be an unreliable measure of an animal's well-being.