Chubby thread

Chubby thread
Also anyone have more?

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Thick girl I used to fuck.

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Of anyone has more of her post em up, also post all your chubbies

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I like. Any nudes?

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Not full nudes, but lots of stuff like this that she sent me.

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Anybody know who this is? Are there nudes?

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Totes gotta post all you have of this big titted chick

Ever coat that face of hers in cum?

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Fat tits

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Forgot pic of said fat tits

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So many times. She is a total slut.

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wow would love to be her neighbor

She looks so soft and fuckable, is she yours?

yeah she is, she so fun to fuck

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Have any of those?

Moar of her!!

Secretly I think she enjoys having her neighbors spy on her when she gets changed literally always in full view
Also refuses to get a curtain

Im the same user from the slampig thread. I seem to have picked out your wife in both threads.

Unfortunately not. This is just stuff that she sent me.

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oh fuck yes


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I wonder how she’d feel about me standing outside the window and plastering it with cum

having big boobs because you're chubby is like having a fast car because it's fucking awesome

Any way i can get your kik? I think ive proven my interest in your chubby goddess.

You standing outside jerking it yes she'd love it, however I dunno if you could hit a second floor window, doesn't mean she wouldn't enjoy the show anyway

Damn, a bit of a shame because she's sexy as fuck, do you have more that she sent you?

having a penis but being gay is like being a faggot

No kik sry

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For sure. Lingerie?

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Ah damn, ill just have to save everything you post for later then

Love it, dump everything

Her ass is pretty decent too.

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feel free to share as well!

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hot stuff

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Looks delicious

I will, my gf enjoys her too btw

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Sometimes I wonder if anyone has my slut saved because if you do, post her up

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she yours?

great googly moogly!

Well since you know this you must have more of her? Please post

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My gf?


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God damn she gorgeous

Fucking amazing

Gf, can't show face or certain tats

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Got her to send me this this morning before her shower.

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Was hoping someone else mighta had some others

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ug every time i see someone with bangs like that i think she it s trap

thanks veronica mars

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she wants some of this chub also?

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We both have a thing for chubbys

I want to suck her tits so fucking bad

Dump all you have

YES PLEASE! Somebody post her!

She does Love her bangs

THREE threads wouldn't be enough to dump all I have

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Dump whatever you can

OP here, flood the thread my guy

does this count as a chub?

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Dump that good stuff user

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I like the bangs too it kinda gives that downsey look which imo is pretty hot

God these women are so sexy.

Kik me at MarcusAlman. Love all sizes but the curvier the better

nah, no mega
I'll still drop some more
I'm not gonna flood the thread, I want to see some other sexy ladies too
what do you have in mind?

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more of those perfect tits


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Yes please

More of those perfect tits and pussy

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any feet pics?



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closest i've got

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What is this?

hot damn how big are those puppies??

If anyone has anymore pls feel free to add

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she wears 36/38DD, but IDK how accurate that is because she likes her cleavage and for them to be practically falling out

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If her tits are spilling out of her bra, it means she got the wrong size on, so her tits are probably far larger than what she's wearing

With a rack like that, can't say I blame her!

she does what makes her happy, and that usually makes me happy
exactly...I end up benefiting anyway cuz they'll just end up in my mouth either way

I'd motorboat those tiddies all day long


Spread pussy

LOL...she hates that
spread like this?

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all you need to do now is oil her up tits to pussy

Fuck that's hot. I want to fill that hole with my hot seed

Perfect bush

oil her up huh? Never done might need to explain the need for that
trust me, all I do is fill her up...she likes getting filled in every hole. If I dont finish in her she gets mad

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It's simple, i'll lay it out with some simple maths.
Huged oily bouncy titties = super extra fun time.

My wife

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very sexy, moar?


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Nice hairy puss, moar?

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Message me on wickr. Eska217

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Full body nude???

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shave armpits ugly russian man

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oh my god more

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How about full body nude?

Wow, any moar?

What's with that red patch on her crotch, is that from a waxing or something else?, also moar?

Pale skin, so when she got flushed, it turned red

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Nope, just a hot potato

Shes amazingly sexy!! Any pussy and ass pics

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Fucking christ, do you have a kik?


No kik...I posted more here earlier though

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Pudgy/chubby sucking pudgy/chubby

bitch got a mercator projection on her arm

Ewwwwwww thats fucking Arby’s

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Disgusting af

Attached: 00nchsx001.jpg (1156x868, 537K) you put just have to pound fat chicks because good looking girls won’t allow you to touch’re like a bottom feeder

I know i downloaded all of them already. I cant get enough of your slut.

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need more, and vids

Join now before it's too late


That pussy looks delicious

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Nice try Mr FBI agent

Don't have time for vids now

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Believe it or not some people prefer girls with extra meat. I don't mind skinny girls but I prefer girls with 20 extra pounds on them

I'd worship this goddess

Fuck outta my thread.

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Damn man...glad you're enjoying her so much

Shes great

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She is perfect. Please, more

last one for now

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Join now before it's too late

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Keep going!

And you can’t even get that, lol


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Anyone got more of this one?

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I would stick my tongue in that ass....

any more of her?
nice rack she's got!

I'm not here to debate what's fat and all that other bullshit. I just want to say that I've turned down plenty of skinny nasty chicks for delicious fat girls. Some of us just aren't into twigs. I fucked one skinny chick when I was real young, I didn't really enjoy myself at all. Now to be fair, I have had bad sex with fat chicks also, but for the most part I have enjoyed thick women.

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Love this webslut


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keep telling you TURN DOWN "skiny nasty chicks" if you feel better. Like you would ever turn down sex if it ever presented itself hahahahaha fucking pathetic

wish she would post a timestamp

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im disgusted with the low standard you have americans.. CHUBBY?! gtfo this is obese standards

how fucking desperate does that not make you?

>wish she posted timestamp

are you for real or what wtf is redtube, wtf is pornhub? WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING

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Any tiff c? From nc and ny

Found on the webs

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imagine thinking fat girls sometimes dont have shittier ego than bimbos.