Hump day loli thread

hump day loli thread
don't forget to hump your loli

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this is amazing

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Reminder that toddlercon isn't loli and shouldn't be posted in the loli thread

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Amen to that

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are those even good? if u must get a onahole i insist on just getting a tenga. or go full all out and get a loli doll. i dont think those onaholes are all that worth compared to just a tight version of a fleshlight.

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reminder that you're wrong

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Good stuff

Let’s get some mf wickrs in here

W buttplease send what you want to trade. Don’t waste my time and I won’t waste yours

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Wickr: Username150


Wickr: Kiritwo


Hello fellow loli lovers, Count here.

Day #60 of my "draw loli every single day" challenge. It starts to add up...

Gimme prompts, and get a drawing if it catches my attention (or if noone else asks...). Results are totally random, but I'll do my best.

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loli peeing and making a rainbow

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prob not the correct thread to ask but fuck it. are there shota onaholes? if so where can i get them?

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onahole general on /jp/

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pretty sure i've (unfortunately) seen one, full on with tiny limp dick and all

Wickr: deepseadiver86

Pee is really not my stuff...
I still gave it a try, so here.

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What about scat?

I think Duckduckgo just blocked loli results on their image search, can anyone confirm?
Safe search off doesn't display results unless you refresh a couple of times, and then all you get are lolita cosplay and facebook memes.
You can still get some results by searching in Japanese, but I guess it's time to start using Yandex.

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that's gonna be a flat no.
Scat, toddlers and real people are the three things I don't want to touch.

put a dot after loli. that seems to work.

i have also seen those. but every where i look they are sold out

can you even ask about that on /jp/?

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in the end it all depends on google, no?
i've been using startpage for as long as i remember and it seems to work fine

google black lists ALOT of sites. so its really hard to find what your looking for

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Blown so many loads to this sexy little slampig

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just go to alice in the wonderland

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can we not bring up deep web pages here. there already dying as it is

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how am i referencing the 'deep web' what does
alice has to do with that? are you a troll?

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i have already said too much. but there is a site on the deep web called that.

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Where 2 find good 3d now that 8ch is gone?

I'll check it out later, but I use image search mainly to find obscure scrap sites.

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>cannon ball tits

pick one

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@all of you degenerates

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pick one

there pretty much the same thing. a todd is just a boy/girl that is very very young

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Toddlers are lolis.

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Wicc: harrito


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>being this desperate for child pornography

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id tongue this ass so hard

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Does anyone else really wish they could watch a prepubescent girl undress?


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I’d fuck her

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i love them like no udder

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oh my

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hey dxdx here w a brand new gif for u

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how cute, its like a chicken

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Anyone got some 3D loli?


i want a loli to rape me

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>TIL it's pronounced LOW-leet-uh

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These are some nice lookin' assholes. Good job, anons.

any mega link ?

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Thank you for complimenting my wife Arisu's cute anus.

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If you were alone with an 8yo and you couldn’t get caught what sexy things would you do with her?

call 9-1-1

This. Poor girl is probably scared out of her mind.

2d lolis baka
I lost my old external drive to overheat

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>Hello operator, I’m about to molest a child

meant to quote

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Like how old?

no toddlercon

so I guess from 12yo looking to 16yo looking

I thought people stopped uploading collections when they got tired of downloading dolphin porn?

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6years worth of material
since I became a lolicon in high school

I don't think that's ever happened to me and I've had my drives since a long time wait what kinda drive was it and how big?

>not keeping multiple copies of your collection
>also only 6 years lost

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Nishi Iori (西安)

driver was 500M, was 75% full of Eroge, 2D lolis, some hentai and few legal 3d women

That sucks, especially if it was the rarer old-school lolis stuff

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What brand name? I for some reason don't quite believe you.

I have a 6yo daughter. You're not missing much

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How do you organise your collection?

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I have a sister and watched her growing, they're gross

One day I was playing with her in the field and she started masturbating right there and then

was not turned on at all

>hat sucks, especially if it was the rarer old-school lolis stuff
yeah they were the best

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more classics?

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Not gonna lie, those titties are legit lookin

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>was not turned on at all
You might be gay.

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Lol that's cute

Whoa momma. Artist?


You magnificent son of a bitch


I'm glad to see that there is still loli on Cred Forums.

Any advice on trying to find discords for people who are cool with lolis cuz I dont usually see these kind of threads much on here anymore sadly.

Seriously? There's several everyday.

Trips confirm puffy pussies as superior! More news at 11!