Yeah heroin is cool but have you ever had proud parents

Yeah heroin is cool but have you ever had proud parents

Me neither, pass the needle

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How long have you been doing herion? Jesus that syringe is huge!

Bro just smoke it.

u supplying a hit to the whole neighbourhood bro?

yo what exactly got you to do this to begin with ?

do you put all that in with one shot?
So you like melt it in a spoon or whatever, is it like burning hot when u shoot it
if you don't shoot it fast enough does it harden in the syringe as it cools down
do you cut/stabilize the melted stuff with anything?

he smoked a pot once now he's on H

Smoke it? What a fucking waste. If you're going to inhale it you vaporize it not smoke it. Fucking ignorant stoners.

I've done a fair share of drugs, Still doing it til this day, ranging from pharmaceutical stuff to coke and 2-cb but I don't get it where people get so desperate to try heroin, what's so appealing about it?

I prefer the coke high but it's expensive and only lasts like 20 minutes, H lasts hours

Fucking stoners think pot is the ultimate drug and everything else should copy it

I shoot half and my girlfriend shoots the rest

how've you and Ciara been Mike?

Is your bitch a cutie

Show us your opiatechan

100% 10/10 I love her so much and I'm thinking of going to rehab but we need to save up

Bit of benzos in here

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but you just cant stop spending your money on dope?

kys faggot

Sure coke might be a bad example, it's expensive and doesn't last long, However there's plenty of cheap shit that'll last you hours. Best drug I enjoyed the most was Pregabalin. I wouldn't really recommend doing it because the withdrawal is hell. Some people say a Pregabalin withdrawal is worse than an opioid withdrawal. Anyway, how I would personally describe Pregabalin: its like a coke high mixed with some alcohol that'll last up to 8hrs, but barely noticeable to the outside world, I was energetic, talkative and I felt so incredibly good, but even after doing Pregabalin for a couple months I still wouldn't see myself doing H

>does heroin
Bet she’s a scabbed up mess.

Personally, I only really use opioids other than H to help with H withdrawals, pregabalin, ketamine, that kind of thing. Otherwise it doesn't really affect me that much, have you tried H and not liked it or have you not done it

That's why we're going to rehab fucking retard

I tried it but Im a person who likes to do drugs and still have a good functioning life next to it and with H i just felt a little bit "too good", sure the high is great but it's a bit too much of the good stuff imo. I have never seen myself as someone with an addiction risk because I only use drugs a couple times a year when I felt like i deserved it but I still don't wanna start that dance with heroine, rather keep it by a one time experiment rather than trying it again

That makes sense, I should have stopped before I became dependant, also, ever since I started using it it ruined basically all other opiates so if you do start then the other stuff won't be good enough

I don't recommend doing it again and enjoy your life before this thread gets 404'd user

You too man, I would never take a life without drugs but I also would never make my life resolve around drugs. just try and enjoy it with discipline so you can stay here for the long ride so you can enjoy even more of the good stuff and live long enough for the good parties. Just take care of your body and be wise my man
best of luck

you still stayin at the Motor Lodge, Mike?

ever see breaking bad?