Trap thread

Trap thread

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nice girl balls right there

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Delicious, indeed. Those would jingle wonderfully in mouth.

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Mouth watering goodness. Thank you.

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too sissy, not enough trap
You can stop posting the same pic over and over now

Agreed, good sir.

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Sexiest trap I know

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plz post pics of her

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>walk in on your son throating a rainbow dildo in cat ears, wig, and maid outfit
wat do?

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light sabers are officially gay

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*unzips pants*
You need real practice son

Tell your son to get good boyfriend who takes care of her emotional and sexual needs. Be a daddy that she needs.

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>looks at timestamp
u downloaded this pic from me
how does it feel to be gay?

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Expose this slut! Kik: severant

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you tell me, guy

give me more of that good shit to DL

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Stupid and gay

Also looks like feet hair. Not good.


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How are you gonna be that fat and still have concave ass smdh
fuck off

she got a twitter or some other social media? i don't know what that background / profile picture layout is from.

let me enjoy my /lgbt/ lore jeez

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Who the fuck is that?

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Wrong place for that

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Sauce ?

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Any man who wouldn't fuck her is gay

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God I want that in my mouth badly.

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I’ll ask here sine you guys and girls are probably experts

I want to try fingering my ass, but at the moment I don’t have access to lube.
Is it possible to reach the prostate without lube? Is there anything easy to find to use in place of it? What’s the most comfortable position for someone to try this?

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Sorry but I don't have any links

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>tfw you will never fuck merrp and hear her cute moans irl
brb kys-ing myself

Beautiful I would sing this to her.

Baby, you're all that I want
When you're lyin' here in my arms
I'm findin' it hard to believe
We're in Heaven
And love is all that I need
And I found it there in your heart
It isn't too hard to see
We're in Heaven



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dat bulge fucking hot, who is it?

Any requests?

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This ol thang?

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Yum you got kik?

don't post here

Yeah get some help mate.
You have a mental illness

wow. such romance.

Nah to both

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i dont see admiral ackbar

Fuck yeah, she knows how to represent herself.

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At least have the decency to fully shave your legs if you're gonna have the gall to post in trap threads while not being a trap

lol. Nice.

got any soft pics?

God damn post moar

More my beauty

YES! Does it give warm present straight to the mouth after good suckenings?

post it pulled back

Indeed, faggot.

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Whos dis?

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I mean that is pretty soft for me lol

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Good morning

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There might be something like that

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She is perfection. Would marry and (try to) impregnate her for eternity.

That is a sweet promise. Please, post moar. Your lovely dick and body is having ALL the right influence on audience. Thank you, you sweet sluttie.

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I would impregnate her


Well kik me if you interested @ kokozxc123

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Old oc

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Ive seen that red hair before. You been quite popular in these threads.

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I can promise that you would not.

Ah, still your body looks addictive. Any contact or you just browse these threads?

I most certainly would. I would go so deep in her.

Well im glad to hear you like what you see!
Yeah i post stuff and sometimes people post me. Its a symbiotic relationship

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God I want to watch shit come out that ass

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I browse/post occasionally, but avoid contact because /b tards are difficult to talk to

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Its merrp

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Fair enough. But wow are your pics something else. Do you plan on taking more OCs soon?

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Any girls looking for a daddy? To live with full time? Looking for a young girl to take full time and put on hormones.

Kik tryagaintryagain726

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>tfw traps only date studs

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>/b tards are difficult to talk to

Explain, maybe I could use some pointers.

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I took a really big poo this morning and my butthole won't stop hurting
How do traps do it

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found her twitter

Her fake plastic tits are a boner kill


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Thank you

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No you're an ugly faggot. You make me want to curb stomp you.

No hablas pakistanos

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You are a lovely slut. You give great delight and pleasure. Please, do go on. You have very much to offer.

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goddam those are beautiful thighs

am stud, can confirm

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I need more pics of pic related. He's one hell of a cute boy.

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Oh yeah? Post your ppgf.

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youve been to their twitter right?
pic related is my fav pic of taost

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Of fuck these are so hot I shouldn’t do this to me while I can still lie ty myself about being straight

I like the one where his bf makes him squirt


me too

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any snapchats or kiks of traps or trannys

Nope, I don't use it and don't know how to.
I'm only asking for some hot porn pics, that's it.

who the f?

