Would you fuck my mom

Would you fuck my mom

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Yeah let's see her sloppy body

yes without a doubt


That ain’t your mom, but I sure as shit would fuck whoever that is

not without a rubber; she's got that club-whore look that says she's been around.

Son, I did fuck your mum.

Is your mom a dude?

She looks a little Hispanic to me so no

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those tits look great

Love that body

Boiiiii! I'd dive dick first into her mouth!

I would give u a mixed step child user

I did fuck her when she used to be a stripper. Her name was mandi



Would fuck anally, give her an ATM, and creampie her cunt. Can you get a picture of her used panties PLEASE?

>Condescending Karen Alpha-mommy fuck

Sign me up fam

That's not your mom, unless you're underaged as fuck. She's like 30 at the oldest. Even if she was 16 when she got prego, You'd still be too young for this board.

Yah. Ill use your dick and this guy^ for pushing

Um,. .....son?

what a fuckin milf

Who WOULDN'T fuck your mom?

She looks like she needs to take a dump

would bang that bitch.. your beloved mother

Tits ?

i’d facefuck her so she learns what it feels like to be defiled for once

We can double team on her, user if she's down.

I might. How much you pay me?