How do i leave my small town if I’m on probation for being black? And god traps me here

How do i leave my small town if I’m on probation for being black? And god traps me here

>nothing around
>nothing to do
>every day is a waste
>every month is a waste
>every year is a waste
>try taking care of myself working out eating good
>just get crushed by depression and hopelessness
>hop out of the shower fix my hair and try and look nice
>just remember oh yeah no people
>only thing there is to do is more shit i dont wanna do
>non stop suffering
>get the worst of the worst out of everyone
>every effort goes to waste
>only thing to do is chores
>house is cold sad and broken down
>always snowing and cold outside
>no one around
>only 2 people i have known in my town are scizophrenic maniacs
>only person 5 miles away is a fucking nut job who just watches cartoons and sits inside always pissed off yelling and angry
>have ptsd from how shit my life
>every night i have nightmares
>every day i feel tired
>always fucking tired
>take care of my health in every way possible
>still feel like tired al the time
>wasted my entire life here
>no girls
>only way to talk to girls is online
>just get ghosted and cucked within 12 hours or 3 days
>nothing to do
>just walk up and down the same 3 cold empty roads

I FUCKING HATE GOD!!!!!! All i fucking wanted was to move to a city and wait tables or some shit. I dont even fucking care if i have 8 roommates and wait out in the hot sun for a bus for an hour a day and take a series of busses for an hour back to my apartment and just work all day and pay rent


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we all have our own problems user

Imposter kys

get in your car and leave for the big city.
you pretend like moving cities is impossible.

It is for me cause of fucking god

god doesn't exist. you can't blame all of your problems on your imaginary friend. nothing, and let me repeat: NOTHING is stopping you from getting a new apartment in a new city.

also: seek out therapy

also also: if you really think this is gods plan THEN GO TO CHURCH AND TALK TO YOUR PASTOR. he might help you.

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couldn't have said it better myself







The Bible is not real. God is actually just an evil monster floating around

The bible is real, they've printed millions of copies.

Go shoot a politician and do something with your life lol.

Have you ever SEEN a copy of the bible? Proof please.

the bible is, in fact, a real book. although all of its contents is purely fictional.
it's not even a good fictional novel. super boring

i want to have an orgy with jesus and god

I never seen a bible, only ever seen pictures online and heard about em, their a myth, fuck you faggot.

I didn't plan this far ahead.

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check and mate. Jokes on you nigger, i don't pay child support cause everytime my ex-wife tries to say i got a kid or show me, i close my eyes and scream.
no proof, bingo bango.

you have it way better than most of us op

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