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you dont need to have the app, you can visit in a browser
go check it out

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youre fucking hot, id love to pound your slutty ass and finish on your pretty lil face

Anyone want to fill me up?

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yes i definitely do


Don't you have any porn pics of his that you could share?

theres a fuck vid on the top of the twitter, go the fuck over there nigger

Got a big one for me?

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Get this fucking dude body out of here

My pleasure

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Attached: RedTrap18a.webm (1042x1290, 1.78M)

This is not trap material, cease and desist

If you don't want to share pics piss off you cunt.

if youre to lazy to click the fucking link i poasted for you, you can eat shit faggot bitch


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Where's bulma chan?

Attached: 1568676711717 rhi.jpg (1944x2592, 851K)

Nobody wants to add to your shit tier twitter. Post here or GTFO.

Attached: nikki.jpg (500x625, 32K)

I kek'd

Attached: 1560531363108.jpg (600x450, 26K)

You're supposed to post trap content, not link us to trap content.

God damn that's hot. Got any more?

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yeah shave your fucking legs you ape

Attached: Shemale_Transgender_015_11.jpg (538x810, 75K)

Attached: 1534216399894.jpg (746x936, 134K)

Thank you.

fat dude in a skirt.

at least your ass looks shaved

Jesus! Got sauce fam?

I second this, shave your gross legs and put some fucking effort into it.

Nice! Very nice!

Spider isn't a trap though...

Nice to see people are actually posting quality and not encouraging the shit-tier faggots

Maybe there's still a chance for trap threads after all

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She has all the lightsaber fighting capabilities and the moves of the Jedi, only faster and more agressive. My only conclusion... is that she is a Sith lord.

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Dear god, she is perfect. Any pics of her with her cock?

The sink wall drain makes it look like he’s pooping.

Attached: RedTrap1aCrop.webm (752x1274, 1.92M)

Hey faggots, what are you guys up to?

Attached: Snapchat-943364391.jpg (661x1356, 83K)

just faggoting around, you?

Well, they either come off as too assertive or clingy somewhere between alpha and gamma male status.
The more the merrier :p
I have a lot of pics, but need to get back into it, just testing the waters again. You've probably seen me before, I'm usually dirty blonde ombre.

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Is that really you? You are very beautiful girl that I would take out, if the distance wouldn't be so big. Many thanks to you, hottie.

Dreaming of endless cock ocean.

Girls don't poop!

how many envelopes can you fit between your teeth?

Same same

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is this okay?

Attached: vlcsnap-2020-02-03-21h28m22s971B.png (1280x738, 562K)

Based and 80’s pilled

Magnificent. Absolutely magnificent, dear lady. Please, give more.

Idk, I'll have to check. I'm guessing about 5. What do you think?

Attached: Snapchat-488579440.jpg (661x1356, 90K)

Looks like a snuff film, so...yes

What do you search for more because ginger shemale is too general

Is that top's fabirc soft to the touch? Looks silky. Ty for the answer, can your perception of a guy change?

like as if some kind of mexican cartel style execution is about to happen there?

Attached: vlcsnap-2020-02-03-21h28m55s382B.png (1280x738, 604K)

It's lovely. You have beautiful face. That gap is tempting.

You have better wigs Jes, that one looks from a clown costume. Where can we see the video?

Attached: Snapchat-709914188.jpg (661x1356, 92K)

casey, youre a fucking cutie, i have no idea if youre even into guys, but id date you in a heartbeat


no not really

execution by gangbang and serial insemination?

Whats with makeup?

more dickus pickus

Hah gay!

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Attached: 1578584234279.jpg (1728x2880, 489K)

It really is me

Attached: D08291C2-DFBB-4901-8658-485BE5F60C1C.jpg (1741x2048, 575K)

I aim to please and pleasure
Of course it can change. Yes it's silly, and useless without tits lol

Attached: 2018-07-07-02-10-19-457.jpg (900x982, 133K)


But yeah I like guys, don't think I would ever seriously date a guy though.

Attached: Snapchat-1702425514.jpg (661x1356, 93K)

Am straight male and would take you out, be stunned by your feminity and give you sweet loving till dawn. Damn gurl, dick wants to see you.

I want to hear you lisp dirty nothings in my ear while I suck you off, that's my kink!

