What are the benefits of having small dick? (not me on pic)

What are the benefits of having small dick? (not me on pic)

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That's a gay pens

some guys like smol pp

you can easily fit it into ladies undergarments

What about girls?

Its easy to hide when you get caught squeezin the ol goose neck by your mom?

well, girls don't

it will never spoil the line of your trousers with an unsightly bulge

But dont women think that bulges are attractive?

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If you have a small dick you know that you not a man. But a pathetic little sissy who only job is to please real men. It like so the perfect test.

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only thots, and sloots are drawn to bulges

Get more anal. Mine is not huge, 7 inches but most women won't let me try anal. Girlfriend used to let the x do anal but he was only 5 inches. Said it didn't hurt
Maybe she felt sorry for him

So every girl

Sounds like you have a small pp user. Don't be disgusted, you not a real man user, we all know you have small dick losers. So why not embrace the cards fate gave you.

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I prefer fucking bottoms with cute lil cocklets like yours. makes em seem more femmy.

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Its not my dic

>What are the benefits of having small dick?
toddlers complain less

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Okay it was me :(

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3,5 inch

That sucks, at least you made me feel better about myself :3

you say that like people with a small dick make that choice

Not a choice but may as well find some benefits coming with that

Also, how's dat ass though

Normal male ass

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I can only tell you the issues I've faced having an above average dick. I'm just under 8'' long and fairly thick. About the size of a 500mL water bottle.

>I need to spend a lot of $ on lube
>Some condoms are very uncomfortable/tear
>Have to do more foreplay than normal
>Have to gradually fuck a woman harder and harder
>Have made women bleed. Sounds fun, but cleaning it up isn't. Also, not into hurting women
>Had an ex who couldn't give me blowjobs because it caused her jaw to spasm/hurt
>Had one girl nope the fuck out and not let me fuck her because it was too big.
>If I get a boner in public it's impossible to hide
>I have an anal fetish, but good luck finding a woman willing to take my dick up her ass.

Lowkey wish I was a bit more average.

Put a skirt, some panties, cute shit and get ready to be a woman bby


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still worth deal for big penis

Dont even have all that shit

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This is exactly why I'm perfectly happy with my 5-incher.

Some of those guys with huge dicks will be what I call "40% forever virgins" because only 60% of their dick can fit inside a woman before it causes her pain.

Imagine the last 40% of your dick never being inside a woman.

Easier to tuck when you transition. Seriously nature gave me an 8 inch dick and there's no tucking that fucking thing away.

Well try ho, it's your destiny

smaller dicks tend to get harder,
also I'd rather suck on a 11-13cm dick than a larger one, it's more comfortable to handle.
and it looks cute and not menacing.

Why do people dislike uncut dicks?

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I'm not that large, thankfully.

I eventually stretched my ex-girlfriend's pussy to the point I could fuck her with my entire dick. She'd kind of start squealing and spasm all over me if I did that, though. And then she'd try to push me off of her.

Keep in mind it took a long, long time and a LOT of sex for her pussy to get accustomed to my dick. I imagine if her and I ever hooked up again it'd involve me only being able to fit half my cock in her again :[