More pics from you is always welcome. But its my first time seeing you in this thread. Dont visit often

why does this low quality face morpher have orbiters

Attached: 1568334241331 ginger.jpg (1080x1920, 1.5M)

Because, cock.

I wish I could do such session
makes me feel better. Call it a clown thing.

Attached: vlcsnap-2020-02-03-21h32m06s980C.png (1046x687, 480K)

Hoes mad

Attached: Snapchat-290483137.jpg (661x1356, 83K)

If you'd fuck that face I got news for you "straight" man

>Yes it's silly, and useless without tits lol

I meant silky, like really soft, shiny, and slippery like lycra?

I am honored to talk to such a beautiful creature. Is the life giving you everything that you need?

>don't think I would ever seriously date a guy though.
fair enough, stay cute ;)

You said these are old pics any recent takes you've taken? So i can keep an eye out for you


Attached: rhe.jpg (936x1920, 344K)

the AGP has smoothened your brain and your homosexual orbiters have given you a nonsensical ego-boost, I know you won't stop, I've seen it many times before. Just gotta point out how ridiculous and out of place you are in trap threads. Someone's gotta give you the truth

Attached: 1569471365016.jpg (1310x2023, 205K)

Typo, yes it's silky. I guess it's just cheap polyester/nylon material, the ridiculous part is the strings are hard to tie up and around. For that reason it's long gone now.

Yeah, I'm def not around thaaat much.

Attached: 2018-07-12-01-30-34-190.jpg (900x1372, 242K)

>I wish I could do
you body was built for it, i would definitely participate

What news?


How were those deus vaults memes treating you?

You gon give me what I fucking deserve?


I gotta run, but this is a more recent one.

Attached: IMG_20191126_023316_078.jpg (946x1105, 54K)

>Imagine beeing so buthurt that you go in to a trap thread to argue with faggots about faggotry.

user, I....


That's pretty faggot thing to say, you know. Shamefur dispray. Feminine beauty is welcome, in any form.

moar, shes my fave

byee gorgeous ;p come back soon

>short shorts

Damn hitting all the marks. Sucks that you post sporadically but it just leaves people wanting more. I know i do. What are your favorite outfits to wear?

Oh my god, oh god. I've never heard such words on the internet.
You managed to diagnose me as an AGP just by looking at some pics on Cred Forums.
You must be a psychologist, where did you get your degree from?

Attached: Snapchat-1849104389.jpg (661x1356, 67K)

I'm just kidding, I'm a kidder. She was pretty cool.

Attached: disgust_rhi.jpg (590x559, 170K)


You're gayer than George Michael in a public bathroom

Attached: pic_48_big.jpg (1024x640, 47K)

Look at this man still being mad his crush didn't give him the time of day


Mad because you can't pull off the same thing, even with filters and all that. So you resort to trying to put everyone else down.

Cute freckles

Thank you, daddy.
I genuinely like being told my body is naturally effeminate and should be used to pleasure manly men

Attached: vlcsnap-2019-04-03-13h01m44s594b.png (1280x738, 525K)

I just saved the pic, found it funny, was the drama that bad?

That's so sweet, honey. Wanna join?

>orbiter army arrives

You're crossdressing and morphing your face effeminately for sexual gratification. Doesn't take a psychologist. They're all AGP here, yours has just made you smoothbrain

Hoes still mad?
Just look at dis ass

Attached: Snapchat-830799837.jpg (661x1356, 69K)

Keep posting pics, whether you waste time with that idiot or not. Lovely butt.

It should be used to pay my rent, theres a bunch of thirsty niggas with too many foodstamps around here.

Not really
Just a few dudes getting way too angry that someone online didn't talk to them constantly

So what does that make you exactly?

100% breedable boipussy. Would make pregenants.

I am a sixth lord

Attached: TaunWe (1).jpg (675x1070, 74K)

Bruh I'm fapping as fast as I can, keep em coming faggot!

Just how exactly is AGP a problem in any way, dear faggot?

Attached: Snapchat-1085617693.jpg (661x1356, 68K)

Attached: 20552933-85D9-4407-BF1A-F6E1ADCEC332.jpg (2048x1534, 380K)

Canz I be sith lords

Attached: tumblr_mmkauoGAj71qggbxdo2_1280.jpg (1024x1398, 214K)

Its someone that has gotten so obsessed with fetishising themselves they go to extreme lengths to even fake things say with face morphing to feel better about themselves

How do you even get an ass like that? Genetics, squats?

>Asking for a friend...

I require more of that ass!

And this is problem in what way? It only enriches us with pictures of her femininity. Where is the problem here?

>extreme lengths
Snapchat filter

Attached: 0fc.png (600x789, 450K)

Tell me more

Attached: vlcsnap-2020-01-03-16h16m08s308A.png (1280x738, 957K)

Attached: IGWU4529.jpg (601x1020, 423K)

Attached: 1525642932_2711_scatvip_com.jpg (700x393, 43K)

They pay more if they don't use a rubber. You down?

Attached: 1525530107_9761_scatvipfile_com.jpg (700x571, 44K)

Im wet

Attached: selfiecamera_2020-02-05-13-16-46-941.jpg (1078x1440, 575K)

Attached: Scat-Smear-Dildo-Fuck-Xxecstacy.jpg (706x706, 116K)

And so it begins. I have to hand it to you shit-user, you are persistent.

Ya looking like a man with the fabric of reality bending behind him to fix the face

Attached: 6DE90B1C-B55F-4E94-B58D-8A4B67C974AE.jpg (2048x1534, 646K)

You're some kind of AGP or wannabe trans person. You can't be what you want to be for whatever reason. So you feel the need to be a gate keeper.
Like you have to tell people whether or not YOU think they're trans or AGP or whatever.
Bottom line is nobody cares about your incel opinion. People just want to fap. So shut the fuck up.

Attached: zkp0ufxmsxv5.jpg (706x706, 99K)

Attached: preview.mp4.jpg (768x432, 34K)

Attached: 65881611-DAFF-4F16-86D2-45E8931D7289.jpg (2048x1534, 522K)

Dudes mad the orbiter army got to him.
So he started posting scat porn.


Again, WHERE IS THE PROBLEM HERE? Are you so überfaggot that you complain without a cause? There is very few more faggotry things to do than to complain about nothing.

Don't be a whiny fucking faggot, please.

What I wouldn't give to have those cheeks framing my face.

Googled it. You're basically a Hon who judges people. Get a life faggot.

That's shit-user, he's in pretty much every thread. You get used to it after a while.

It's supposed to be a trap thread
Not a non-passing crossdressing man with an uncanny cartoon face thread
I get it, gay people are into it. But this is not the place for that. Sissy/twink fags need to make their own threads and stop fucking up trap threads. There's no reason not to

I can't help it but the more demeaning this sounds the more I'm curious to try.

Image limit reached, sadly

Hons are failed-trans
GAMPs like trans
I'll judge retards all day for posting where it doesn't belong and having an undeserved ego about it

Have you not noticed the people spamming scat porn on these threads?
Why not argue with them?

He is dumber and dumber post after post ....

This is the same argument as the Balls vs No balls Futa. It's absolutely pointless.

We all know that these threads are for closset homos who don't want to outright admit they're gay, me included.

You can judge all you want, your opinion doesn't mean shit to anyone here.
You're a fucking incel.
Get a grip for fucks sake, you are not the trap thread police.

fuck off quid

Well, true. You has a point. But, I would still count her/him as passable enough to be here, since her pictures show her femininity, whether it is "natural" or not.

You have a point. But, she delivers. Would say that she gives right effort here.

Path career : >> nazi mod

Please stop to argue with him

Not every one of us is closet faggot, dear faggot. Some of us have no reason to be shameful about ourselves. You do that too. It makes you a better person.

Debate is pointless, like you said. It serves no purpose. He/she is feminine enough to be here.

You aren't the authority who decides what belongs in the thread.
But if you feel like you are, then why don't you go for the scat, hitler, and spiderman posters????
Any non-passing trap definitely deserves to be here over the scat, hitler, and spider man spammers.

Most of these aren't even traps, they're hrt injecting trannies

>non passing trap
fucking retard

Your wording means the opposite of what you are trying to communicate

Trap has nothing to do with identity. It's just passing as a woman and having a dick. Fact is, most who pass are trans and not guys crossdressing. Stop falling for the newfag misinfo

This is how far it's fallen unfortunately. Thread at least started off good

I second this, traps are supposed to be passing but they aren't supposed to be full blown transgender girls.
Also it's a logical fallacy, to expect any trap, trans or crossdresser who is 100% male to pass as 100% female.
They may look passing in these pics but seeing them in real life is a different story.